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  1. Questions for the Historians

    One reason was cost. Much less expensive to man and maintain a frigate than an SOL, in particular on a six month cruise. Same reason you don't send a battleship on convoy escort duty! They are needed in battle fleets scattered around the globe in the case of the RN. Another reason that is not apparent in NA has to do with weather. A frigate would be faster over time in a much broader range of wind and weather than an SOL for the most part. There is a reason frigates were used as scouts - the eyes of the fleet as it were.
  2. Work in progress: Working title.

    Wait @Nick Thomadis forget about ships. What about the next "Ultimate General" title? Although I would say an Age of Dreadnoughts game would certainly be welcome.
  3. Brig should be the starting ship

    Remember when the starting ship was the Lnyx? Lots of criticism that it was too hard for new players. Then came the cutter better but still players can't wait to get into the bigger ships. Tutorial exams are a good way to get players started on that track with some learning. If you want to skip tutorial great your start in cutter. Do the tutorial and you can get into a brig.
  4. Exactly but a couple of points. These were mostly very close range fights. Specifically in the engagements above masts came down and rigging was damaged after being entangled and the standing rigging shot away weakening the masts. What would be rare is an entire mast coming down after being shot at with several rounds of 42 lb ball from 500m. Personally I haven't played since the recent patch so I don't know if that has changed in game. This is an example of sail control lines being shot away, but again a very close range engagement. (I'd also argue Chesapeake had multiple problems but I get your point).
  5. Modules...what are they?

    Ok so the generic ship modules which can be hit and damaged are: Rudder: A damaged (yellow on screen) rudder negatively affects your turn rate. A red or knocked out rudder will be stuck on the last setting you had it on and you can't alter course. The crew will auto repair it back to yellow. You can also use emergency or urgent repair to fix all yellow or red modules but it has cool down. Pump: A damaged pump negatively affects water bailing so if your pump is taken out (red) and you are taking water from leaks you could be in trouble. Magazine: I believe this effects your chances of exploding or catching fire and then exploding. The magazine is much harder to hit and damage than the pump or rudder.
  6. 10 knts was very fast for a sailing warship in battle. It is also faster than you think when you are on a collision course with another boat too. Normally it was not like in game where everyone is at full sails most of the time. Unless the wind was very light (Trafalgar) ships reduced sail for maneuvering reducing the speed at which the battles were fought. Additionally a collision at 10 knts would do considerable damage to both ships rigging. Comparing modern speed boats is really apples and oranges since they are much faster and more maneuverable, it is possible to zoom up and stop etc. I always thought that the coast guard hailed for you to stop first anyway. I am sure you have a video of a cutter boarding a drug runner at 20 knts then?
  7. New "Special" Trims

    I checked a AI ship that I had before the patch and it had 1 perm slot. After the patch it turned Grey and had 0 perm slots. Don't know if this is always the case but AI ships were always Grey as incentive to buy crafted ships some patches ago.
  8. Updated Carronade Penetration Values

    Thanks for your work on these spreadsheets @TommyShelby. Good to see you back in game, well on the forum anyway.
  9. AFAIK light carriages reduce the number of gun crew required. Maybe now there is a weight reduction affecting the ship but would it be enough to impact speed idk.
  10. French Frigate L'Hermione

    Luckily for me we had a big tall ship weekend when she came to port so yeah no work worries just crowds.
  11. French Frigate L'Hermione

    Only "try" You must visit. Well worth it. I saw her during the voyage to the US in 2015 - sailing upriver in parade, firing salutes and onboard visit (plus nice ship t-shirt purchase).
  12. Weather bulletins

    Actually heavy weather didn't stop battles. A little reading about a stormy battle involving the RL HMS Indefatigable vs. a French 74 (which could not open her lower deck gun ports) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_of_13_January_1797 While wave effect are modeled in game, wind effects are not.
  13. Hotfix for patch 14.

    One of the reasons to use reduced charges was to maximize splinters. Also as you noted a shot that theoretically should pen sometimes does not - the Cheasapeake v Shannon dual has documentation of this and that was fought at pistol shot range.
  14. Hotfix for patch 14.

    At what range?
  15. Was Constitution nerfed at some point?

    Thanks - I should've thought of that one.