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  1. general statistics

    There is a risk of making such information available it will only increase the imbalance, I am not saying it definitely will but it could. Also there is no way to remove the data once players got used to it so it has to be carefully considered before implemented.
  2. Themepark CabalalalalaLand

    BAH, Comon Knobby I was saving windowlicker for later but you beat me to it.
  3. Themepark CabalalalalaLand

    To cheer this thread up I will have another line, another spliff and a post a tune to all genocidal apologists. Quick remainder that you are in cabalallalalalalalalaland, don't forget.
  4. Lower caliber guns have higher dps. Assuming you penetrate and can shoot constantly. This is where I believe the algorithm gone wrong.
  5. How do repairs work duration v amount

    your base rate is dependent on your hitpoints. 2 different ships with same hitpoints will require same amount of repps. With 5% repp buff you should be using 5% more repps then unmodified, but please try you made me unsure, and let us know, If this is rounded up or down I don't know. So test using a ship where 1 rep is equals or more then your bonus. (5% bonus rep on a ship that requires 20 repps for a normal cycle would then require 21) Also try with a ship where 1 rep is more rounded such as a 5% on a 15 rep ship.(which is less then 1 rep) and see if the former adds a rep but the latter doesn't. Also try to figure out if the using whole INT's or floats/double values, this got quite interesting now.
  6. How do repairs work duration v amount

    Yes, amount of repairs you use is dependent of amount of hitpoints repaired.
  7. How do repairs work duration v amount

    No, repair amount stays the same, you only repair quicker with more crew on repair. In a matter of fact more crew in certain circumstances will give you less actual amount if you during repairing hits 100%, that's why if you are fleeing and taking rigging shots, you want as little crew as possible on repair if you keep hitting 100%, as the rep will still tick but no actual hit points are added.
  8. New "Special" Trims

    Has anyone managed to craft any ship with the "location named" bonuses yet, or have they only been spotted on AI ships?
  9. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    Good move Sweden will become weaker and less powerful with the new kids, I have been waiting for Swedish nerf and here it is.
  10. I think the buff is to big, also if you compare the rigs (Spanish/pirate)to the module slots such as treatise on square sails, as they pretty much are 5-10x as powerful I think that a lot of people will be struggling to use the knowledge skills when one know the rigs are so much more powerful. I think reduce the bonus on the rigs and increase on the knowledge skills so stacking is still a option. However I am enjoying the elite Spanish on my Aga Very much indeed, but yeah maybe a bit on the strong side.
  11. Themepark CabalalalalaLand

    Everyone is getting a ride for the aftershow. Courtesy of CABAL
  12. Themepark CabalalalalaLand

    Cabalalaland This is a response to the declaration of war from the Dutch and french nation that left us with an empty promise of content. Due to the repeated encouragement from the US based players in the Dutch nation that have complained over the lack of RVR content, Cabal is now offering them content in their own timezone, dispelling any ambiguity that timers affect RVR in a negative way. This will be a alcohol and drugfuelled day and nightfrenzy stretching from french territories around Trinidad to Dutch La Orchilla, there are no clear strategic goal and anything at anytime will be targets of opportunity. We will listen to 90's Techno and KPop throughout, so expect a lot of good music posted in this thread. The region has not seen much content since the big wipe and currently aching for some action, new waterways to sail , new friends and enemies, it will all be there. However CABAL does not have the financial means to occupy the whole region and therefore kindly asks all nations to 0 port us in the region, when this is done(or when we run out of meth) the campaign will end. The french (without capital F) will be forced to partake partly due to the holdings they already have and partly because of the alliance crafted with skillfull Dutch diplomats. YES you get to shoot real french players. The Brits and Spanish have already set up shop in the vicinity and will join in on the fun, this has been promised, Swedes are there, Dutch, and Obviously Danes with their campaign NightTerror also dispelling the timers whine. What we need to make the themepark fully flourish is the arrival of the remaining nations, Russians , Prussians , Polish, US. Forget any previous grudges between nations and lets just kill each other in Cabalaland, left right and center, in an orgy of music, drugs and gore. Together we can make this happen. I am also stepping aside from formally leading the CABAL clan to a wholly administrative role. Leaving the daily running to the young guns in the clan in their mid 40's who can cope with the tempo of this game. TT
  13. I think adding control perk was a good idea to the ships mentioned, however it still wont be easy without the bow chasers, and some of the ships such as the Essex needs more love imo.
  14. I think it would be great if the minimum players required to start a fleet practice would be scrapped, this would enable more players to use this feature and also facilitate for small arranged groups to fight each other. Example: In my clan decided to have a go at each other in fleet practice, but due to the fact that there was a minimum requirement of players this feature was not available/usable.
  15. Spanish clans message to WO & BLANC clans

    Threat of content in a sandbox. All nations are hostile to all other nations with the exception of those clans that declare themself allies to each other. These are the mechanics. However from a rolplaying perspective you can claim anything, and the drama certainly makes a good read.