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  1. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    Totally agree with this - so much so I agreed with it twice :-)
  2. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    Totally agree with this.
  3. The Victory lost!

    make it available for Combat marks rather than Victory marks? Would give those nations struggling with access to Victory Marks at least one 1st rate they could purchase.
  4. Ping rate - Southern Hemisphere

    Hi, my ping has reduced dramatically since we shifted to the new server. I use fibre at my office (central Auckland) and standard ADSL at home (rural Auckland). Ping rates were consistently around 195 at work and 210 at home with occasional lag spikes of between 400 - 4800. Yesterday and today (so far) ping is steady at around 330 with more regular lag spikes. I know that NZ internet isn't the best what with being in the middle of nowhere and all but this is making it tough to play. Is anyone else experiencing this down here or in Australia? Regardless, Merry Xmas to all and I hope you all (even the damn pirates) have a safe and enjoyable Xmas and new years. Sail safe. Zorg
  5. Naval Action Legends - Things I still think it needs

    opps - my bad. Apologies, didn't read the Category it was in, just the Post title.
  6. Naval Action Legends - Things I still think it needs

    I'd like to add Clan Warehouse activity log i.e deposits & withdrawals. This could ideally include a transaction log of income/expenditure from owned ports. Who doesn't love a good spreadsheet to analyse!
  7. What can be done to prevent this.

    I agree with this and also Christendom's comments above - especially about the tar issue. The reality is, if I lose a ship it is no issue for me to get a replacement from either my own, or my clan's resources. If I was a newbie, the loss of a ship and the grind to replace it makes the game "unfun". The protection areas around the capital/capital zones should in my opinion go back to what they were. Additionally, as someone else mentioned, a warning about entering unsafe waters would be user friendly and helpful. In the meantime - sail safe!
  8. Question about paints/suggestions READ ADMIN

    I like the idea of paints being some sort of redeemable/reward for active game play but also reasonably easily obtainable for players who aren't focused on PVP. Paints were a very nice touch. My wife was going through treatment for Breast cancer last year and loved that I had most of my ships with pink paints. In NZ, pink ribbons are a symbol for Breast Cancer society. This also helped to excuse all the time I was playing as I was "hunting for more pink paints for my ships dear" :-)
  9. Lag w porcie.

    I can't comment on your specific instance but I had a similar issue about 10 days ago - the lag caused me to inadvertently sell all my coal which was a pain. I noticed at the time that my ping was abnormally high - around 900 whereas its normally around 190-210. I rebooted my modem and did a complete system shutdown including a further reboot/update check of my computer's wireless modem ( I always connect wirelessly). There was one non critical update pending for my computer's modem (dell xps - not sure of the modem type) which may have contributed to the issue. This resolved the issue.
  10. Thank you for this - players like myself with limited time available for gaming and constantly nagged by the wife as in you are spending too much time on that silly game yada yada yada will appreciate this. Now I can focus on sailing the ships I love and not have to grind the ones that (in my opinion only - I am sure other players love them) are boring to sail.
  11. Why are the playernumbers so low?

    I normally log on around 4pm (my time) which I think is mid/late evening in the US. I play for a couple of hours at work then head home after the bulk of the traffic has died down. I was normally seeing around 100-120 players on. I have noticed since the wipe announcement that this has dropped to around 40-50. I spoke to a few of the regulars and their feedback is pretty much the same as mine - little point in doing anything much until the update comes out, then we will be back with a vengeance. Having said that, for a change I redownloaded WOT yesterday and did a few battles across a number of tiers. By the gods, after that, I remembered why NA is (in my opinion) a much more enjoyable experience. I hope the new update can rekindle the sense of wonder, joy and dread you can experience in this game. I have deleted WOT again. Really looking forward to the update.
  12. PvP Global poll... who you sailing for??

    This is the best I've got:

    oh dear - I have made the kill list :-( Good battle though - my first one with a PVP fleet v fleet that wasn't a port battle or screening.
  14. Fleet ships not leaving battle / sailing

    weird - I had the same thing happen to me last week - I just assumed I wasn't doing the fleet order correctly in the battle map.
  15. Newbie economy questions

    Hi - in relation to question 2, its 5 total. You can upgrade the production buildings which leads to an increase in storage space and production. Once your buildings have started production you can convert the materials to resources and sell in the store. This uses labour hours. I have done quite well with a farm and its generated tons of cash for me. I have also started visiting ports to see what the demand/supply is and have been trading my produced resources to them. This has been reasonably profitable but its quite time consuming. I think it woudl be more profitable if I had a bigger ship. Once you have visited a port in the map it shows what each one produces/consumes. Cheers!