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    Tutorial feedback 2

    +1 My thoughts exactly. In particular an advanced sailing tutorial covering manual tacking and wearing. That should be before the advanced maneuvering with yards. I was surprised that the advanced maneuvers tutorial didn't cover tacking/wearing. I did also notice that it is not clear you can skip tutorials and come back later. I know the skip button is there but the question has been asked on the forum.
  2. DeRuyter

    Dragons Conquer America

    Lots of events that tend to prove otherwise: Gencon, Adepticon, Pax, Origins all draw large TT crowds in the US. For miniature wargamers in the US there's Historicon and Salute in the UK just past. Loads of TT miniatures clubs in the UK with weekly or monthly meetings. And that's not considering the EU. I think the death of TT gaming is greatly exaggerated. (I will say that I have seen more and more board and card games getting PC or mobile versions).
  3. I would add that battle sails also allowed for maneuvering with a more limited crew since in battle more crew was on the guns. Also the amount of sails set depended on the wind strength - something that I think should be in game, in particular if you want a more hardcore combat model.
  4. +1 That would be historical as well. In 1813 the Constitution didn't carry chain (double headed shot) for her carronades. They were normally loaded with grape & ball at close range anyway. Although carronade only armed ships (Niagara), particularly in the USN, carried dismantled shot.
  5. For anyone questioning where this idea came from it has been discussed before, see this thread: For the historical context @Fluffy Fishy posted numbers on the HMS Victory in that thread: Figures for HMS Victory: Round, 32pdr: 2400. Round, 24pdr: 2800 Round, 12pdr: 4200 Round, 68pdr Carronade: 84 Grape, 32pdr: 90 Grape, 24pdr: 112 Grape, 12prd: 168 Grape, 68pdr carronade: 7 Case shot, 7 Grape in tin. Double headed (Chain/Bar), 32pdr: 90 Double headed, 24 pdr: 84 Double headed, 12pdr: 126 Paper cartridge (Gunpowder), 32pdr: 2580 Paper cartridge, 24pdr: 2996 Paper cartridge, 12pdr: 4728 From my post on the USS Constitution: In 1797 she carried 85 round shot per 24 lb gun and 15 chain per 24 lb gun. In 1813 she carried 100 round and 40 chain. I also note that no chain was carried for the carronades by either ship. Each navy had different standard load outs of specialist shot. Obviously now we have multiple repairs so that will have to be balanced, but @admin has already noted that will happen. The announcement is about limiting chain shot and does not even talk about how much chain shot you get, yet the doomsayers are out in force. At least wait and see how it effects your game play before ranting about the change.
  6. DeRuyter

    Total War Arena

    @LAVA Is this a F2P game?
  7. DeRuyter

    French Frigate L'Hermione

    Been following the videos on You Tube. Great series on the voyage. Amazing galley and chef. Figures on a French ship they pay great attention to the cuisine!!
  8. Nice ship. Would need to carefully consider in game armament. Maybe 24 pdr carros?
  9. Great idea +1 Would be nice to have flags in OW so you could see the nation as well.
  10. DeRuyter

    Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    Increase damage to crew whilst they are repairing just like when crew is in boarding prep. When crew is repairing there are more crew on deck and in the rigging and they should be more vulnerable. So you have a penalty for bad timing with the repair button. IRL ships waited for a lull in fighting or pulled out of battle line to repair. Also +1 for @Hethwill suggestion for WYSIWG: join timer = battle timer.
  11. DeRuyter

    New Repair is abit unbalanced

    An example of how lower masts were stepped: With the smaller merchant ship on the left they are doing it without need for the sheer hulk that @maturin mentioned in his post. So yes possible to do sheltered waters, but not whilst in combat. I recall a scene in Master & Commander where they debate having to go shore and look for a new mast section and they end up "fishing" or strengthening their damaged mast instead of taking the time required to find and fit a new one. I realize the gameplay reasons behind the repairs even the whole mast and bowsprit of course. There should be a malus whilst the repairs are going on as you said ships left the line of battle to repair otherwise crew would be vulnerable and needed on the guns - so we do have the crew going to repair but they should be more vulnerable to damage while repairing as well.
  12. DeRuyter

    French Frigate L'Hermione

    @SurcoufOne of the videos mentioned "Force 8" conditions. That's some serious weather. Looks like she was sailing under storm stay sails at one point.
  13. DeRuyter

    Determined Defender Perk

    I don't think you'd have full crew undamaged ships irl rushing in (rage boarding) to board their opponent as the first move in the engagement anyway. (other than exceptional situations like Speedy v El Gamo). Yes it is a game mechanic, but the idea is you have to cause other damage first which is consistent with real engagements.
  14. DeRuyter

    Poll on limited use of repairs in battles

    Isn't part of the problem the repair mods stacking - carpenters, perks etc., leading to 100% repair multiple times? Also as I noted in the other thread crewmen repairing rigging should be more vulnerable to damage like crew prepped for boarding. Line ships IRL tended to withdraw from the line to make major rigging repairs for example. Also @Cecil Selous idea of repairs not effecting structure is a good one.
  15. DeRuyter

    Remove the damn forts from OW PvP

    That's just sad. They are there for traders, small ships and ships running when outnumbered. All valid reasons to have forts. Certain ports should probably only have towers and not the forts and towers.
  16. DeRuyter

    French Frigate L'Hermione

    Thanks. Now I'll have to go look over my photos from my visit to the ship. I probably assumed there were lids to close the gun deck ports. @Louis Garneray Yes I recall the quarter deck guns just having an open spot on the railing. But in the video it showed the crew working in the waist with water running along the deck.
  17. DeRuyter

    New Repair is abit unbalanced

    Yet you can read ship logs where it was necessary to return to port to repair even for the victorious ship. Replacing a lower mast section with a jury rig until the ship returned to port - this is what happened after Trafalgar for example. Ships just didn't carry around spare lower mast sections. Having said that I agree with the gameplay reasons for repairs and you don't want players having to return to port, etc. I remember a thread about having to retreat from combat to repair - which is your example in the 1st of June battle ships fell out of line to effect repairs - usually rigging repairs to splice sail control lines small spars, etc. If you are repairing under fire your crew should be more vulnerable, in particular with rigging repairs. What about having increased crew damage to crew that is repairing? Like when you have crew assembled for boarding.
  18. DeRuyter

    French Frigate L'Hermione

    Awesome videos! @SurcoufShe seemed to ship alot of water during the storm - lots of pitching too. Looks like the gunports were left open!?!
  19. DeRuyter


    The real content is the multiplayer racing IMO. Fun for the offseason when you can't get out sailing IRL. I agree though they should have more boat classes in the game.
  20. DeRuyter


    Raising this thread from the dead: Sailaway is leaving EA and going to be released February 27. Still at 39 USD I will wait for the next steam sale.
  21. DeRuyter


    The damage is an issue because they were really a hybrid howitzer/gun that shot explosive shells as well as solid shot. We don't have shells in game so then damage should be equivalent to the same size long gun. 1 pood = 36 pdr 1/2 pood = 24 pdr They were more accurate and easy to load, but the issue appears to have been recoil (which could effect reload time). According to the article linked below the Russians only mounted them 2 per broadside alongside the equivalent long guns. Seems like they were more successful on land as the Russian army used them in batteries as howitzers (licornes) firing shells. https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2016/07/14/edinorogs/
  22. DeRuyter

    Questions for the Historians

    I wouldn't compare WWII ships with Napoleonic sailing ships though. Having said that there were occasions were a squadron or fleet of SOL were used to protect a convoy. The Glorious 1st of June was fought because the French fleet was protecting an important grain convoy. However by and large you would see post ships or frigates on escort duty.
  23. DeRuyter

    Questions for the Historians

    One reason was cost. Much less expensive to man and maintain a frigate than an SOL, in particular on a six month cruise. Same reason you don't send a battleship on convoy escort duty! They are needed in battle fleets scattered around the globe in the case of the RN. Another reason that is not apparent in NA has to do with weather. A frigate would be faster over time in a much broader range of wind and weather than an SOL for the most part. There is a reason frigates were used as scouts - the eyes of the fleet as it were.
  24. DeRuyter

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Wait @Nick Thomadis forget about ships. What about the next "Ultimate General" title? Although I would say an Age of Dreadnoughts game would certainly be welcome.
  25. DeRuyter

    Brig should be the starting ship

    Remember when the starting ship was the Lnyx? Lots of criticism that it was too hard for new players. Then came the cutter better but still players can't wait to get into the bigger ships. Tutorial exams are a good way to get players started on that track with some learning. If you want to skip tutorial great your start in cutter. Do the tutorial and you can get into a brig.