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  1. The Origins of the terms "Port" and Starboard"

    An interesting (to me) article on the origin of the terms "Port" and Starboard" can be found here: http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2013/01/the-origin-of-port-and-starboard/ From a different source and as a reminder:
  2. Happy Holidays

    Did this boat ever get given out? As of this date I did not get one and I have not seen one.
  3. The Beauty Of Naval Action (Fan Made Trailer)

    Excellent video. It makes me want to go out sailing again, which can be more fun than shooting canons at other ships.
  4. When are the steamkeys sent out? I can't wait to start playing! :D

    I bought the game on December 25 and I still don't have a key.
  5. HMS Ontario

    Here is a time lapse video (of sorts) of the construction of a model of the HMS Ontario, a Snow class light brig, originally built in Canada: , from here: http://www.ageofsail.net/aosontm.asp
  6. Ship request - 2nd rate

    You may wish to consider the french vessel Le Mars an 80 gun second rate. A detailed model can be seen, from different perspectives, here and here http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66592.html . It was eventually captured by the British. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duc_d%27Anville_Expedition .