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  1. This is very interesting, something different from what we're all used to. I imagine she could be a fascinating addition to the pantheon of frigates as a sort of "heavy raider".
  2. _Masterviolin

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    This is a really, really excellent quality of life update. I think this is a great step to making the game more playable to everyone. Keep it up- and bring us that beautiful UI ASAP 😍
  3. I think this would be a lovely addition, something to complement the Brig.
  4. _Masterviolin

    which ship?

    Honestly, whatever ship you think you can fight best with is always a good option. Just know that speed is very important. If you can't achieve a speed greater than 13 knots, be very careful going around the OW by yourself. The more hardcore vets here will say the only playable ships in PVP are ultra-fast ones. But I say that I would rather take a fighting ship than something that's either made of paper or covered with expensive speed mods. Depends upon one's personal opinion. As always, sailing in company of friendly ships is a big help. Join a clan if able, they can hook you up with ships and supplies and offer opportunities to participate in larger PVP events. Oh and in regards to your question Endy vs. Surprise, in my opinion the Surprise is awesome for its good sailing qualities. It can escape enemies on a beam reach with mild speed buffs and the chasers are a big plus. Endy is wicked fast but has no turn, she is a valuable PVP ship but you need to be careful with her. A lone 9pdr frigate could ruin your day dancing 'round your stern. Once again, depends upon your personal opinion.
  5. _Masterviolin

    What ship should I train next?

    They got it right- the Bellona is an awesome SOL in every respect. A well-handled Bellona will overcome an AI 1st Rate in my experience, and is well worth the investment. I think its worth mentioning that the Essex really tears shit up in PVE, being a good turn fighter. I would recommend having one.
  6. _Masterviolin

    Proposed Rule: Don't join battle on your enemy's side.

    Broadly speaking, I don't like the idea of adding "rules" to Naval Action. Having all players subject to tribunals and such on the Forums only further increases the "dependence" of the game upon the forums, which I have never cared much for. If we have problems like this one, then an in-game mechanic should exist to stop it, one should not have to be drawn into a tribunal post on the forums, nor be expected to read up on rules that exist solely on the forums. Any player who is not used to the forums and ends up in a tribunal will immediately declare, either in the tribunal or in a negative steam review, that because it was possible in the game mechanics, it should not be illegal. An in-game mechanic that puts players on a "blacklist" for teamkill/team damage, and some decisive action on the issue of Green vs Green in the form of some game mechanic should be our answer to this. Not a rule that no one knows about lest they read the forums. I don't even know the "rules" and everything, though I now intend upon reading up on it.
  7. _Masterviolin

    Brig should be the starting ship

    I can see where you're coming from there. Sailing the Snow many, many years ago was kinda painful for me as I couldn't really participate in my clan's operations most of the time (back when i was SLRN), now I really can't get over it xD I would take a Rattle over that any day. Though I'm sure everyone else would too. How can anyone hate NA ships anyway? Even the Connie with its crappy performance is lovable, being so nostalgic and looking so grand this time period's sailing ships really are the best of maritime history.
  8. _Masterviolin

    Brig should be the starting ship

    I simply cannot understand this extraordinary animosity towards seventh rates, the idea that NA is "about square rigged vessels". Naval Action is a game about the age of sail, and sevenths have a part in it like the rest of them. I could very well devote another paragraph to further exacerbate the point that a Brig would be useless in every area of the game to a noob in comparison to the flexible sevenths, yet I would be repeating myself further. It would appear the two of us have very different ideas about the sevenths, and about the new player experience- that is very well and I shall leave it at that.
  9. _Masterviolin

    Brig should be the starting ship

    One does not need "nostalgia" and an "affinity" for sevenths to recognize their value. Perhaps you might consider that the reasons why 50% of people don't move on past the cutter is because of other reasons, like the ones they always complain about in steam reviews- bad UI, lack of tutorial (until recently!), 'dev bais", etc. I have never seen or heard of anyone dropping the game because they didn't like the cutter, that would be strange as within a few engagements they should have the money to switch into a different seventh. It would be like quitting War Thunder because someone didn't like the starting Russian tank. No one buys this kind of game because they expect to be in the coolest looking ship ever within a few hours, if they do, then they're in for a shock. No game works that way. I don't really think this would eliminate the sevenths because clans and players would very quickly realize its far easier to use sevenths until they have the rank, guns, money to step up into better 6ths. I also think the most likely reason we see so few sevenths is because there are so few new players. Hell, this is all rather pointless as the tutorials all use the brig. Players have unlimited access to practice of square sails and the like on it. That would leave little use for having the starter brig other than participating in shallow PBs- which will never happen because clans will stuff them full of the best PB ships, not allow noobs in the worst ship for a PB to weaken their fleet.
  10. _Masterviolin

    Brig should be the starting ship

    I must again, respectfully disagree. The seventh is a perfect starting ship. They are cheap and easily found in markets, clans can easily provide them to their newbie clanmates. They require only an hour or so to be unlocked. Their high speed and upwind sailing capabilities means they can sail with their veteran counterparts in their Endys and the like, whilst able to escape superior foes. They can have an active role in any PVP squadron as scouts, and perhaps even taggers. The Brig meanwhile is slower and lacks those sailing qualities. They take a little more time and skill to master, and have absolutely no place in any PVP. Anyhow, why rush to get noobs into the square-rigged ships? Whether one learns manual sails as a fresh noob or slightly more experienced noob should not matter- either way when they want to move on, they need to learn. Would a noob prefer learning the ropes of the game in a ship that can, at the very least have some use in PVP squadrons and clans, that they can come to master quickly? Or be relegated to the weakest square-rigger in the game, utterly useless for any PVP whatsoever? Even if we went ahead and made the Brig the "starting ship", the noobs would leap and bound to get ahold of a nice 7th, and clans would immediately turn out lynxes, privateers and such for their newbies. I still recall the early days of OW when we all bummed around in Basic Lynxes, I would honestly prefer having those as the newbie starter ship than the cutter- but recalling my previous reply, that is a matter of personal opinion The old fore and afts may not be the meta, but they have much use. I think it would be unwise to abandon them so quickly for those shiny 5ths we all adore.
  11. _Masterviolin

    Brig should be the starting ship

    The usefulness of any ship or class of ship depends upon your personal opinion. Some folks think the low gunports and heel of the 7th rates renders them unplayable. I personally think they're great because they can go upwind fast and are dirt cheap, and i am sure others feel the same way. There are "broken" ships, where very clear faults means they are not well suited for play or need tuning, and there's everything else- ships that have both good and bad qualities but still have some uses. Just because we, used to sailing frigates and SOLs have come to find 7th rates less exiting does not mean they should be virtually removed from the game. Know the difference.
  12. _Masterviolin

    Le Reqin (Xebec) New Tease Picture

    Four chasers on a fore and aft? Oh boy...
  13. _Masterviolin

    The Death of a Nation

    I honestly thought that was a bowl full of marijuana. Is that your secret to success?
  14. _Masterviolin

    What Is Your Favourite Ship Of Each Class?

    7th rate: Lynx or Privateer, whatever boarding/crew buffs i can get, copper plating for sure, l/w ropes and blocks, crooked hull. 6th rate: Niagara with speed, handling/turn and gunnery mods of that order in importance. I have had some awesome experiences on Niagaras and would love to repeat that. Rattle comes second. 5th rate: Check signature, handling and gunnery mods. She needs to be fixed though. I liked her tun rate and armament, and she used to handle very nicely as a highly effective support ship. 4th rate: Connie if they fix it. Speed mods for sure, second priority handing/turn rate followed by gunnery. I adore the historical nostalgia, and she's beautiful. 3rd rate: Easy really, Bellona. Turning mods and l/w ropes and blocks a must. Beautiful ship. 2nd rate: Bucenature, gunnery mods and turning mods, various gunpowder upgrades to fetch those thicker SOLs, a very aesthetically satisfying vessel with its sleek look. Man cave on poop deck a bonus.7 1st rate: Barely sailed these so not sure, but Vic looks the nicest.
  15. _Masterviolin

    Carronades vs Cannon (my take)

    Let's not forget that long guns have a tedious reload, and their greater weight is enough to shave a full .10 knots or so off most frigates in comparison to cannonades. It's a decisive factor in choosing your gun loadout.