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  1. 1 Pood cannons imba

    If they fire hollow shells the pentration should be lower then a same caliber gun at the same shell velocity especially against angled ammor, since the density of the shot plays a very imported roll there (higher density = better pen vs angled hull at the same energie).
  2. Ideas for new gunnery mechanics and also swivels baby!

    I remember there has been so discusions about the vertical stabilision effect you get from the fast vertical aim that follows the mouse and not the deck (main issue is/was gameplay/fun vs realisum if i remember correct) . But is seems to be a very well worked out idea for an alternative to the current system, i would be all up for testing that one.
  3. GUI Problem

    The hyperinflation is real, time for a central bank to increase the gobal interests or more money sinks.
  4. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    Forged paper are great, i keep a stack of them to set my ships ablaze the day befor release wipe.
  5. Alternative to Cannon Grind

    Atm only with 12pd vs 18pd you have some what a option: a bit more alpha or a bit faster reload since both guns have about the same pen.
  6. Group size balancing

    i wouldn't might fighting more ship if it is only 1 cap or if the caps are close, but if you have 3 cap far apart the more ship are a big advatage.
  7. i had a battle today with 3 N brigs (in a group) + 1 cutter vs 2 N brigs + 4 cutter. We lost since one cutter sailed of and cap 3 circle at the start. After we sunk 5 ships the wind just turned against me when i tried to get to the last cutter and last circle befor they reached 1000 points.
  8. When it come to turning you have the rotational inertia which is a depending on the body's mass distribution for the rotation axis, you have the lever arm for the drag and you have the lever arm for the acting sail force, as well as the rudder force. So in this case a longer hull has a bigger resistance to turning, but since the mast are further apart the lever arm for the sail force is bigger.
  9. Yeah finally a reason to play some NA again .
  10. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    @slik So will there be an other round of testing this weekend? Since the server are not yet online.
  11. is there a preferred Legends ship upgrade path?

    I think it will go faster for now to just level though all the ships since you get so small general/free (or what ever it is called) exp that you need to skip ships.
  12. Yes you had to click on the ship in OW first and then click hail to see the ship type and nation, later we got autohail so you only had to click on the ship.
  13. Yeah i get stuck at processing... when i try to start the game atm
  14. One way that could brings some meaning to unrated ships is to have some areas/objectives in shallow water areas (but that is basicly two different battles in one instace). Or maybe have some kind of fog of war with enemy visiblity limited by range and rate and line of sight, the tricky part is to reward the classes enought for meaning full game play and to make meaning full game play fun as well.
  15. Sharing the beta key

    Since I can see this subforum but i never applied for legends, i don't think everyone that can read here has the key.