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  1. Are you guys already playing the patch? My game hasn't shown an available update yet lol Edit nvm just took 15 mins to show up
  2. why not just have OW hailing anonymous. "X hails you, respond?" Then you get a little window to type a short response or whatever, or just ignore it. You can say what you want but can't prove it, they still don't see your name. You could say "King of Crowns on bellona" when it's really stalememes on a yacht. If they don't look closely that's their problem, and if you think people are afraid of you just lie or don't respond yeah you could talk in global chat for authentication but you could do that anyway
  3. Music

    I'd like to have your crew start making music once in a while. Shanties, fiddles, whatever instrument might be found on a ship. Would add to the immersion and make your ship feel lived in. I think the devs have bigger things to work on right now though, although this might be a totally different type of work that isn't related to other important projects.
  4. Prussian Ports For Sale

    I love how you can make a thread about literally anyone or anything and if it involves banished, hachi, KOC or christendom/other active rvr guys within 2 pages its a shit-flinging contest Great thing for people logging on the the forums to see. *not trying to put blame on those people specifically, its a community wide problem.
  5. Any new ships in development right now?

    Saw that on facebook, it's also in the background of one of the other ship teasers. Looks beautiful!!!
  6. I have a question about the tutorial reward ship Hercules, will it be craftable? it says its a rare ship, but if its only available upon completing the tutorial we will probably have a problem with alts just completing tutorial and selling it, rinse and repeat to get rich or arm their entire clan with these ships. If its a strong ship this could be very unfair. Thanks
  7. It wouldn't affect you as you aren't a new player
  8. Making PVE a nightmare will not give you your desired PVP punching bags, it will only kill the game. If you want pvp to revive, make it enjoyable and make it rewarding. So tone down the modules (especially speed mods ffs) and give people decent rewards without "gank zone" of massive fleets. I'm sure this will be improved with coming admiralty rewards, but as is I really don't see this here is improving the game at all. If I log on and don't have time to spend an hour solo hunting (realistically 2+ if you want to achieve anything worthwhile) or go do a new mission that has spawned in the middle of hello kitty knows where, I'll just log off... fixed it for ya
  9. Looks good but limiting PVE mission cancellations is going to be incredibly annoying. I now have to sail all the way to grand anse or farther in a tanky PVE ship if I want to solo a 1st rate fleet order? no thanks, there are only so many hours in the day. These missions already give diminished rewards compared to random AI fleets, now you have to sail for even longer distances to get them. Other than that, looks awesome! Edit also light ships are now just there fro the memes for anything but the shallows, two rounds of chain for a 6lb gun is nothing and they can't do much else in the thickness meta. Riperonis pickle/yacht adventures.
  10. A reward for staying alive / not getting sunk // captivity option

    I think that penalties for dying could work well for the long term, if they are used not to punish losing (that would just drive off players from pvp and achieve nothing as the admin states) but rather as a background for better surrender/striking colors mechanics. Crew is so cheap that it's no reason to surrender, but if the character's own life is at stake they will be more inclined to surrender in a more realistic way (once all other options are exhausted and defeat is inevitable.) i think is someone fights, loses, and strikes their colors before being sank, they should suffer no penalty save for the loss of their ship. Historically very few battles actually were fought till one of the belligerents literally sank and their entire crew was killed down to the last man.
  11. A reward for staying alive / not getting sunk // captivity option

    There could be this, but also some negotiating options. For instance letting players have several "offers" they prepare before setting sail, like "keep ship lose cargo" or "keep 2 of my merchant ships you get the third." or "Surrender and you keep 1 or your ships and all the cargo you can fit on it." and then let people make offers while in the battle. If you are willing to accept their offer, either to surrender to you or surrender yourself, then you can accept it. If its just a "surrender and I promise to do x" then yes it would be all just word of mouth, but if its done through ingame processes they couldn't break their deal without becoming a pirate. That way there is an element of reputation involved for some situations, but also some accountability.
  12. A reward for staying alive / not getting sunk // captivity option

    I think there should be stiffer repercussions for dying and a surrender system. Possibly even the ability to negotiate a surrender, IE offer to surrender and let the enemy take your cargo and let you keep your ship etc. If you surrender you didn't die, and neither did your crew, and there would still be fights, just fights that ended once defeat was inevitable for one side.
  13. Any new ships in development right now?

    I just want a xebec
  14. Accidentally dismissing ships when removing from fleet

    Or also have a time delay between dismissing or breaking up a ship and the ship actually being destroyed. Perhaps in the bottom right corner a message "breaking up/dismissing _______, 9 minutes [cancel]"
  15. While I think all mods/wood types are way to extreme right now and would prefer 5% caps and much less dramatic modifiers, I agree that demasting is a more skill based and interesting meta than chaining. Perhaps taking some of the depth of demasting and applying them to chain mechanics could help too. (Punching an itty bitty hole in a sail vs chopping off a ton of rigging with a very well aimed broadside and having the entire sail flop to the deck)
  16. I think each ship should have a set magazine/accessible cargo weight capacity and you can take whatever ratios or amounts of gunpowder, cannon balls, chain shot, and canister shot as you like so long as it is within the weight constraints. Have fire-ship fitting give no benefit to explosive radius, and have that be determined purely by the amount of gunpowder on board: If you want to go full fire-ship, you will have to lose a lot of combat effectivity by replacing ammunition and possibly also repairs with large amounts of powder. Double shot consumes cannon balls 2x as fast, double charge consumes powder 2 or 3x as fast. If you run out of cannon balls, which is unlikely unless you spam, you can board or use other types, and if you run out of grape to you can always use scattershot (improvised grape shot made of nails, shards of glass, and whatever rubbish can be found) If you run out of gunpowder, you done screwed the hell up. Have repairs linked to a similar system, repairs based on planks, rigging parts, canvas rolls, coardage/oakum, and spare cannons if you want to replace those. This would have to be a separate compartment from the hold: This makes sense, as a lot of cargo in the hold might not be accessible while at sea, certainly not at short notice on a large ship. Light ships might not have this problem, again giving them a unique role to play in fleet combat. Solo duels would be largely unaffected because when fighting few opponents running out of ammunition is highly unlikely, again unless players spam ineffective broadside for a long time. This would make repairs more interesting and balanced, and also make life BETTER for light ships because they can now ferry supplies to larger ships in the middle of a battle or the open world which would be fun (at least for me). Perhaps let them transport crew as well and ditch "rum" although that would be of questionable use. I suppose a brig could drop off 80 or so crew and have a skeleton crew sail it out of combat, which while not a massive aide could be important for a SOL. What do you guys think?
  17. 6lb longs do nothing at over 200m range against anything above an indefat (unless you get perfect angling and they are weak woods). And ok sure in real life an unrated vessel wouldn't stand a chance, but two things: 1 Letting them have chain still makes them stand a chance 1v1. Thats not what I was saying. A pickle will still die to a single broadside from most ships, but by staying out of range and maneuvering they could still have fun. 2. In real life 90% of people wouldn't be in LOWO ships of the line. Unrated ships are already severely underplayed and taking away one of the precious few ways they can be effective in fleet engagements is not going to help that. A lot of people seem to feel that small ships should only exist to train people for the "real" ships but I disagree. All i'm saying is don't make this apply to unrated ships, or at least give them more broadsides worth of chain.
  18. This is fine and dandy but what about small ships now? I like to run around in pickles and such but due to obscene thickness meta they can't pen anything with ball and sterncamping in a fleet engagement just gets in everyone's way. As is, chaining down people's sails is one of the only ways to be effective as an unrated ship when fighting among even the mid sized frigates, I hope this doesn't put the last nail in their coffins.
  19. Little things you'd like to see

    Ability to set rudder to less than full turn, right now if you want small adjustments you have to tap repeatedly which is annoying and you often accidentally set full turn which is frustrating. Being able to adjust rudder like we adjust manual sails would be nice. Just 5% starboard to make a tiny adjustment in a chase without losing too much speed for example.
  20. Why the clan wars people always gotta be so extra?
  21. Wind changes

    Maybe making slightly less frequent and giving warning of the change beforehand could preserve tactical depth and not make chases boring? Like on the compass have a faint arrow indicating the new wind position appear 2 mins before it changes.
  22. RvR, Solo Players, Ports and Pirates.

    As I see it there is a big problem dividing the player base and degrading gameplay quality for all involved, especially those involved in RvR. That problem is the conflict of interest between solo players and clan members. We want to make ports and RVR meaningful. However any advantage or benefit given to a clan member for owning a port inherently gives them an advantage of a solo player who can’t capture ports, and in our current system clan members and solo players play alongside each other in direct competition. My solution is to stop beating around the bush and separate solos/non-clan players and clan players while still allowing cooperation between them. While I recognize that RvR is somewhat on hold while the UI and other mechanics are worked out, it is important to continue civil discussions of what a good system is and if we don’t put out our suggestions/desires we can’t complain if we don’t get what we want. Also spoilers are confusing, privateers is kinda hidden inside pirates. Even if changes aren’t going to happen in the short term, we need to talk and find decide what changes we want when they do start happening. I also recognize that there have been a lot of threads on this subject but considering the size and complexity of this suggestion I feel deserves its own topic, and considering how it includes pirates, privateers, clans, and big changes to RvR, ports, open world AI, etc it doesn’t quite fit with those topics either. It carries similar elements to topics proposed by numerous other people, including Banished Privateers merchant ships, and I know Christendom has campaigned for giving clans a lot more control over their ports. Basically, this is an idea or model designed to work as a compromise that improves gameplay for all players making for more interesting RvR and, as opposed to the very one-sided suggestions frequently thrown around, introduce gameplay styles/niches that fit solo players as well. At the very least, this is an interesting thought experiment. It would make alts basically useless, or at least easy to catch and stop, it would give clans a real reason to take/protect ports, and it would make inter clan relationships more important as they will depend on each other. Aside from that it would give solo players more interesting stuff to do and add pirates as a more realistic portrayal into the game. Not to mention no more derpy ass “flipping” Here we go. First of all, separate players into separate character types. National players (all in clans) They fight for their clan and to a lesser extent the nation, clans have total control over their ports (to be explained.) This also encompasses traders (vital to clans) Pirates: Ditch “pirate nation” it offers no unique game-play. New more realistic pirates, semi perma death, extreme risk extreme freedom. Infamy based progression system, reward for nationals for sinking a pirate is tied to their infamy + rewards posted by clans. (clans can see who is raiding their shipping and damaging their town (to be explained) Privateers (pirate who has taken letter of marque from a nation or national who has no clan. Privateers have no official clan affiliation, but cooperate and work with clans to help one or more nations and contribute to RvR in ways to be explained below) Rework towns, clans, RVR, and open world AI. Basically, because non-clan affiliated players have a niche (privateering and piracy) clans can get total control over their captured towns. This control includes entry rights, IE what clans or privateers are allowed entry. It also includes who can use clan amenities like repairing, the port’s market, docking ships, placing contracts, and docking fees as Christendom suggested. They can also decide who can build or craft ships there, importantly whether privateers can enter. Also of note there could be two types of entry allowance/denial. Players/clans could be permanently whitelisted or given temporary entry permits. For instance, if a clan tasked a trader from another clan with bringing in a shipment of goods but they aren’t comfortable giving that clan permanent access, they offer him a temporary whitelist. Another option would be replacing the “enter X” button with a “request entry to X” button. If a player is whitelisted, they enter like normal. If not, clan officers would receive a request and can grant, ignore, or openly deny said request. (possible different officer positions with different tasks such as economy, port security, merchant defense, admiral, etc.) They also control economic factors for their ports. Ports don’t just sit there, they are integral to open world trading and they are reliant on it. They provide their clan with income, but this income is not fixed nor guaranteed. A clan’s income comes from trade with other clans, or taxes on that trade. The best example I can think of on the spot is mount and blade “prosperity.” All ports consume basic supplies like food supplies, iron, woods, etc. However, ports also have special needs and abilities just like currently. Mines, forests, farmland, or industrial capability, special industries, etc. They also need all the resources to supply and operate those industries. These demands must be fulfilled by traders, AI or player. Towns could automatically generate and send AI ships to supply the town, by purchasing those goods from towns that produce them and clans can micro manage this to the extent they want. These ships would replace current open world AI, which is just there for boring, no risk grinding as is. Resources like food supplies and iron will be available nearby and can be done with AI with high success, but more rare resources like gunpowder or rare wood types require long trading runs during which and AI would be almost certain to be intercepted by pirates, privateers, or hostile clans/nations. An AI supply ship would, upon being hailed in the OW, reveal its starting point and destination, allowing clans and privateers to target their attacks to weaken enemy ports. These missions would be done by player traders, often with clan escorts. Ports could supply themselves with some food supplies by fishing, (interesting way to add fishing vessels to the game) but these fishing fleets would be vulnerable if unprotected. (another thing for pirates to do besides raiding merchants and possibly smuggling contraband) The fights to protect and attack shipping would lead to pvp. In many cases it may be more important to ensure the escape of the merchant vessel or secure its demise than to keep your ship. Captains will be less likely to flee these battles, and if they do this will still be a victory for the attacking clan even if they sink no enemy players: They got the enemy shipping and weakened their infrastructure. Clans would be able to make trade deals with other clans to ensure steady supply of resources and prevent backstabbing and scumbaggery. (If a nearby clan was bribed by “foreign interest groups” to suddenly pull the plug on resources for a different clan without any warning it could seriously screw over that clan. Mutually agreed upon trade agreements that can’t be backed out of without warning would stabilize trade and increase prosperity (kinda like in real life.) Town prosperity, income, and defensive strength would be tied to these economic factors, and taxes. A town that gets 100% of supplies it needs while safely selling 100% of its produce with a low tax rate will have a high prosperity (1 to 100 or whatever scale is used). Ports with higher prosperity: · Provide higher income to the clan Are harder to take. The current open world AI really wouldn’t be missed. Totally rework pirates and add privateers. What I, a largely solo player, would be most excited about! Pirates as is are just another nation… one of 11? 10? A lot. Anyway, they are nothing unique. This at the same time as there are two problems: Lack of gameplay niches for solo players and complete lack of representation of actual pirates: outlaws and privateers which were important at that time. So important that controlling them was a key reason for the construction of the US navy’s six original frigates including the famous USS constitution. In fact, the charter to build these frigates included a clause immedidately scrapping the ships’ construction should the threat of piracy be eliminated through a peace treaty with the barbary states. (If Wikipedia is to be believed) Here is how pirates could work.
  23. RvR, Solo Players, Ports and Pirates.

    We don't have to balance solo vs group with quality of life, it's impossible due to above stated reasons. But quality of life is not the only way to handle stuff like this. Other changes that would make life more fun for those with few friends could include scaling pvp mark rewards with the fairness of the battle. If you have 4x BR of enemy, you get 1/4 the pvp marks or even less. Maybe square it. You have 2x BR you get 1/4, you have 4x the BR you get 1/16th the marks
  24. RvR, Solo Players, Ports and Pirates.

    I think we are losing track of the pint from my OP. I don't think game mechanics have to choose between making a good game for solo players, clan members, and pvp enthusiasts. Clans are the main culprits for ganking, but my OP gives lots of ways to motivate them to do other things. If they only travel in gank fleets, they wouldn't be able to cover enough ground to protect all their merchant shipping. And if they don't care about ports and just gank, they will garner a negative reputation and the community can reject them, denying them ports and amenities. Solo players can enjoy piracy and privateering, and clans won't be able to totally gank them. If they send their gank fleet to troll one guy escorting a ship, they won't be able to achieve other objectives. PvP enthusiasts can be satisfied with better patrol zone BR and ROE, and with more lenient fleet practice requirements. my op also deals with pirates and gives people more to do.
  25. RvR, Solo Players, Ports and Pirates.

    I completely agree, quality of life will always make it harder on the solo player, but my suggestion could reduce the dilemma by not making it worthwhile for clans to organize a 20 man fleet to crush a small group. In my suggestion those 20 players would have other things to do, like protecting and attacking enemy merchant shipping, or securing the area around their ports. People gank because they can, but also because there isn't much else to do. If the enemy has their timers up, and you have yours, all clans can really do is go around looking for fights, and if they have to fight against a small group that is more fun for them than a real fight. That's why we see big groups sitting outside enemy capitals, they are desperate for pvp.