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  1. Increase ship spot distance in OW using spyglass

    Let me help him a bit and put it this way: You could have a ship first appear in spyglass as sails only then as it gets closer you see the hull and even closer you see the flags and ID tag. This is what happened when the lookout in the masthead spotted a ship that was far away. "On deck there sail ho!", "where away", "2 points to starboard". Then the officers on deck get there telescopes, etc. I like your suggestion but given the way ships are rendered I am not sure they could increase the spotting distance. Less detail until the ship is closer would be great though and using the spyplass would increase this distance.
  2. Matchmaking in Legends

    I am hoping we can have a sim model in NAL. Using WT as the example it would be like using Full real controls in sim mode. Hardcore maneuvering can be added quite simply by changing the performance data in the API - ie; correcting profiles so that square rigged ships can't effectively sail closer than 60 degrees to the wind. That really will effect fleet maneuvers in a large battle. In my mind sim would also include ship drafts and variable depths in port battle type battle modes. The repair issue is easily solved in a sim mode - the only repairs are those that could historically be made in battle, plugging shot holes, manually steering when rudder shot away, minor rigging repairs (splicing sail control lines), etc. Even in a Realistic mode repairs should be limited, like in ST with one repair for hull and one for sails. Still even in sim some time compression may be necessary as some fleet battles did take hours to fight.
  3. Nice work @jodgi Thank you! Sadly the chart reminds me, speaking as a sailor now, that none of these ships should be going faster than a drift with the current at 15 degrees let alone 6 knts.
  4. @Fluffy Fishy I voted for Pluton as she was captured at Trafalgar so has some history, but more importantly she has the 24 pdrs on the UGD. I think this is important for gameplay reasons, she can compete with Bellona and has a better chance to fight against 2nd rates, or 80 gun 3rd rates.
  5. I wish the devs good luck with the project. It would be interesting to see the eastern tribes in this game as well.
  6. "Available for all" Ports

    You should be able to place an outpost there. The port owner then taxes everything you extract. Isn't that the point of leaving the port open?
  7. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Shame there is no love for the anything in the poll but the line ships. I can't argue with ppl that say we need more 74s in game though. Looking back to the OP it does say 3 gaps in the line up to fill so I am hopeful for one ship of each class eventually. Being mindful of @admin reminder that they have delivered more than the promised ships already and how much work goes into making the 3d models, I would certainly buy a modestly priced ship pack DLC if that would help get more ships in game. We have many ships to choose from and they all actually sailed unlike some games that have so many vehicles they put in some that never left the drawing board, but players buy the premium versions anyway. Thanks to @Barberouge for all the work with the ships and polls!
  8. An LGV is useless in the shallows, just sayn'. I agree on the Snow/brig issue IRL the size of the Ontario and Fair American was very similar which is not apparent in the game models. I was able to put quite a lot of materials on a T brig included logs so I am not sure cargo capacity adjustment is needed (Snow maybe). As for the Wasa issues a restriction to the original 24/18/6 pdr armament may well put her in line with the other 4th rates.
  9. Should NA Legends have friendly fire?

    Yes keep FF. As for Wows system here is a quick personal example: I was in a tier IV carrier sending my torpedo bomber sqdns after an enemy battleship and lined up a nice cross drop when a friendly BB sailed right in line when my AI pilots decided to drop the torps, result: one FF torp hit that didn't sink the friendly but did do significant damage, which under the system is also applied to my ship which of course sank and I got a TK penalty! Gained nothing or very little xp from battle and my in game icons turn pink for 15 battles. However given the close line fighting we have in NAL there should be some damage threshold before penalties begin to apply. Should be a fully automated system as well. BTW I like @Young suggestion of an arcade mode and realism mode if there is sufficient playerbase. I can just see line fights where square rigged ships can't sail closer than 60 degrees to the wind, tacking would be interesting especially with the fleet!!
  10. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Yeah it really should be one choice in each category or rate of ship.
  11. French Frigate L'Hermione

    Thanks @Surcouf. Yes I took a picture of him as he was walking down the dock to a special VIP event with other captains.
  12. French Frigate L'Hermione

    Surcouf: Was the gentleman second from left the captain for the voyage to the US? He looks familiar to me because I have a picture of the captain from 2015 in his 18th century uniform.
  13. Matchmaking in Legends

    @jodgi Not to go OT here but being serious about planes do you play ROF or DCS?
  14. Battle modes ideas

    Historic Scenarios This could be done as a custom battle room or as a developer set up event. This battle mode could be a specific battle, like Trafalgar or the Nile, or even a smaller battle. Battle of Lissa 6 Franco-Venetian frigate plus smaller ships vs. 4 British frigates. The problem for NAL would be the lack of certain ships, but you could substitute rate for rate. We certainly all remember the Trafalgar events of the Sea Trials days! Another example would be like WT Events which are matches with opponents that would or could have faced each other (No King Tiger vs. M60 etc.). Although tbh these types of events would work better with a lot more ships in game. An alternative might be a set mission like WoWs Dunkirk missions, which were co-op vs. ai. There were only a few player warships escorting the merchant ships and yachts to get the troops back to England. Something similar could work here.
  15. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    @admin What was deployed or fixed with today's TB patch?
  16. Matchmaking in Legends

    Actual battles and what if scenarios based on actual events is an obvious opportunity for NAL (a game mode maybe), it would be a shame to miss it. In WoWS they just ran a Dunkirk co-op event that was a similar idea. The problem of course is the lack of ships so you would have to substitute the corresponding rate - Like 3rd rate or Bellona for most of the British Ships at the Battle of the Nile. etc. They could also have the ships available for all players in this game mode, so you could sail a 1st rate w/o grinding just for that battle. As for the grind I agree the focus should not be on xp grind to unlock the next ship, but in Sea Trials it did result in battles with mixed fleets. There should be some mechanism for gaining xp on ships maybe a combination of unlocking ship knowledge for modules and general xp for the next ship (like WoWs). I just hope that your crew or captain won't forget how to sail the ship below when the next one unlocks like some of those other games...... Hey @jodgi "wardunder" rlly!?! You know WT has historic match up events and sim mode right? What does wot have? tank cliff jumping? tank crews with amnesia?
  17. 'Global PVP' server a failure

    Actually admin responded in another thread that there will be no server merge in the near future.
  18. Hurricane Irma

    Ah good to know.
  19. Hurricane Irma

    @LeBoiteux Yes Sint Maarten also devastated sadly. Dutch PM said the airport was damaged and ships sent from the navy cannot use the harbor. Stay safe and good luck to all in the path - we have some clan members in Florida as well.
  20. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    @admin I am updating to post a single ship suggestion - May we suggest our choice for each category of ship? My pick for heavy frigate 50-60 guns is Delft 54 gun ship built in 1783. IRL a 4th rate but in game would match well with the heavy frigates. LOD 144 ft, Beam 40 ft, DOH 16 ft 1040 tons LD 22 x 24pdr, UD 24 x 12pdr, QD&FC 8x 6 pdr https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_ship_Delft_(1783 Plus there is a replica being (slowly) built in Rotterdam (Delftshaven). http://www.dedelft.nl/museum
  21. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    I have found that she is not as fast upwind as Surprise and best point is 135 degrees. She does well up to 90 degrees. Maybe @jodgi has done a speed test and profile for her? I am just disappointed that the model does not have a figurehead . Would have looked great with the one on the replica (a lion).
  22. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Nice quotes. Interestingly she is as famous for fighting off Endyimon's boats (she was down on crew off on prizes too) than for her privateering (See Roosevelt). Keep in mind thought that she was initially rigged as a schooner so it is unclear with which rig she made her best speed. As @Serk points out she is now properly rigged as a hermaphrodite brig in game and one would think she would sail faster downwind.
  23. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    One way to answer the question is that the definition of "light" frigate changes with time. So at one point the 12 pdr 32 gun frigate was the standard and a 28 gun 9 pdr was light, then the standard becomes 38 gun 18 pdr, etc. @Surcouf Good point on the limitions on the upper deck 6 pdr guns carried by the replica. There is not a lot of space on the FC for sail handling and on the QD they placed the guns (3 per side) further forward to keep the stern clear.
  24. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Indeed I believe the replica is armed with 6x6pdr per Boudriot. At least when I was onboard she had 6 x 6pdr on the QD.
  25. French Frigate L'Hermione

    @A. P. Hill I saw her in Philadelphia and took an onboard tour. I also got some great photos of her firing a guns as she came up river. One of her 12 lb guns is an actual piece cast in the 18th century. Fortunately I found out the proper French pronunciation ( it is not like the Harry Potter character!) while I was there. Interesting you mention Baltimore as I see the inner harbor in the photo of the ensign above! Of course if you are frequently in Baltimore you can sail on the Pride which is very much like the Prince (rigged as topsail schooner).