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  1. Fredricksburg: 43k inflicted, 7k lost

    I outnumber them by 15k at Stone River. :/ Going to try and finish up the campaign then I will give legendary a run, but as the Union.
  2. Fredricksburg: 43k inflicted, 7k lost

    The far right difficulty. I think it is MG?
  3. Fredricksburg: 43k inflicted, 7k lost

    I could go legendary, but the penalty to my own forces seems silly. Would rather just give the AI a buff without having to use 1842s.
  4. Using all the information I have mined from the forums on combining units and optimizing artillery, this is my result at Fredricksburg. 2 of my artillery brigades dealt upwards of 4k damage each. No cheese tactics, etc. Kinda impressed with myself, being it's my 2nd ever campaign, but I am worried that maybe I broke the Union? The Stone River battle screen shows that I outnumber the Federals by 2,000 men. I hope they can recover to keep me engaged in the later stages of the war.
  5. Combine Unit?

    I just finished Antietam, combined 6 units (creating 3) that were doing gods work at the Burnside Bridge against IX Corp. Worked very well as most commanders were killed early on. Going to play with it a bit, as it seems like a way to easily manage large troop movements when redeploying across the map.
  6. Combine Unit?

    So it used to be an exploit. Got it. How effective is it to combine a brigade with a commander and a brigade without a commander? That is to ask if the net gain in effectiveness outweighs the malice of having 2 small units, and one of those having no commander.
  7. Combine Unit?

    I see combining units being thrown around in threads, but I have not seen a reason why this is a strategy. Could someone enlighten me?
  8. Guns per battery

    I appreciate all the replies. Re stared campaign. Bumped it to MG as the CSA, and am building my artillery to the 12 gun gold standard. Probably going to be posting more questions as the days roll on. Thanks again!
  9. Guns per battery

    As of the final patch to the game, is the 14 gun battery still optimal? Looking at all the parrots and 3 inches I captured in Gettysburg on my first play through.
  10. No-Click Battle?

    Could someone break this down for me? Would it be starting a battle and then walking away from the computer for the duration?
  11. Multiplayer Friend Challenges

    My steam tag is Casacerian2. Germany.