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    Testbed - Teleport fees

    This ^^ +1 As @Old Crusty said you have agents or employees in your ports since the player is often more like a CEO of a shipping company than the captain of a single ship. We want those tasks to be quick so the player can be a ship captain again! Having to pay to teleport around for these "paper shuffling" tasks would be a pain. I do it sometimes because I forgot what I have in my warehouses! This is nothing that effects the strategic game or that would put more ships on the OW. If I knew what I had in another warehouse I might pay for a TP to load a ship and bring it back to my ship building port. However I wouldn't want to pay just to see if the right goods where there only to find out what I was looking for was in another port for example. If the above is added then a reasonable fee to TP wouldn't be the end of the world. My 2c anyway.
  2. o7 Hugh! Making all your warehouses visible is the key. Like other posters I often jump back and forth for econ/crafting reasons precisely because I need to see where my stuff is. Otherwise I don't have a problem charging a small fee for the TP. That can be adjusted with a higher population as well.
  3. DeRuyter

    Reduce the crew numbers on the indiaman

    That's why I said there was a gameplay reason behind the higher crew numbers.
  4. Actually dolphins swimming in the bow wake is very realistic and does occur often in the open seas. It is quite nice to come up on deck for watch in the early morning and see them while having coffee! It is worth developer time and attention right now, not really. I look forward to it next time sailing IRL!
  5. DeRuyter

    Boarding as Secondary Option

    Members of gun crews were assigned secondary tasks such as fire fighter, sail trimmer or boarder. So part of each gun crew would be called away in a boarding action, more likely for an attack vs. defense. Look at this paper noting the crew duties. http://www.navyandmarine.org/ondeck/1800gundrill.htm Looking at the main gun deck a high proportion of crew had boarder as a secondary duty. The spar deck or quarter deck carronades not so much as they were charged with firing grape into attacking boarders (Fire deck Guns option). I would say that for frigates and smaller ships you would have a high proportion of the crew fending off attackers so while the guns could be worked the rate of fire should suffer. For SoL I suspect that the main battery could continue to fire without much of a problem.
  6. DeRuyter

    Getting a new player into the game

    Steam sale should be coming soon....
  7. DeRuyter

    Reduce the crew numbers on the indiaman

    I think there is something to what @Angus MacDuff says, there is a gameplay reason behind it. The issue of crew numbers on traders has been raised before. If I remember correctly they did decrease crew on the smaller traders. Here is part of my post on the Indiaman crew from 2016: East Indiamen normally carried closer to 120 crew rather than the 380 we see in game. An example would be the EIC ship Ceylon captured during the Mauritius campaign in 1810. Original complement was 90 and in 1810 she had 110. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceylon_(1803_ship) Another example would be in "Two Years Before the Mast" the brig that the author sailed around the horn on had a crew of 10.
  8. DeRuyter

    Maybe some ships that might see the light of day?

    Correct but because of the expense involved in the construction of the Humpheries 44 gun design, the USS Constellation, Chesapeake and Congress were all built as lighter, smaller 38 gun frigates. So the sister ships of the USS Constitution were the USS United States and the USS President. There is a conspicuous absence of Dutch ships in the game though. IMO before thinking about a US SoL let's have some Dutch ships, whether a warship or a flute!
  9. DeRuyter

    Flags Flags Flags

    Like this one: Amsterdam city flag in use since 1500s. Flown on ships registered in the city.
  10. DeRuyter

    Add East coast access to Lake Okeechobee

    This is a feature that has come up a number of times - multiple threads about Port Battles and variety in ship usage, etc. Devs previously commented on the technical difficulty of adding a bathymetric model to the game as it is now. To me it goes with variable wind and weather and all that entails for these ships, a necessary feature in a true sailing simulation. In NA sacrificed for a variety of reasons, maybe not as important in MMO game. I'd love to see it, but my computer is such a potato, it probably couldn't handle the game then.
  11. A couple of quick points. 1. Cannons. You should be able to see what type of guns you can equip even if cannons already there. For example switching between carros and long guns. Very frustrating not to see the classes if cannons already equipped. We should just go to weights and get rid of cannon classes anyway. You should be able to auto drop the right amount in the slots without having to click back and forth and split up numbers to equip cannons. 2. Change "Sail Out" to "Set Sail" when leaving port. Just sounds better from a sailor's perspective anyway. Thanks to @Angus MacDuff for bringing that up. 3. Reward chest contents should go directly to warehouse and Gold chest rather than into ship's hold. You have to be in port when opening it anyway. Overall I like the new UI and the ongoing improvements. The scaling is an issue though if it can be fixed. Looking down on Surprise from giant dock just looks bad. Edit: I also want to add that I really like the new "streamlined" crafting. Especially getting rid of carriages! Gets rid of a lot of excess clicks!
  12. DeRuyter


    +1 to @Farrago suggestion. Captains would sometimes be rowed across to different ships in a fleet, like for a meeting with the Commodore. No reason we should allow a Captain to transfer ships in game (with time delay). Of course the famous example in combat is when Commodore Perry left his flagship to take command of the Niagara at the Battle of Lake Erie in 1813.
  13. During the War of 1812 merchants ships sometimes sailed uninsured because the captain could not afford the high wartime rates, kept high in part because of privateers. I would bet the even the EIC had reinsurance with Lloyd's though. Here is an example of insurance for the cargo of gold carried by an RN ship, HMS Lutine . Lloyd's paid out 25,000 pounds on the claim. The ship was lost in a storm and the Dutch claimed the wreck as a war prize. Salvage operations took years and the ship's bell is not in Lloyd's office in London. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Lutine_(1779) @admin A couple of questions and points: 1. What about insuring cargo? I know the OP is about insurance for the ship itself, but often (like modules in NA) the cargo was more valuable than ship. You could add the option to buy insurance upon buying the goods, only good for one voyage and pays if the cargo is sunk or captured. 2. I wanted to bump the point made by @Busterbloodvessel that a ship would have a insurance certificate good until captured or sunk and expires with one payout. Makes sense and avoids griefing by denying payout through capture and multi- use exploit.
  14. DeRuyter

    Naval Action Repair Calculator

    Nice work!
  15. ^^This - still at work 😡! Perhaps there were some bugs that needed to be squashed. Looking forward to testing.
  16. DeRuyter

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    @Norfolk nChance You aren't angling for the inclusion of early subs in the game by chance! 😉
  17. DeRuyter

    Rigging type benefits

    One point that jumps out when looking at rigs like the lugger, polacre and xebec is that they often popular in certain areas depending on the prevailing weather conditions. They were also often derived from fishing or other working vessels. The same can be said for US schooner design. Here is a reply I posted on another thread concerning the advantages of US "sharp" schooners with references. I would think that luggers have similar advantages in that they are weatherly and probably good in light wind. I will look for more information on these rigs.
  18. DeRuyter

    Additional Buffs to Battle Sails

    Even in a large fleet battle ships had to keep station in line and this required sail trimming. If you look at single ship actions as @maturin alluded to, some involved a lot of maneuvering and some were just run up and fire at close range. You certainly wanted to reduce sail to your maneuvering sail plan, aka battle sail, at the start of the engagement, weather conditions permitting. Courses were furled not only because of fire risk but also because they add complication and crew to sail handling (they also affect visibility). Certain crewmen on the guns were designated as sail trimmers and would be called away for that task when required. Just keep in mind that even a small amount of maneuvering or speed changes on a square rigged ship requires sail handling which is why in battle you wanted the sail plan that required the least amount of crew. Here is my post from another thread on battle sails with an example of some of the sail trimming and maneuvering that Constitution did when fighting Guerriere:
  19. @Fluffy Fishy @Malachi I posted the link earlier in this thread, or one of the other recent Constitution threads, to log entries from 1813-1814 noting a speed of 14 knts. Most of the time she was logging 11-12 knts though. @Fluffy Fishy you are right about modifications to improve speed, one of which was to get rid of the 42 lb carros, that the United States kept but she was known to be a slower sailor than her sister ships. I would say though that the weight of the wood used for framing can be misleading, you need the sail area to displacement ratio to find out the effect of the heavier construction. Of course we don't have variable wind conditions that was an important factor distinguishing the sailing characteristics the different builds and ships IRL. Also just FYI she did sail again in 2012 for the anniversary of the battle vs. Guerriere . My understanding on these sails is that the wind speed has to be less than 15 knts so nothing gets damaged. In 1997 the wind speed was only 5-6 knts which should put the 3.1 knts speed into perspective. The day before in more wind she made 6 knts for a practice run. Kinda like @William Death point about hull speed - it is a theoretical maximum, you rarely get conditions to even get close to it. Most ships are sailing faster than the constant in game wind should allow anyway.
  20. DeRuyter

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    On one occasion logged 14 knts. http://www.captainsclerk.info/data/data_on_constitution.html Usually log entries show 11 knts more consistently. Once they raised all sails to see how fast she would sail on a dead run - 10 knts. Of course all these numbers from the logs are in varying wind and weather conditions which we don't have in game.
  21. DeRuyter

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    No actually they were both 38 gun 5th rates. HMS Shannon had a much better captain and crew and won the day (rookies vs. vets). The ships were fairly evenly matched though.
  22. DeRuyter

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    Actually that is an old myth. The ship in Baltimore is a Civil War era ship built in the 1840s. Also the original Constellation was not one of the 44s which were United States, Constitution and President. Constellation was a 38 gun 18 pdr frigate, same class as the Chesapeake. https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=2401 No more evident than the Shannon v Chesapeake which people like to bring up when disregarding the Constitution's victories as against inferior ships. Captain Broke was one of the best captains in the RN and regularly drilled his crew in live gunnery. In contrast Lawrence had a green crew in the Chesapeake and simply maneuvered long side for a close range gunnery duel which was not going to end well for his ship. However in general the US crews were on par with the British for a couple of reasons. At the beginning of the war there was a surplus of experienced American sailors from a large merchant fleet and the navy was able to man large crews with these experienced men, whereas by this time the British were impressing landsmen to fill crews. By the end of the war the blockade certainly had an effect on US readiness, but I wouldn't say to the extent as for the Spanish or French. The captain as you note also had a great effect on the handling of a ship. Good captains placed emphasis on gunnery drill and live fire was in many cases never done as being too expensive. The Constitution was a fortunate ship in that she had excellent captains and crews when it counted. @Fluffy FishyIt is easy to forget the rational behind the design and the state of the USN at the time. The RN having a huge fleet with a large number of heavy frigates on patrol had no need for such an design (and expense). British frigates routinely beat larger French frigates some with heavier guns but it never caused any rethinking of armament or heavy frigate design in general. In fact the use of 24 pdrs was rejected until the encounters with the American 44s. Then you have 24 pdrs on Endyimon for example and the building of more 50 gun 4th rates to counter them, a class of ship that had fallen into disuse before then. One could also argue that the post war designs were influenced by the class as well. The argument that the 44s as a class of frigate performed poorly one has to take the blockade into account. These ships were blockaded in port for the majority of the war. As you know that is how President was captured, trying to run the blockade in a winter storm. Frankly we'll never know if Endymion would have caught her had she not been damaged running around. (and then she only struck because the 2 38 gun frigates had caught up by the time she disabled Endymion's rigging. She was known to be a fast sailor and was catching the HMS Belvidera (a 36 gun frigate) and outrunning the Congress in 1812 until one of her guns burst seriously injuring Commodore Rodgers. Then there is the United States , granted known to be slow, but still she captured HMS Macedonian. Constitution did get out for one last cruise and then fought a battle different from the others as she fought two smaller ships Levant and Cyane which had they been able to coordinate may have had a different result. (I also would note that Cyane had previously captured a French 40 gun fifth rate.) This battle was won more by the skill of the captain and crew maneuvering than simply heavier broadside weight. Just as there are threads discounting the "propaganda" value of the ship there are also threads with stats. @NorthernWolves did extensive research on the Constitution based on the actual ships plans, wood types and thickness, etc. IMO speed could be increased. Turn rate is only a problem because it is much more important in NA than IRL. A smaller 5th rate should outturn Constitution and she should out turn a Bellona.
  23. DeRuyter

    Storm weather in port battles?

    I don't think @admin was referring to force 10 conditions, but rather the "storm" map from Sea Trials, minus the high waves. Also most people aren't looking at the definition of storm from the Beaufort scale, rather generally bad weather which is what the poll asks. Although the HMS Indefatigable 's most famous engagement occurred during gale force conditions. I agree there are a variety of conditions, and those conditions should have differing effects on the ships. It should be very bad for Le Requin to be sailing around in force 6 or higher conditions for example. For reference the wind in NA appears to be force 4. Ultimately IMO it is only worthwhile implementing different weather conditions if the ships suffer the consequences like rigging damage, reducing sail and inability to fire from lower gun ports (I seem to remember this happened in Sea Trials with high waves). IMO not having some variation in wind force and weather conditions leaves an important part of age of sail strategy and tactics out of the game.
  24. DeRuyter

    Storm weather in port battles?

    This is a good point. You can make the bad weather more tropical though. Have a rain squall that comes through hard but very quickly for example, or is more localized. There is a rainy season as well. Ships have been wrecked in the Caribbean due to storms and bad weather (providing nice places for us to scuba dive today!). Remember also that the map is large so weather patterns in the Bahamas are different than off the coast of South America for example. I would like to see more diversity in weather and wind conditions, so I say let's test it in the PB.
  25. DeRuyter

    385 crew La Requin

    Just an FYI - Here is some research on Le Requin from a shipyard post giving the 245 number. AFAIK the French sources give this number and Three Decks gives 240 + 5 officers. Bottom line though, you are right she was a French national ship built to counter the "rageboarding" Algerian xebecs stuffed with crew.