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  1. Percival Merewether

    Bellona gives more xp / cash then a St. Pavel

    You said yourself that it will be a dynamic system that changes depending on ship performance (K/D ratio) - How is updating the system once going to make it dynamic?
  2. Percival Merewether

    wasa fir/fir for pvp?

    The main problem with fir/fir is not thickness, it's crew resistance. your crew die easier than all other ships no matter how thick you make it. In the Trinc vs Endy discussion, remember that higher caliber does not mean better gun - I personally like to run 18lbs on the Endymion with 32lb carros on top. That is wrong, a 64-gun ship of the line is a 3rd rate in real life. they are classes wrong in-game for balance reasons.
  3. Percival Merewether

    wasa fir/fir for pvp?

    My 3/5 TT Agamemnon w/ Mediums does 13.8 in Open World and 14.3 in battle. For that setup Navy Loodsman and Elite Spanish is essential - be aware, your upwind speed will suffer greatly. I occasionally use this setup for solo hunting, it is important to note though; this is only because of my personal interest in that particular ship and its history. Game-wise it makes very little sense. I imagine the Wasa is the same. I'd reccommend a frigate (Endymion/Trinc) any day for solo PvP. Always bring more hull repairs than you "need". For me, a fir/fir Wasa is a dream target in a frigate because you will lose around 30-50 crew per broadside - basically free PvP-marks. Avoid fir/fir whenever possible.
  4. This particular one does without a doubt lie with the moderators I'm sure they will fix it
  5. I’d say that post it in line with Hethwills own coffee post..
  6. We really need to stop talking about how to protect people from their own incompetence in Safe Zones with mechanics that's likely going to ruin the OW. Just close the safe zones for PvP and be done with it..
  7. I never said anything about that - I was just addressing the DD being useless now question; it's certainly not. If anything it's more fair. That does not mean that I agree with the rest of the patch, but given that I haven't tried it in action yet - I'm going to hold off for a bit. I can give you some of my own predictions so you know where I stand though: Safe zones will suffer be affected greatly, people will be boarded left and right (time will tell if the attack or defender will suffer the most). More ships will be lost in PVE. OW battles won't won't be affected during the first 20 mins, but they're more likely to end with a boarding now. I don't know if either of the above is correct, so I'll wait with feedback apart from obvious results that can easily be deducted by looking at numbers (e.g: DD). DD is still useful. All in all I'm not enthusiastic about the patch, but I want to try it first.
  8. I don't think PVE'ers do that in battle Banished.
  9. It's not though, it will still stop a 400 crew fully boarding rigged ship from boarding your 500 crew non-boarding rigged ship.
  10. I have not yet tested this, what happens if two ships are moving towards eachother at 7 kts? that means they're moving at 14kts away from eachother but a speed difference of 0 kts. Can you be dragged?
  11. I agree, getting boarded by the AI is already fatal for most PVE'ers, no need to make their life hell
  12. Percival Merewether

    Retag griefing

    I know, but it will stop their endless complaining. Problem is: Then we will have a bunch of people from to opposite camp complaining and insisting on no invisibility and 30 sec retag timer.. You'll never satisfy everyone, so satisfy the majority. Again: I don't understand the problem, I very rarely have to tag twice - and I very rarely get tagged more than once. If I am up against a superior force that I cannot beat I simply surrender. Move on.. Perhaps the problem lies somewhere else: Control radius, Navy Loodsman, Sail Force mods? Consider that too.
  13. Percival Merewether

    Retag griefing

    Is that what I'm asking for Staun? Am I asking for anything at all Staun? Did you read what I wrote Staun? I'd prefer to keep it as it is - but people are CONSTANTLY complaining about getting retagged over-and-over again. I'm suggesting a potential solution to other people's problem that won't affect myself because I usually manage to catch my enemy in the first go.. + I always surrender if I can't get away (Can replace the ship in the time it takes to run tbh..). Try to be constructive Staun, it suits you better.