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  1. Best RVR clan in games history

    Of couse we are on the platte that much since we never took part in the forum RvR only the real PB, but it was only a short time after EA on Steam that we could field a full 25 PB (with capptured 3rd rates back then) and were holding the west for weeks against SLRN in the Danish 3 front war (Brits, Swedish and French) till the black Friday. I realy miss the old Trafalgars though, best fun i ever had in this game.
  2. Port Battle Limit

    How about limiting the max players per PB like 10-15 (like most of the smaller ports), since fielding a full 25 player PB is very hard for most clans (i think there are only very few clan that can do that). And then in return increase the amout of possible attacking PB. I am not sure if there is a max to the amout of defencive PB you can set vs a Nation atm, does any one know about that?
  3. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    I agree with the gunload, HP and crew the wasa should be a 3rd rate and not a 4th rate.
  4. Ship book grid poll

    I like the 4 x 3 version since i am useing a 16:9 screen and it uses the space better.
  5. What about the multirepairs in battle? Do plan to fix them, like get rid of them or longer cool down and slower repairs? Will the upgrades/skills and refits be balanced? And what about the rare to get overpower regional refits like carthena refit?
  6. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    The essex bowspire is also around 10% Sail and no Riggening shock when lost.
  7. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    For me switching between two ships did the trick.
  8. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    It is alive
  9. testbed is still off look at Ink post just a few posts up.
  10. Combat ship speed vs OW ship speed

    This is a problem that comes from them using a simplified sailing model in Ow for performence resons. So they can't apply force modifier in OW. Not sure why they feel we need to have those in battle (only messes things up).
  11. If you have the API speed data and the base speed off some ships you can make an interpolation (linear fit is good enought). The formula you mentioned is the linear fit to the API/Port Speed data i had at hand back then. If the API data has changed since then please share the new once and i can update the fit.
  12. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    For me personaly the current iteration of NA is the least fun one in a long time (and i play since Sea Trail) atm i only play a bit of eco to be ready if the game becomes more fun again. While i like the new Wood Types and the Idea with the shipkowledge i find some of the other changes half-heartedly or oppositional. For exsamble you intcreased gun dmg and reduced HP and thickniss to make battles faster, but then also introduce multiple of 30% HP, that prolong the fight and make them repeat (why do i have to chain or demast the guy till he runs out of rep to finaly catch him?). Also multi rep benefit the stronger side more then the weaker side so make the scaling of unbalanced fight even worse. You want to get rip of expensvie upgrades with the new ship knowledge, but then you come up with the new more expensvie and even harder to get refits (some of then cost 1-3x the price of a ship) and make the best skillbooks only as rng drops. Also quite alot of the skill books are very unbalanced (benefit per slot so to say) for exsample the Art of Ship Handling or Book of Five Rings vs Trim by the Stern. As long as the skill books give you so big befits your are kind of forced to grind out your ship with PvE if you want to do PvP, even more so since the exp reward for PvP is a joke compared to the time need to get any kills (good luck chaining anyone down enough to catch up with them as long as they still have repairs). Also why can't at least ships of the same size share some exp, it is not like you learn that much new stuff if you sail a ingermanland instead of a wappen or a Aga or a P. Frigate instead of Cherubin or a Belle Poule? Also it doesn#t realy make sense that the sailing exp doesn't count to the shipsknowledge. Just a few thing that bother me in NA atm and came to mind while reading here.
  13. the testbed server was up yesterday, but i don't think it is patched yet. I am sure we will get a notic/post from admin when it is.
  14. The key is public and the same for all, just copy it into the field show in the pic and press check code. You will be able to select the beta testbed build or the normal one (you have to patch the game evey time you switch)
  15. Took me longer to find this, with the search, then i would have thought: (Key: FcaH2KzZXutz )