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  1. TrackTerror

    Treasure Hunt/Exploration Mission

    Something like this would add more content which is needed especially for solo players. +1
  2. TrackTerror

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    Why don't you provide a link then instead of spreading your passive aggressive toxicity.
  3. TrackTerror

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    This perk is soo overpowered, there has been several suggestions to remove/change this, why it is back in the game noone knows, there are no explanation from the devs why they put it back. Probably reload noObs who complain of getting boarded when they get to close without any boarding mods. Rather then up their game by equipping their ships accordingly and train in boarding they whine how unfair boarding are, there are certainly improvements to be done to boarding but it is still part of the game (almost). I agree that there are an issue with various types of boarding mechanics exploits such as smaller ships board and a second grape, but this perk punishes everyone and are not a good solution and limits the scope and tools of the game for players to use in this sandbox. Increasing perk cost and mitigating effects of the perk has been suggested before to moderate it, not to mention removing it again. I would love to know how the devs are reasoning in regards to why it came back, maybe they can win me over, but i doubt it with it's current configuration.
  4. TrackTerror

    How to avoid cyclic player participation

    I can see what you are trying to propose but I know that for me personally the game would get to sparsely populated. So your specific suggestion would probably lead to players like me leaving, but I am not against the principle itself. Unfortunately(for you) and fortunately for me, the developers are struggling with time and resources, and I think items in the backlog like a port UI would provide more players in the long run. There are always safezones and the PVE server, not only that there are many regions around the map which is practically uninhabited, I would recommend you to move to one of those if you are looking for a retreat to fall back to which in principle have everything you ask for apart from a PVE only flag. It would be good if you could limit the size of nations to help prevent dominance boredom but that may be to drastic. I say make RVR clanbased only(EVE style), but as the mechanics are now it is impossible to limit size of nations as this would lead to more issues then it would solve. Also remember, players come and goes from game to game and even there might be triggers to why they are leaving those players are likley to leave sooner or laters anyway.
  5. TrackTerror

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    That makes it a different story.
  6. TrackTerror

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    Without knowing his intentions with the tagging this does not surmount to greifing. There are plenty scenarios where this is perfectly legal and valid tactic, I am not saying this is one but sure is not worthy of tribunal.
  7. TrackTerror

    refit bonuses

    I don't want to limit the chance to roll them to one port, I agree that would make some ports "op", My Ideal scenario would be lower chance or none in reinforcement zone, outside reinforcement equal chance for all, or with slight lean towards certain refits in certain regions, but this should not be exploitable or a bonus that would dictate where you prefer to craft ships.
  8. TrackTerror

    refit bonuses

    I have already suggested this, but I do say 10% is to much, some of them are really powerful and counts for 2 perm slots, as well as some gives stacking opportunities. I think there deffo should be a chance that they will come with crafted ships, but maybe 1-3% roll chance and make them unavailable to get rolled inside reinforcement zone to decentralize crafting and shipping.
  9. TrackTerror

    Hard Cap for upgrades

    Yes, trim bonuses count towards the cap.
  10. TrackTerror

    Hard Cap for upgrades

    what about - crew resistance - boarding bonuses
  11. serious issues with combat patrols as well, I would recommend a rollback to todays server restart
  12. Tanky non boardable ships will be the meta for this, mast upgrades not needed. Stack hp, reload , determined defender. Job done
  13. TrackTerror

    Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    - Increase Wasa BR I think it should sit closer to the Bellona then Aga. - Remove random roll/buff to ships crafted in safezones, this will encourage trading and sailing outside, yet still allow new players to level up inside. - add regional trims to random bonuses of ships crafted at a very rare level 1% or so.
  14. TrackTerror

    1 Pood chariot master race

    Aga is pretty op with 2 decks of pood. Enjoy it before nerfbat arrives.