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  1. Changing Nations

  2. Changing Nations

    Thanks RNMM, I feel safer already. Rgds: Jeff
  3. Changing Nations

    A couple of questions on changing allegiances in game. 1. The 'Forged Papers' redeemable suggests moving all or most of your assets into a 'Free Town'. What happens to any assets that are residing in a 'Neutral Port'? 2. I realized that I'm going to lose warehouse space and anything in the warehouses I'm leaving behind, but what happens to my Dock Space? I have 12 ships currently and I'd hate to see them disappear by being sunk due to a return to a 5 ship limit. Rgds: Jeff
  4. Missing BP's and dura's

    Ah...OK....but it seems like a huge waste of crafting time and resources to whip up a Vic or a Santi to end up with a 1 dura ship.
  5. Missing BP's and dura's

    After the last patch the BP's for the Navy Brig and Mortar Brig disappeared from my ship crafting window. Not exactly a complaint since I'm well past that level but I did wonder what happened to them. I've also crafted 2 exceptional Constitutions over the last week and both have slid off the end of the slipway with only 4 dura's each. This is much more of a problem as far as I'm concerned. Rgds
  6. Missing BP

    Nope, it was both, the ship at the dock and the BP in the Ship Crafting section. Rgds
  7. Missing BP

    Been back a week and a half or so, the BP was there until the patch. Rgds
  8. Missing BP

    Took a hiatus from NA for awhile and returned to some changes, among them crafting. As an original tester I got the yacht etc. and along with it the BP for the Renommee. After the latest patch I found that the Renommee BP had disappeared from the ship crafting section. Any explanation? Rgds
  9. Well, no matter what shot is used the fact remains that it's far too easy. The way things are going we might have to rename all the ships in the fleet to "Bob" Rgds: Jeff
  10. OK, I'll change that to 'aim above the weather deck ye buggars and pray to God and King'. Like you say SP, we don't have bar shot and it was no great shakes as an armament anyway. It's shape didn't improve accuracy and with the limited elevation and depression available on the the cannon at that time could only be used under certain circumstances. If I remember correctly, it also had an annoying habit of blowing up the gun and killing crew by jamming in the breech. Must have been 'interesting' living in times when your weapons were almost as much danger to you as to the enemy. Rgds: Jeff
  11. From what I've read about naval combat in the 18th-19th century we shouldn't have the ability to target masts at all. Any shot fired from a smoothbore cannon using black powder was notoriously inaccurate. Just hitting the hull was an art in itself, a combination of skill, timing and intuition. No sane gunners mate would ever have told his crew to 'aim for the mast ye buggars'. Not to say dismasting didn't occur, but it was infrequent and random chance. Also, because of the complexity and interaction of the rigging, if dismasting did occur it took most of the stays, shrouds, yards etc. from all the other masts down with it; obviously a disastrous result for HMS Bad Luck. I've completely stopped sailing the rates because many players have found this to be very effective at turning anything from a frigate to a Santi into a well-armed barge. Once you've weathercocked and without the ability to drop anchors and use them to turn in place you don't have many options. All they have to do is stay out of the cone of fire from your broadsides and pound you into toothpicks. This one needs a serious nerf. Rgds: Jeff
  12. Chat Problems still

    No notification that states that I'm unregistered for chat etc, I do get that one, but very rarely. In this case from the UI after a finished game the chat input window is available but the larger global chat message window that's usually above the input window seems to be missing. Messages typed into the input window appear in that window, but when 'entered' do not appear above the input window as should be the case. Any messages that other players may send can not be received until a program reload. I've been unable to determine if messages that I type in and enter appear in any other players global chat window under these circumstances. Rgds: Jeff
  13. Chat Problems still

    We've still got this one: Global Chat works when first logged into the UI and in-game chat works fine but after a game is finished Global Chat is no longer available from the UI. The only way to fix it so far is to shut down NA and then restart. Rgds: Jeff
  14. I apologize if I was misconstrued in my post. Groupies is my own term and has never been used in game, it's just my own name for these 'Groups'. As intelligent mariners yourselves you can of course call them what you like. And it was Independant Action and Team Support; there was no or involved. I'll always support the team to the best of my abilities. Rgds: Jeff
  15. We already have small groups of 'friends' that show up online together, jump into PVP together and then proceed to call other members of their team the usual names if they don't follow the lead of these self appointed 'Admirals'. These teams usually end up in a ball of death because the 'Admiral' couldn't get a Cutter through the eye if his life depended on it without having to back sails after getting caught in irons. Which they can't do anyway, having never bothered to learn manual sails. Just wait Admiral, the current will push you around eventually. I've started calling this bunch 'The Groupies', and just tend to ignore them and their 12 yr. old attitudes, which often places my craft in the 'Independent Action and Team Support' category. On the other hand at certain times of the day I find PVE attractive just to avoid the Groupies. The AI Captains may not be much competition, but they also don't spend the entire game in chat spouting preadolescent whining and insults. A blessing in itself. Rgds: Jeff