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    Deliveries between your own outposts.

    Sure. How about this system: You choose what you want transported, put it in the hold of one of your ships, and tell it where to go. It sets off into the open world and sails there on its own, captained by AI. It drops off the goods whenever it arrives. If someone hails the ship, it hails as "exampleplayername's merchant on exampleship" If it gets captured or sunk, that's really gosh dang unfortunate for you, and the price you pay for not doing it yourself or hiring a player.
  2. Capt Aerobane

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Several people have pointed out that a fir/fir prince neufchatel could always evade combat almost as effectively as the Requin (to justify the requin's performance and focus on other aspects of it) However is a problem with this argument, a fir fir prince is ineffective against anything but the most basic 6th and 7th rates, even a decent wood type prince gets its sails wrecked easily while its armor/planking is basically nonexistent + it can't carry 32 pound carronades and 250 crew as standard. I've beaten them off with decent brigs many times. A xebec on the other hand only requires one mod slot and no knowledge slots to go into fucking plaid upwind, and can do so with competitive wood types, allowing it to NOT ONLY evade anything with ease but also shred other 6th rates and gang up on anything else. It encourages "ganking" by enabling it. It's almost impossible to force a xebec to fight. So why fight a battle you may possibly win when you can wait around and force a non premium scrub ship to fight a battle you can't possibly lose? Xebecs don't win every time but they can never lose either. On the other hand a niagara might not lose every time against a xebec but it can never really win. Requin player possible outcomes: Sink the enemy, the enemy escapes downwind, or you run upwind. Non Requin player possible outcomes VS Requin: Get sunk, the Requin escapes upwind, you escape downwind. The Prince Neufchatel had a similar outlook as the Requin, but a prince can only engage <5% of ships it sees effectively. Mercury and below, which is super rare. Even a squad of princes will not be able to take on larger ships easily. Requin can defeat obliterate any other 6/7th rate except the Hercules, and two of them are a serious threat to almost any ship in the game. A ship large enough to carry the firepower to match them loses its ability to maneuver with the nimble, incredibly accelerating Requins who can decrew in one or two raking broadsides then board (with 6th rate boarding mods and 400+ crew) while the Requin itself seems to resist grape shot surprisingly well.
  3. Capt Aerobane

    DLC ships

    People will pay real money to wear hotdog hats and put Christmas lights on weapons, they will pay for a ship that's only unique with no big advantage.
  4. Capt Aerobane

    Dismasting / Destruction

    I'd like to see this, and also have demasting based not only on damage, but also force exerted on the masts (from sails and ramming). That would be more realistic and encourage people to sail in battle sails, or at least make there be some depth to sail setting choice. Full sails would be fast, but a single lucky broadside could take down one or all masts, while battle sails makes demasting nearly impossible except at close range and under heavy, sustained fire. Battle sails would once again be a must for large lineship battles. It would also make "T-Bone" ramming to force boarding more costly. You ram into their side head on at speed, your ship suffers a more violent jerk, and could lose one or all your masts crippling your ship and allowing them to open up range and pick you apart. They may have a bigger hole in their hull, but ships rarely sink from ramming in Naval action so its better than losing one or all masts.
  5. Capt Aerobane

    Grief Fleets

    The day the developers officially endorse holding someone in a non-combat battle till they have to surrender out of time constraints or annoyance as a legitimate tactic is the day I put down this game for good.
  6. Capt Aerobane

    DLC ships

    I laugh a little I cry a little 😂😭
  7. Capt Aerobane

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    Cosmetic items in tf2 give 0 advantage whatsoever and still are a massive source of income that has supported the game for years. Obv not the same genre of game but the principle is the same.
  8. Capt Aerobane

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    US month/date system is based on a paper calendar, you first flip to the month then find the day within that month (iirc) it's honestly not even a huge deal, it would be best to just let people choose the layout they want.
  9. Capt Aerobane


    My 300 dollar plastic shitbox is still going strong 6 years later, screen is now leaned up against the wall tho
  10. Capt Aerobane

    Caribbean Invasion News

    we are told every day on forums "skill>books" "mods don't matter" "you don't need the skill books to be competitive" And yet we are told that the US farming, weeks and weeks of work, is all to get these books so a clan can effectively go on the offensive? "irrelevant" books. I dont know who, but somebody is lying. when people put their own gain ahead of objectively assessing a situation, it never bodes well for a game.
  11. Capt Aerobane

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    I'd like to see more interesting PVE and missions, like attacking settlements, besieging small towns, supporting ground operations, intercepting/escorting convoys, whatever module/wood type nerf, so ships stay closer to their base stats and knowing your ship matters again more control over ports for clans piracy improvements (pirates, possibly with permadeath and infamy for a totally different play style. Also privateers, targeted towards solo players/small groups. (Mercenaries clans can hire to generate hostility on enemy ports, see below) Ditch "pirate nation" as it doesn't add anything new and there are so many other nations dividing up player base switch from pve mission based hostility/port battles to AI merchant raiding/protection based hostility/profitability for ports. Sink lots of enemy ships and you get better window for PB, protect your own shipping to get better income from port and more resource production. Remove random open world AI, except right around capitals for protection. Instead have ships generated by ports, each setting sail with specific tasks.
  12. Capt Aerobane

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    The Requin highlights how silly these mods are and now would be an ideal time to just dump the spanish and pirate rig refit series entirely in my opinion. They offer too much of an advantage for some ships, and destroy the importance of ship knowledge and experience. (Knowing your best point of sail relative to that of your enemy is pointless if the enemy can just slap an upgrade on and completely change the most fundamental characteristics of their ship)
  13. Capt Aerobane

    Experience Points (XPs)

    +1, only because I'm not allowed to like a post more than once
  14. Capt Aerobane

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Could someone please explain exactly how leak mechanics work? When a ship is "leak sniped" does that mean the cannonball penned one side, travelled through the hull, and then punched a hole in the other side (underwater)? Because I know bullets and cannonballs decelerate really quickly when they hit water so the idea of shooting through several feet of water and then the hull to cause a leak below the water line seems implausible to me. And if it's just hitting the lower hull that's exposed above the waterline by heel, then shouldn't just holding course and handling yards to increase heel to the opposite side cause these punctures to stay above water? clarification would be appreciated, this mechanic wasn't really a thing when I was more active in PVP
  15. Capt Aerobane

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Hey Admin can you tell us roughly how much will it cost?
  16. Capt Aerobane

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    *meant to say raking fire
  17. Capt Aerobane

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Looking at the point blank pen on the 2 pounder I imagine taking fire from them will be quite devastating, easy when pursuing
  18. Capt Aerobane

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Is it possible to not have such an extremely short window to claim these limited redeemables? I am currently on a trip with no access to a computer and have been looking forward to testing this ship from the moment it was spotted hiding in the corner of a different ship's teaser.
  19. Capt Aerobane

    [Caribbean] the state of pvp

    I would like to point out that most of the time when newbies join battles to defend in the safe zone it is not because they want marks. It's because they want to save the person getting ganked, and because they are mad that someone is trying to get easy marks by jumping into battle at the last moment when their victim is hurt or unprepared. People have made comments here to the effect that these players pile in in such large, disorganized numbers to get easy marks, which is just not true. They are enthusiastic and determined to defend their "territory."
  20. Capt Aerobane


    I like almost everything about this patch, but I must add my voice to those who would prefer giving everybody the additional slots and using ship customization, paints, and well balanced premium ships to fund the game. Best wishes to your grandmother!
  21. Capt Aerobane

    Naval Action Meme collection

  22. Capt Aerobane

    Stern rake and damage model

    Lmao I remember dueling Mr.Doran when stern raking with double could decrew in like 3 broadsides, it was probably more realistic, but also not very fun.
  23. Capt Aerobane

    ships falling from the sky

    Its debatable whether it involves "skill" However, If the developers added romulan cloaking that might involve skill too, but it would still be ridiculous. Ships warping into position a few hundred meters from each other, cannons instantly blazing does not match the high standards of realism present in the rest of the game, even if it involves skill.
  24. Capt Aerobane

    New attractions for clan-owned ports, added value, less costs

    All interesting ideas, another one i'd like to see is carpenter's guild, if a port has that the port will generate and sell repairs on its own, with a high profit margin on each repair.
  25. Capt Aerobane

    Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

    f this was a British wreck, that would be relevant. I'm not trying to put one colonial power over another, merely pointing out, as others have, that if anyone should have the rights to the wreck it should be the victims of exploitation, not the powers that exploited them. Spain might not have plumbed the depths Britain did, but that gold is still stolen goods.