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  1. Was Constitution nerfed at some point?

    The other point to consider is that she has been given the status as a 4th rate for gameplay purposes, just like Wasa, when IRL she was a 5th rate frigate just an unusually large one. @Fluffy Fishy Not sure if they consider sail area to displacement ratios in the ultimate calculations but that may well be a distinguishing feature from your average 74 at least as to speed and acceleration. I was not aware that President was used much after capture due to the damage she sustained hitting the bar off Sandy Hook. United States was also known to be a slow sailor due in part to the retention of the 42pdr carronades. What is clear is that there are a lot of variables within a ship class especially when they are built at different shipyards as were this class of ships. The issue of speed for me is somewhat muted by our static wind conditions - the logs show Constitution was capable of a good turn of speed in certain wind conditions. I suspect like a line ship she may suffer in light wind. Although I saw her hit 5knts in light winds under tops'ls during the bicentennial sail.
  2. Wind changes IRL you can see minor wind shifts fairly often, in particular near land. But those would be small back and forth shifts 10-20 degrees or so. The wind can also shift dramatically such as when a land breeze gradually turns into a sea breeze, but that change could take a number of hours. You also can have steady wind with no shifts over the course of an entire battle. Basically small wind shifts are fine but large change in direction should be rare in the scope of a battle instance. @admin Speaking of wind - variable wind speed and weather conditions would help with ship differences. Not sure if Wasa discussion is OT here but - Just make Wasa a 3rd rate as she was, in particular armed with 32pdrs, and adjust BR accordingly. IMO should be a good reason to change a ships stats not because someone is unhappy their favorite ship sails differently now. Similarly even ships in the same class had differences and shouldn't be balanced for balance sake. BR changes should factor in as well.
  3. Carronades vs Cannon (my take)

    @Malachi You may well be right I had thought that nickname came to be a general use term for carros beyond Victory's 68 pdrs.
  4. Carronades vs Cannon (my take)

    IMO a slight damage buff is all that is need for carronades. Off the top of my head a medium 6pdr does 38 dmg whereas a 18pdr carronade does 50 dmg, so about 25% more. Carronades should do significant damage at close range - 50 m or pistol shot. After all they were called "smashers" for a reason. They would often load quarterdeck carros with grape and ball, be nice to do that in NA
  5. TBF they are working new player experience atm - as admin noted above - UI, tutorial, etc.
  6. At least with your LGV permits you can choose your build - capping an AI LGV is up to RNG and may just get something like Oak/crew space.
  7. Just reduce the hold space on the BC to say 50 and job done.
  8. I thought this game may be of interest around here. More of a ship and crew management game although there is MP and co-op modes. You start as a LT on an RN frigate and try to work though promotions by completes tasks and missions. The developer previously released a game (Slitherine/Matrix games) called Carrier Deck with a similar theme but obviously set on an aircraft carrier. http://www.everysinglesoldier.com/hms.html
  9. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Vrolijk Kerstfeest und een gelukkig nieuwjaar!
  10. Kalmar Nyckel Voyage Documentary

    There is a documentary about the 17th century Swedish expedition to the New World aboard a Dutch ship, the Kalmar Nyckel on tonight in the US at 9 pm EST. I used to be a crew member on the replica which sails out of Wilmington Delaware USA. Of course the replica is featured in the show! Unfortunately it is on a local Public TV station (WHYY) so I am not sure who will be able to see it - maybe it is available streaming. She is a beautiful ship even if a bit before our timeline (1625). The Ingermanland is the closest in resemblance. Here are some links: https://whyy.org/kalmar-nyckel-forgotten-journey/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=eblast&utm_campaign=video&utm_content=local&utm_term=kalmarnyckel http://kalmarnyckel.org/
  11. Connie be-all end-all

    @Fluffy FishyI expect better from you, I fear that your normal demeanor and excellent historical objectivity has been blinded by the overly jingoistic patriotism of some of the US forum members towards the Constitution. Your reaction was fairly severe, far beyond the normal counterpoints to the record of the US super frigates. For perspective the USN was miniscule counting less than 30 ships and could never hope to strategically counter the might of the RN as can be seen with the blockade that kept the US frigates bottled up for most of the war. So certainly it is easy to say the USN performed badly by losing x number of ships, but of course they did because they were grossly outnumbered! Now the lake battles may be another story and I would argue that the USN gave much better than it got from the RN on that account. You also should really include the sloop and brig combats not just the frigate actions. I would also argue that the US privateers despite having lost many ships did indeed cause significant material loss and panic among the British merchants and insurance market. You should read the account of the Chasseur under Thomas Boyle sometime (among others). Ultimately you can argue 24 lb v 18 lb frigates all day but in the end crew quality and training is what matters most. Do you think a 24 lb French frigate would have bested HMS Java given the same encounter? I think not. As @maturin noted the British routinely fought superior French ships and won. Why; crew quality and tactical doctrine. HMS Shannon had one of the best trained crews in the RN and came up against a rookie crew with predictable results. I think is hard to argue against the US crews in general being at least on par with the RN in gunnery and sailing ability, and often better. Anyway I think you have unduly given the USN short shrift (and I say that as an Army vet!).
  12. One of the problems in game is that it is done at full sails to get that high speed backwards when irl unless the wind was very light you wouldn't want to risk damage to the masts/rigging with the sails aback against the masts.
  13. NP We can just call the whole thing the "steering mechanism". History part: The wheel that the ship has on it now was taken from the HMS Java after the battle.
  14. She stood off to repair the damage to her rigging mostly sail control lines like braces that had been shot away or damaged when the ships got entangled. Her wheel not her rudder. They steered using tiller ropes below deck for the rest of the battle. Had her rudder been shot away the outcome of the battle may well have been different.
  15. Once again I'll say it - this game needs variable wind and sea states with the direction you are going. Capsized by bracing the yards - well my first question would be what was the wind conditions and how much sail were they carrying. Something like @Seraphic Radiance suggestion with 3-4 different wind states (leaving out the really light conditions). Good reason to shorten sail. Plus damage for carrying too much sail - I read accounts of ships getting caught because a top mast carried away (ie; USS Essex). Also it was much easier to maneuver with the courses furled - as @maturin noted you can sustain mast damage sailing backwards at full sail (because of the way the courses are rigged this is problematic). Now that you have sail area to hull ratios modeled in order to get the most out of it bring in variable winds - this will further differentiate ships even within the same rate. US ships were notoriously over canvased for example. There's your capsize risk - carrying too much sail for the conditions. Lastly please add ship drafts - I know hard to code but it would be a nice feature.
  16. Alternative to Cannon Grind

    In WT it is ammo grind for the most part. Your stock TIger I has the 88mm cannon but only the stock AP&HE rounds. To get the APCR, etc. you must grind. But that grind is minimal compared to the grind for the next high tier tank (and you can buy your way out of the ammo grind).
  17. UG Civil War’s Future

    That would be a good way of doing it for UG:N. Lots of DLC potential there as well.
  18. +1 Also the last thing you want whilst making sternway is the main course aback - very hard to work it around in that circumstance. Blanketing would of course provide another reason to clew up the courses....
  19. Yes this did happened IRL but most ships including well handled 3rd rates (74s) should be able to complete a tack without making sternway. Certain ships were dull sailors or known to be "dull in stays" meaning that they did not tack well and those would end up doing the K turn type maneuver. Of course IRL you had weather and crew training/experience variables as well. Also IRL a ship has to go from about 70 degrees or more on one side to 70 degrees on the other for a successful tack.
  20. To really get there we need dynamic wind and weather effects and ship drafts - just sayn' - I know you can do it!
  21. Possible American 1st Rate Ship of the Line

    Back on the US SOL topic - Wasn't the issue with the USS North Carolina the armament. Wasn't she actually put in ordinary for a few years before being fitted out and then given columbiads which aren't even in the game, so technically she is out of the timeline? Not against US SOL - Just that there are earlier 74s which would be better suited to get in game, settging aside the argument that some nations (Dutch) are severely underrepresented. BTW @maturin Don't forget Indefatigable had the assistance of HMS Amazon, the weather and the less than laser accuracy of the French gunnery.
  22. Well that's what I said really. For game play reasons you can take more broadsides then IRL and a Surprise can stern rake an SOL until it has no crew too. But different ships had different missions IRL and so that should be reflected in the game. IMO more combat model realism is better - so no stern grapping a SOL down to zero crew in a Surprise for example. A frigate should not be able to fight a SOL 1v1 in game and that was not their role IRL anyway. Just as SOL were not sent out on solo hunting missions to capture enemy privateers or to scout for the fleet, that was not their role for a lot of reasons some mentioned in this thread. Certainly a group of frigates could take on an SOL IRL the French were attempting to cripple the Agamemnon's rigging and had she lost a mast the situation may have been different (obviously the French IRL did not have the excellent mast snipers we have in game). There is Indefatigable's famous battle with an SOL in a storm as well. In fact if we had realistic variable wind I am not sure many people would choose to sail an SOL except to a PB.
  23. I agree that the turn fighting in game is exaggerated from what happened, but there was maneuvering prior to close engagement (Chesapeake v Shannon is a notable exception) and often maneuvering continued. There were attempts to get in a rake or retain the weather gauge in small engagements (Constitution v Java for example). Those frigates were not going broadside to broadside with Agamemnon either. In another example Admiral Strachan ordered his frigates to pursue a French SOL squadron escaping from Trafalgar but they didn't directly engage them rather they harassed them and attempted to disable rigging to enable the British SOLs to catch up. During the battle the frigates engaged but stayed away from the French SOL broadsides even after the British SOLs caught up. The game is forgiving compared to RL in maneuvering and to frigates taking a close range broadside from a 74 - A French frigate tried this at the Nile and was totally wrecked by one broadside (HMS Orion v Seriuse).
  24. FYI - The Agamemnon engaged 4 French frigates when Nelson was in command of her. The French escaped with one 40 gun frigate close to sinking. The Agamemnon didn't pursue due to rigging damage. (and no her masts were not sniped down!).
  25. Every airliner I see has some kind of winglet these days.