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  1. 'To govern is to populate'

    Low population is only natural in closed ea.
  2. Give us some way to order the bots around

    If this game's gonna fail, why add anything to it?
  3. King-of-the-Hill Circles Are Dumb

    Your PoV is not gospel. This is something you don't seem to know. I know I don't get my panties in a bunch because "it's not like ye olde times!". Or because there are circles, I repeat, there are circles, I repeat twice there are there are circles. Drum roll. These are opinions and points, not solutions to be taken as granted.
  4. Combat feedback topic

    And then people will complain there is not enough time in queue and too often that means playing with bots. Just give devs some space.
  5. Alternative to Cannon Grind

    Still, must be better ways of grind. An equivalent of research, where current upgrades would need to be unlocked first, maybe in tiers? Some armor and hp stripped until research - again, tiered? Sails hp, sails speed, crew bunks, and BETWEEN that all cannons unlocks. At least it would be one of many things you need to grind out. It would be faster to unlock canons themselves (total grind split between more things) and even more importantly stock under-armoured ships would actually be voulnerable to these 4pds. A symmetry of both swords and shields going through upgrades toegether, a dynamic of mismatch between offence or defence heavy ship upgrades and fully upgraded ones being relative and proportional to stock ones. And instead we start in new ships shooting volleyballs, and yet disparity between lower and higher tier ships can be insanely huge.
  6. Alternative to Cannon Grind

    Not in general, but in loadout. As in, if a ship can wield 256-pound longs or 2-pound longs, why would it equip the 2-pounders? Difference between longs, mediums and carros at least gives you some real impact on how you need to play and how others need to play against you. Caliber of the guns? Sure, going down lowers the crew requirement and reload times, but it also lowers penetration - to a point where I feel like going for lower caliber once you have access to the higher one is straight up suicidal. If I want more reload at the means of pen, I will switch to mediums and tailor the upgrades for that, I won't start shooting volleyballs. And as long as this is the case, the only reason for lower calibers to exist is to force you to grind, where the grind exists only to force you to use lower calibers. The whole thing feels like a mess of useless, to be honest. Feel free to correct me.
  7. Alternative to Cannon Grind

    Because then what would be the reason for anyone to pick the smaller guns? That is the reason cannon grind is in place. Better question, IMHO, is why do we need smaller cannons in the first place?
  8. King-of-the-Hill Circles Are Dumb

    This is a closed test. Keep that in mind when commenting, house rules and bots is what you either agree to, or skip this part of the game. Limiting the amount of tantrum you go into is also a good idea, beta test or not. Tags are used to make it easier for people to find topics, not for you to pout and throw a fit.
  9. Legends Skill Challenge

    So anyone playing in lowest ship in the tier would be matched against players from top of the tier. For example a single cerberus needs to kill enemy Indef to get ANY kills counting on the scoreboard, while that same Indef has to kill the Cerberus. AI Indef and Cerb that are meant to balance it out do not count. A player in much bigger, tankier, heavier, badder, meaner ship has to burp loud enough and he gets a point. His enemy needs to balance a dagger on his **** while riding a bicycle to get the same worth of a point. COME ON. Is it just me, or is it just ridiculous? Balancer being what it is is understandable - though irritating - and is a necessary evil. Having the system actually go over the top of that and practically shit on certain subset of players? Where is that a good idea? Could be. A guy could potentially balance a dagger on his **** while riding a bicycle, while other guy could potentially fail to burp. Doesn't mean these are equal actions. As long as balancer works in tiers, there will be someone effed over. There will be people effed over any time of the week. Unless you're willing to admit cutter is the strongest ship that wins out with bigger ship even if both players have the same super captain god super captain level of skill. And then the guys who don't want to sail the cutter get screwed. When you put a CS pro against a farmville veteran, sure the pro can win with a knife when the other has a rifle. Does not mean that it's a good idea for a balanced tournament. Nor that the weapons are the same value or strength. End of the day, you will never get a fair and skill-based tournament as long as there can be such a big difference in ship class within it, that certain degree of skill is locked out due of the ship class picked by both players.
  10. Legends Skill Challenge

    So that whoever has the biggest (unmatched) ship straight out wins? Tell me this is a joke.
  11. 'To govern is to populate'

    And so there were more player online when there were less ships available. That funny thing about correlation and causation, how did it went, if I could only remember...
  12. 'To govern is to populate'

    Just like Doom 2016 is the shooting version of Dear Esther. They share the combat system. They are no more versions of each other as Battlerite is a version of World of Warcraft.
  13. 'To govern is to populate'

    Nothing. Different genres. Oh, and there is your way to fail NAL. Trying to make it a NA recruiting platform.