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  1. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    Nice artwork! I once owned a cannonforge, but then i found out forging papers was more lucrative! - Samuel Higgs, master forger
  2. Mast Thickness/HP Comparison Sheet

    @TommyShelby Yes it does thank you very much! Sadly the documentation about changes is very bad when you have to rely on random global chats with the devs *rolls eyes at @admin* 16% is really a strange value, who ever thougt this was a good idea lol PS: While browsing the gamefiles we found out today the Open World has an structure HP of 3 000. Please take care when shooting the water thx.
  3. Mast Thickness/HP Comparison Sheet

    @TommyShelby Hi Tommy, from what i read on your sheet, mid section has 75% mast thickness and 50% mast HP, while top section has 50% mast thickness and 25% mast HP. What is the source of these values? I cant find them in the API but im not an expert either.
  4. Fleet commander gameplay

    Damn, such an old thread... i forgot about this! I dont think this will ever make it into the game though =(
  5. Just thougt of something: Sailing profile of the Santa Cecilia is utter trash. I guess you didnt pay much attention to it in the recent patches. I understand if you dont want her to be overpowered since shes so exclusive, but she should have a nice twist to make her desirable.
  6. Windchange in PBs is still too much. A 90° rotation always leads to one of the following: 1) Two fleets are approaching at beam reach. Since we have a 5 minute join timer, the first windturn will occur after 10 minutes of sailing. At this point theres a 50/50 chance for either of the attacker or the defender getting full wind control => totally RNG based mechanic, if you have the wind into your face as attcker you might aswell leave here since the defender probably captures all 3 circles 2) The attcker starts with full wind advantage. He will approach the first circle fast, the defender will send one ship downwind to capture 2 circles. Before the fleets clash though, the first wind change will occur. Now theres a 100% chance for the attacker to lose its advantage and initiate the fight at beam reach. => basically no RNG here, but the wind change takes the initiative from the attacker by default To make windchanges less decisive for fleet engagements it needs to be less drastic and more predictable. I suggest to 1) slow it down to 45° every 10 minutes instead of 90° every 15 minutes. You can not lose the wind advantage then if you fought for it. 2) add an indicator where the wind will change next time (i think experienced sailors had a good feeling about wind changes back then, right?). This involves further planning and takes RNG wind advantage gifts out of the game.
  7. Masts made of glass?

    Can you elaborate: 1) Afaik we have a general 25% buff cap. Since theres upgrades like Reinforced stern though i guess this cap is not existant for all parameters. So, can i actually buff mast thickness or HP above 25%? 2) How did they counter demasting back then? I guess lowering sails, right? Masts in game dont care if youre on 100% or 0% and will just fall if enough damage has been dealt. Can we expect a better use for battle sails in the future? Like, taking 60% less damage to masts when youre on 40% sails? 3) How is your position on demasting overall? If you watched recent battles, its very obvious that almost all battles start with demasting these days. French Rig is a must have upgrade in competitive PvP, with the Elite version being even more desirable.
  8. Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    1kk for sinking @sveno while he is in a Wappen.
  9. Thickness

    If they changed Cartagena to giving a 0.07 repair malus and Navy Hull refit to give a 0.05 malus it would balance these mods. Logically, the thicker your hull is the harder it is to repair it.
  10. Russian aggressive expension too high

    I want to thank Russia for waking up the swedish lion, i think everyone enjoyed his small 8-week-nap and is now keen on coming back to NA! Rare footage of @sveno waking up: Please be careful, were still tipsy and slowly remembering how defensive Port Battles work.
  11. Fix hostilitymissions

    1. AFAIK regional capitals are 1st rate missions, all other deep water ports 4th rate. BR is not taken into consideration atm. It would make sense for a 2400 BR port to have 2400 BR missions maybe? Regional capitals have no purpose anymore, they either need to be removed or have a unique mechanic (eg doubling all conquest points of your nation in that area). 2. Agreed. Basically a bug/unintended feature caused by mixing pve and pvp elements. 3. Depends on the situation. If its 25 players vs 15 players + 10 bots, RIP defenders. If its 10 players vs 10 players + 10 bots, RIP attackers. Another design problem caused by mixing pve and pvp. Hethwill raises a good point here, im not sure if the overall instance max is 50 or the ships per side max is 25. But i think we had that problem before in PBs and since then its 25 for both sides. It would make sense to deduct AI from the overall max (so 50 overall - 10 AI = 40 leftover slots) and then split the remaining slots between the sides (40 slots/2 = 20 players per side).
  12. Russian aggressive expension too high

    Rediii is just the only one getting triggered easy. (still love you bro <3)
  13. Join Sweden for free Pretzels!

    I also like "Carebears unite, join Sweden!" and "I wished there was less content so i joined Sweden". Cant wait to fight you at Gustavia @Hethwill
  14. Mast hp

    Oh wait i thougt base was 20%, because THEN i get back 50% (and i think that can absolutely save me, since i also restore 20% more hull with those perks and mods).