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  1. the mighty books

    Naval Action 2018 State of the Game:
  2. I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the belief that Naval Action can be great again. I have a dream that one day Naval Action will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “This is a PvP focused game with a biased toward realism when it does not compromise fun factor.” I have a dream that one day on the port of Mortimer Town the former slaves to the lord of GRIND and RNG LOOT will be able to sit down at the table of common sense and realize this system is terrible. I have a dream that one day even a new player, those suffering in the sweltering heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be able to play NA and have access to pvp without the soul crushing demands of grinding NPC's for months. I have a dream that my four friends will one day return to Naval Action where they will not be doomed to failure because they do not have the right gear but rather measured by the content of their skill. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day, over in Ukraine, with its vicious carebear love of grinding, with its lead developer having his lips dripping with the words of RNG loot and absurdity; one day right there in Game-Labs studios, little pirate boys and pirate girls will be able to join hands with little brit boys and brit girls and have pvp determined by skill rather than gear checks. I hate virtually everything post 10.0 patch where it became some warped disfigured game weighed down by the albatross of gear, grind, and multiple repairs.....someday soon I pray we are free of this and we can return to a better place....and on that day we will join arm in arm in every port across the ocean and cry out " Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, we are free at last!" * Inspired by MLK and the oppression of racism....which to me is pretty much what we have here in NA except its a war against those who do not like boring mind numbing soul crushing gameplay.
  3. Poll: Grinding ship slots and rare books?

    The three people who like the grind must be the same people who prefer cable.....
  4. Safe Zones - A better way

    I believe the problem lies at the very foundation of what the game is intended to be. Is this a PvP focused game or is it a PVE focused game? The devs have obviously struggled with this very simple yet core question. by there own admission, when it was in very early development, it was to be primarily a PvP game with PvE available. Somewhere during the course of development the need to shift focus more toward PvE and the more "traditional" grind of PvE as a source of accomplishment or achievement crept into their minds. I'm not sure exactly why this happened....change in the money backing the development or just a belief that they needed to appeal to a larger audience? Regardless, I understand the desire to provide content that appeals to a wide variety of players but i don't agree with the implementation of the strategy. I'm not a PvE player so correct me if i'm wrong on this folks.....but I believe what you desire more than anything is actual content. For example, a much more developed and interesting mission system. Something where your "missions" are closer to what one might call "quests" in other MMO's. Not so much kill "x" number of NPC's but rather more complex and interesting. Currently, there is nothing interesting about the mission system. If someone had this as an assignment and came back with the current mission system as content I would give them an "F" as it lacks even the most basic of effort. The truly sad part is that they have a wealth of opportunity to develop PvE content that would be interesting to PvE focused players but would add to the PvP and RvR world. Of the top of my head I could think of things that could be created like exploration missions, Trade ship cargo escorts missions, more developed and interesting treasure map/ship wreck exploration, war zones that pay out larger monetary rewards for captains who bring in desired cargo to specific ports....I could go on but you get the idea. This kind of stuff is actually interesting and fits right in with the PvP/RvR game world.....you can actively support your nations war effort but not have to be a PvP guy while doing it. Don't try to eliminate the possibility of PvP by having artificial safe zones. It really doesn't accomplish anything other than offer a half measure that nobody is satisfied with. What I have seen over numerous years and wipes is an attempt to make ships valuable and make the loss of them carry "weight". The problem is that after a relatively short period of time many accumulate so much wealth that the loss of a ship becomes virtually meaningless. This is not going to change.....making ships or gear harder to replace simply shifts the burden of loss to the newer or less experienced players. It widens the gap between the haves and the have not's. Those that are newer to the game shun PvP because they cannot afford the risk associated with losing a fight....and it promotes the gank makes right mentality. This is such a dated way of looking at MMO's....stop trying to copy other games and stick with what you preached from your early days. In all honesty, the devs have completely gotten away from what they said NA would be about.....this is why I firmly believe something changed during development in regards to who was guiding it. True PvP'ers want to have good challenging fights. They want to face an opponent where the outcome of the fight is not determined by gear but rather by skill. This is not to say they do not want customization....but this customization should not be dependent upon RNG drops from grinding AI. I do not see how the current system is really appealing to the PvP focused player or the PvE focused player. It simply is in a really crappy no mans land that leaves everyone disappointed. This is why I stopped playing. I simply hate having to grind NPC's for countless hours so I can accumulate the various gear and unlocks to be on the same footing as my opponents during PvP. Yes, I know some will say that is what Legends is for but I think that is missing the point. I love the OW aspect of the game and the random encounters you face....I simply do not like having it tied behind an artificial grind wall that isn't making anyone happy. It isn't adding "content" to PvE'ers and it certainly isn't appealing to PvP'ers....so what the hello kitty is the point of it?! You know what reward I found to be the greatest in PvP? Facing another human opponent and coming out on top or at least giving them one hell of a good fight....that's it. Pure and simple. True PvP players want that competition and challenge.....I don't want to know I won because I outnumbered my opponent 5 to 1 or that I simply had better gear. Anyone who disagrees with those sentiments is not a PvP'er....regardless of what they want to call themselves.
  5. Ship Mods Why?

    Yep, still waiting for the RNG loot crap to go away, limited repairs to return, and mindless ship grind to go away so I can get back to playing.....I must admit, I thought it would take less time for you guys to unf**k your game than it has.
  6. I have not played NA in probably close to a year now though I still try to monitor the forums. I invested a great deal of time and effort into it dating back to early sea trials and still love the game. It amazes me that after what probably has been 3 years...maybe more I have lost track....they still are dealing with so many of the same issues. This game has gone from matchstick masts to indestructible masts, back to matchstick more times then I can remember. They simply have not been able to figure it out. Though, as has been pointed out numerous times the real culprit is cannon accuracy and/or aiming aides. It simply is way too easy to hit masts with individual cannon fire....you can't sit here and want to preach about having a "realistic" age of sail combat game while having laser accurate cannons. You can buff the masts then nerf the masts and keep doing the same dumb crap you have done for 3 years now or maybe start considering the fact that accuracy is the problem? The various mods and books that have been added under the guise of "customization" have in actuality stretched the "realism" quite a bit. The game was far better in my opinion when there were fewer and things depended less on gear and more on captains skill. I will say that Naval Action Legends at least seems to have that going for it. You have some options to slightly tweak your ship but much less Harry Potter magic going on then what NA turned into. I keep holding out hope that the game will get rid of multiple repair kits, RNG loot drops needed for pvp, and ship grind....I'd love to play again but right now I can't even take NA seriously.
  7. Communicate with your players/customers better.

    It's like 2-3 battles to get into a Brig unless I'm misunderstanding you?
  8. Alternative to Cannon Grind

    It's a completely unoriginal trash plan......utter garbage.
  9. Poll on limited use of repairs in battles

    I'd say completely the opposite to be true. I used to fight probably a majority of my fights where I was outnumbered. Having limited repairs actually made it possible to do so....at least to a much greater extent then is possible now. Skill and positioning had a greater role on turning the odds when mistakes during the fight were magnified due to limited repairs. Half of these examples being brought up as an argument for unlimited repairs are so people can run away easier....that isn't fighting that's just running. As I said earlier....games that have limited healing or respawns etc. always have a higher skill level requirement than those that don't. The effectiveness of chain shot, demasting, battle entry timers, and other things are really separate issues that have been debated for years really. However, the repair system was never really on that list. Multiple repairs do nothing beside mask mistakes in combat, benefit the side with more players, and in general lower the skill level required to be successful.
  10. Poll on limited use of repairs in battles

    My theory is they introduced multiple repairs as nothing more than an economy tweak. A way to help spur the production and consumption of raw materials into finished goods needed in combat. The game had been around and tested for years with minimal repair kits.....nobody was asking or complaining about the repair kit situation. This was another classic move by the developers trying to "fix" something that never was viewed as an issue needing to be addressed. It's just one of many terrible decisions they made on their own initiative to "improve" the game. 90% of these changes have been utter disasters. It is a mix of humor and sadness watching alot of these changes being debated now. Old testers had already warned about most of this stuff being a bad idea....because a lot of it had been tested.....but they went ahead and did it anyways. They had a great combat system for a few years.....then decided to introduce a bunch of crap nobody was asking for....and now you have this....a crap product. Just admit the mistakes and go back to what you had when you know you had really good reviews and people loved your game.
  11. Poll on limited use of repairs in battles

    The multiple repairs is one of the reasons I quit playing NA after years of testing. Any game that allows multiple repairs, health kits, re-spawns etc....all lower the skill level needed in game and lesson the impact that mistakes cost you during play. The other major problem I'm surprised doesn't get brought up more often is how multiple repair kits disproportionately favor the side with the numerical advantage.....this probably more than anything else made me lose favor with current NA. If we were outnumbered 4v2 and the enemy got too aggressive or made a few sloppy mistakes you had the potential to force enough damage early, making him burn his repair, and possibly force him out of battle. Now the side with the numbers advantage can have a much easier time...1-2 can sail in hit hard while being somewhat reckless and sail off to repair then come back. I can't think of a single game I have ever played where having multiple repairs, lives, health kits etc. equated to a higher skill level....not a one.
  12. Insta multi boarding

    remove please....
  13. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    http://www.pcgamer.com/do-games-have-enough-respect-for-your-spare-time Interesting article on pcgamer if you have not had a chance to read it.....
  14. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    What I don't understand is why you felt compelled to completely change your development strategy with the 10.0 Patch? For a long time this game was Very or Mostly Positive on Steam....it had high support from long time players and newer players had a much easier time getting into the game. Look back on things and start examining the various changes you made and the impact they brought about compared to what the intended outcome was. I would argue that a lot of these changes did absolutely nothing to improve enjoyment compared to what they had on actual fun. Remember, back before NA even came to Steam and the design philosophy you spoke of? A game that leaned toward realism but always kept fun in mind? Where the hell did those developers go? I remember one comment you guys made about why there wouldn't be a need to carry ammo on our ships ( at least I think it was ammo...might have been repairs) and it was that you viewed it as a needless tedious affair that added little other than take away from pvp'ing...which was FUN. Go read your old posts and comments. You instead went full blown grind which was pointless. The biggest standout feature is the combat, always was and still is, the more mindless ai grinding you essentially force upon players to be competitive in pvp was an awful decision. Why spend time grinding out xp to sail ships? Why spend countless hours grinding npc's for a chance at random loot? Why are you getting away from the plan that obviously way more of your customers enjoyed? It's miserably painful to play this game right now and it had been my favorite for years! People could bring up the issue with declining numbers prior to the 10.0 patch but I believe a lot of that was due to the impending wipe announcement. Many simply said they might as well take a break and wait for the wipe....this announcement was made far too early and did not help. Secondly, the fine woods was nothing short of a fiasco. It was overwhelmingly hated by the players....should have been a good indicator not to go down the "hardcore" grind path. It took a long time for this mistake to be acknowledged which drove off some players but worse was what happened next. In an attempt at goodwill you made overnight multimillionaires out of everyone completely breaking the economy. Then people complained about NA econ being out of whack but this was used as an impetus for some of the 10.0 changes.....the irony. You essentially broke something then said well we have to make it completely different because its broke. Further harm was caused to the economy by giving out free ships from events like candy. "Oh look we need to change something because ships are so meaningless to players".....yea because the market was absolutely flooded with free ships! I might not be the smartest man but don't think you need to be when it's obvious these radical changes have resulted in rapidly falling reviews. I seem to recall a story about some old Star Wars MMO that was very successful till a really bad patch came out and the game tanked.....hmmmm. Anyways, I still believe the blueprint for success to NA exists. That is unless you fired the original development team. If those guys are still there then I implore you to go back and read what you planned for NA and the things you wanted to avoid. You know half this crap is simply not fun for the majority of people....it will never be a major draw and further pursuit of the current flawed path is pointless. Hit the reset button. Take a hard look at every change you have made from 10.0 on and put it to the "fun" test. If it passes and adds enrichment to the game keep it. However, if it doesn't get rid of it while you still have time. People hate RNG...people hate fighting your bad NPC's for ship experience....people hate not being able to relatively easily afford to fight and sometimes lose. Just think how better served NA would have been if 90% of these changes were not made and instead all that development effort had been placed in creating interesting missions for example? We swapped out 1 broken economy for one that I believe is even worse. The plans to make large portions of content, RVR, almost the exclusive grounds for large clans is going to chase even more people away. You guys need to swallow your pride....realize this direction is a disaster....and move forward. The sad part is you have an incredibly fun combat system that is just dragged down with so much introduced time sinks and bloated game play. I sure hope things change as I greatly miss NA.
  15. Balancing of Modules

    Essentially they need to revert a lot of things back to pre -patch 10. We can have the debate about 1 dura ships....I personally don't care one way or the other about the duras if the modules and upgrade system was more or less overhauled. I absolutely hate the RNG aspect for upgrades....completely hate the need to do PVE to get shit that everyone should have access to. The old system we had a few mods such as Marines or Studding Sails that were drop only and people complained that these should have been craftable as well. However, for some reason we made even more upgrades based of RNG drops then before? I seriously don't understand the logic. Make a decision developers. Do you want a RNG based system that rewards those who just grind away on NPC fleets all day or one where players have easy access to customize their ships as they wish? People like customization and building ships to play toward the game strategies....it's fun to try new builds and new tactics. I just am completely confused as to why you would promote a more restrictive system that places an emphasis on RNG? I really don't understand most of what you started to do with the post wipe patch in truth.