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  1. Well my first Aussie summer on Global...I will be home and fed Mrs J in about 90mins, so that gives me an hour before shutdown...then restart gives me about 90 mins before bed. Other than burning crafting hours and the odd trade run no time for any real 'stuff' and PB's are just gone on weeknights now.
  2. Surely there can be some automated shutdown and restart by now...its like 2yrs on....i love my NA and am having a ball in legends...but c'mon....9pm for a 30 to 90 min shutdown
  3. Our clocks changed a month ago. It was 7pm shutdown...then 8pm after change...then 9pm....at the moment they take the Global and EU servers down at the same time For best fit for Euro.
  4. For some reason the restart of global moved BACK an hour, so its now 9pm...so home from work, eat, feign love for the family..and its say 730, maybe 8 and we are then can get on at perhaps 9.30/10pm....it was 10.35 last night.... So not enough time to play when I get home...not enough time after restart. I basically can't play naval action during the week. Poop. ...and then you turn legends off BEFORE restart ! Think ill go play something else again tonight. Given by the time the patch is in its 10.30-11.00 C'mpm chaps,. show us Aussies some love...35 ports we have on global, the most of any clan.
  5. The Prussians, Russians and Poles arrive in the Caribbean (I will need to check my history books..I wasn't paying attention apparently) and the Pirates continue their win streak of the Brits. All this and more in this week L2tK. And Reb...I forgot to move my Tally Pics again....blame Mrs J...I do.
  6. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Happened yesterday and didn't see anything in patch notes...also happened last week....
  7. Another good week for the skull and crossbones as the Brits and Americans get done again, although the Brits take give some back
  8. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Sounds good...sick of doing the right thing in PvP but no rewards. There seems to be a MAJOR collision bug where ships 'explode' away from each other losing almost all their side and hull. I am sure one of the pirates can link you a vid !!
  9. Uninstalling

    Been a while me old...cya again someday I hope, was great fun when we sailed
  10. VSCO Challenges GA to a 5v5

    Our 'try to find times' where most of us can die gloriously will also apply to AIB if they want it, I am sure at the weekend AIB can come with as many allies as they want and meet us in mucho biffo (I think thats Portuguese). I too hope they don't 'give up'. Find someone who can chat to them. Right back on topic. VCshameO v GA
  11. VSCO Challenges GA to a 5v5

    Your icon / avatar and this post....consistency in action.
  12. VSCO Challenges GA to a 5v5

    For those in the Brit nation who may not be overly informed. GA actively support and send timber in the hands of skilled captains to their Brit allies. They (along with other Brit Clans) not only help in the pre/battle/post battle but they also assist captains who have lost their ships to get replacements, to 'go again'. Earlier this week an Armed port (Jeremie) was attacked at 'noon' Aussie time on a Tuesday (the sacred day of work here in Australia) by Pirate Clan AIB. This is fine its Global...it does open the door for reprisals (that is all done and dusted) but I need to do a MAJOR tip of the hat to GA (and CKA) who turned up along with a couple of ARMED lads and valiantly defended (wrecking the enemy fleet) the Port. I also tip my hat to the Blood/Black lads who didn't pile in on this as Armed and Blood/Black love to bash each other (witness the Carnage at Carta) but try to do so in times that mean the maximum number of us can die a glorious death. So there can be as much a feud between VCSO (shame) and GA as there is. I whole heartily support such a feud and wish both sides much violence, mayhem and PvP. However any accusation GA don't assist their Brit comrades, based purely on my own eyeball witness (and listening to some of them as they jump on TS at 5AM) is scurrilous #FakeNews.
  13. Sticks and stones may break my bones...but words emotional scar me for life and resulted in me living alone in this cabin...with Kevin...the wombat.
  14. Why.....wasn't it a great week for the pillagers ?
  15. A great week to be a dirty pirate scumbag with several big victories, the Brits and the 'Mericans left licking their wounds...but overall much fun was had, all this and more in this weeks L2tK