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  1. Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    Oh god, I can see it now- some guy accidentally capsizes his ship and, in his rage, writes a nasty steam review about the game's "broken heeling mechanics" or something. This sounds cool but seems like it could add a lot of fuel to the fire that is the game's steam rating. I beg of you- do not add this!
  2. Wapen von Hamburg

    But is Wappen still the better turner? If so, I would not dismiss the poor Wappen so quickly, though Wasa is probably still the better choice.
  3. Most Powerful Seafaring Nations in the Game's Timeline

    I absolutely agree. But there were also problems that went beyond revolution and such for the French. French frigates were generally faster and sweet-sailing but had lighter and less durable construction that would require a lot of repair and maintenance work constantly. They sometimes lacked the hull space to properly stow for long voyages, and many had cramped decks that bred sickness and poor health for their crews. A multitude of French frigates were not coppered. Many French and Spanish ships had "roundhouses" which increased windage and blocked sight aft, the British always removed them when they captured these. Not to mention, French naval doctrine in prioritizing damage to their opponents rigging with long-range gunnery was abysmal. French crews were not well trained enough for that kind of accuracy. British warships, with carronades inflicted severe damage and casualties whilst receiving very little. Such is the case for many British single-ship victories. The French didn't develop anything like a carronade until late in the war, with a rather unremarkable 24pdr that performed worse than their British counterparts. The downfall of the French not only lies in revolution and mismanagement, but in technology and doctrine.
  4. Most Powerful Seafaring Nations in the Game's Timeline

    I think generally the Spanish Navy was impressive on paper with its numerous 100-120-gun ships of the line, however they performed very badly in terms of the quality of crews and their officers, so would not place highly at all. The performance of Spanish crews at St. Vincent is probably one of the worst in the Wars of the French Revolution, guns on some of their larger ships of the line were found with their muzzles still blocked by tampions after being captured . The arrangement of the Spanish fleet at St. Vincent was entirely without organization, clustered in two lopsided groups in sharp contrast to Jervis and his neat line-astern. Nelson captured two huge first-rates in succession very quickly, boarding them in the famous "Nelson's patent bridge for boarding first-rates". The Spanish fleet at Second Algerias became so confused that they fired on eachother wildly trying to hit the British '74 "Superb", a huge contributing factor to the Spanish being defeated as two ships blew themselves up from friendly fire. However, I can say for sure that they were certainly brave. The rescue of Santissima Trinidad at St. Vincent was something, a Spanish captain threatening to rake the ship if it did not raise its colors. Not to mention, everyone's favorite series mentions in #1, the immortal Master and Commander, the bravery of the Spaniards.
  5. The upcoming server merge proved one thing

    I think you, like a lot of people, really overgeneralize things. In the end, the only people who actually think the game is "broken" are those who: -See players talking about "broken systems" and such on the forums and in trash steam reviews and assume the game is broken. -Expect that due to the forum's highly public nature, that their suggestions will be adhered to, and when they are not, assume the game is doomed to never make progress. -Spend far too much time arguing on the forums and become fixated upon problems where they exist. Enough is enough. I don't think many people realize that one of the most decisive factors in this game's lack of players is that the most vocal part of the community is made up by those who are utterly convinced that the game is "unplayable" or "broken or spend far too much time throwing salt at the devs because they disagree with changes.
  6. Connie be-all end-all

    Thanks, I will definitely check that out! I am a piss poor college student, so Christmas and birthdays are really only when I can get books
  7. Yes, we at least need an official tutorial video!
  8. Connie be-all end-all

    How would the center of gravity play into speed? I have always thought that perhaps the higher gun deck and weight of broadside of the Constitution and Endymion played into their speed. If I understand correctly, a part of the first half of the 19th century's British naval design was influenced by attempts to shift the center of gravity higher, as is the case with the infamous Cherokee ships (seriously, no forecastle, low freeboard?) to increase speed. Perhaps the heavier guns of Endymion and Constitution pushed the center of gravity higher, therefore unintentionally boosting speed? I eagerly await some new Gardiner works from my parents this Christmas, especially his work on the "Heavy Frigates"
  9. Wasa and Hermione Permit Special will be removed a day?

    I'm not a very familiar user of the Wasa, so I would not be surprised if this was indeed the case. Really, the issue is not the quality of the Wasa, but that many players could be completely satisfied in regards to 4th rates with a Wasa. Sure, more aggressive and committed PVPers might go for something different, but the average player should be rather satisfied with it considering its low cost. Hermione simply isn't, as there are numerous other frigates that fulfill PVP roles better.
  10. Wasa and Hermione Permit Special will be removed a day?

    I particularly enjoy that the Hermione is available via combat marks. I think it's a wonderful ship, but she's not a particularly excellent pvp ship. She doesn't really have the speed for OW PVP lest you slap a ridiculous amount of speed upgrades on her, hence demand for crafted 5th rates should not really change. A Surprise and Trinc will still fetch better in PVP. This is not the case for the Wasa however, as we all know it's a formidable ship. As she is in some regards the most powerful 4th rate in the game there is little need to craft 4ths, even 3rds. I think that ships we can buy with notes should be vessels that are capable in their roles, but are not the absolute best. I think our "noted" 4th rate should be the Ingermanland, a capable 4th rate but simply not the best in comparison to Wasa's armament, Aggie's sailing qualities and Wappen's turn-fighting abilities.
  11. I absolutely agree. I have always thought that fir-fir ships are troublesome for being too papery to withstand much punishment, this quality should extend to their rigging as well. Give 12-13 knot ships a chance to escape faster opponents by taking advantage of their weaker rigging to damage them.
  12. Crew visualization

    How many times has this poll/topic come up now? xD As i understand it, the modeling of crew on the decks of our ships will not change for the foreseeable future, as animating additional crew-members puts a heavy toll on the servers and game engine. There are other priorities.
  13. Broken wasa

    I always thought speed-built ships were trash, because their armor would be so nerfed that they wouldn't stand up in combat unless they were playing 1v1, fighting incompetent opponents or commanded by excellent captains. Yet now, there are so many sailing mods that increase speed with minor debuffs that it seems pointless to craft anything under fir-fir. I don't know why i stick with teak-teak, i can't really catch anything. It's also a little strange that we still can get a perfectly good 5th rate, and an overpowered 4th rate for virtually nothing by getting Wasa/Hermione notes for pocket change of combat marks. I figured that mechanic was just a good way for us players to test those ships, but it's been weeks now. I think the main reason people use Wasas is that you can get one, of any wood construction, for a mere 150 combat marks . I honestly really enjoy the Aggie with her great sailing profile, but why would I spend the time and effort on crafting one if I can get a better ship for nilch?
  14. Insta multi boarding

    Must agree, imagine how frustrating it would be for the victim's ally if he couldn't counter-board you after you capture/disengage from his comrade's ship. Some ships could be at full sail and well away within a minute.
  15. Happy Trafalgar/Constitution Day

    I'm celebrating by watching Master and Commander, reading "The Fortunes of War" and consuming copious quantities of rum and other liquors legal, non-alcoholic beverages