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  1. Great news. Thanks for the update @admin Looking forward to the patch and lots of new content. Thanks for that. Taking a break atm solving under sea mysteries in Subnautica. hope to have it solved before big UI patch!! 😊
  2. DeRuyter

    Real-Life Sailors, Muster!

    jpjchris you should set your sights a bit higher if you are sailing on the Chesapeake 😎 Like sailing on a tall ship: Sultana, Pride of Baltimore or if you are further north like me you can sail on Kalmar Nyckel which I used to crew on. (A bit before the NA time period but she is the only tall ship in the US with a sprit tops'l). There are also a couple of Skipjacks and more modern schooners around. Sometimes the Lnyx comes down to the Chesapeake - I got to sail on her in Baltimore. Niagara accepts volunteer crew and paying sailors as well but a bit far away. http://sultanaeducation.org/about-sultana/schooner-sultana/ http://pride2.org/ http://kalmarnyckel.org/ As to the Hobies I have sailed both the Wave and its' larger sibling the Getaway. I would recommend going for the larger Getaway if only because it has a jib but more because it is faster and tacks better than the Wave. This summer I sailed a Getaway with 4 teenagers onboard and flew a hull in a 12 knt breeze. You can solo both as well. If I were younger I might go for one of the racing Hobies. I used to race Thistles and Flying Scots at a local club and also crewed on J-24s a few times. I have also sailed on the Hobie trimarans with the foot pedals to control the rudder. These as well as the Wave and Getaway are often found in rental fleets so you can try before buying.
  3. DeRuyter

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Protected cruiser within time frame:
  4. DeRuyter

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Looking forward to this game. I would love to do the 1890s period - Spanish American War with Admiral Dewey at Manila Bay. I have played board games onboard the USS Olympia helping to raise money for her maintenance. Very few pre-dreadnoughts and dreadnaughts left afloat.
  5. DeRuyter

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Double the work plus stomping out bugs in the old UI and the new UI. Sounds better to delay econ for release after or with new port UI.
  6. DeRuyter

    Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

    That depends on a number of things including the point of sail. Keep in mind that reducing sail also reduces heel which helps aiming. Yes sailing in light wind in a quartering sea and you'll roll in the swell. Sailing close hauled under full sail in high wind and you'll be heeling and plunging into the waves (this can be ameliorated by hull shape). Simply clewing up the courses to reduce fire risk was not the only reason ships reduced sail in battle. Battle sails were also the primary maneuvering sails which could be handled by a reduced crew - the rest manning the guns. The more sail you carry the more stress you have on the rig which is going to take damage in battle. There are exceptions which again is dependent on the wind and sea state. Trafalgar was fought in light wind so the British approached under full sail for example. In general though ships didn't maneuver at top speed under full sail unless they were running. Example from log of the Constitution on sighting the Guerriere they took in sail to slow down when beating to quarters: "took in our Top Gallant Sails, Staysails, flying Jib, hauled the Courses up, took the 2nd Reef in the Topsails, and sent down the Royal Yards" That is a significant amount of canvas that was taken in. Later after some exchanges of long range broadsides they set the main t'gallant sail to close in and; "and steered down on his Beam in order to bring him to close action, at 5 minutes after 6 PM hauled down the Jib, and lay the Main Top Sail Shivering and opened on him a heavy fire from all our Guns" Essentially slowing down significantly once in range - in game terms hitting T and manually opposing the main to slow down. So it was not all about speed.
  7. DeRuyter

    Flags Flags Flags

    Amsterdam: Another Dutch flag, ensign at stern: More US Ensigns from the Revolutionary war including privateer flags:
  8. DeRuyter

    Le requin exploit.

    The real crime here is a solo hunter sailing around with a maxed out fleet right @Hethwill Searching for all the #nofleets posts.
  9. DeRuyter

    Book describing maneuvers in age of sail

    @vazco Also try Harland's "Seamanship in the Age of Sail". Covers all the manuvers plus detail on the sails and rigging. The downside it is rather expensive.
  10. DeRuyter

    La Requin nerf needed

    Actual stats for Le Requin French 24 gun 6th rate 24 x 8 pdr cannon (9 pdr in game) Crew 245 Suggestions to "balance" the ship 1. Fix how it reacts with the pirate refit mod. 2. Reduce or eliminate carronades (or 24 pdr max) and poods (eliminate). 3. Fix sailing profile if needed based on #1 (xebec should not outrun 5th rates downwind) 4. Reduce side HP - these were lightly built ships. Then no need to exclude from PB. Still have a powerful 6th rate fast upwind and must be sailed full manual for best effect. But @admin has already said they are working on a fix anyway.
  11. Chappelle's book is a great source for information on US vessels. Likely to be more than 15 USD though.
  12. DeRuyter

    Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

    Well I think as you say the sea state has a big influence IRL - currently in game the sea state is not much of a factor except for the really small ships. Sailing fast upwind may result in pounding into the waves - a lot of pitch. In many cases sailing downwind will give more stability - talking from sailing experience in tall ships or the perception from the deck not aiming a cannon of course.
  13. DeRuyter

    Premium Ships Break Up

    Santa Cecilia maybe?
  14. DeRuyter

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    This really depends on the situation. There was a chain of command and individual gun captains would only "fire as you bear" if that order was given by the Captain. In the RN and USN you also had lieutenants in charge of a division of guns. If the ships were maneuvering you'd have more controlled broadsides. If the ships were broadside to broadside you'd more likely have guns firing independently.
  15. DeRuyter

    The Admiral

    How so? I am not saying the Dutch navy was still on par with the English, but still a force to be reckoned with. Still had Caribbean colonies as well. The English didn't want their fleet to fall into the hands of Napoleon, etc.