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  1. I'm assuming the French Gunnery Sargent increases the range of your rear cannons for when you are running away. Thanks for the prompt patch notes...and for the patch
  2. Global : Are Hostility Missions Broken

    Thanks for the reply @Ink....according to the notes though we shoulnd't have been able to take the missions though...as opposed to being able to take them and then no lovely hostility. I think the system is goofed...and it should be a limit of 3 against any NATION and NO LIMIT against these neutral gits. Annnd I thought we could attack our own nation ports too ? Is that not a thing.
  3. We can and I suppose we will. But with 240+ neutral ports left 'open' some may see it a tad premature/aggressive. I was calling for this a couple of days ago...but I have to say many folks feel it will squish nations/players before they have a chance to setup. I think as I have said 234234002394 times already the limit of 3 should be against NATIONS not Neutrals. I know you need to also consider the long term. We have 210 players on at our peak, so ya know.
  4. This is a bit confusing ? So we CAN pickup hostility missions. We have FOUR Battles for brits in queue. But when we do hostiltiy missions we get ZERO points. So REALLY we can only have THREE port battles scheduled...and then go have a break from the game ?? as far has port capture is confirmed ? Worst idea ever....game over port battle wise for us 'post shutdown' players.... PANTS.
  5. 2 completed hostility missions on Global (Truxillo) and ZERO hostility generated ??
  6. The new patch has landed and its Monopoly : Naval Action edition. Clans are out carving up their empire and taxing the buggery out of everyone, lets have a look at what thats all about shall we.
  7. Tax

    What a lovely map !! thanks man.
  8. Tax

    Do you have a link ?
  9. Tax

    I would be interested to know what is and isn't taxed. The swing in income is high. We have one port that in 24 hours, generated ZERO income !! What's going on there then (well nothing is the answer...nothing is going on there). To help us pick the best ports to capture, knowing what : Is In. Will be in. Will NEVER be in. would be a great help. PS, Would also love to be able to set a CLAN tax. To help earn clan monies....and.....PLEASE give us a deposit/withdrawal log on the clan warehouse.
  10. Port battles having the wrong time.

    So a bit of an update, this all seems fixed now (on Global at least), we have been able to have lots of battles in the queue (six at most I think) and thus no more time problems. So...errr....thanks and woohoo !
  11. Port battles having the wrong time.

    I note we can now have 4 for GB at the same time ? this is is good....is there a new limit in town ?
  12. Port battles having the wrong time.

    his latest posts infers he is close
  13. Port battles having the wrong time.

    Given the admin explicitly said they didn't understand the problem...why do you think they do ? As for waiting......Thats NEVER then !! Its an EASY FIX. Remember the time (computers are great at stuff like that) that you hit 100%, then when 100% becomes a schedule, use THAT TIME for the 22 hours maths. EAF