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  1. The King addresses his people

    My king, upon my wall in my dorm cabin, I have two posters- one of the gallant Lord Nelson, and one of you! I gladly offer my services to you and Prussia, for I have long dreamed of having the Eagle at the mizzen. Though I shall never forget my lengthy service to Britain in PVP1 EU, the Leuthen Chorale calls me- and who am I to deny it?
  2. What is your favorite frigate? (5th rates)

    Teak-Teak Essex, for her excellent combination of maneuver, strength and firepower. Surprise and the lovely Belle come a close second and third.
  3. Returning Player and Meta

    I think the mentality is that if you're going to go for a speed-leaning build you might as well go all the way with a fir-fir build instead of using a rarer, more expensive wood to get less speed. Teak-Bermuda's stats are as follows, with the first entry being the framing, second the planking, third the total. Structure HPs -2.5% 0.% -2.5% Side HPs -3.% 1.% -2.% Front HPs -3.% 1.% -2.% Back HPs -3.% 1.% -2.% Side Thickness - 4.% 0.% - 4.% Front Thickness - 4.% 0.% - 4.% Back Thickness - 4.% 0.% - 4.% Leaks Resistance -0.5% 10.% 9.5% Crew Resistance 0.% 0.% 0.% Fire Increase Resistance -5.% 3.% -2.% Max Speed 5.% 1.75% 6.75% Acceleration 5.% 1.75% 6.75% Rudder Turn rate 2.% 1.75% 3.75% Turn acceleration 2% 1.75% 3.75% In comparison, here's Bermuda-Bermuda. Structure HPs -2.5% 0.% -2.5% Side HPs -3.% -3.% -6.% Front HPs -3.% -3.% -6.% Back HPs -3.% -3.% -6.% Side Thickness - 4.% - 4.% - 8.% Front Thickness - 4.% - 4.% - 8.% Back Thickness - 4.% - 4.% - 8.% Leaks Resistance -0.5% -5.% -5.5% Crew Resistance 0.% -10.% -10.% Fire Increase Resistance -5.% -1.5% -6.5% Max Speed 5.% 5.% 10.% Acceleration 5.% 3.% 8.% Rudder Turn rate 2.% 1.75% 3.75% Turn acceleration 2% 1.75% 3.75%
  4. Returning Player and Meta

    If supported she is an excellent brawler, I was mauled badly by one whilst sailing an Aggie in a small 4th rate engagement a few weeks ago. I was surprised by how maneuverable she was for her stats!
  5. Returning Player and Meta

    I humbly recommend the Surprise to answer #1. She is not nearly as fast but her unique sailing qualities and x4 stern chasers really help when being chased at least. As long as you position yourself well and manage the bow guns, you should be able to keep trade ships and fleeing foes under your guns. The Surprise is simply the superior fighting ship. Well-armed, quite maneuverable, brilliant sailing qualities and blessed with a plethora of chasers. A teak-teak build is excellent, I do not recommend fir-fir as it's very common in PVP that a second or third ship will be able to fire upon you as you maneuver. Teak will fetch you a good speed and good protection, thus you can stand up to a few hard hits whilst still being fast.
  6. Naval Action Legends Beginners Guide

    Heh, I was in the video as _MasterViolin. My chat for some reason was not working, I'm sorry for being silent
  7. im looking for a fast, agile ship for pvp

    The Ren lacking bow cannons is a bit of an issue. If you're chasing a ship in battle you want to keep it tagged in the battle by making sure you score a hit before the battle timer runs out. Having bow guns means you don't have to turn to present your broadside to try to hit your opponent. This is why bow cannons are so important. Yet, this does not render the Ren useless. She is very, very fast and you should never end up in a scenario in which your quarry is sailing away ahead of you. You should be more than fast enough to start the battle very close to the enemy, and to continue to keep him in the range of your guns the whole way. So the Renommee is probably the better chase ship. However, the Surprise is simply a better fighting ship. It's better armed, still maneuverable, has excellent sailing qualities and as a result, is quite effective. The Surprise simply lacks the raw speed to catch up with ships. Put simply, the Ren is extremely fast whilst the Surprise is a powerful close-range fighter.
  8. im looking for a fast, agile ship for pvp

    You're essentially looking at two ships: Ren, Surp. The Renommee seems to be what you're looking for, its wicked fast though lightly armed. It lacks bow chasers so it can't tag well, but its sheer speed can allow it to escape or catch pretty much anything. But, the Surprise is really unique. She's better armed, she has four stern chasers (very helpful for when being chased), two bow chasers for tagging, and her sailing qualities are really unique in that she fetches a high speed at a beam reach (if i recall correctly). She's really tough to catch but not phenomenally fast when chasing. Both ships are relatively cheap, the Ren only requires 30 guns so it's far cheaper to outfit if you're buying cannons right off the market in comparison to the Surprise with her 44 guns.
  9. Santa Cecilia vs Surprise vs Pirate Frigate

    I think she's excellent for one simple reason. The Santa Cecilia is just A W E S O M E. When I see that ship, I think of the captains like Liquidity that have done such extraordinary things at her helm. Her divine spread of sail, her beautiful 1750s upper works with that quarter rail instead of boring planked sides the stern gallery and paint scheme are all lovely. This associated with the prestige the ship from many a glorious battle fought by captains of the Santa Cecilia gives her an air of majesty and pride. I really do think the way a ship looks and its reputation is just as important as its performance.
  10. Change Ship Skill System

    I think the present system is fine as is, respectfully Instead of slowly getting benefits in all areas over time, we can choose individual things for our crews to specialize on. For example I've applied lightweight ropes and blocks, The old flag officer and opt. rudder to make my teak-teak Surprise a maneuverable and powerful ship that responds quickly to my commands. I plan to put ropes and blocks and as many gunnery mods as I can on my lovely Wasa. I've specialized my fast privateer with speed and boarding mods and books. Ect, ect, ect. I think its better we have control over what attributes we "train" our crews on.
  11. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Oh shoot, my apologies! Southampton, as I understand, was the first of Slade's 12pdr ships, she would definitely be an excellent option as well! Niger is described in "The Sailing Frigate: A History in Ship Models" as a slightly improved version of Southampton hence why I rolled with Niger The Friderichsvaern looks pretty sweet, by the way.
  12. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    I humbly submit Thomas Slade's excellent Niger of 1759, one of the finest '32s built in the 12pdr era. A beautiful ship renowned for her sailing qualities. From her model, I think she sports 36 guns in total when including the gunports on the weather deck battery. Though if added into the game she would represent yet another British vessel, Slade's 32-gun ships are quite historically significant as they marked an essential step forward in the development of British frigates and, in my humble opinion, were a part of British victory at sea in the Seven Year's War. I think it's important to add more Dutch ships too, but I think Niger deserves a spot there with this in mind. Niger also would serve as an excellent light frigate. She was historically known for her excellent sailing qualities and the ships of her class were praised extensively by her captains (She gets a lot of attention from "The Frigate: A History in Ship Models" by R. Gardiner), her good speed, maneuverability and sailing qualities could be perfect for a light frigate role. Plus, the model looks stunning! If she were added into the game, I hope the beauty represented in the model would be translated onto it. The green and gold furnishings across the length of the ship are really quite beautiful. Some general dimensions, courtesy of our lord and savior Wikipedia: Tons burthen: 679 67/94 (as designed) Length: 125 ft (38 m) Beam: 35 ft 2 in (11 m) Depth of hold: 12 ft (4 m) Sail plan: Full-rigged ship Complement: 220 Armament: 32 guns comprising: Upperdeck: 26 × 12-pounder guns Quarterdeck: 4 × 6-pounder guns Forecastle: 2 × 6-pounder guns
  13. To battleship specialists

    I'm really interested on how this game would sort out the pre-dreadnoughts from the dreadnoughts... the pre-dreadnoughts before 1906 would be vastly inferior to pretty much anything built post-HMS Dreadnought. I would consider only accomodating 1906 -> 1950 (so we can have WWII vessels, notably Vanguard, Iowa, Blucher, Fletcher).
  14. Use of anchors in combat

    I am only aware of one thing, a reference I've seen in the Aubrey-Maturin series in which anchors would be mounted on springs to gain better maneuverability. I always thought this was because this would shift the center of gravity one direction port or starboard, hence creating a list and an improved turn rate. Of course it sounds like something from a ship of the line, being large and sturdy enough to do so. "Club-Hauling" sounds illogical. Firstly you're risking your anchor which is an important piece of equipment and essential for docking (hence the significance of the Spanish cutting their anchors at Gravelines), second you cannot control the violent turning motion, third you stress the rigging, fourth you lose your speed, fifth you screw up your trim.
  15. New ships 2.0

    Duguay-Troutin makes sense, she's a french Third rate. As Intrepido mentioned, we are lacking in 3rd rates. Sirius is an interesting option, for us veterans of "The Mauritius Campaign" especially. She's supposed to be a fine-sailing 12pdr frigate if I recall from the books correctly RIP Sirius 1795 - 1806