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  1. Dragonfire

    Gameplay Intervention (Little River)

    No way it can be true this is not Naval screw players trying to test and play the game as designed. I can not see the Devs interfering on the crying of a couple of players that screwed up and lost a port some that don't even test and play the game regularly. I have not tested any other game from a reputable developer that would ever interfere and show favoritism to a few players like that it would be a game breaker and a breach of trust to the game being impartial and fair to the whole player base. So now any forward progress in game by a nation can be undone if you cry enough if you make a mistake and lose an important port. I just can't see the Devs who have been very impartial doing it would be a sad day for the game if they interfered like that must be just a rumour :{ Just a thought if this is going to happen then its a rigged game not unbiased and now we have bought dlc and ppl are paying extra for content this throws a complex problem into the game so cant see them opening that can of worms.
  2. Dragonfire

    Port Dropping Issue

    There was nothing wrong with the grind or battle everything was done within your dropped port at correct time and that was your not planning doing it properly and pirate clan your in now couldn't get it together faster than us to grind it for yourself.
  3. Dragonfire

    Port Dropping Issue

    It was a legit grind during proper timer on a port you dropped when you turned pirate like the game makes you do, YOur only problem with it is we found out and beat you to it fair and square.
  4. Dragonfire

    Port Dropping Issue

    No you dropped the port and got caught before you could grind it
  5. Dragonfire

    The Free State of VCO

    Have you not figured out yet or better yet has your nation not figured out yet the more you and Texas and a couple others yap and insult the more your nation gets attacked ? THINK about it. Or better yet maybe the ones your nation should be worried about is the yappy ones stirring up shit storm of attacks after attacks that are the cause of the nations problems. Your chosen few yap too much and beat their chest and history shows nation after nation on your shores after the same people. Naw you wouldn't figure that out better to point the finger at everything else but the real cause of it. Think about it and look at the history of the clan attacks against the USA coast. Act like asshats here and ingame and TS then maybe your nation shouldn't be surprised what is going on.
  6. Dragonfire

    The Free State of VCO

    Ok so we were useless helping usa nation....check You and your clan are way more skilled than the FIVE of us...check You are extremely butt hurt we moved on quietly without doing what your doing here...check We now as a nation free to attack you are doing so with 4 guys against all your clan and the usa nation and your butt hurt about it ? ...check You said we did nothing, helped no one, disrupted the usa nation, and were useless ( I remind you again we were 5 guys at the time ) and your upset we are leaving ? Why uyou making such a childish big deal out of this ? AHHHH Drama that's it all you want is others to see you as a power in the game so go ahead it is all yours. Do what you criticize others as being incapable of doing , don't cry because 5-7 guys moved on we will consider sending you alimony if you truly can't make it on you own , move on ,stop crying the soap opera is over all attention is now on you and your clan start the next chapter and lead them to VICTORY Chris, you is the mannnnn it's all about you now gl. No reason to even miss what you have more than once pronounced as inferior players. :)
  7. Dragonfire

    The Free State of VCO

    Yea you started acting like a total dick on ts during our transitioning of players still in the usa Nation. That this game is all you have in life that you can be important in and have control is sad. Everyone is wrong and your lord vicious complex is astounding to the point you use a ts server that you do not pay for to harass others is absolutely childish for an adult to do to justify your own short comings. What you were doing was wrong to the point of stupidity. I have noticed that you have mentioned waaay more than once your very butt hurt about having to actually fight a battle near a tower lmao. Maybe if you had a little more courage in battle or skill it wouldn't bother you so much to constantly mention it as no one else was bothered by it. You wonder why so many ppl actually dislike you ? It is because of your childish way you complain about everything every day here and in game don"t like how others try to do it then GO OUT and actually do it yourself lets see you do it even once all you do is hide behind others, step up and take control instead of the constant whine all the time.
  8. Dragonfire

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Was just one and I was hungry go back to bed I'll be gone soon. BTW you be outta mustard.
  9. Dragonfire

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I hear you , What I saw today I see finally after 5327 hours of testing this game its so screwed up it's a farce now . Attack 4 ships with 4 and game lets only 2 of us in even though in a group, then it lets 1 in on our side and a whole shit load in on the enemy side and closes the battle so its like 3 against 10. Have at it pirates your so over balanced with all the players you got no reason to test any more its laughable and a waste of time. So here goes another long time tester wtg , cya and good luck time to go do something else.
  10. Dragonfire

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Right, the shame is they only attack a badly damaged fleet that just came out of a Port Battle they were in to find EDR sent 4 rates to further damage a enemy that fought you with honor despite the odds. That you find this just a correct thing to happen speaks volumes about your insight to how the game has lost what use to be honor in battle. I'm my opinion it was a cowardly act to overbalance a 18-10 advantage in your favor with 9-11 more ships with some 4th rates way overpowering the odds. And ppl here wonder why port battles are empty and no one wants to pvp it is because of asshat cowards like that. 5 coward French EDR jumping 1 damaged pb rattlesnake that just came out of a port battle with bigger ships is stupidity and the damn game br should never allow it, something needs to change. You want to hit this game till it becomes a pve game 98% keep doing shit like that your well on your way ppl are getting fed up.
  11. Dragonfire

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Yea it was a great fight only dark stain on it was French piling on after the port battle to turn it into something it shouldn't of become. Was an honorable fight till EDR decided to jump hurt pb ships win p frigates and wasa's against rattlesnakes no honor just shame in that. GF Brits too bad what happened after put such shame to a good win. Didn't need to happen you had us 18 live ships to 10 then call EDR to join in.
  12. Dragonfire

    Declaration of War between US and Great Britain

    And you don't have a clue who knows what lol
  13. Dragonfire

    player joining my side to friendly fire

    I was the one that told Raio to enter because green on green is not allowed and I followed what was happening in the battle and very clearly it shows you fired a broadside when he was escaping as he relayed to me when it happened and I told him to report it. Yordi was also with another nation just days earlier sailing with this person he was with in this battle so is related to this event they worked together attacking each other then sailing side by side trying to kill anyone who entered the battle in support as Yordi was sailing as a Swedish player. Arm clan initiated the battle. As you can see from the chat I had first hand knowledge what was going on and am familiar with the other 2 players on a daily basis.
  14. Dragonfire

    Sweden and France

    Looks like French fries to me
  15. Dragonfire

    Why did players leave?

    Only thing they need to listen to is the statistics, the numbers, that tells the health of the game. We did this...this dropped or raised the number. Applies to all aspects of game and only they know the #'s.