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  1. It was a limitation based on the rigging. You can only brace up square sails so far - 6 points at best. Even with a fore and aft rigged vessel it is 4 pts off the wind. So yes ultimately your sails are taken aback. Interesting point here. My question would be why wasn't this a sail plan for square rigged ships sailing close hauled, I have not read about it or seen modern tall ships with just staysails set(other than in a storm or under power). Maybe there was insufficient sail area with just those set? Also having different sails set balanced a ship in different ways which could upset the sailing qualities. Keep in mind that IRL the Aggy made 6 knts close hauled (sailing report 1797) which was no closer than 60 degrees to the wind and likely more. For game play reasons ships can sail much closer to the wind than IRL of course but I see no problem with a change in the curve and a reduction in speed close to the wind - at 20 degrees none of the sails should be providing forward movement, so 2 knts is a gift.
  2. The F&A rigged ships in NA already have square sails for downwind sailing some more than others (Pickle, Prince). Having said that you used to be able to wing and wing before the change in controls to the foremast. IMO the topsail yard should have a separate control from the foresail.
  3. Ship speeds

    @jodgi Sounds balanced to me if the wind RNG is correct. Should be easy to determine the average wind speed and work from there with a random storm thrown in which should effect everyone. You take care of the complaints on either end by having a wind strength floor and a cap. So the SoL captain still has some speed in light winds and a small ship some chance in strong winds. Maybe the small ship escapes in the rain and fog... For it to work you have to have sail damage in high winds though. You can also have Studding sails and extra staysails mods actually work as intended IRL (re: painting of USS Constitution escaping British squadron in light wind).
  4. Sure but it depends on the port. Several ports require sailing past a fort to get to a cap circle. Some harbors could have decent coverage with good circle placement. I recall they looked at this when the land in PB was first implemented.
  5. As the wars went on and the French lost veterans Napoleon came to rely much more on artillery in particular after the Russian campaign. Guns and trained artillerymen were far easier to come by than horses and trained cavalrymen. I think if you look at the ratio of guns to men in the 1813 campaign it is higher than in previous campaigns (maybe except Russia). Can't remember the source for this off the top of my head though.
  6. Ship speeds

    What @Farrago said ^^ I would also add wind and weather effect in the OW and instances, except admin already stated that weather and storms is not being worked on atm.
  7. Storms, Dynamic Weather in Battle

    Storms and sail damage are great but don't focus on that - instead focus on the other part of your suggestion: Dynamic weather. As @Liq noted some people in Sea Trials complained about too many storms so be careful what you wish for there. But there should be effects of the wind and waves on ships in the game in a persistent way. Here is a recent post about adding a variable wind feature: Bottom line for now is there are other priorities as admin said - tutorial, UI, etc. I still hope one day wind and weather effects will get in the game at least in NAL.
  8. Broken wasa

    You don't start with the best stats either, you must grind the modules to get there, how? PVP of course. No need to grind or search for rare speed mods - but the OP focuses on Wasa. With the 32/24 armament Wasa is really a 3rd rate. @admin noted above that 3rd rates (74s in particular) were kings of the sea, so Wasa should be powerful and 3rd rates were not necessarily slow either. So we have this discussion about ship balance and the speed meta because Wasa is too powerful in all aspects but something is missing. What is a weakness of a large powerful ship like a 3rd rate or Wasa? Wind, wind , wind!! Light air, stiff breeze, squalls, gales, etc. We need some weather to put a wrench into this speed meta discussion! Wasa would have a hard time catching an Endyimon in a moderate breeze, but in a gale she would, but in heavy seas may not be able to open her lower deck gun ports. Let's bring some variable wind and seas into the equation, including sail damage for running with full sails all the time! (this does not mean no wind at all of course). Aside from that each ship should have a base speed and work up to her best historical recorded speed with a few select mods. That way you could do away with a generic speed cap.
  9. Not even a newbie (yet). Have a question about speed.

    You mean "privateer". Getting hit by a solo hunter is not a gank even if you are in a trader.
  10. Mortar Brig

    Good point - What it shows is that you have an optimal trajectory for mortars between range and vertical strike, which looks to be 60 degrees.
  11. Mortar Brig

    No note sure - but it should IMO at least increased elevation to give more range.
  12. Mortar Brig

    I suppose you could play around with different frames to make the ship less squishy for shallows. Maybe teak frames and cedar planks. Still if a Mercury singles you out in the MB won't help in the long run unless a team mate is escorting you.
  13. French Warships in the Age of Sail 1626 - 1786

    This series is also used as the source material for many of the ships listed on the Three Decks website.
  14. You may well be correct but some of those other eras may be too esoteric at least from a business perspective, whilst Napoleonics would be more marketable from a global perspective. I'd love to see The War of 1812 but that could be sold as DLC for Ultimate General: Napoleon.
  15. Mortar Brig

    You should not be concerned with hitting moving ships with the mortars. Your targets are the towers and forts and there is a bit of positioning skill involved so it is easy to keep the aiming circle on the target and to minimize the flight time of the balls. Of course if you destroy all the forts well then look for slow moving line ships - nothing more satisfying in MB then getting a strike in on a 1st rate and taking out a mast! As for meta builds it is really the same for any PB. Not sure of any guides on this. The MB is slooow so you want either fir or cedar. Usually if caught you are dead so the priority is speed to get in range faster. I haven't used the MB post wipe, but you wanted the Mortar officer perk and any reload mods you could get. So I would say - British Gunners (Sargent), Bow Fig Lion, Open Mag Access, Congreve's sights, Swing Bed & elevating screw. Of course may not want to pay to reset perks just for MB.
  16. Port Battles with limited BR

    This reminds me of Sea Trials battles with mixed fleets - the smaller frigates did exactly that - sailed to cover the rear of the line or to try and flank the enemy line, etc. Fights in ST were like PB without circles or forts. Now all we need to ensure mixed fleets would be real shallows and ship drafts..... But hey let's give the BR limits a go.
  17. Maybe not sadly, but I found it ironic that the comment came from someone who used to be a big small ship advocate.
  18. Hmm do I detect a bit of sarcasm from a small ship captain.
  19. Ultimate General in Europe

    @LAVA You would avoid all that by using a higher unit scale to begin with, as in UG:CW which went from the regiment level in the Gettysburg game to brigade units in the Civil War game. Not saying that this wouldn't lead to other problems though. You lose the primary maneuver element, battalions or regiments in some armies including the color that represents, ie; the Waterloo example, your unit is the Union Brigade instead of the Scots Greys and Dragoon Guards, etc. Same trade off occurs in table top games - you want to see the individual units performing maneuvers, etc. On the plus side you can model all the large battles effectively.
  20. Shallows text should appear sooner

    I agree that there should be an assist with this if the model is not accurate. Hopefully they can refine the depth and ship draft model to make it more accurate. The mini map has the colored bands for shallows but frankly I don't know what they mean relative to my ship! Can I sail in the first white band with a cutter but not a Cerberus? Will my cutter get stuck in the second band?, etc.
  21. I had an instance where I exited a battle and repaired my ship, then the battle ended and I got the results. As soon as the results notice come in the ship I just repaired turned into a wreck and I had to repair it again. I did F11 it in game, but thought I'd post it in case anyone else had this happen.
  22. Shallows text should appear sooner

    @CatSwift You can see the shallows in the minimap complete with different levels. Also just watch for the change in water color because you can see the bottom coming closer to your ship that way. Of course if you are distracted by combat even the warning won't help.
  23. Deactivating Fleet Ships

    I didn't think it was ever in game. You couldn't TP between OP with fleet ships before the wipe anyway. Do you mean the old TP to capitol?
  24. French Frigate L'Hermione

    It should be on the ship in game IMO.
  25. French Frigate L'Hermione

    I read somewhere that there are no plans or documentation on the original figurehead. I could be wrong, there are a number of ships in game that don't have figureheads.