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    Rigging type benefits

    That´s not true for the first french naval luggers, those were direct copies of british vessels (though later versions were slightly larger). A barque longue usually had two masts, just like the early corvettes. La Belle may have been given a mizzen mast just for La Salle´s expedition (and was subsequently classed as a fluyt, IIRC). Barque longue and corvette from Du Pas' book:
  2. Malachi

    Make Hachiroku Moderator

  3. Malachi

    Pirate Party Tonight

    And if real...a german would have been running the show
  4. Malachi

    What music while playing Naval Action

    Yikes. RatM is strong meta. I´ll summon M&M (just one of them wouldn´t be enough)
  5. Malachi

    What music while playing Naval Action

    Not bad, springby, not bad. Have a bit of Clutch in return
  6. This is getting better and better...I'm pretty sure the people at Trump University were very proud of you, getting a master and all that
  7. This response gave me a good laugh, thanks for that First time I've been called a brit fanboy, too. Feels dirrrrrty ^^
  8. Well, @NorthernWolves tracked down a log entry of Connie with 15 knots (in the Med in the late 1820s, IIRC). Might be worth it to track down the armament and rig changes she had back then to qualify that somewhat. Rig materials and techniques evolved over time, so higher speeds were possible, even for 'older' vessels. For comparison, british 32-pounder frigates of the time made 16 to 17 knots.
  9. Malachi

    Suggestion: Gender equality in Naval Action

    Oh, Hethwill the Outdated, Lloyds would like to have a word with you: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2002/04/08/pronoun-overboard
  10. Ok, let´s break this down. First you wrote: Then this: So, the RN razeé´d three 74s in 1813. They simply revived the concept of cutting down unsatisfactory/worn-out ships of the line, just like they had done in the decades before. E.g. Anson, Indy, Magnanime, all cut down in the mid-1790s. Just with 74s instead of 64s this time, simply because the RN had an ample, uncommissioned supply of this type of ship. And they build four frigates to the 'old' design of the Endymion and two slightly larger 24-pounder frigates, all of them of fir. But they also happily continued to order dozens of 18-pounder Lively-, Leda- and other class vessels. Not quite the 'completely re envisioning' and 'change of building doctrine' you wrote about, n'est-ce pas? Just had a look, highest quoted speed in the book for the Connie is 12.5 knots. Well, while I don´t know which 'alternative' data you were looking at, my suggestions is to get some books which weren´t written with a stars-and-stripes bias cranked to 11. Took note, smiled and carried on. Edit: Wait a sec...you´re the same guy who produced pearls of wisdom like these: Oh my.
  11. None of the nonsense you posted is in that book IIRC, read it a while ago. And I think I'd remember something as stupid as 'creating the razée' as response to the American 44s.
  12. Bullshit post of the month. Quite the feat, given the competition. Congratulations, Sir.
  13. Malachi

    Wonderful ship maker

    To be fair to the artist who made the Surprise, he certainly had different tris count limits three or four years ago. Makes a huge difference in visual quality.
  14. Malachi

    Reuse the old Connie model USS Chesapeake.

    'Flatten' her transom and and make her fir/fir only IIRC, she was part of the Cygnus-class, the only main difference from the Ledas was the type of wood used.
  15. Malachi

    Wonderful ship maker

    Pffftt...ships of the line...there are four in the pipeline for the rvr players. We also need some of these little cuties:
  16. Malachi

    Wonderful ship maker

    Wonderful model with amazing details! A job very well done. (those see-through quarter-gallery windows, tho)
  17. Malachi

    Your preferred poisons!

  18. Malachi

    What music while playing Naval Action

  19. And do you think they did a good job? Just asking.
  20. This is the painting I mentioned above, there´s another one by Corné showing the battle between C and Guerrière IIRC
  21. The closest you´ll get to her War of 1812 appearance is the model gifted to Isaac Hull by Connie´s crew and the Corné painting, commissioned by Isaac Hull. Can post links atm, but hopefully someone other can
  22. He, the threedecks entry on the Diana lists her as ship of the line, that might explain why the carros ended up on a gun deck. https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=2788 The entry for her sister ship Mahonesa is correct, though: https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=11091
  23. Malachi

    What are your favorite myths?