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  1. Repair/Hold Speed Penalty

    psssst, don't tell any one ;-)
  2. ESSEX Manoverability

    Not quite sure what you are trying to tell us with that. I realy like the essex befor the wipe and hap afew of them in diffrented builds, but atm it feels broken and of couse haveing at least some bow chaser would be very nice ;-) .
  3. ESSEX Manoverability

    This has been dbroad up befor by Kanay: And that was the reply he got from Ink Personaly i noticed it was well, i have a Fir/Teak Essex but when you start a tack with good speed you lose it all in a few sec after getting the nose though the wind
  4. Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    Unfortunately i had the same issue (also Telekom) but just when i started a mission. I tried to log in a few times but couldn't. When logged back in now i was in Port and my ship was gone...
  5. Wapen von Hamburg III

    It is not totaly crap, same Hp and 1 cm more ammor then the aga, better turn rate, but less Cannons. It is a about 0.6kn slower then the aga but relative good upwind and it has 4 bow and stern chaser.
  6. Crafting tree

    The BP are unlooked by the crafting rank, so if you looking to sell ships there should be a market for Endymions, the Essex is a bit more rare since it doesn't have chaser and there for it is rarely used for PvP. If you tring to level up crafting it is still best to build trader lynx/ t. brigs with the peak that reduce lh for 6-7thr rates.
  7. Upgrades and speed meta

    Yeah, ever since the dev introduced the first upgrades we get this very OP upgrades/ refits/ skills and combinations. They nerv then most OP once now and then, but sofar we have yet to see reasonable balanced upgrades.
  8. Ghost Ships (Player) in OW

    Looks a bit like the Santi was in the battle group and you couldn't pull it into the battle, strange that a battle was started anyway. The ships that join after the battle started where useing the join circles from ow.
  9. The port speed is the speed that is shown as max speed for the ship in port, it used to be a fix value per ship type. Since it is not any more (weight, skills/upgrades/refits, wood) we used the base speed value to compare different ships, here it is the value you get when you mouse over a ship when in port, warning that value can be affected by the hold weight of the ship you have currently selected. For making the sailing profiles we used to do sailing tests (in battle instances), but since Jodgi found out about the API data we tried to get a conversion of the API factors (multipliers for the differented points of sail). And as you noticed you need to convert/correlat the API max Speed to in battle speed (here port base speed for a empty ship with no speed modifers) For that we collected the base speed for the ships we had access to in game and the API data for thier max speed and i made a simple linear regression to get a coreation between API and base speed. I didn't get the API myself so i can't say anything about possible errors there. But the port base speeds can have transfer errors, typos or errors due to weight in the cargo hold of your selected ship.
  10. Rum and repairs

    I still think you should get some exp and gold for every repair you force your enemy to use, if they repair the hull 3x it is like killing a full ship (without rep) but if they get away in the end you get nothing for it.
  11. I just got around to finaly test my essex i crafted a while ago and i can confirm that it deaccerats alot when it goes though the wind, it look like the cutter bug to me. I am sure it wasn't there on the test server since i sail the essex there i bit befor the wipe.
  12. “Being Prepared…” and Norfolk’s hard lesson

    Side note be carfull about sailing around with action boarding perp, when you are in boarding you will suffer higher crew losses. That is why that grap broadside in your stern was so deadly. Giveing out that super slow Indis to everyone is a bit of a evil joke when handing out those fast bermuda surprises as well
  13. Keep in mind that the data from those ship is only the current state acourding to API, they are not releast yet and i guess the devs will work on them befor that happens. And befor the devs fix all that speed stacking and the 15kn hard cap the sailing profils don't realy matter that much anyway.
  14. The Conquest. Part 1. PORT BATTLE Mechanics

    I have to say i like the general idea, i noticed one importened thing though, you tie the troops to shipknowledge i think this can't work as long as we have the current op skillbooks, since it will take a way alot of fighting power from the attacking side. I would say it is better to have the troops in the hold of the ship or maybe have spezial landing ships, like a Indiaman with a refit(landig boats) or something. In other thing is that loping shoots in the sails from max distance shoudn't halt the landing or the defender will only kits the landing sites as long as the can.
  15. Yesterday one of my clan mates got 4 bottles in 1 h and one more on the way to one of the wreaks, it is just random.