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  1. greybuscat

    Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    One last question. What about unredeemed redeemables on the global characters? Those will also carry over, too? As in, I will end up with 4x Aggie coupons, assuming I have used none for either character thus far? Like, the extra Yacht I understand not carrying over, but the unused forged papers, non-premium ships, etc?
  2. Politics is by far the most important skill, but AO can actually be increased a little bit more slowly. Keeping your army relatively small for the first few campaigns let's you preserve manpower and build up resources/weapons, while keeping the enemy from inflating their own army size past the minimum for each battle. You don't really need 2,500 (or even 2,000) man brigades as soon as you can get them, and throwing around massive corps tends to erase your gains from victories, even when you rotflstomp the enemy.
  3. greybuscat

    King-of-the-Hill Circles Are Dumb

    I really don't think Counter-Strike is a fair comparison to a game like Naval Action which, even in Legends, is a slower, more methodical game. Can you end a battle in, say, World of Warships within five minutes, just by capping zones? At the very least, it should take considerably longer to build up 1,000 points. And barring that, though I realize that making a "win" give a meaningful reward would actually incentivize the thing very I'm complaining about, at least that would justify victory via bombing and make the experience less absurd. It's not just that I "want to shoot," it's that not shooting and killing also means zero progression. If I'm not having fun or progressing (not just getting new ships. I also mean getting mods and leveling officers for existing ships), I'm not going to be playing very long. I don't think I am unique in this, either. And none of this would be a problem to me, at all, if we had the option for the traditional Team Deathmatch.
  4. greybuscat

    hull repair?

    This was, like, five days ago, but if you say it's a bug, I'll take your word for it. I eagerly await the patch notes that announce it has been squashed.
  5. greybuscat

    hull repair?

    I'm 99% sure I have seen a player suspiciously recover back to perfect hull strength in Legends, but wasn't sure enough of it at the time to file a report. In my experience, paranoia about cheating is more detrimental to a competitive online game's experience than actual cheating (sore losers and network issues don't mix well with rumors of cheating), but at least now I know it is a thing and will pay more attention in the future.
  6. I'm just going to say it. Circles are dumb, they allow people to troll everyone (including their own teammates) by ending the match in less than five minutes if you get the maps with only one, and to make matters worse, they offer no meaningful rewards because of how XP and silver are allocated. It just ends the match and kicks you back to the lobby, barely covering the ship's maintenance fee if you are particularly aggressive. Even when it "works as designed," endlessly circling each other to stay in the zone is not engaging gameplay, especially when 10-15% of some capture zones are shoals. It forces good players to fight like the AI, and makes new players into bad players. There's a lot of things that could be better about Legends, but this is by far the biggest flaw. When you're lucky to see 30 people in-game, and have to wait 5 minutes between matches, this can be devastating to the player's experience. It works okay when everyone is willing to avoid the zones because they understand how detrimental they are to having fun, but we shouldn't need unenforceable "house rules" to make the game playable. The shrinking circle mechanic from Sea Trials was just fine and could easily be adjusted to speed up matches, so I'm not sure why it was tossed out in favor of this nonsense. I also can't believe that no one in the first closed alpha noticed this problem. Maybe there was a better class of player or something. Off-topic but still important: Mixed battles with 6th-1st rates are a blast. Bring back "small battles" for 6th and 7th rates only, and "large battles" that are a free-for-all, and maybe add a third battle type for 5th rates and higher only. Also, why is there no dueling? 1v1 equally matched fights are also amazing. I can understand wanting to sell the arena mode as a separate game, and it's great that it gives us something to do during server downtime, but can you at least make it as good as what we had before?
  7. Thanks. I just like to be sure, especially because tons of people who don't visit the forums have been asking about this stuff in-game. It's nice to be able to provide concrete detailed answers.
  8. There are 78 people on global right now. "Half of the globe" have already given up on the game.
  9. So inane years-long arguments aside, I didn't see @admin mention marks. Are we getting cash value for those, redeemables, or should we be burning through them and going out in a blaze of fireship Wasas?
  10. greybuscat

    [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    Since this implies that you're actually looking for a solution, why not have key resource ports (or other important ports based on X or Y criteria. I'm looking for suggestions here.) be EU time locked, and allow some portion of the map to be global RvR? It's not like we have the numbers to overrun your server right now, anyway, and the few ports we do influence would be peripheral to the overall strategic situation. We struggle to even fill out our own PBs, and a lot of our "players" are alts. Even among the actives, many are pure PvPers, traders, or just harmless trolls like Lionshaft. The map is freaking huge and takes hours to sail across. We have an absurd number of nations. There is no reason why playing together has to lead to empty port battles or hurt feelings.
  11. greybuscat

    [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    That's because thinking of your demands really means "don't expect to ever play with us." It's unreasonable and obnoxious.
  12. greybuscat

    Server Merge Poll

    So where are the sane EU players at? People try to address the night flips and float ideas for compromises, and then it just comes out that EU players will supposedly quit in droves simply because they don't want to play with global players at all. That seems unreasonable and toxic.
  13. greybuscat

    Server Merge Poll

    So far, it seems like it's just you that's tired of reading the same over and over, but I'll take your word for it. I take long breaks from the forums for reasons that I'm always immediately reminded of as soon as I visit.
  14. greybuscat

    Server Merge Poll

    If the EU playerbase is unanimously against any kind of merge, and any kind of compromise, the voting in this poll will eventually reflect that, won't it? All you're doing is repeating things you've already said, while speaking for several hundred other people.
  15. greybuscat

    Server Merge Poll

    Well, unless Game-Labs wants an empty global server and no Western Hemisphere/Oceanic players, maybe your demands shouldn't be the highest priority for them.