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  1. koltes

    Success as a solo player

    lol Since you mentioned me, what the fk is DLC ship? haha Hi by the way
  2. koltes

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    This is good, but what is the reason why you can't trade with other nations? We can when docked in the port. Shouldn't it be player's choose and freedom to act? Also trading in battle is what REALLY would spice the game. Specifically hunters. As I have suggested before, an ability to offer to pay ransom instead of loosing the ship and the cargo is an awesome feature. Again it will be up to player whether they want to trade or not. After all it is not compulsory.
  3. koltes

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Oh WOW! Good work guys! This patch has really got me excited for the first time in a while 👍👍 Hurah to everything, but especially to the following 👇
  4. koltes

    RvR - Bringing back a better Flag

    Howdy, I think the issue will always be PVE content mixed up with PVP. Flags gave us instant PVP, lots of action, lots of activity, brought life to the game. Taking it away dulled the conquest at once. Had flaws - yes, but the idea was (and always should be) that in RVR as global player vs payer on a larger scale as team work no PVE should be involved. It should strictly be PVP only. In a game such as this PVE should be just the "filling"content. Something that you would do to pass time, if you want an easy solo play or learn the game or do some missions. The RVR process should instead be only PVP oriented. I have offered before another look at the conquest. Specifically how hostility is built. Basically marry the best of two together. I'm not playing much, but keeping my eye on the progress and to be honest still prefer this idea raised exactly a year ago. With all due respect
  5. koltes

    Pirate Dens around the map

    lol I was not aware of that. So Forged Papers no longer allows to swap nation permanently? Is it a temporary switch?
  6. koltes

    Loss of redeemables?

  7. koltes

    Loss of redeemables?

    Not sure if I haven't logged for too long and this was the reason, but pretty sure I was told that regardless I wont lose my assets. When Global was merged I logged with Koltes on EU and redeemed some of the items, like xp, gold, some ships. I have had like nearly 100 redeemables still which I decided to "save" They are all gone now including gold for opened warehouse slots, ship xp, buildings, materials etc. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Thanks
  8. koltes

    Pirate Dens around the map

    Definitely relevant. Simple search for "hideouts" reveals that such suggestions were made for years now 😕 Such a simple thing to do and somehow still not relevant or not prioritized. http://forum.game-labs.net/search/?q=hideouts&search_and_or=and
  9. koltes

    More places like Kidd's Island...

    to OP Yeah hidden islands, pirate dens, hideouts is what pirates need. One thing to note, on your example pics you are showing islands surrounded by shallow waters. The dens needs to be deep water if you hunt in deep water areas. Example. I'm a pirate and come to deep water area to hunt for some larger fish it will make no sense for me to bring shallow water ships. I would want to be in at least 5th rate to hunt an India right? So I would make my den somewhere where my 5th rate can have access to. So if devs will create those hideouts they needs to be relevant to the hunted territory. Otherwise kudos to you sir
  10. koltes

    Pirate Dens around the map

    Didnt say im back Just checking on you ya know
  11. koltes

    Pirate Dens around the map

    Hi all, Its been a while lol Question-suggestion Re: hunting. Understand capital zones are now not possible to hunt due to safe zones or whatever they are called. I have a suggestion to give some loving to pirates (long due, no?) give us pirate dens or hideouts all around the map. Lots of them (20-30 maybe). Can't build ships there. No shop, nothing. All we need is a warehouse and space to store ships. That's it. I see pirates have become what you always wanted - they are not an organized force anymore (like it was with BLACK on Global) and do not invest time or resources into conquest. So why not remove pirates ability to capture ports altogether and instead give us the hideouts that can only be entered by pirates. This will allow us to be just pirates and hunt. It just makes no sense when I'm hunting and there is no free ports to store my supplies. In normal pirate's life I would just anchor anywhere even on Jamaica's coast and make a hideout myself or make a stash. Who cold stop me? This simple "mechanic" also has other benefits too: Pirate nation WILL become unique as the whole purpose will be to hunt and be hunted. It removes pirates need to own SOLs. They can still have them, but they can't use it in conquest, because there is no conquest there for them. Your thoughts? P.S. is it just me or Global chat have become less toxic?
  12. koltes

    Bring Back the Shot Log CTRL + L

    Any competitive hardcore player that I know have been using this tool. It should be returned. In fact later on it needs to be redone properly and made official damage done - damage received log. I have been using it all the time. It also allowed us to test true angles and see whats bounced and whats not.
  13. This is my feedback on the first trial of the Legends. Arena based games been around for a while now and there is a specific set of tools that is used among them. Playing NA Legends without these tools really affects the gameplay. Those tools are now simply expected by the gaming community. Please consider the following: Minimap 1. Remove or move a side what we have now (the immediate surrounding radar) and put the real minimap in the corner; 2. Make it possible to enlarge and be zoomable; 3. Make it possible to beacon on the map (click on the map and produce a beacon for everyone on the same team to see) - makes it easier to coordinate; 4. On the Left Alt hold, make ship icons replaced by Ships armor and structure bars. On release ship icons are returned back to normal; 5. Ships of different rates needs to have different icons or rate indicators. Battle Information UI 1. Top of the screen needs to have Team Total HP-Armor bar and Kill counts bar; 2. On Tab press you showing the list of players/ships - Ships individual Armor and Structure bars needs to be added too so Tab bar showing condition of the entire fleet. Post battle screen 1. When battle over you are kicked out. Instead you need to come to the Battle Summary Screen. Shots you have done, how many penetrated, damage dealt, bounced, sail damages, capture points etc etc. This is the screen where player can see his performance in this battle and compare to other people in the team - a must have; Player Statistics 1. You have a real opportunity to make it properly right from the start. All these can be taken out of your post battle summary screen information; 2. Win - Loss rate, Ship individual stats and so on are a common sense, but you also must implement a sensible Performance Rating system that will show player's skill You cant walk away from it. If you do players will never be happy. The best and easiest way of doing it is to make it based on Average experience earned in the battle. You must earn experience for doing everything in the game even ramming. If you won the battle you get full (uncut) experience. If you lost you have 50% reduction naturally affecting your performance rating. Also this will count everything you do in the game. If you were on a 5th rate in 3rd rate battle you cant do much structure damage, but you did earn experience for taking out crew and sails and doing critical damages to rudder, pump etc. Everything needs to be counted; 3. If later you will introduce premium accounts with additional ex earning buffs do NOT make this affect the average ex earned. The stats should still show "true" earned experience in the battle that goes towards player's stats and bonus (extra ex) added by premium account that is not counting towards player stats. Player community - fleets 1. Allow small fleet creation in the lobby (start with 2-3 ships max). When battle starts they all join together; Gameplay 1. In 5vs5 battles distance between circles is too far. Probably ok for larger teams. It is possible to cap circles and then run from the enemy 5vs1 and still win, because its too far for them to recapture. Also in 5vs5 the distance makes the game tactically dull. If enemy group up - spread go capture and kite. If enemy spread out on capping, then group and and hit small groups. Either or a good tactician will just wait for enemy to make first move then respond. It is impossible to counter due to distance between circles and small size fleets; 2. AI actions are dull. From the beginning of the battle AI sailed right past its own circle and later in the battle have not paid any attention or made any moves to recapture. I have capped all 3 circles in the battle, lost all AI on my side and for the rest of the battle simply avoided the fight and won on cap points; 3. Players needs to have some control over the AI. Maybe send them to cap circles or attack certain ships. Keep up the good work Regards, Koltes