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  1. Percival Merewether

    Tutorial feedback 2

    As much as I agree with you - wouldn't it be an idea for the "final" exam to sink 5 players in OW PvP to get them into it? - give them a redeemable cheap ship to do it in. Something like a Sab/Crew Space Frigate - I've had plenty of fun in those.
  2. Percival Merewether

    Scuttled ships should be burned and not sunk

    C'mon guys! No one can disagree with this suggestion - I'd love to see more fire ingame.
  3. Percival Merewether

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    While I personally like determined defender I know there are people out there who are unhappy with it in it's current form, this is mostly related to larger ships were 30% of 1000 crew is too much. I'd like to propose the following: Make it impossible to board a vessel with determined defender only if you have less crew than your opponent, - if you have 324 men and he has 323; then you can board. Make it impossible to board when in any kind of shock (crew, rigging, reload, fire) Make boarding impossible when sinking. Make sinking, force disengage (Cannot win a 5 minute long boarding action if your ship was 10 seconds from going down). What do you guys think, am I being unreasonable?
  4. Percival Merewether

    Ports in Control of Alts

    Is this applicable in this situation? EDIT: after further reading it appears that this rule may only concern “foreign alts” in relation to chat abuse and an immediate chat ban - but I am unsure. Could this paticular situation also fall under the rules of alt abuse interrupting RvR?
  5. Percival Merewether

    Automated Rules Enforcement

    I think automation is a bad idea.. Sometimes @NethrosDefectus behaves poorly in battle forcing you to give him a stern rake or two to get him back in line. Jokes aside... I think a combat log post battle would be more appropriate - this will help to punish the right people during a tribunal because it is obvious who did what damage. If I accidentally fire a broadside of double into a friendly frigate during battle but both of us knowing it was an accident, then there's no reason to punish me for it.
  6. Percival Merewether

    Green on Green

    No no, just tried to get his attention here on the forum, he needs to see the post
  7. Percival Merewether

    Green on Green

    @Sir Loorkon
  8. Percival Merewether

    Chain shot limitations - advanced warning

    That's not true, after the last patch almost any ship can be penetrated by smaller caliber guns - I often sail an Agamemnon using 4lb longs on the quarter deck (I have my reasons! :D). They frequently penetrate frigates in battle, sometimes ships of the line too. Speaking of the pickle, it should not be able to stand up against a frigate in a fight. A small ship should almost always be ineffective in fleet engagements - there's a reason why John Richards Lapenotière didn't join the fight at Trafalgar to chain the enemy. EDIT: @admin With this change, can I suggest the option to load different ammunition types on one broadside (eg. Chain for the weather deck and double on the gun deck)?
  9. Percival Merewether

    Chain shot limitations - advanced warning

    I think this will help many new players.. way too many times have I seen people chaining me down to 70% using two broadsides, and then spend the next 10 broadsides getting me down to 65%... this will encourage them to stop at 70% and fire at my hull instead. And please remember that it does not take an "Elite OP PvP veteran with über skillz" to demast an opponent. all it takes is a few well aimed broadsides - spend one day practicing demasting on the AI and you're good to go. I often find AI demasting to be much more difficult than player demasting.
  10. Percival Merewether

    Chain shot limitations - advanced warning

    Sounds good!
  11. Percival Merewether

    green player doesn't like farmers

    I'm just speculating here: I'm guessing Notz joined thinking it was PvP and intended to help you out since you were in the patrol zone.. upon finding out you were PVE'ing in a designated PvP area it is likely that he was annoyed. After joining the battle he is unable to leave (I guess?) until the fight was over thus wasting his time. This is a gameplay problem not caused by either of you but should probably be addressed by the Devs? Allegedly his reaction to the situation was to fire his bow chasers and one broadside at you - the problem in your case is that without evidence you are relying on him admitting guilt. For all we know he could simply have fired two 4lb bow chasers at you in annoyance that bounced off and then waited for you to finish the fight. Is that screenshot all you have from the incident?
  12. Percival Merewether

    green player doesn't like farmers

    I'm sure everyone here will support you provided you have more evidence of this - luckily it sounds to me like nobody was harmed. There is one major problem with the above statement though. You said yourself that he was accusing you of AI farming, not ALT farming. AI farming is of course NOT an excuse for shooting you at all, but do you have more screenshots? Perhaps one of the chatlog? and preferably one of him opening fire at you? Maybe also one of the combat log? Anything at all that can help clearning this mess up?
  13. Percival Merewether

    Merge PVE and PVP Server?

    A merge is a very bad idea, it is not going to fix the current player numbers. I'd gladly let them move their character over to 'PvP One' with experience + skill books though, but let's not force them to switch.
  14. Percival Merewether

    Split mast and sail repair

    I do not know if this is at all possible, but one of the most frustrating things with rig repairs is seeing your spanker and main course sail being repaired but not doing anything to fix your broken foremast. Is it possible to make us choose between repairing broken masts and/or broken sails? Both repair types should still consume rig repairs so we do not add extra repair kits. This will also force players to decide whether to do a mast repair to prevent demasting or a sail repair to get the ship speed back up. Both repair types should still have a 10 min timer. Splitting repairs in two means that it will be impossible for a demasted ship to get back to 100% sail in one repair, but it will be much easier to regain manouvreability if a mast is lost.
  15. Percival Merewether

    Staysails vs Mainsail Turning helper

    I find that when going backwards while turning the square sails gives you a massive turn bonus - it pretty much throws your ship around instantly, even a ship of the line. For tacking staysails are better because it takes force away from the main sail thus slowing down the process of breaking when going upwind. In general you could say that staysails gives you most overall manouvreability because it widens your sailing profile, but it all comes down to your style of sailing and which ship you're in.