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  1. Crafting a Sol will take 1 day while crafting a brig will take a week. But hush ! It's a secret.
  2. Take away the GPS

    I do the same thing in my apartment !
  3. I love small Corvettes/ship sloop. HMS Kingfisher carries 14 x 6-pdr, according to threedecks.org. She makes me think of the beautiful French 12-gun Amarante (1747) :
  4. Take away the GPS

    1) Navigation without anything wasn't that difficult, was fun and added a bit of randomness and danger : you didn't know precisely where you "landed". 2) Then there was navigation with 3rd-party tools, still based mostly on your compass, such as : http://tdamap.com/portmap.html http://burningsail.com Still a bit fun and much more easier. 3) Then there was the current in-game GPS. Nobody obliges players to use it. You can still use your compass and nothing else. That's what I do most of the time. And when I'm a bit lazy, I check ma location with the GPS. In sum, navigation without GPS added an activity while in OW, added content to OW... But there were lots of complaints in Steam review and NA forum, so... Navigation without GPS is still possible for those who want, but do we have to impose it for all, knowing some might quit because of it ? Combat is skill-based. Navigation could also be skill-based and funnier. All it takes is removing GPS (and... maybe add some more content in OW). Hardcore is the trendy keyword, so...
  5. Try this again

    There are easy alternatives. Yet you complain ?
  6. Try this again

    And as anybody you'll be able to use Discord (voice and text chat) that NA gamers will certainly set up as a substitute for Global chat, such as this one :
  7. Get used to it : everything gonna be hardcore in NA : fishing, AFK, even watching your screen
  8. Patch Notes & Feedback

  9. Vive la France- the Republic grows - PvP2/Global

    On a compris que tu voulais que le jeu se déroule sous l'Empire Pas forcément ma période préférée... C'est ça aussi l'intérêt d'un jeu qui ne fixe pas de date précise. On peut RP la période que l'on veut.
  10. Patch Notes & Feedback

    Merci. Ca sert à quoi dans le jeu ?
  11. Vive la France- the Republic grows - PvP2/Global

    Et c'est inversé 4 ans plus tard : Décret du 27 pluviôse an II (15 février 1794) : « le pavillon national sera formé des trois couleurs nationales, disposées en bandes verticalement, de manière que le bleu soit attaché à la gauche du pavillon, le blanc au milieu et le rouge flottant dans les airs ». _____ D'ailleurs, l'inversion de 1790 se retrouve (toujours aujourd'hui) sur la cocarde. Mais une cocarde se lit de l'intérieur vers l'extérieur http://www.megafete.be/boutique/13033-large/cocarde-tricolore-france.jpg Louis XVI obligé de porté la cocarde tricolore (et de boire à la santé de la patrie):
  12. Vive la France- the Republic grows - PvP2/Global

    btw the first French Navy tricolor Flag seems to date back to 1790 and the Constitutional Monarchy (ie before the 1st Republic) : "Décret de l'Assemblée constituante des 24-31 octobre 1790 : est fixée la disposition des couleurs dans les différents pavillons des vaisseaux de guerre et des bâtiments de commerce : le rouge tenant au bâton, le blanc au milieu et le bleu à l'extrémité." Source : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drapeau_de_la_France
  13. Vive la France- the Republic grows - PvP2/Global

    NA timefranme : 1690-1820 +/- 10 years, that is, in France : about 100 years of Monarchy (1690-1793) : Renommée, Gros Ventre, Hermione about 20 years of 1st Republic (1793-1804) : L'Unité (HMS Surprise in game), Start of building of Le Bucentaure in 1802 from a 1787 Tonnant-class plan (right ?). (only) about 10 years of 1st Empire (1804-1815) about 15 years of Monarchy again (1815-1830) Je dis ça, je dis rien...
  14. What do you mean by bugged ? I did one. It worked. Reward of the highest rank mission might have changed though.