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  1. Warp solves endless tagging, which is good. But at the same time, it makes protecting your waters impossible. I say, set battle join timers back to 5 (maybe even 10 imho) minutes and keep the warp. This way, you dont have to fear endless retagging after the fight but will still have to keep away alone from heavily populated areas. Going for a raid to an enemy capital SHOULD require a larger fleet. I agree tho that missions in view distance of the capital give too much safety. Im not a big fan of missions anyways...
  2. Ships Turning rate max limit

    Its a shame we dont have an overview for hardcaps. Id also like to know mast HP, crew resistance, rudder halfturn time and all those things. Would make modding my ship more interesting!
  3. why bringing ship capture back?

    Currently, every change that promotes PvP and reduces loss is a good direction imho.
  4. Service Historique de la Marine 4 boarding only?

    I would guess that crew resistance has a cap too? Probably at 20%?
  5. Duel and Clan Tournaments

    Oak/Oak Cerberus with Mediums costs 60k and 1200LHs to make. A cheap way for duels. Same build for the Frigate costs 75k and 1800LH, still managable. Trinc costs 130k and 2500LHs, thats quite much already. Connies and Endys are too expensive cuz of the marks imo.
  6. [8] Survival cool down time Question

    There should be no water inflow at this point... this looks rather fishy (literally), id claim it a bug. 47 Crew sounds like you have an underwater leak that isnt showing and not being repaired.
  7. Hey Anolytic. Both me and rediii are not diplomats and prefer open talk. When I said those things, i meant them like this. I think your interpretation is not on point (which happens, English is a language barrier). So what we wanted to say: "We dont want to trade Victory Marks." Not more, not less. Its also my personal opinion that trading marks every round (between the two nations most succesful in RvR atm) is not a good solution. "We aim for the first map win." Thats what we will do, we worked hard for it. A shallow port win is not worth less than a Lineship win just because the ships are smaller. Were proud (maybe too proud? We will see :D) of what we achieved with Sweden after wipe. Im 100% against winning the second round too and hope other council members see it the same. I think your third sentence is already influenced by your interpretation. The actual meaning was "Youre free to try to go for the mapwin. Theres enough ports owned by nations who have more than they need or deserve. We will not attack danish ports for the mapwin. You have to decide yourself." "War between Sweden and Denmark is inevitable." It is. But not because we feel strong and dislike you or smth, but because us two are the most succesful nations atm. Not fighting each other would hurt other nations (see previous statement). We both know that the starting positions of such a war could be devastating. How can we prevent it from getting dirty? Lets work something out and go for fun fights! And let this time be a chance for small nations to recover while were learning from each others battle tactics =) Cheers, Havelock
  8. Too much forum PvP, not enough NA PvP. Blah blah Swedes took a port from a weak nation (that still owns the whole Gulf and is on top of leaderboards but okay), Danes backstabbed/blackmailed/*insert your favourite NN buzzword here* us... who cares! Youre all taking it too personal! Btw, could you place an add in your next newspaper issue? I see the salt market growing...
  9. No, the trader will leave and after 15 mins the instance closes. I dont want to waste someones times keeping a trader tagged.
  10. One thing i know for sure, its not the Spaniards who deserve the mapwin at its current state. May the race begin!
  11. Looks extremely promising. Just a bit sad i dont see anything about duel rooms or shipknowledge grind.
  12. Add back the duel room for education purposes. Drastically increase PvP rewards / decrease PvE rewards. Relieve us of the current ship knowledge PvE grind. Proposal: Bring back the old honour kill system. A kill 75% of your BR or higher grants a honour kill. First 2 slots all kills count, next 2 slots only PvP, last slot only conquest. Steps could be 5/10/15/20/25 (big ships will naturally level slower as you use them less). Increase the availability of ressources needed for upgrades. Currently perm mods are worth more than ships again, which is against your desired design goal.
  13. Duels

    Fully agreed! Already brought this topic up here:
  14. I only see 2 ways of reducing the speed meta to a minimum: 1) Remove all speed mods. If a ship is naturally fast, nice. As long as other stats are bad its balanced. 2) Reduce the hardcap to 14kn or even 13kn. Naturally fast ships will have more slots to personalize, slow ships need more upgrades. "Hunting the 15" is a stupid modding minigame atm.
  15. Their reason to remove duel, small and large battles was to bring more players into OW. While i can understand that argument for small and large battles, i can not see how a duelroom without rewards would hurt OW gameplay. If they had just kept it and removed the need to have same BR my instructor needs were satisfied! Im okay with not having a tutorial aswell, but then again give us players the tools to teach newbies in a risk free environment.