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    Testbed - Teleport fees

    What really bugs me... how much dobloons can we ecpect as PvP rewards? I tried one PvP duel and killed a Hercules for 10 dubloons, that seems really low (but i guess thats just the old PvP mark reward). Why are we talking about prices here when rewards are not final? Also, since @admin keeps bringing up crew cost: The reason nobody cares about that is the low cost. When you sink, crew cost is like 5% of the overall value lost, with most value being the ship. Money is devalued and thus crew costs are a fake feature imo (it has absolutely no impact except on your first 10 hours of gameplay). I thougt originally it was meant as an incentive to surrender more often to keep the crew, in that case a maximum crew pool and crew regeneration wouldve been better (something like 2400 at max rank with 100 crew/hour regen).
  3. Havelock

    Griefing by Wolf74

    1. Of course we shoot, when you are sitting in control range... 2. Because wasting someones time is not very gentle. 3. 6 hits would demast you. And then? Even at 50% youd be faster, having a rep every 12 mins... If it would be so easy, we wouldve done it. 4. I dont see a difference between griefing one ship or ten ships. (also i didnt even accuse you of blocking the full fleet if you read carefully) 5. You not initiating a battle after 30mins is proof enough of you... not initiating a battle i guess? 6. Thanks, thats basically the confession you just held us in battle. Your intent could have influence on penalty, but a crime stays a crime (if devs convict you of that of course). 7. I think there is more video material if devs wish. This section is just an example. 8. Another ship you tagged was not able to leave, should be the close left one. 9. See 4 and 6. Doesnt matter if griefing for 20 minutes or 2 hours. Crime stays crime. I think nobody asked you to keep tagging so someone could repair. PS: "Only noob do that". Nobody is calling you a noob here. He is just implying that your behaviour is typical for noobs. Also getting called "noob" can barely be considered "menace" and is a widely used term for inexperienced or low skilled players. PS2: True, you should have rightclick reported that. I dont see tho how this lightens up your case, as i am the one reporting you. EDIT: He didnt even type that lol. TS is not part of the game and there we can say what we want.
  4. Havelock

    Griefing by Wolf74

    Could a moderator remove all these posts as they do not provide further evidence nor are part of accused parties? Thanks. @Hethwill the Harmless Also might i add, im enough of an able player to know when i can sink an enemy and when not.
  5. Hi there! Last Sunday evening a medium sized swedish fleet went to Bridgetown. After one of the various Hostility Missions, one of the small french ships, sailed by Wolf74, kept tagging or "Control"ing at least one ship at a time without any intent to fight. This went on for about 20-30 minutes. Screenshots and video: @ furious french captains: Keep in mind only the accusing and accused parties are allowed to comment on Tribunal cases if they want to yield additional proof.
  6. Havelock


    Missions seem to be working well. What i dont understand: Whats the difference between Hunt and S&D? They share the same description. I did a Hunt mission and sank 9x 6th rate, is S&D PvP only? Another thing: When opening chests, could we have a popup with its containments? I already have multiple things in warehouse and wasnt sure what was actually in it.
  7. I support this 100%! Only the basic cost of the ship and cannons (they can be quite expensive for new players!) should be paid out, no mods or reps though. High value ships and mods are money sinks for veteran players who want to increase their combat effectiveness by risking more value and therefore should not be insured. This change will help newbies recover from capital sealclubbing and let them have an easy time in patrol zones (basic strong sail, basic hull, elephant bow figure is the best combo anyways). Regarding the payout: I guess youll determine it as if the player was harvesting the ressources himself? Will you also give out compensation for labour hours, maybe in contracts? Because if a rookie sinks and wants to get right back into action he might not want to wait 2 days for his labour hours to regenerate. Of course, this is still a community game, so he could ask in nation chat to buy a cheap ship. Another problem is how do you value the frames and planks? Woods are not harvested and therefore dont have fixed prices.
  8. Havelock

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    Forget Mr.Dorans duel guide, jodgis fishing guide is the new meta!
  9. I think you should give us at least a week testing it properly tbh... and if its still to much move down to 6kn, then 5kn and so on. No need to revert after 1 day.
  10. Havelock


    Need... medical... assistance... Please... h e l p . . . . . x(
  11. Remember that our last "duel" started as a 2v2, with out team mates sinking early (i think was below 30min mark) and i blew through my chain shots pretty fast since i needed 2 repair cycles to reengage after the first kill. I think youre one of the most skilled duelists this game has ever seen and were both patient players. Most enemies we could sink within 30 minutes easily with them having no chance of disengaging. Chain shot has 100% damage until 250m then drops of to 20% to 500m, the range seems ok. Even though i disliked the high alpha damage in the beginning (and still think its too strong in outnumbered battles) it wouldnt make sense to reduce damage by a lot because then the limitation would not make sense again (think before you shoot). Did you see my post today from the Nassau patrol fight? I repaired at least 6 (!!!) times that battle, without the repair system this fight wouldve been a joke with way less skill involved. Utilizing repairs to tank damage and return it accordingly with better focus plays an important role in modern NA fleet engagements and i like it way more.
  12. Havelock

    Duel/Small Battles

    An awesome battle in Nassau patrol. Was really close in the end, other guy was nearly dead too. GG o7
  13. Havelock

    Storm weather in port battles?

    NO Development time invested into a feature which doesnt affect gameplay in an reasonable amount. If you make large waves possible again? YES
  14. Havelock

    Port Battle Screenshots (New BR)

    As usual i agree with everything you say about PBs. But i think we should just make the circles way smaller, like half the diameter it has now. If a small ship cant kite in it anymore, it will become useless.
  15. @jodgi What exactly do the numbers above mean? I suppose the first 12 columns are speed changes at 15°/30°/.../180°? Cant figure out the last two though...