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  1. koltes

    Bring Back the Shot Log CTRL + L

    Any competitive hardcore player that I know have been using this tool. It should be returned. In fact later on it needs to be redone properly and made official damage done - damage received log. I have been using it all the time. It also allowed us to test true angles and see whats bounced and whats not.
  2. This is my feedback on the first trial of the Legends. Arena based games been around for a while now and there is a specific set of tools that is used among them. Playing NA Legends without these tools really affects the gameplay. Those tools are now simply expected by the gaming community. Please consider the following: Minimap 1. Remove or move a side what we have now (the immediate surrounding radar) and put the real minimap in the corner; 2. Make it possible to enlarge and be zoomable; 3. Make it possible to beacon on the map (click on the map and produce a beacon for everyone on the same team to see) - makes it easier to coordinate; 4. On the Left Alt hold, make ship icons replaced by Ships armor and structure bars. On release ship icons are returned back to normal; 5. Ships of different rates needs to have different icons or rate indicators. Battle Information UI 1. Top of the screen needs to have Team Total HP-Armor bar and Kill counts bar; 2. On Tab press you showing the list of players/ships - Ships individual Armor and Structure bars needs to be added too so Tab bar showing condition of the entire fleet. Post battle screen 1. When battle over you are kicked out. Instead you need to come to the Battle Summary Screen. Shots you have done, how many penetrated, damage dealt, bounced, sail damages, capture points etc etc. This is the screen where player can see his performance in this battle and compare to other people in the team - a must have; Player Statistics 1. You have a real opportunity to make it properly right from the start. All these can be taken out of your post battle summary screen information; 2. Win - Loss rate, Ship individual stats and so on are a common sense, but you also must implement a sensible Performance Rating system that will show player's skill You cant walk away from it. If you do players will never be happy. The best and easiest way of doing it is to make it based on Average experience earned in the battle. You must earn experience for doing everything in the game even ramming. If you won the battle you get full (uncut) experience. If you lost you have 50% reduction naturally affecting your performance rating. Also this will count everything you do in the game. If you were on a 5th rate in 3rd rate battle you cant do much structure damage, but you did earn experience for taking out crew and sails and doing critical damages to rudder, pump etc. Everything needs to be counted; 3. If later you will introduce premium accounts with additional ex earning buffs do NOT make this affect the average ex earned. The stats should still show "true" earned experience in the battle that goes towards player's stats and bonus (extra ex) added by premium account that is not counting towards player stats. Player community - fleets 1. Allow small fleet creation in the lobby (start with 2-3 ships max). When battle starts they all join together; Gameplay 1. In 5vs5 battles distance between circles is too far. Probably ok for larger teams. It is possible to cap circles and then run from the enemy 5vs1 and still win, because its too far for them to recapture. Also in 5vs5 the distance makes the game tactically dull. If enemy group up - spread go capture and kite. If enemy spread out on capping, then group and and hit small groups. Either or a good tactician will just wait for enemy to make first move then respond. It is impossible to counter due to distance between circles and small size fleets; 2. AI actions are dull. From the beginning of the battle AI sailed right past its own circle and later in the battle have not paid any attention or made any moves to recapture. I have capped all 3 circles in the battle, lost all AI on my side and for the rest of the battle simply avoided the fight and won on cap points; 3. Players needs to have some control over the AI. Maybe send them to cap circles or attack certain ships. Keep up the good work Regards, Koltes
  3. koltes

    Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    A PVP button would totally work on PVE server. It would give PVP instances to those who wants to try fighting other people when it pleases them. Sort of like a battle instance that teleports you there and after battle teleports back where you were. Just like PVP in SWTOR. On open world PVP server pvp should not be selective. Having high security zone around capital aka high sec CONCORD in EVE is fine as long as clans can claim territories outside high sec zones only. Also game needs to provide means and content to go out into the dangers of the OW. Being in the open waters is risky. Risk should be meaningful. Clans claim land Better missions Better quality trading goods Better quality crafting goods Exploration missions content NPC tracking bounty hunting missions etc etc
  4. koltes

    Legends login issue

    This is not my IP mate. I think its closed on their side. Also I'm running my normal NA no probs
  5. koltes

    Guide to solo piracy or how to hunt with a style

    Thanks guys. The update will follow soon as we have set mechanics in place. Something more solid that doesn't change with every patch. Some mechanics described in the guide are no longer applicable, but as a solo hunter this should still set you in the right direction.
  6. koltes

    New weights system!

    Thank you! And thank you again!
  7. koltes

    Request for Global Ceasefire

    Yeah because unique nationals response to that is rolling eyes.
  8. koltes

    Request for Global Ceasefire

    When did you switch pirates mate?
  9. koltes

    Request for Global Ceasefire

    Not sure if pirates would agree to miss on such opportunity to grab 'em some fat trader ships
  10. koltes

    Patch monday - urgent.

    New patch - awesome! 2 days notice - not so much Would have been better if patch would have been set for Mon the following week. In a mean time start talking to community to encourage people to comeback. Make Deadman's Even each day, more chests, last longer etc. Give people a week of double xp and pvp marks. Make ships insured. Anything like that which you can make with a hot fix. People will start coming back and work on shifting resources. All my assets are in Mort. Are they gone now because I'm away from town this weekend and I can't reschedule?
  11. koltes

    Invisibility poll

    @admin I could not vote unfortunately. The Invisibility mechanic does not come here alone. It comes with the speed buff which is also a part of the same issue. Why is the speed buff not on the same poll? We can't fix one mechanic without addressing the other. Its like fixing one basement log of the house and ignoring others with the same issue. ^ This We can all talk about how revenge fleet should not be there due to the time compression, but why there is no proper mention of the fact that when running ships will defense tag and use speed and invisibility to run away from battles. This can continue for hours. Yes we removed revenge fleet time sink, but instead added chain tagging time sink. The whole reason of removing the time sink is failed because we still waste each other's time, just for different reasons. At the end of the day and this is the key here that sorts EVERYTHING - faster ships should be able to run. Better captains (or lucky) should also be able to slip away. End of story. This is a disgrace for a game of this scale and depth to allow slow ships such as Wappen to run from fast ships such as Surps, just because of defensive tag and following invisibility and speed buff. I have addressed this issue earlier IMHO finding the right balance between the hunters and the hunted. In short: 1. To counter defense tagging, the Invisibility and speed can only be granted to those who where TAGGED, not to the tagger. What does this mean? Yes you will have to face the revenge fleet. But the issue was never that there was a revenge fleet because people still must have an ability to defend their home waters, but the time sink when revenge could go on for hours. If there are revenge fleet than you will have to face it. Once. Allow them to tag you which will allow you to earn invisibility so on exit you will run. Some will say, but what if I'm in a slower ship? Well, then they will catch you wont they? Isn't it just logical and inline with laws of physics... errr common sense? You could still defense tag them, but you wont get invisibility and its more than fair. 2. In order to get invisibility and speed buff player must earn it INSIDE the battle. If he is faster and is able to increase distance outside tagging range (1,250 meter) or he is stronger and kills all enemies inside, then he gets his invisibility and speed buff, providing that he was tagged. Else if he tagged someone and sunk them why should he get invisibility and get out of jail card? Nope, they have to face home defenses and make a run for it. If they then get tagged and earn their invisibility so be it, but its not free. If he was faster in the battle that represents the fact that he would be faster in the OW too and slip away.3. Also, to fix battle camping and ambushes, getting out off ANY battle MUST have No Join, No Attack 3 min timer, so all battle instance that started prior will be closed (or whatever battle join timer there will be in future - its 3 minutes now) Hopefully devs will find solution to this, else this game will not celebrate Christmas unfortunately. Capital waters will be high security zone where you cant really hunt anybody. It will be fine as long as they implement mechanics that will make larger clans looking to extend and go out of noob zone.
  12. koltes

    US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    WTF are you high on Latron? Care to show any evidence of this? 6 months ago you were part of my clan. This was way before patch and you have switched after the patch. Can you be more specific please and tell me when and how a battle between us has occurred while you were a member of my clan? Me trolling is nonsence and me trolling you specifically, especially when you was a member of our clan is a made up horseshit that I'm not going to eat. This is a complete noncense and lie. You have been a member of BLACK and I have always treated you as a friend. You switched France and I treated you as a friend. I have never addressed to you in a manner you have described and I believe you are taking me for someone else or thought my words were addessed to you. Thats of course wont be the case if I was mistaken about you and you are actually capable of making shit up like that. I had one encounter with you ONLY. During the Special Event you went searching for the Deadman's Chest on indiaman and I was on my Surp. At that time French already started fkng with pirates specifically YOUR CLAN and sunk few of our traders. You asked to let you go. I didn't. I have contacted 7grams and the order was to sink you because of your clan. I asked Seven if we should reconsider attacking you. As from enemy side it was clear you had to go down. From the side of being our ex clan mate I was in doubt. I left it up to Seven to decide and the decision wasnt in your favor. Nothing personal. But there was never when I was disrespectful to you. Even in that fight. I probably still have a screenshot of our battle chat. Also there was another player Swedish Cheese from Swede joined that battle and he could witness. This was the ONLY encounter we had. There was nothing else. Not in battle, not in chat. Memory screens serve lots of purpose. One of them yes, to show off a bit since we don't have a proper stats in the game. I play competitively and achievements is what motivates me. There are also other reasons for such screens. Such as evidences for example. Prove of what really happen in those battles, so when I start posting them I stopped being accused of shit I never did. Well taking your above post into account MOST of the time. I didn't post a screen of killing you in global, because you sinking wasn't something I wanted everyone to see, which should tell you the level of respect I showed towards you. P.S. I said that I don't want to be posting on national forums again due to the type of content that I dont appreciate. Don't know why this thread was resurrected, but if you have an issue with me please PM. Just remember you left BLACK. You joined another clan. This clan went war with us (you clan attacked). Despite my respect to you personally you have become my enemy. Not by my choice. By the choice of the clan that you are member of and partially by your own choice when you have joined them. Yes you have become an enemy, which was very sad to see and experience, but my respect towards you was the same. I have lots enemies that I respect and they respect me. People need to stop this childish hate speaches. Even enemies are you friends playing the same game you love. In fact I want to thank you for being my enemy and making my game interesting.
  13. koltes

    (PvP) Patrol Missions

    I'm all for the generated content etc. This one is not ideal, but would not create anything negative. Unfortuantely it wont create much positive either. Such attackers rarely comes in solo for player who took the generated mission to be able to face. Also current "anti revenge fleet" mechanics makes it nearly impossibly to hunt the hunter. If missions tells you to sink captain B it will simply be an undoable task. Captain B can use invisibility and speed buffs to get away from lots of players hunting him, not just a single guy. I think easier and better mechanic will be persobal criminal tag. Attacking player A from nation X and you get a crim tag. Sink/attack enough players and your approximate location is shown on the map until your personal hostility cools down. Anyone who sinks a player with criminal status gets extra reward in form of bounty. Pirates have permanent crim tags.