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  1. hoarmurath

    Questions to developers

    You seem to try to limit availability of the biggest ships by making them really expensive. However, the cost is mats and currencies that can be traded, do you have plans to limit the influence of RMT once the game goes live?
  2. dooblons Dooblons should always be taken from money chest, currently, you may have to have them in chest, in warehouse or even in hold depending on what you need them for... Crew upgrades When you learn how to craft a ship upgrade, it's pretty simple. These upgrades depend on workshop, you learn them, then open crafting window, click on workshop, and you have your new craft available. However, when you learn how to craft a crew upgrade, that depend on academy, it doesn't work the same way at all. There's no crafting option in the academy, so you have to go click the "all blueprint" button in top left of crafting window, and that's the only place where you will find your crew upgrades crafts. It's totally counterintuitive, it should work the same as other crafting. Max collect button Currently, the max button in collect window doesn't give max output possible. I'm still trying to figure why, but even it seem as if it was using different values for lh/reals cost than what is really used. Permits Since the cost of the ship now include dooblons in the base blueprint, what's the point of adding another dooblons cost with permits in admiralty? Trim and wood choice memory When crafting, you sometime have to close and reopen the ship final crafting window several times. Problem is, the choice of trim and wood are back to default every time you reopen that window. It's quite easy to miss it and craft a fir/crewspace instead of what you were intending to craft. It's always a waste of ressources, and some of them are hard to gather. Your last choice of trim and wood should be remembered by the game when you close the crafting window, so when you come back, you still have your choices actives. Cannons It was already told, but we should have really a way of knowing what guns a ship can mount even if it already have guns mounted. Also, in forge, we have no information about guns class. Either we need to get rid of the gun class system, or we need this info added in forge.
  3. hoarmurath

    Flags Flags Flags

    since you decided to put royalist flags for France, i suggest two additions : the flag of french royal merchant marine : and the flag from the monarchy restoration in 1814, without the lys field :
  4. hoarmurath

    pve server name

    But... I was told necro posting was bad? 😁 okay, okay, i just had forgotten about LeBoiteux thread...
  5. hoarmurath

    pve server name

    Well, it's kind of sad the pve server don't have a name... I could of course suggest a change for both servers names, for example : pvp server : neanderthals pve server : Civilized but let keep it simple, what about calling the pve server : Antillas
  6. hoarmurath

    Naval Action on Youtube

    I'm afraid i'm one of the few remaining streamers on twitch.... From PVE server, french speaking live, and i don't even stream NA regularly.... Well :
  7. hoarmurath

    Questions to developers

    What happened to exploration?
  8. hoarmurath

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    You can't, from my experience, the number of players interested by economy is far lower, and most people will be interested by combat only. Even for those doing both, most of them will do economy on a very small level, because they won't have the patience, the ships, the base money to do more. That's why you have to make it so AI activity replace the missing trader players, because you will never have enough trader players with the current game setting.
  9. hoarmurath

    We tried again but ... eh ... bye.

    Intelligence Artificielle, IA That's why english is such a retarded language, they're always putting words in wrong order....
  10. hoarmurath

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    So you're going the potbs way...
  11. hoarmurath

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    Coming from here : Just to be clear, this is what made me start this topic. And i think that the simplest way to resolve the issue, is to make it so SOL never fight 5th rates... But if someone have a better proposal to do it...
  12. hoarmurath

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    That's what potbs did, never solved the balance problem between high rate ships and low rate ships....
  13. Ships of the line, especially third, second, and first rates, are very valuable assets, from a strategic point of view. Would the admiralty of any nation allow such ships to be used by captains as they wish without close scrutiny? Would the admiralty allow any captain or admiral to use such ships at the risk of them being lost in futile battles in the middle of nowhere? I doubt it. Well, with this in mind, i suggest the following. Remove the ability for players to sail ships of third, second, and first rate in open world, or even own them. Instead, make them reserved for admiralty, with the ability for the admiralty to give such ships to player captains only during port battles. The number of each ship available could be fixed by the admiralty (for example, the admiralty would send for a given port battle 2 first rates, 3 second rates, 14 third rates, the fleet then being completed with whatever the players came in, fourth rates and below), and given to select captains according to their performance in this port battle preparation (leaderboard of hostility generated). In order to encourage players to really make efforts to get those ships, they should only be unlocked after reaching a minimum hostility value. What's the point of such restrictions? To make the higher rated ships more special, more rare, and to make it easier to balance open sea battles by reducing the number of rates that could be used in them. Yes, i know, everyone want to sail the death stars, but they weren't the workhorses of the various navies, and they are a pain to balance with the smallest ships without making either the bigger ships ridiculously vulnerable, or the smaller ships ridiculously useless... Discuss...
  14. hoarmurath

    remove sniping

    It's amazing how many of you didn't even bother reading the starting post. I never suggested nerfing accuracy, i suggested making the ranging shots useful only for ranging, and not for damaging.
  15. hoarmurath

    There is NO such thing as GANKING

    You're just ridiculous... Comparing a game to war, is lame. Maybe you think you're a real warrior behind your computer, but you aren't. Games, if they have to be compared to something, should be compared to sport. Electronic competition isn't called "Electronic war", it's called "Electronic sport", for a reason, it's that it should be played in the same spirit of fairness as in sport, in a display of skill between players. Games should be about skill, not about zerg. There's no skill in that.