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  1. Regarding "special trim"

    As much as I hate RNG I believe that every nation should have a more or less equal chance of getting every refit - regional refits could work if you had to take a trade mission to these regions to get om materials for the refit - but having to conquer the port is a completely different thing. Some nations will never have access to certain refits and it would heavily benefit the large nations.
  2. Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

    I’d prefer to encourage skill. The more he plays the better he gets = skill unlocked without the need for knowledge slots. If you make something in-game hard enough for the player to learn, then there’s no need for artificial skill-trees exp-points and knowledge slots.
  3. Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

    Actually yes, like @Glorgir says... we're in the testing phase of the game - Can we get to test playing without smart gunners for 2-3 days and then provide feedback? possibly allow for correction using the mouse during the broadside so you can save it if it goes completely wrong?
  4. Impact Tagging

    I agree 100%, You should spawn at a distance of about 700 meters from your enemy and then approach them from there - I'm tired of games where you start right next to eachother and you're forced to use a rig-repair as your first repair because the enemy just happens to have turned his ship the right way in OW to get a perfect broadside of chain in your sails at 50-100 meters. And add a 500 meters control radius to all ships and a 10 minute count down on the leave timer at the start of the battle to give the chaser enough time to catch up.
  5. Server reset

    I have always thought the same as you until last summer. Even if the server downtime is only 30-60 minutes, we have to keep in mind that our fights in-game sometimes last 60+ mins meaning that if they want their ships safe they can only do trading after one hour before reset.
  6. Rethinking Nations, Clans and Pirates

    How can we prevent it? I'll include your suggestions in the post - we need more ideas. Added to the list.
  7. Rethinking Nations, Clans and Pirates

    Like many others, I feel that it may be time to re-think the balance between nations and clans to increase PvP and get a more realistic, yet fun take on pirates, piracy and privateering. The following suggestion is long, but I will try to maintain an easy overview, so you’ll be able to skip through most of it and get the general gist of the idea. Similar suggestions have already been posted by Redii and Vazco – I recommend reading them too. Nations (For the history-buffs): We are many players who would like to keep nations in-game. I believe that the removal of nations will have a huge effect on the player numbers since the player-base is split 50/50 between gamers and history-buffs. We have to return to the original nations and remove the new ones… Poland, Prussia and Russia have no place in the Caribbean in this timeframe. Life for a non-clan national player will look like this: Features: Safe from internal conflicts . Can PvP versus other nations and is NOT safe from foreign PvPers (Unless in safe-zone). Cannot initiate RvR. Can only join PBs against foreign nations (If allowed by attacking PvP-clan). Cannot own ports. National Clans (For the gamers): A player who decides to join or create a clan can choose between the following types of clans: Features: PvE-Clans (For Safe-zone players + crafters/traders needing a community): Safe from internal conflicts. Can PvP versus other nations and is NOT safe from foreign PvPers (Unless in safe-zone). Cannot initiate RvR. Can only join PBs against foreign nations (If allowed by attacking PvP-clan). Can change clan status to PvP-Clan. Cannot own ports. Merchant flag to distinguish them in battle PvP-Clans (For RvRers): Can declare wars and fight internally against other PvP-Clans. Can initiate RvR against other PvP-Clans from all nations including their own. Cannot change clan status to PvE-Clan. Ability to own and manage ports like today. Pirate flag when attacking an enemy clan from same nation (Like smugglers flag). Officers can grant letters of Marque (See Pirates). No safe-zone protection. Pirates (For the Solo-players): Pirate players will have the same features as national players apart from the following: Features: No safe-zones. Operates out of free-ports. Complete open PvP, pirate vs pirate is possible.. no mercy. Cannot own ports. Cannot initiate RvR. Letters of Marque to participate in PvP and RvR alongside Nations. Can form clans/communities with no special features A special feature is the introduction of Letters of Marque – it will allow pirates to sail under a national flag and participate in RvR/PvP as mercenaries. Letters of Marque will be granted to the pirate by a national PvP-clan officer and will last until server-maintenance. A holder of a Letter of Marque will be under the protection of the clan that granted it and thus functions as a clan-member until it expires (without tag and chat). This means that the pirate can still be attacked by clans hostile towards the clan that granted the letter but will be unable to attack national players from the nation protecting him. A text displaying the words “Letter of Marque” will be visible where smugglers flag is today, the pirate will be allowed to dock at any national port but unable to use the shop. Kind Regards, Percival Merewether EDIT: Updated with @Slim Jimmersons suggestions.
  8. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    I'd hate the idea of nations disappearing, but I see no reason why clans cannot fight eachother inside the nation - let non-clan players be safe while letting clans declare wars against eachother. That way clans can fight for influence in their own nation and increase the influence of their entire nation by attacking other nations. When a british player from clan A attacks a british player from clan B, then give the clan A guy the pirate flag in the battle instance (Same as smugglers flag). The reason I'd hate for nations to go away completely is that they provide a safe environment for non-claners and I'd rather not see anyone sailing under the banner of a rats anus:
  9. England Declares War on Poland!

    Just couldn't help bumping this one back up??
  10. Arranged 1v1s - a problem?

    Then I think we should at the very least have the option to enable shiploss, otherwise people will not learn how to escape a battle. I’m also worried that no loss will discourage OW hunts and hurt the practice by encouraging ‘foolish’ moves. Either way I believe a duel room would be a great addition to the game. We need to be able to teach aspiring PvPers in a closed enviroment.
  11. Arranged 1v1s - a problem?

    I agree with you 100%, I'd also consider that to be farming for sure - that's why I'm bringing it up here. The point in sinking is to make it a real battle with a real loss - without anything to lose you fight differently and take more risks. The problem is that not everyone is capable of affording ships worth 10mil every day for the sake of a 1v1 practice. What I'd personally love to see is a 1v1 duel room where the loser will lose his ship but the winner gets no PvP marks. if the winner gets no PvP marks then it's likely not going to take any PvP away from the open world since the duel room will only punish the loser. The only thing you will stand to gain from the duel room is experience. @admin is a 1v1 duel room something you'd consider if the players only stand to lose? You could even put a fee on using it (100k per battle). I doubt that would take anything away from the open world PvP.
  12. Arranged 1v1s - a problem?

    Congrats - That is completely irrelevant to the conversation Hachi, but good for you In a 1 vs 1 practice all you need is two even ships regardless of build.. two Oak/Oak Endymions with no mods will give you as many PvP marks as a T/W with Caulking, Copper and Elite French. The point of the post was to know if arranged 1v1s are acceptable - Admin has confirmed that it is.
  13. Arranged 1v1s - a problem?

    Agreed, would be a great feature.
  14. Arranged 1v1s - a problem?

    Thanks for the clarification, That's exactly what I was wondering. 2+ fights a day would be too much anyways - I need the hunt