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  1. DeRuyter

    World Cup (annual event)

    The Dutch are out of this years cup too BTW.
  2. DeRuyter

    [suggestion] Not So Empty Bottles change

    If I recall correctly the wreck spawns within 2 grid squares of your location when it is opened. This distance is effected by land, ie; don't open a bottle on the east coast of Florida you may have to sail all the way around to the west. If this mechanism is in place the suggestion does spice up the bottles. I have had wrecks spawn too close to well travelled areas before, but if the player with the bottle has some control it does soften the visible to all bit. I like the variable pick up as well. You choose what you sail to the wreck with and risk not getting everything, but you can take some anyway.
  3. DeRuyter

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    Absolutely! Exactly. Maneuverability was most impacted by damage to the running rigging - a brace gets shot away and you won't be turning that yard. My understanding also is that in NA the general % damage to sails is supposed to represent damage to rigging as well. Also masts didn't just fall from direct hits, rather the supporting rigging was shot away, more often than direct hits IMO.
  4. 1. If you consider the standing/running rigging as part of this damage then you'll have crew splicing lines aloft not to mention sending up a new yard. This crew should be more vulnerable to fire - like crew on boarding prep, so you should take more crew damage whilst repairing rigging. Some repair could be done at speed but some lines would have to be slacked off to be replaced/fixed, in particular standing rigging. (Similar to changing tacks while a leak is being fixed). So yeah a reduction in speed would be good but a small percentage could be done at speed - thinking of balancing for the lone privateer players. 2. Good on the hull repair - should work like leaks water comes in more on the side you are heeled on. Should still be some limit on repairs whether hard number, increase weight or limit the % repaired each time one is used.
  5. DeRuyter

    Chain shot feedback

    This^^^ Battle sails should give bonus like less crew on sailing, sails take less damage because there are less set but also they require fewer lines to operate and most rigging damage that affected a ships maneuverability was to the rigging not as much putting holes in sails. While a ships top speed may be lower, in battle you want maneuverability, that's why they set certain sails in battle - tops'ls, jibs, spanker, stays'ls, maybe t'gallants in light wind.
  6. DeRuyter

    Renommée Commanders Wanted!!

    Excellent web site very informative.
  7. Yes, but for a short time as the HMS St. Lawrence was launched very late in the war and cost the British a lot of strategic resources to build. In the long term the logistics of keeping her in action may have been an issue. Both commanders on Lake Ontario were also very much like NA players - they needed overwhelming odds to come out and fight!! Of course in NA she would have been chained and stern raked into submission by a swarm of smaller ships!! As for the General Pike, she is certainly larger then some older ocean going frigates. Sure just looking at the number of guns she looks like a 6th rate post ship, but she is armed with 24 pdr long guns. Most frigate designs post war were going this way - a smaller number of higher caliber guns on a single deck. Also at 900 tons and 149 ft on the gundeck she is the size of a British 38 gun frigate, for example the HMS Amazon was a 36 gun frigate built in 1795 with 26 18 pdrs on the gundeck. She was 142 ft on the gundeck and 925 tons. Another example is the Trincomalee which is 1000 tons and 150 ft on the gundeck. So definitely fine to class as a 5th rate frigate. Commander Yeo was certainly reluctant to fight Chauncey and the Pike, which is why he needed to build an SOL on a lake. Great ship to have but I think a lot of people want to see other nations, like the Dutch represented with more ships.
  8. DeRuyter

    Day-Night cycle in battle instances

    You are talking about large fleet battles when the fleets were unable or unwilling to come to close action for the most part and then they broke off for the night. Fighting at night was rare with some exceptions when the battle started late (The Nile, Constitution vs. Cyane & Levant for example). The majority of fights 1v1 or smaller squadrons were over in a matter of hours or less. It is a major pita when you are lining up for a shot and darkness falls. Frankly I don't think it is something they can change though, in order to stay synced with the OW time.
  9. DeRuyter

    Is the AI's chain shot limited?

    @NethrosDefectus One way to answer this may be to capture and take over an AI ship and check if there is an ammo counter.
  10. DeRuyter

    Tutorial feedback 2

    +1 My thoughts exactly. In particular an advanced sailing tutorial covering manual tacking and wearing. That should be before the advanced maneuvering with yards. I was surprised that the advanced maneuvers tutorial didn't cover tacking/wearing. I did also notice that it is not clear you can skip tutorials and come back later. I know the skip button is there but the question has been asked on the forum.
  11. DeRuyter

    Dragons Conquer America

    Lots of events that tend to prove otherwise: Gencon, Adepticon, Pax, Origins all draw large TT crowds in the US. For miniature wargamers in the US there's Historicon and Salute in the UK just past. Loads of TT miniatures clubs in the UK with weekly or monthly meetings. And that's not considering the EU. I think the death of TT gaming is greatly exaggerated. (I will say that I have seen more and more board and card games getting PC or mobile versions).
  12. I would add that battle sails also allowed for maneuvering with a more limited crew since in battle more crew was on the guns. Also the amount of sails set depended on the wind strength - something that I think should be in game, in particular if you want a more hardcore combat model.
  13. +1 That would be historical as well. In 1813 the Constitution didn't carry chain (double headed shot) for her carronades. They were normally loaded with grape & ball at close range anyway. Although carronade only armed ships (Niagara), particularly in the USN, carried dismantled shot.
  14. For anyone questioning where this idea came from it has been discussed before, see this thread: For the historical context @Fluffy Fishy posted numbers on the HMS Victory in that thread: Figures for HMS Victory: Round, 32pdr: 2400. Round, 24pdr: 2800 Round, 12pdr: 4200 Round, 68pdr Carronade: 84 Grape, 32pdr: 90 Grape, 24pdr: 112 Grape, 12prd: 168 Grape, 68pdr carronade: 7 Case shot, 7 Grape in tin. Double headed (Chain/Bar), 32pdr: 90 Double headed, 24 pdr: 84 Double headed, 12pdr: 126 Paper cartridge (Gunpowder), 32pdr: 2580 Paper cartridge, 24pdr: 2996 Paper cartridge, 12pdr: 4728 From my post on the USS Constitution: In 1797 she carried 85 round shot per 24 lb gun and 15 chain per 24 lb gun. In 1813 she carried 100 round and 40 chain. I also note that no chain was carried for the carronades by either ship. Each navy had different standard load outs of specialist shot. Obviously now we have multiple repairs so that will have to be balanced, but @admin has already noted that will happen. The announcement is about limiting chain shot and does not even talk about how much chain shot you get, yet the doomsayers are out in force. At least wait and see how it effects your game play before ranting about the change.
  15. DeRuyter

    Total War Arena

    @LAVA Is this a F2P game?