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  1. LeBoiteux

    Suggested priorities for further development

    But what do you want so much ?
  2. LeBoiteux

    Suggested priorities for further development

    well this is purely a matter of taste. I guess one could see it the other way around... However NA has a timeframe. It's not NA Trafalgar. 🙂
  3. LeBoiteux

    Suggested priorities for further development

    I wouldn't say 'No more British ships' as there are still lots of interesting British ones to add (and from a lot of other countries too). But I would definitely say : 'Enough of ships that took part in the Battle of Trafalgar'. If I ain't mistaken (and, believe me, I'm far from knowing anything about this battle :-), we've already had and will have in game a lot of ships that were part of this battle (please correct me if I'm wrong) : The Montañés A Téméraire class (even if we don't the specific ship, such as Le Pluton (?), we'll have at least the same class) The Santissima HMS Victory Le Bucentaure If 1st Rates were to be added some day, what about ships from another Battle ? What about another period ? Chesapeake, for example ? *cough, cough* "Messieurs les Anglais, tirez les premiers !" 🙂 PS : don't you dare even beginning to articulate a word starting with Nil... 😀 Joke aside, older 1st Rates (and Sol in general... and ships) would be nice. The Wapen feels alone.
  4. LeBoiteux

    DLC in the future?

    To me, it's a valid reason for very-casual players who immediately want one ship of a given type as soon as they press play (while they 'rarely' press play).
  5. LeBoiteux

    HMS Victory

    I like the Cerberus. May I, too, get a buff for her ?
  6. LeBoiteux

    DLC in the future?

    Indeed, her French version before capture (with 30 guns), L'Unité, could be interesting as a cheap DLC...
  7. LeBoiteux

    Flags Flags Flags

    I asked myself the same question. Seeing the DLC picture, I guess it'll be a single 'pass for custom flags' I guess most players are mainly interested in a favorite nation (at least for a few months/years) but I might be mistaken.
  8. LeBoiteux

    DLC in the future?

    I did not know. 🙂 It partly answers OP question : no DLC 4th rate ship.
  9. LeBoiteux

    DLC in the future?

    Please don't derail this thread in another 'X is OP' 'No, she isn't' 🙂 as indeed : It could be an interesting to list all those possibilities according to players in a thread...
  10. LeBoiteux

    DLC in the future?

    IMHO, 24hr cool-down for ships DLC is great as it allows casual gamers who aren't in a clan and don't have time for crafting to fight at least once a day in a nice/non-basic ship, without changing much of the other gamers' life (especially, the crafters). It makes NA a bit more accessible. More DLC are needed. To this end, the idea of making nice in-game ships DLCs could be logically understood. But selling free things sounds weird, even though in-game ships are not totally free, they are time-consuming. What about cheap DLCs being in-game ships with a special cosmetic feature ? And more unique DLC ships, of course...
  11. LeBoiteux

    DLC in the future?

    I don't get what you mean here : as these are ships that are actually in game... I guess you mean "Ships similar to the in-game LGV, La Belle Poule... would sell" In that case : yes Light combat ships, such as : La Panthère/HMS Amazon or 4-pdr Corvettes from the mid-18th century, such as L'Amarante (or so many others), beautiful ones for connoisseurs. 😉
  12. LeBoiteux

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    the edition of my post and your reply at the same time 😉
  13. LeBoiteux

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    The idea behind TP fees might indeed be : more ships in OW = more OW pvp.
  14. LeBoiteux

    Flags Flags Flags

    by replacing the use of the white flag for ceasefire/surrender (a use that doesn't belong to NA timeframe) with lowering the national flag (or, at least, its immediate disappearance) ? I guess it needs some coding.
  15. LeBoiteux

    233 year anniversary of the Battle of Saintes

    One can read in de Grasse's memoirs (p. 27) a nice turn of phrase of the 18th cent. French : "Signaling manoeuvres to friendly ships with various flags' is "Talking to others' eyes" ("Parler aux yeux des autres") 🙂