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  1. Before early access, I was at craft level 50, but never got a trader brig BP, or trader snow BP. Oh well...
  2. Ship Crew Sizes & OW Ranks

    The first post in this subject by Dom just needs to be updated to the new numbers. It was/is great for all of us.
  3. I am level 40 and no Belle Poule recipe. I guess it is pretty much fruitless to break up captured ship. Somewhere it was said that more durability equal greater chance of a drop, Is that true? Sooo, should I just sell all ships I craft or use them? I have been crafting Frigate and Surprise to try for Belle Poule or Trincomalee.
  4. Ships inherent characteristics.

    So what is the latest info on teak?
  5. I meant to add that I appreciate the tip demonstrated in the above video.
  6. Possibly have NO timer for trader to escape. Let the chase play out as it would in "real life". That way he would not disappear just as you are about to board. If I mistakenly chase hopelessly, let me realize that on my own. I would prefer that.
  7. Thanks very much for this useful tool.
  8. Guess I am slow. I have a recipe in my warehouse and there are great lists of them in the forum. I just do not know to use them. The ships I have listed in crafting require you to "craft" after you have made up everything required. So if I assemble all of the materials in a recipe, how do I craft it into a ship? I don't even know how to read the recipe in my warehouse.
  9. Two days ago I surrendered and lost a durability.
  10. Feedback on new repairs

    This is a casual report of my own reaction to the latest patch, for what it is worth. 1. I do not play as often because of repair cost. 2. I tend to play closer to an outpost. 3. I wish that there were separate repairs for sails. If I think of anything else, I will post it. This is still my favorite game of all time.
  11. Ah, I see. That is a much more balanced approach. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. From the way I read it, there is no point in loading doubles. Same damage as ball plus 10% greater loading time. Am I wrong?
  13. Instance Exit Tweaks

    One nice thing about battles in sea trials was that, if sunk, you did not lose a durability on your favorite ship. You just lost that match. One possibility is to have different player options. One could be for single players who only want to fight the AI. Another for something like an improved version of sea trials; another for OW as it is developing now.......etc.
  14. More detailed damage indicators

    I will chime in as favoring the percent option. I also would like to know when a certain repair is completed; that for the rudder, pump, magazine.