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  1. Are you sure? Requin still sits at 8.33kn @180° but should be slower.
  2. No Sir, my ranting is 75% about Requins imbalance in shallow PBs.
  3. A good BR rebalance would solve a great portion of the RvR problem. That goes for a lot of shallow ships actually (Herc is too low still too imo).
  4. Requin - 80BR Snow, Niagara, Mercury, RSH - 80BR Cerberus - 140BR Endy - 235BR Indef - 250BR
  5. Agreed, even though Id leave traders out. The difference i see is that they dont have the power to sink larger rates. A Privateer can probably sink a 6th Rate if its very (like, VERY) good. Requin is the only ship being able to do that in its class - and her prey goes way beyond light frigates. EDIT: Actually, i looked it up; according to royal speed trials society Requin beats them all on speed except the Lynx on 30°. EDIT2: Data is from pre-hotfix. Requin is probably a bit slower downwind.
  6. I can agree with that I usually stay calm in conversations but its my honest opinion that you as developers have introduced these vessels very poorly. Too fast, not enough testing, large parts of the community get the feel of a "money grab" (im not saying its true but you see the overall heat this has caused). What does that mean? No ship can match it? Does it mean it is absolutely unbeatable? Of course not, the worst player in the game will still be a bad player. P2W refers to a ship which has a natural advantage versus all other ships. If two captains with almost same skill, one with Requin and one with RSH/Mercury/Niagara, same woods, same upgrades, duel each other 100 times - the winning results will be nowhere close to 50-50. Then you say, there is ships that can beat the Requin! But i say no, they cant, it will always be a draw because the requin sails away. Further, a larger ship has more BR. E.g. an Endy has 235BR, so a fair fight (BR wise) would be 1 Endy vs 3 Requin. Who has the better chances in that fight?
  7. As i said, the pure statistics of Requin are numerical numbers which are not open to debate. Its clearly visible to everyone that Requin in superior in these numbers and this has nothing to do with opinions. As of that, you stating that the Requin is balanced is like telling Newton that gravity is just his "opinion".
  8. Excuse me, this is total bullshit. It has to be said. Le Requin is the best 6th Rate ship, thats not a matter of opinion but its ingame stats. Lets go through it again: All ships need to be modded, whats the point? It does not relate to a ships strength if it comes with mods or not. Even better, Pirate Rig Refits are totally broken here as Requin is the ONLY ship which only benefits from this mod, effectively giving it a 30% (!!!) speed bonus. All other alternatives give 3% at max, making this upgrade 10x more effective. Can you list other examples of obtaining them? Notes have a VERY small drop chance and are just there so you can say "they are obtainable". How many days do you have to farm epic events to get a Requin? This point is invalid in the shallow area. Only ship which is stronger is the Hercules, which is an imported ship aswell. Last time i checked, lineships could not enter shallow PBs, did anything change there? There is no 80BR alternative which stands a chance vs the Requin. Requin has about same HP, thickness, mast values as all others but beats them in broadsight weight, crew, speed, bowsprit advantage and an insane boarding advantage. Seriously, i cant stand one more post of you defending the Requin or Hercules not to be p2w in their current form. This comes from a long term fan who has always supported you also among the players i play with. I have no problem if you make mistakes during development, but acting like the introduction of these vessels went totally fine feels like being slapped in the face. I hope this post gives you another insight. Havelock
  9. You... want to... buff... the Requin...?
  10. Havelock

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    @admin Hachi aint the only one being very sceptical about the DLC ships, especially the Le Requin. We currently see that it is the best ship in shallow PBs, making non-DLC ships pointless. Even after the 6th rate rebalance, it still offers same thickness, HP and mast values than the others but still outclasses them all in dmg/broadside, dps, crew, speed and has the bowsprit advantage. Even in deep water PBs, we see about 2-4 Le Requins per side in almost every battle. They are not counterable with any other 80BR ship, and sending 5th rates to them is pointless as you need to invest way more BR and cant even sink it (theres even the risk of getting totally owned). Furthermore, its being used as a troll ship via endless tagging, theres absolutely no risk involved in sailing it, groups of Le Requin buyers can roam any capital waters unpunished. While of course Early Access means a game can change, ill just ask you... are you happy with the current state of the Le Requin?
  11. Havelock

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Personally id ban all 6th rates from deep water PBs. Before Requins we had Princes doing the same job. And before that, when 80BR ships werent allowed, we could have 5th, 4th and 3rd rates fighting over circles which was way more interesting imo. EDIT: Mortar Brig has a special status of course...
  12. Havelock

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Ive stated before i multiflip ships not ports.
  13. Havelock

    Caribbean Invasion News

    They might be done with Sweden, but maybe Sweden aint done with them
  14. Havelock

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    They multiflip our ports, so we multiflip their ships! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  15. Inaktive Clans werden standardmäßig entfernt, um den TS übersichtlich zu halten. Ich hoffe dies ist nachvollziehbar. Melde dich bei Gelegenheit, damit eure Channel wiederhergestellt werden können. LG Havelock