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  1. Patch Notes & Feedback

    @Surcouf relis ta première phrase... Toutes les 'expériences' ne sont pas bonnes à dire... ;-)
  2. L'Hermione Needs Improvements

    'Ceci est hors de question, Monsieur !' ('No way, Sir!')
  3. Once upon a time... a long time ago... there was AI aggressiveness. Its coming-back was (is ?) expected.
  4. What is next for NA in 2018?

    Jodgi on the PvE server + a dedicated Youtube channel. Believe me.
  5. The PvE server deserves a name too

    Me too... "Placid" might not be what PvE-ers look for on that server first. Still waiting for AI aggressiveness btw... (but who am I...) btw Jodgi, I was expecting more fun from your own 'sneaky jab' Not your best one. Me sad.
  6. The PvP server has a name : "Careb... Caribbean". Oh... my poor english... It'd be nice if the PvE server also had a name. What about the name of an Explorer + "(PvE only)" ? Have a wonderful end-of-year time, all of you
  7. Sélection de navires 2017

    Allez passez de bonnes fêtes !!! Profitez bien. Et abusez avec un peu de modération, mais pas trop
  8. Changement de nation sans papiers.

    Une seule possibilité : deviens pirate. -- Ouais mais Pirate, c'est pas une nation ! -- Mais si ! -- Mais non !!!
  9. Give some Love to the PvE Server.

    On the PvE server, we need : 1) AI aggressiveness (tagging bots) 2) Vahines on the beach
  10. Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    It could be fun as an April fool's joke. Please, devs, consider it for a 1st April 2018 fake patch ;-)
  11. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    PvPers are doomed... doomed to write flaming National News, chase alts and cheaters and speak of PvE-ers... a lot. Meantime, Pve-ers play...
  12. Patch Notes & Feedback

    Vous auriez pu faire un effort et donner aux patch un petit nom. Ça se fait sur d'autres jeux. Celui-là, avec son "réalisme de la manoeuvre", aurait pu s'appeler "The Surcouf's patch". Quoi que... en lisant de plus près... Il fallait oser mettre ensemble : Surcouf un commentaire ? "Encore plus vite, toujours plus haut"
  13. Most Powerful Seafaring Nations in the Game's Timeline

    The Athenians had the best Navy ever. ('ever' covers 'the Game's Timeline', right ?) (Sorry, Sella22, but...) (no need of data, right ?)
  14. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    Creating the genitive of devs (developers) = fun attempt. "Vox populi, Vox devi" = "the voice of the people is NA devs' voice" Too bad, my joke failed...
  15. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    Indeed. But now it's too late to say so. It wasn't when devs settled the rules of this poll or when voters massively started voting for the three 3-Rates. Vox populi, Vox devi.