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  1. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Owning NA before NAL release

    Picked up original NA beta and got the yacht, which isn't that special other than proof of early support (correct me if wrong). A gift ship for beta/support, even low 'tier' premium, would be still appreciated in Legends, but not making any demands here... Have yet to engage in a beta battle (just got key, and at work now, shhh), but feel that 'capping circles' is not the way to go for game mechanic... Anyways, I hate seeing fake circles on the water or land in any game, so perhaps proximity buoys could be used instead...
  2. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    And thank you again! See you on the sea...
  3. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    Hello, Me and my squad mates really enjoyed the early beta 'arena' battles, but never got into the OW for various reasons. I think "Legends" will fit our need for canvas and shot, so am hoping somebody will be willing to share open beta access. Cheers!
  4. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Emergency hot fix deployed

    In many cases "exploits" involve the discovery or leak of certain game codes that allow unhindered testing by the developers or reliable alpha testers, basically things like god modes getting into the wild. In this case who knows, us plebs likely never will, but the rumours will fly... Oh, they already have... Events like this need to be quashed immediately (and they have, bravo!) because once the reputation of a game is tarnished, well...
  5. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Pirate port questions

    Why not go over and have a look? And don't forget to report back, if you make it... Take a screenshot while you're at it, maybe even a selfie?
  6. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Accidental Pirate... Please Help.

    I agree fully and completely. Really, choosing to become a pirate should be a selection box somewhere well outside of the daily keystroke interface. Making me nervous now as well, as I tend to find ways to hang programs... LOL
  7. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Trade Basics

    Screenshots or it never happened... Bigger ships? Or you suspect some other exploit?
  8. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Letter to the Admiralty (British vs Pirate PVP1 EU)

  9. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Cool weather effects but.....

    I lived in Florida for a spell, and yes, there is fog there during the cool season. Sure not quite the Caribbean but still close enough on the OW map. So to the OP, the weather is good, but perhaps needs to become seasonal.
  10. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Other peoples fights

    Are there carebear servers? I want to club some of that action!
  11. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Gameplay For Players With Limited Time

    This is a good thread and discussion. The OP has valid concerns, as they echo mine, but it is good to read that other more 'casual' non-glue sniffing players (or was it cocaine sniffing and glued to their seats? I just don't know...) can report positive experiences. I still say small ship battles and trade on the Great Lakes (Britannia verses those up starts ) would be a fun 'mixing-bowl' and learning area for new players. Regards!
  12. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Ship "Escalation" - Discussion

    There isn't going to be any single answer or game mechanic that will work well to ensure that the seas aren't full of the top ships of the line. Sure, a casual player should not be excluded from obtaining one because I also agree that elitist attitudes in games suck, but the casual gamer must have a reality check as well and feel privileged just because he bought the game. It will take a combination of game mechanics, such as limited shipbuilding resources, limited ports where SOL's can even dock, a cool down after battle where top SOL's must go to these limited number of ports to refit and recrew (think about the reality of having to train replacements, etc...). If the player looses a top end SOL then he would have to work back up the confidence of the admiralty. Start to combine a few suggestions like this and others posted here, then the top end ships should become more rare, as they should be. Not exclusive, but earned the hard way and used wisely. Players need to be encouraged to maintain a range of ship types and use them accordingly. Top end SOL's should not be daily drivers!
  13. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Ship "Escalation" - Discussion

    I think OP's suggestion of having a cool-down time for using SOL's is a good one, likely has some basis in reality, and should be discussed further. Something like this would encourage players to have several ships of different sizes in their docks, and encourages strategic thinking and timing if your country/clan is planning an attack, i.e. don't take your best ships out a few days prior to the planned 'D-Day'.
  14. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Why people don't fight.

    Running from a battle when the odds are stacked against you is not being a coward, it is being wise, you can return to fight another day or when your friends arrive. Fighting against the odds is fine if you feel heroic at that moment, or supremely confident. Partaking in PvP with the will to survive is a playing style, or mindset, that I bet quite a few people here will want to do. I hesitate to call it 'role-playing' but I suppose that fits in here. Others simply want to fight, fight, fight with little regard to the deeper meaning or levels to the game. A more arcade mindset. The two styles will seldom see eye-to-eye, and calling "coward" or other baiting is often seen on chat. Going to fall back on my flight sim experience, where we see PvP servers geared toward what we call, "airquake", where airfields are close to each other and there is an endless furball in between them. Other servers offer more historical missions where teamplay to complete the objective is required (escort bombers or recon airplanes). Different aircraft have different strengths, so somebody in a SPAD or SE5a should absolutely not try to turn fight a German Triplane (think Red Baron), but should extend away from the fight, gain altitude and then come back with a fast guns pass, rinse and repeat. I only hope the open world in NA allows for players to look out to the horizon and figure out when the odds are against them before they are locked into a battle. I'm feeling that the compressed time/zippy speedboat does not easily allow for this, but I haven't really gotten into OW testing much... Too much beta-bloat...
  15. SYN_Bloody-Bandy

    Multiple Players Crewing The Same Ship? and other ramblings....

    And just a quick necro on this thread (since I see Blackwake has already been mentioned on this forum... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2000479544/blackwake-reboot) that this 'other' age-of-sail game apparently uses the same game engine as NA and has multicrew ships, though has a different perspective (not trying to be historically accurate). So it is possible to do mutlticrew without a completely new game, that is, if there is interest in exploring this by the community and time/resources by developers. Not saying we need this right now, but again, it sure would be nice in the future...