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  1. So Macjimm started messaging me the other day asking questions. His questions itched the part of my brain that has wanted a relatively accurate trip length estimator. I've wanted this tool for 2 years now, and so here it is. I'm sure someone more skillful will come up with an easier to use and more intuitive tool, and maybe Obi will incorporate this or something similar into tdamap.com, but until someone else does it, here is the first route planner and time to arrival estimator for every ship in game that takes into account skills, wood, mods, and cargo weight (it does not take into account fishing). I hope I have worked out all the bugs. It is simple and crude, but I'm not a webdesigner. Choose your ship, plug in the starting wind direction and the top speed you can reach on the Open World, and get an estimated time along with the heading to your destination. I haven't tested this much in game yet. But my first results have been promising. I left Mortimer heading towards Baracoa with a 30 knot top speed Lynx when the wind was out of the NE (45 degrees). My tool estimated 6.04 minutes (6 minutes 2 seconds). I arrived in 6 minutes 12 seconds when starting from a dead stop. I expect the difference of 10 seconds has to do with going from 0 to 20ish knots and my tool only accounts for going the max speed at that point of sail. Moreover, this isn't meant to give exact times but give a decent estimate based on your ship, cargo weight, mods, and skills (all factored into top speed). Second route was back to Mortimer town, 30 knot Lynx, 195 starting wind. Tool estimated 5 minutes 12 seconds. I arrived in 5 minutes 25 seconds. 3rd route was Mortimer to Jeremie. 30 knot Lynx, 120 starting wind, tool estimated 11 minutes 22 seconds. I arrived in 11 minutes 38 seconds. 4th trip, Jeremie to Mortimer, wind coming out of the north (0 degrees), tool estimated 11 minutes 20 seconds. I arrived in 11 minutes 37 seconds. I have yet to test this long distance. Route Planner: https://namap.neocities.org/interactiveMap.html (does not work in firefox) Examples for the LGV and Trader Brig. Same route, same speeds, different ships. I did not sail this course, this is just an example of what this can do. LGV - 26 top speed in open world. Charleston to Cayo Biscayno to La Tortue. Estimated Total Time: 102.35 minutes Leg: Distance: 39.2km. Heading: 137. Starting Wind: 45. Ending Wind: 45. Time: 0h 1.63m. Leg: Distance: 714.1km. Heading: 181. Starting Wind: 45. Ending Wind: 120. Time: 0h 38.14m. Leg: Distance: 140.0km. Heading: 191. Starting Wind: 120. Ending Wind: 90. Time: 0h 5.72m. Leg: Distance: 401.9km. Heading: 152. Starting Wind: 90. Ending Wind: 330. Time: 0h 16.37m. Leg: Distance: 658.1km. Heading: 119. Starting Wind: 330. Ending Wind: 75. Time: 0h 35.93m. Leg: Distance: 59.0km. Heading: 98. Starting Wind: 75. Ending Wind: 45. Time: 0h 4.56m. Trader's Brig - 26 top speed in open world. Charleston to Cayo Biscayno to La Tortue. Estimated Total Time: 107.59 minutes. Leg: Distance: 43.6km. Heading: 139. Starting Wind: 45. Ending Wind: 45. Time: 0h 1.85m. Leg: Distance: 714.2km. Heading: 182. Starting Wind: 45. Ending Wind: 105. Time: 0h 40.88m. Leg: Distance: 139.6km. Heading: 190. Starting Wind: 105. Ending Wind: 75. Time: 0h 5.74m. Leg: Distance: 405.6km. Heading: 152. Starting Wind: 75. Ending Wind: 315. Time: 0h 17.14m. Leg: Distance: 652.9km. Heading: 119. Starting Wind: 315. Ending Wind: 30. Time: 0h 38.91m. Leg: Distance: 60.1km. Heading: 98. Starting Wind: 30. Ending Wind: 15. Time: 0h 3.06m.
  2. Endymion

    16 knot would be fine, but I'd rather have it be a percentage, and I don't know that 16 knots fixes all the balance issues as you claim. With a constant cap we could easily get into the same boat as the last patches and one similar to what we are in now (nerfed but not completely fixed). 22% is too much still. As long as it is 22% the speed meta will be somewhat present. It means you must sail Surpise, Renomee, Endymion, or small ship, or at least a fir/fir ship otherwise you are screwed if you venture out alone. The Coni did well on its own, escaping several blockades and pursuits of lighter and smaller ships, with live oak framing, white oak planking, and diagonal riders (= slow boat in Naval Action). The reload rate isn't too terrible for the larger cannons, 40 seconds longer reload for the 12s and up and they would be comparable to real life with a decently trained crew. Yards turn fine now, it doesn't take much to turn a yard, except against the wind, but that is more of a system than the devs want for Naval Action.
  3. Endymion

    11% means Endymion hits 15 with a cushion of .2 and the coni can only hit 13.5 max. It is how the cap should be. The cap shouldn't be a constant, a 15 knot cap, but a percentage cap of you can't get faster than this percentage from your base stat. This would kill the current speed meta, the over reliance on and utter necessity of speed mods and skills, preserve the historical speed of fast ships, and still allow customization. It kills several birds with one stone. It lowers the costs of ships, skills, and modules, which lowers the grind. It lowers the grind of getting into frigate pvp. It lowers the time between losing a ship and replacing it and getting back into pvp. And it kills the glass cannon speed meta of Fir fir over moduled/skilled Conis hitting 15 knots which is ridiculous. The Coni doesn't need nerfed, the Endymion doesn't need significant buffs beyond making its turn a bit better (2.6-3 probably). What needs done away with is the speed meta.
  4. Endymion

    Or the Endy can run at 60 and 75 and get away from that glass Coni. That was the entire purpose of the Constitution, destroy any frigate and run from anything larger. The only problem is the speed meta, although reduced, hasn't been reduced enough. 22% max should be 11%.
  5. Letter from a Filthy Casual

    I would agree with this right here. I grinded a few hundred combat marks to get 3 frigate skill books. Then I grinded 50 combat marks for a LGV blueprint. I then gathered the supplies, look at the bp, need lvl 2 shipyard, ok, no problem. Look at requirements to upgrade to lvl 2 shipyard...wth, 500k gold, 1000 oak logs, 1000 iron fittings, 500 stone blocks. Then I still need 20 combat marks for gazelle. Uh, that burned me out bad seeing that after 2 weeks of grinding ai to get skill books for frigates and then I see the requirements for the shipyard.
  6. Gank meta means people will run from 2v1s to turn it into a 10v1 (2v1 odds weren't good enough???). Or they will sit in the green zone and wait until their numbers are 5:1 in their favor before they go out and engage. Just ask Luquicity. What it is not is above where Cmdr RideZ calls Luquicity's 1v2s and 1v3s ganks (where Luquicity is the lone ship vs 2 or 3). How can a single ship engaging equal or greater ships in equal or greater numbers be a gank, so that is an example of loose terminology? But what I am referring to is the fact that most people won't engage unless they significantly outnumber their enemy. Or they engage their enemy and stay at range, calling for significant reinforcements, then leave battle and have the whole group jump on the enemy. So, to tie in with my previous post, a surprise has a better chance of getting away from a gank, where a Belle Poule it is extremely difficult. So why risk the Belle Poule?
  7. Taking 1v3 is probably significantly easier in a Belle Poule, but living to tell the tale is another story. That is just inviting ganks. The only reason why the Surprise is the preferred ship is because of the gank meta.
  8. Look at 60 and 75 degrees to the wind. It is faster than a Surprise upwind. So, in the long run it is faster than a Trader Brig, and you should be able to get away from anything. I'm developing a tool that estimates trip times and at long distance, the LGV handily beats the trader brig, which absolutely sucks upwind. But I agree it needs more hold space.
  9. Endymion

    Yes, with all the mods. So a super expensive super frigate that costs millions and have nothing else going for it can get there. Then lets see the Endymion with the same thing, the sailing profile will be so warped that it will have a 1.7 knot cushion at 135 and be several knots faster at 60 degrees. So like a Surprise will outrun an Endymion, an Endymion will outrun a Coni.
  10. Endymion

    You forget speed was changed. Conni can't get to 15 knots even if it uses every speed mod out there.
  11. Endymion

    Having the same turn rate as the surprise would make the Endymion over powered. One of the best turning, decently armed, and fastest frigates in the game. The Frigate turns better than the Surprise, the Endymion should in no way have that turn rate. If anything, the Indy and Endymion should have the same turn rate as the Trinc, and all three should have a bit more than what the Trinc currently has. Giving the Endymion a very good turn rate (better than the Trinc ever had in the past) will mean, along with its speed and firepower (both better than the Trinc), it will outshadow the meta the Trinc ever had. Why do you want to give it such a vastly different turn speed? Give it a small change, and if that isn't enough tweak it again instead of going from one extreme to the next.
  12. Endymion

    You do realize that President had run aground, badly mauling its copper sheeting and messing up its hull, and that it wasn't just Endymion but a whole squadron behind it, right? So President tried to run while Endymion could turn to fire broadsides on President's quarter and receive no return fire. One on one, President in prime condition and with no reason to run and take broadsides without being able to return them, would have taken the Endymion in combat, so saying outgun isn't really correct. One on one, Endymion wouldn't have even engaged the President. Same turn rate as the Surprise? The Endymion is 30 feet longer than the Surprise/Santa Cecilia, about 20 feet longer than the Belle Poule, 10 feet shorter than the Bellona, about 15-20 feet shorter than the Constitution, and 2 feet shorter than the Indy. If anything the turn rate for both Indy and Endymion should be a bit better than the Constitution, which, looking at the api, appears to be the same turn rate. Maybe I am reading this wrong but the api seems to show that the Coni, BellePoule, Endymion, Indy all have the same turn rate, and the Bellona has a considerably worse turn rate. I'd put it as BellePoule, Endymion/Indy, Bellona, Coni, in that order of better to worse at turning, but only a slight difference between the Bellona and Coni, and Endymion/Indy having a little bit better turning than the Bellona. BellePoule should have a turn rate closer to the Surprise/Santa Cecilia but not quite as good, a bit worse. The Frigate is an odd duck of a ship, considering that it is modeled smaller than it should be. Alex Conner or Maturin would be better to comment on all these ships.
  13. ESSEX Manoverability

    If anything, accuracy at range is too much and requires more tuning (severely decreased so ranged demasting doesn't work). Badly damaged rigging and masts toppling or yards getting knocked away should happen in most battles, even broadside to broadside at close range, but it should happen from close range and not everyone staying at range and doing it.
  14. why bringing ship capture back?

    It doesn't take far to long to travel around. You don't need to travel around. Find a good spot with a lot of activity and stick to it. You don't need to sail 1000 miles every day, or even 1/3rd of that. If you think you do you are fooling yourself and need to readjust how you think about what you need to do in Naval Action. Open an outpost in the Lesser Antilles, Central America, or Windward Passage and you can usually find pvp relatively quick without having to spend a lot of time sailing. That, or wait for Legends to come out and play that instead. And you also don't need to mess with cannon prices. Use mediums. They are cheaper, lighter, reload faster, take less crew, and do more damage than longs. I use mediums and they are just fine. TLDR: Some of the things you mention require an adjustment in your thinking. You don't need longs, use mediums instead unless you want to pay the expensive price for longs. You don't need to sail all around and spend a lot of time sailing, find a good place where you can find pvp quick and stick there. There is no reason to sail all around unless you are a trader or you want a change in scenery, but those are your choices, and not something you need to do.
  15. Public "API" for Naval Action

    Ya, you are right. I wonder if this variable is found in the game files or api someplace else.