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  1. Questions for the Historians

    The other way round: Most SoLs could store up to 8 - 9 months provisions if needed. Only large frigates like La Forte or Connie could take equal amounts for their crew (and some smaller British ones :p)
  2. New hardcore nation - Barbary Pirates

  3. Questions for the Historians

    'Cover' the seas? Only the british RN really did that. And reasons for smaller ships were pretty simple: Cost efficiency and lack of trained sailors.
  4. Frigates carried 32s, just not quite in the NA time frame (I think the first was launched in 1824). @Rade she wouldn't have been able to carry 24 longs, 7' 12-pounder max as I said in one of my posts above.
  5. Neues Paint ingame entdeckt!

    Is das nicht der uralt-skin der cherubim (noch bevor die cherubim gehei├čen hat)?
  6. Limit Poods to Russian Ships

    Looks like a Turner painting. Style points +10
  7. Limit Poods to Russian Ships

    100 % sure. That's the replica of the Shtandart, built at the beginning of the 18th century.
  8. Limit Poods to Russian Ships

    I think that's the fault of the kit plan, for whatever reasons it had the upper gun deck and weather deck lowered by one or two feet compared to Chapman's design. The beakhead bulkhead is also much more pronounced than on the original.
  9. Limit Poods to Russian Ships

    Yup. But the kit plan looks a bit different, more British I think it was called Diana or something. Edit: https://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=333&t=41265 that's the original model
  10. Limit Poods to Russian Ships

    The model was initially based on a pseudo-british kit plan (which for whatever reason was based on plate xxxiii from Chapman's ANM). The russification happened later. Google frigate Aurore sketchup and you should find the original model.
  11. Limit Poods to Russian Ships

    Cherubim is a lot of things, but it's not russian. A modified version of a design by af Chapman, so basically swedish.
  12. Constitution buff proposal

    Hm...they were pretty short, 157' on the gundeck when measured according the british method IIRC. For comparison, thats a bit larger than french 18-pounder frigate like La Revolutionnaire.
  13. Didn't Tordenskjold rage-board a SoL with a frigate during the Great Northern War? Could have happened in an harbour, though, it's been a while since I read the story.
  14. By the way, Shannon was a 'fir' ship, Chesapeake LO.
  15. Would love that... #NavalArmAction