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  1. Wapen von Hamburg

    Wappen is already an excellent ship, I was shocked how quickly she tacked when I was fighting a few Frenchmen sailing Wappens. Screwed up my own turn, my Aggie clipped his stern Tough, wicked maneuverable, that's more than enough.
  2. Game froze and I lost my ship

    I would recommend clarifying what happened. Are you saying that when you dropped out of your game, the ship stopped and was then sunk by your opponent? Or are you reporting a bug in which your ship was suddenly sunk by the disconnect? What were the circumstances of the engagement? By freeze do you mean that your ping skyrocketed and you disconnected? Internet stopped working? Suddenly dropped without a sign of trouble? Huge lag over time, and then a disconnect?
  3. Just put it back in the normal game

    ... what?
  4. The Frustrations of a Future College Student

    These are good points, though I don't see any great overwhelming advantage to the defender. Increased dura would probably increase the range and operational usefulness of combat ships on offensives in enemy home waters, in that they can be sunk a few times and are far more difficult to eradicate as a result. But I think your idea is better, lessening the blow losing a ship does to you financially.
  5. Admiralty Permits

    You need a blueprint to unlock the ship to craft it. Permit is used to have "admiralty permission" to craft one.
  6. The simple reality of life is that few people have the time to devote many hours in-game. I'm starting classes as a freshman in college in a few months, and I know that it is going to be literally impossible to do much of anything in Naval Action lest I am content with devoting every lick of free time to the grind. Now, dear reader, this will be long as there's a lot to say. TLDR below. I recall quite fondly how I boldly snatched a green Surprise, grey oak build from Carlile and dashed out into the pirate-infested waters around Port Antonio during my junior year of high school. I knew my ship, which I dubbed the "HMS Mulligan" was no perfect vessel, yet I was comfortable in the knowledge that the ship was not too expensive. It has five durability for me to burn through, repairs are relatively inexpensive. I was just trying to grind up a bit on XP and do some PVP. My brief tenure serving as captain of the humble Mulligan was extroadinary. I would come home from school with an hour before work, open up my violin case and set sail from KPR in my ship- just round the end of Port Morant, sail north and see if I could find someone to fight. As my vessel would plow forward, I strangled out a bit of improvised tunes from Master and Commander- The Far Side of the World out of my cheap-ass plywood violin. I would attack Connies and Trincs for the hell of it, I even got some even fights here and there. I lost plenty of times to many people, yet I learned much. Mulligan eventually lost her last durability after a good month of hard fighting, the last blow dealt by a pirate Bellona off Jeremie. I eventually got the finest ship I ever sailed, the lovely Gold oak-built HMS Black Prince. The Essex to me was an excellent ship, I still felt the general manuverability of the old Surprise yet she was far more powerful and sturdy. I liked how she sailed, and how she looked too. I shaved three dura off her, two from port battles. I weaved inbetween 4th rate SOLs at Bani, some of the most wicked fun I had. I was sunk, but I had fun. I got an identical copy made for PVP2 when I switched over there to play with SMS, I loved that ship so much. When we had durability to work with, when resources were easier to get and there were fewer costs associated with progressing, the fact that the Essex lacks bow chasers or isn't a wicked fast ship was problematic but not fatal. I could lose now and then without being knocked out of action, I could be a bit daring and bold in the Essex. The little imperfections of a ship were acceptable. That was some of the most fun I ever had in Naval Action. Now everything has quite plainly changed for the worse. I had to grind for days and days just to sail the Niagara in a basic cutter, blowing off nearly 60k gold just to be able to sail a 9pdr brig. And this ship has only one durability, meaning I have little room for error. I tried to do what I did with the ancient Mulligan by raiding the French out of La Deseriade, and things were tough and I lost my ship. I had fun in the end, but despite the wicked fun PVP I was broke and had no ship spare for a tedious basic cutter. This was after dozens of hours of game-play. I simply followed everyone's lead and spent hours staring blankly at the horizion in a Trader's Cutter trying to make the money to fit out the Surprise we all got. Finally got 100k, to blow off on cannons for the Surprise. I didn't even get to name it- I miss my clanmate's call of a tag on an AI fleet near Cumana and I'm broadside to broadside with a Frigate. Ship's gone, with all 100k and 20+ hours of boring trade going with it. The difficulty of the game has become so ludicrous that the following conditions are absolutely necessary to even play the game competitively: -Joining a large clan, or a clan with alts to pool limited labor hours and resources. -Sailing out with large groups with your ships. -Investing unacceptable grinding hours simply to sail a one-dura ship. -Trading long distances with significant financial risk, staring blankly at a screen for numerous hours from A to B, and back again. If we are going to use a one-durability system, compensate the increase in risk for sailing by lowering the cost to fit out or purchase a ship. Reduce the general cost of crafting. If we're going to increase the cost of obtaining resources, then reduce the resource and financial cost of ships. We've migrated from a light, well-populated sandbox game to a ridiculously difficult and insanely grindy game that is 100% incompatible to those who are unwilling to buy multiple alt accounts or invest insane hours of grind. I propose the following: -Either increase durability of ships perhaps by one or two, or decrease the cost of ships, cannons and buildings. -Decrease the cost of cannons, convert the cannon market to a market focused on longs/carronades, not trying to augment insane, game-breaking NPC price -Make the risk of losing your expensive ship worth it by vastly increasing PVP rewards Why is it okay that so many people feel compelled to buy extra copies of the game to be resource competitive? Why is it okay that players have extremely limited mobility in their ability to PVP? Why is it okay that it is literally impossible to fly solo, or in a small clan? Why is it okay that players have to play for numerous hours every day to even remain competitive? I am deeply frustrated, and fear that I will have to abandon this game once college comes around. Lest I rush to build up a horde of gold and ships in the next month. TLDR: The game used to be far lighter and less time-demanding, now it simply feels time-consuming and far too difficult. The extraordinary demands of the game as of now not only force casual players out from the game, but will also most certainly prevent me from playing meaningfully in the near future.
  7. Port Flipping

    The idea that a port can be flipped solely through war supplies is ludicrous, plain and simple. Even if war supplies are extremely, extremely expensive, we're always going to find a way to get the amount we need. Price and cost is not a deterrent, it simply forces people to invest even more hours and hours into the game to compete. More alts, fewer players. The old system seemed perfectly fine, war supplies were valuable help but you still needed to organize significant forces to grind up hostility.
  8. Are Niagara + Rattlesnake Heavy allowed in shallow PB now?

    Niagara would be crazy OP in a shallow PB, more powerful than the Heavy Rattle. The Niagara is honestly a serious contender to the light frigates.
  9. I am proud to say that I own it! It's quite excellent, an instrumental part of my senior thesis.
  10. I am extremely jealous of your book collection Welcome to the glorious realm of Naval Action!
  11. Any Advice for Nashville?

    Use a mortar brig.
  12. I'm done

    Don't worry, there is a cure! A special drink which makes all of the pain go away forever.
  13. I'm done

    ... what? The game has changed dramatically in the past few months. One dura ships, a plethora of new upgrades, refits and crafting mechanics, xp-based upgrades, conquest mechanics, port mechanics? Either you haven't touched the game for like, over a year or you simply hold salt against the devs.
  14. Coming next

    I demand Ultimate General: Austerlitz or I will protest outside the GameLabs office
  15. Mission location