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    Full Sails vs Battle Sails

    Actually it wasn't the muzzle flashes that generally were the big problem. The problem was that a ship at leeward would get the wads from the guns (the wad sealing the gunpowder from the projectile) flying back against their ship, and since those wads are burning it's not very fun to get them into the sails. There were crew running around to put out the wads as they landed on the deck, but at least that was quite manageable as the deck doesn't have the same propensity to catch on fire. This would be amazing indeed, especially as it also would mean a choice for stability in different winds, if we ever get that implemented in the game. In weak wind you'll need as much sail as possible to move, so it might very well be worth the loss in manpower for guns, while in stronger winds it might even be a matter of capsizing or not, not to mention the significant heeling. They definitely did as loss of standing rigging would put a significant difference in the load on the masts. However I do think that this particular feature actually would be detrimental to gameplay, as too swift loss of masts would make battles much shorter and the skill factor much lower, as just tossing ball shot at hulls would cut down masts in fairly short order, at least for line ships with their incredible number of guns.
  2. Because when you have brutally super-murdered the ship it makes sense for it to sink. The devs decided that having ships automatically striking colour while they'd still be able to keep themselves afloat would be detrimental to gameplay, and I have to say that I agree with that decision. If you want to loot ships without them sinking you need to board them, which adds a pretty neat dimension to the gameplay. If having ships realistically striking colour they'd surrender pretty fast if you manage to get a decent rake on them. It really isn't hard to loot ships since you can start to position yourself for looting by the point they've lost all their structure hit points and take in water uncontrollably.
  3. Inkompetent

    Pirate Frigate

    I suppose pirates were too poor to make their freshly tared ships pretty?
  4. Inkompetent

    Pirate frigate decoration

    No. No. Just... no. This is a game about actual age-of-sail ships and combat in the Carribean. Not some made up monstrosities from movies or cartoons.
  5. Inkompetent

    Trying a shooting system without stabilized guns

    Nor can I, really. That's exactly why I'd love to run a live server test for a few months to see how it actually plays out. It is a quite drastic change after all.
  6. To begin with I want to present the preface to this idea, and it's pretty simple, actually: Accurate gunnery at sail-plans with a lot of sail are way too accurate, and it does to a great degree defeat the purpose of at all having the "Battle" speed mode (sail-plan). My idea for how to fix this would be relatively simple to introduce, and I think it would be very interesting to try this for a few months on the live servers: Remove the "gyro-stabilization" on the follow-up shots after the first one. Currently it doesn't matter how much the ship rolls after the first shot leaves the barrel. ALL other shots will head the exact same direction. Instead guns should be affected by the roll, so that firing while rolling heavily will scatter shots all over the place. This means that firing aimed shots at the hull or other specific sections with a ship that rolls more than just a little will become pretty much impossible beyond point blank range. The result of this would be that players either need to accept that shots fly all over the place (which might not be much of an issue of you toss a crapload of iron on the enemy's masts at range), or they will need to drop to battle sails or otherwise depower and turn their sails so as to lose a lot of wind in the sails and thus acceleration and speed. The more tricky part of this implementation would be that gunners shouldn't fire exactly ALL over the place, because they wouldn't be that dumb. Instead there should be some kind of maximum vertical limit (above and below the point of aim) at which the guns fire. Consideration must however be taken for how to combine this with the "walking" fire of the front/back fire modes, because to get the maximum rate of fire (and as many shots on target as possible) it might be necessary that guns fire out of order. On the other hand this could be exactly what the "Random" fire mode will be better at, so that people will need to make a concious choice of if they want walking fire, or if they want maximum rate of fire but in no particular order. I think that this could have a very interesting effect on gameplay, and to some degree promote other attributes in ships and other modules (for example having as little deceleration as possible from water resistance could become pretty important), and it would also promote ships that sail well with "slower" sail-plans, like for example how the Essex can sail really fast at beam reach with Battle sails.
  7. Inkompetent

    How does fires and magazine hits work?

    There are no repairs that put out fires. You'll simply have to make sure that there is crew assigned to Survival, and wait till they are done putting it out.
  8. Yessss! Now I finally don't have to play ships I don't want to touch with a 100-foot pole (looking at you, Brig and Cerberus!) just to at all be able to play higher-up ships without being super-suicidal!
  9. Inkompetent

    How does fires and magazine hits work?

    Thank you for the answers! It covered most of it! Only question that remains is pretty much what a direct hits to the magazine(s) do, since the magazines ought to be possible to hit directly on ships that have a fair amount of heel. My guess is that direct hits themselves do nothing, but if they cause a fire at the magazine itself there is an instant explosion? (seen instant explosions a few times, although very, very rare)
  10. I have been trying to search the forum for information on how the fire damage mechanics work, and also how hits to the magazine(s) works. All I have been able to find is relatively old posts on fire damage, the most comprehensive one that I will quote below (and which isn't even posted on the NA forum). Of course I suspect that those mechanics have changed, and to be frank I haven't found anything decent on the mechanics for hits to the magazines. Can anyone explain the mechanics or post links to that information? Fire damage (http://forum.sealordsvf.org/index.php?/topic/6243-fire/?p=40256)
  11. Okay, that's just a sick, sick joke... So from too easy dismasting, to there not even being a point in aiming at the masts unless shooting at the tops only...
  12. Yes, because the big issues are so easily handled in just a few days. After all, being so easily fixed is why we call them "big".
  13. Not sure if a this severe change (at least it sounds very severe) is warranted, because even if masts were too easy to destroy I'm not sure if they should be much harder to destroy. Guess we'll see how it plays out. Does this mean that the ships stop faster (in shorter time)? Sounds like it to me, but want to make sure nothing has got lost in translation.
  14. Then again real captains captured maybe... 0.2-2 ships a year, while we can cap fourteen in a day, so...
  15. Inkompetent

    Demasting too easy?

    I agree with most points here. We shouldn't be able to "snipe" masts, at least not nearly as accurately as now. Downing masts should be done with broadsides. As for felling masts IRL you are right there too. Generally it was done with chain and ball shot to tear off the standing rigging so that uneven stresses on the masts snap them off. Of course some lucky shots to the mast itself could be the critical component, but seeing ships have been able to sail with really rotten masts that still remained standing it'd take one hell of a hit to crack a mast with ball. The last point I'm not entirely sure of as I'm yet not convinced that one type of system is better than the other, but they certainly affect the whole dismasting-system and require very different balancing.