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  1. Capt. Rice

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    pretty neat so far.
  2. Capt. Rice

    Rookie ship Good and Bad?

    oh ok lol
  3. Capt. Rice

    Rookie ship Good and Bad?

    FDP ? Long cannon will take some time to get. and thanks for the info btw
  4. Capt. Rice

    Rookie ship Good and Bad?

    ill have to try this but the ai acts stupid where they all stick together
  5. Capt. Rice

    Rookie ship Good and Bad?

    im am doing combat missions. there are now 3 ship popping up in just Premierløjtnant combat mission. they are rookie brigs but still too many for me.
  6. Capt. Rice

    Rookie ship Good and Bad?

    no its my snow vs 3 rookie npc brig now, its hard to deal with them when i want to finish a mission but cant because im out gunned
  7. Capt. Rice

    Rookie ship Good and Bad?

    So recently i got back in the game after a long long break. Started back up in a pve just to get my sea legs. Started doing some Premierløjtnant mission before today update i was doing fine. Got my self a snow because what the hell. i could easily finish them. But now with these new rookie ships i keep getting 3 v 1 which is nice and all but i keep getting my butt kicked. Yes they are nice because they weak but i cant handle them all. I lost a good snow. Any tips on fighting 3 v 1?
  8. Capt. Rice

    [PvP Global] Political Situation and Port Battles

    good old pvp2 still going at it huh....just got back after a year break any decent clan still out there?
  9. Capt. Rice


    Oh man i remember this clan its been while.
  10. Man its good to see an old clan up and kicking.....
  11. thats a bummer.. has the game gotten any better with the new stuff they added?
  12. Capt. Rice

    Port Battles at 3 AM CEST

    They are still having this problem....wow
  13. been awhile but how are things these day....
  14. Wow been awhile but seem like the same old community.
  15. Capt. Rice

    Battlefield fans

    looks great gives me the Vietnam feel...good old days.....