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  1. Are you guys already playing the patch? My game hasn't shown an available update yet lol Edit nvm just took 15 mins to show up
  2. why not just have OW hailing anonymous. "X hails you, respond?" Then you get a little window to type a short response or whatever, or just ignore it. You can say what you want but can't prove it, they still don't see your name. You could say "King of Crowns on bellona" when it's really stalememes on a yacht. If they don't look closely that's their problem, and if you think people are afraid of you just lie or don't respond yeah you could talk in global chat for authentication but you could do that anyway
  3. Music

    I'd like to have your crew start making music once in a while. Shanties, fiddles, whatever instrument might be found on a ship. Would add to the immersion and make your ship feel lived in. I think the devs have bigger things to work on right now though, although this might be a totally different type of work that isn't related to other important projects.
  4. Prussian Ports For Sale

    I love how you can make a thread about literally anyone or anything and if it involves banished, hachi, KOC or christendom/other active rvr guys within 2 pages its a shit-flinging contest Great thing for people logging on the the forums to see. *not trying to put blame on those people specifically, its a community wide problem.
  5. Any new ships in development right now?

    Saw that on facebook, it's also in the background of one of the other ship teasers. Looks beautiful!!!
  6. I have a question about the tutorial reward ship Hercules, will it be craftable? it says its a rare ship, but if its only available upon completing the tutorial we will probably have a problem with alts just completing tutorial and selling it, rinse and repeat to get rich or arm their entire clan with these ships. If its a strong ship this could be very unfair. Thanks
  7. It wouldn't affect you as you aren't a new player
  8. Making PVE a nightmare will not give you your desired PVP punching bags, it will only kill the game. If you want pvp to revive, make it enjoyable and make it rewarding. So tone down the modules (especially speed mods ffs) and give people decent rewards without "gank zone" of massive fleets. I'm sure this will be improved with coming admiralty rewards, but as is I really don't see this here is improving the game at all. If I log on and don't have time to spend an hour solo hunting (realistically 2+ if you want to achieve anything worthwhile) or go do a new mission that has spawned in the middle of hello kitty knows where, I'll just log off... fixed it for ya
  9. Looks good but limiting PVE mission cancellations is going to be incredibly annoying. I now have to sail all the way to grand anse or farther in a tanky PVE ship if I want to solo a 1st rate fleet order? no thanks, there are only so many hours in the day. These missions already give diminished rewards compared to random AI fleets, now you have to sail for even longer distances to get them. Other than that, looks awesome! Edit also light ships are now just there fro the memes for anything but the shallows, two rounds of chain for a 6lb gun is nothing and they can't do much else in the thickness meta. Riperonis pickle/yacht adventures.
  10. A reward for staying alive / not getting sunk // captivity option

    I think that penalties for dying could work well for the long term, if they are used not to punish losing (that would just drive off players from pvp and achieve nothing as the admin states) but rather as a background for better surrender/striking colors mechanics. Crew is so cheap that it's no reason to surrender, but if the character's own life is at stake they will be more inclined to surrender in a more realistic way (once all other options are exhausted and defeat is inevitable.) i think is someone fights, loses, and strikes their colors before being sank, they should suffer no penalty save for the loss of their ship. Historically very few battles actually were fought till one of the belligerents literally sank and their entire crew was killed down to the last man.
  11. A reward for staying alive / not getting sunk // captivity option

    There could be this, but also some negotiating options. For instance letting players have several "offers" they prepare before setting sail, like "keep ship lose cargo" or "keep 2 of my merchant ships you get the third." or "Surrender and you keep 1 or your ships and all the cargo you can fit on it." and then let people make offers while in the battle. If you are willing to accept their offer, either to surrender to you or surrender yourself, then you can accept it. If its just a "surrender and I promise to do x" then yes it would be all just word of mouth, but if its done through ingame processes they couldn't break their deal without becoming a pirate. That way there is an element of reputation involved for some situations, but also some accountability.
  12. A reward for staying alive / not getting sunk // captivity option

    I think there should be stiffer repercussions for dying and a surrender system. Possibly even the ability to negotiate a surrender, IE offer to surrender and let the enemy take your cargo and let you keep your ship etc. If you surrender you didn't die, and neither did your crew, and there would still be fights, just fights that ended once defeat was inevitable for one side.
  13. Any new ships in development right now?

    I just want a xebec
  14. Accidentally dismissing ships when removing from fleet

    Or also have a time delay between dismissing or breaking up a ship and the ship actually being destroyed. Perhaps in the bottom right corner a message "breaking up/dismissing _______, 9 minutes [cancel]"
  15. While I think all mods/wood types are way to extreme right now and would prefer 5% caps and much less dramatic modifiers, I agree that demasting is a more skill based and interesting meta than chaining. Perhaps taking some of the depth of demasting and applying them to chain mechanics could help too. (Punching an itty bitty hole in a sail vs chopping off a ton of rigging with a very well aimed broadside and having the entire sail flop to the deck)