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  1. They are unavoidable to some extinct. At some point, this new player with great visions of your nation is gonna show up. And because the established clans havent achieved world dominance yet, its clear that he needs to do the exact opposite what has been done so far. Of course that involves luring new players on his side, work against "the elite", ruining your collaboration with other nations and doing everything to be the new leader of your nation and finally make it great again. And when the first player begins to question as if that guy might be right in some points, the snowball sets in. These people dont realize how theyre hurting their community and weaken their own nation. And you cant do much to prevent this. Only if said player leaves the stage early enough, all problems he arised will suddenly vanish somehow. As if they never existed.
  2. 1) Be on the same TS. Reaction times go down 10 times. 2) Let good spreadsheets do most of the work. 3) Realize that fun is better than rivalry, and youre playing this game for a good time. (Probably the hardest one, since you have to truly accept this out of your heart) 4) Learn from mistakes... sounds trivial but so many players and nations do the same stupid shit over and over (this is regarding personal stuff as well as tactics) 5) Help newbies. Invite them to your community without forcing them into a clan (see 1). I try to ask in nation chat for new players every day i log in. 6) See clans as sub-groups of your nation, not your nation as a coalition of clans. As you see, community plays a great role imo. When you have a running system itll work by itself.
  3. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    To have 1,5x BR you have to sink at least 170 BR (500/330 = 1,51x BR). So you can get a win by sinking an enemy Cherubim and then sailing off. Imo a team or Cherubim captain that plays bad enough to get singled out and sunk and then lets the other team get away deserves to lose. The "running" team then proved superior tactics (focusing small ships out aint as easy when the fat ship does its job in protecting, tanking, and damage trading). Leaving the playstyle open allows for more diversity in ship choice and setup.
  4. This is a really old and known bug that shouldve been fixed long ago. Its especially annoying as Marines are designed to help in boarding but disencourage you to switch ships.
  5. Thickness Upgrades

    Bringing up an older suggestion of mine here (going slightly offtopic): Sail percentage could simulate rigging HP, also taking down sails (using battlesails) could reduce the stress from masts. If we start with a high mast thickness for the lower section (lets say 200cm) masts will be invulnerably at the start (100cm at top masts). Thickness gradually lowers with sail damage, you would have to chain first (150cm at 75% and so on). Masts break at certain stress, while you can reduce sails to lower stress. There needs to be a visual or auditive feedback. The aim of this system would be to make damage to masts more reliable, and add the ability for countermeasures to losing a mast (while at the moment there is none). Back to topic: Thickness upgrades have a great impact on combat efficiency and at the moment, have no drawback whatsoever. Suggestion: More thickness also makes repairing damage harder (see it from a mechanics point of view :P). Give Cartagena Refit -5% repair and Navy Hull Refit -3% repair. @ those blaming swedes for being bad losers: I think we had a really good battle at Cap Francais. This is not National News but Combat Mechanics Discussion, so you can join the discussion from your point of view or stay out with the bullshit. My analysis: Only 1 out of 12 1st Rates sank, while 19 out of the other 35 ships sank. All our 1st captains (including me) were reporting that your L'Oceans were nearly invincible, and even tho we prefer a slightly lighter build, ive seen full broadsides of L'Oceans and Bucentaures bounce from my ship at 100m while angled 30° (only with Cartagena). Imo 1st Rates should rule the fight by fielding devastating broadsides, not by being supertanks. To make battles decisive, ships need to sink in a reasonable timeframe, which is only achievable by more damage being done.
  6. Thickness Upgrades

    More realistic penetration values would result in more decisive battles, but i see your problem with masts. Im definetely not an expert, but wasnt the main reason for masts to fall not them being cut off completely? More like, they got damaged, rigging got damaged, mast couldnt handle the stress and broke.
  7. [PVP EU] battle results

    Great battle at Cap Francais! Both sides played well but did mistakes too, i think skill was pretty even in the end. Until next time o7
  8. Ramming bug I never saw before

    Weird bug. Also notice how at 22:30 to 22:50 the speed rapidly changes as if youre pushing someone, as if he was still connected to a ship.
  9. Only if you adjust BR ratings. Right now a few ships have by far the best HP and broadside weight to BR ratio. Maybe the community made BR list for the tournament would be a good start:
  10. Unexpected but promising! Please keep it like this for the future, just dont post ETAs and nobody will complain Only thing i dislike is moving to 15.5kn. I have the feeling that this change is based on the vocal minority that only sails in Fir/Fir ganking ships. Reducing the amount of speed mods is the better solution imo as it makes speedy ships more viable again without increasing the grind for expensive speed modules. PS: What to do with all those obsolete lineships now? #firstworldproblems
  11. Naval Action is now -60% OFF! Grab your cheap copy!

    Instead of spreading negativity in the forums... lets try to help all those newbies out! Give them some headstart money or ships, do a mission with them and explain some basic tactics as to which loadout to use and how to angle your ship. This community has more to offer than a vocal toxic minority!
  12. [PVP EU] battle results

    Could a moderator move all this nonsense here or delete these posts? This topic is about PVP EU battle results. Thank you.
  13. Tournament - Limited Repairs?

    No. Managing repairs contributes to the skill ceiling and has impact on module choice. Taking them away would remove one of the core mechanics of NA. We should better discuss about what happens on a draw? If kills are equal, higher BR kills should count as win. If no kills at all or same BR sunk... uhm... maybe a second no-repair battle where only the surviving ships fight? EDIT: Additionaly, i think a tournament should represent how the best players handle the current battle mechanics. If you limit repairs, youre altering the way battles are actually fought in NA, where every player decides on how many repairs to take himself.
  14. Will there be any limitation regarding upgrades? Imo some too expensive or too hard to get mods should be banned, in the end even a team of poor players should have the same winning chances as teams with high economical backing. For me that would mean no: - Cartagena - Elite perm mods (everything that needs a skillbook to build) - Elite regular mods (everything that needs to be crafted from multiple skillbooks) Maybe Bovenwinds or Bridgetown? Not sure.
  15. Voted YES and NO. Yes because i think diversity will improve the longevity of NA. NO because i think a button to change BR is not a smart system, especially if it costs money (moneysinks in RvR have proven to be hidden PvE content in the past). Also i think the Devs should introduce more variable systems instead of fixed mechanics. I'd rather see a "breathing" BR system which is not tied to actual values. In the original thread i saw an basic idea i liked: Making BR dependant on the revenue of that port. Eg (just playing with numbers here) BR rating of the port is BR = (revenue of the last 7 days)/500 for regional capitals, 50% of that for deep water, 10% of that for shallow water. That would be a way to ensure that a fleet never has the same composition. With these numbers, we reach the maximum (25 1st Rates, Wasas or Mercury/HRattles) at 6-8kk revenue/week. Right now, only Cartagena reaches that cap. Only problem i see when (hopefully) on release many players join the game again and too many ports reach high revenues. This could be adjusted by not using the absolute revenue but the relative revenue to the server and adjust the formula like that (asuming that maximum is reached at 5% of server revenue): BR = (port revenue/server revenue)*300 000 (and then multiply with 100%, 50% or 10% for PB type).