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  1. racketyjack

    Future wipes

    Geeeeze, how long as this game been alpha and in development? Wipes have gotten damn old. Finish the game or screw it.
  2. racketyjack

    Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    I think it blows that global is getting closed. I'm going from a ping of 90-120 to a ping of 200+. That ought to help make this game a whole lot more fun. Hell, how else can you all screw the US players? I'm sure youll come up with another change to take the fun out of this game. And you wonder why so few play now...geeeeze.
  3. racketyjack

    New computer questions

    Thank you for the replies and assistance.
  4. racketyjack

    New computer questions

    I'm building a new computer (for prepar3d v4 by the way) and was wondering if there are any files on my old one I need to save for Naval Action. I certainly don't want to lose my XP or craft level, etc.
  5. racketyjack

    Im getting close to quitting this game.

    And wait for what exactly?
  6. Since the patch last May, the entire character of the game has changed. It used to be a lot of fun building a trading business, crafting and selling ships, working my way up the XP ladder of rank, etc. Now, it has become one gigantic grind fest trying to make gold, earn battle marks (much less victory marks), and continually losing ships with only one durability. In a way, the one dura is more realistic I suppose. But I guess I'm not the best player out there. I have lost three frigates, three Mercs, a number of trading brigs and frankly, Ive gotten tired of it. Buying and equipping a ship only to lose it has become demoralizing. Trying to find the damn materials to build new ones or try to build up the money to buy one can be a long process. Ive been with this game since it first went public on steam, what, over three years ago? Ive always found it fun and challenging, up till now. It was cool to find out what a port had by sailing there, then you knew where to find stuff. This stupid trading tool now is wrong half the time it seems. Or even better, you get to a port with a material available to find its bought up or only a few pieces. What a waste of sailing time. Now, the port combat has become too complicated, the marks too much of a grind, the politics just aren't my bag, and frankly, I'm getting real tired of it. You know whats great about world of tanks and other successful MMo's? Their simplicity. This game has lost that for me. Too bad really.
  7. Well done Captains. Appreciate the videos too, good learning tool.
  8. This was posted Monday???? Ive been on the forums waiting to hear when it goes live and I'm expecting the patch today and now its two more freakin weeks off. Bah! Guess Ill go flight simming...
  9. How do raids work? And honestly, I don't mind if the devs sell ships like in WOT or WOW. They have to make money. New players will still buy the game as long as its updated and kept online. the added income from ship sales and perks like paint jobs is all to be expected. As long as the sandbox open world aspect of this game is preserved. I enjoy the trading, the missions, and the port battles. I like to craft ships and upgrades. I like fighting the Spanish and French and Pirates. I think iits cool you can make allies of countries though I would like to see those alliances shift with politics or even the occasional random political event... "British allies start impressing American sailors; world agog!" The money making aspect could be toned down a tad. And I never have warmed to the trading tool as its not always right and its a greater hassle now to find materials for crafting or trade. But I don't want trade to be much more difficult than it already is. And smuggling was actually kind of exciting, I didn't know who might attack me. I'd be kinda sorry to see it go. Anyway, As mush as I dislike the idea of the wipe, I understand it. I'm glad we can keep our crafting and combat XP. The money and materials hopefully I will be able to build back up again soon. Devs, overall, you guys are doing a grewat job. Don't let the naysayers put you off. This is a learning experience for all of us. Its actually a lot of fun. Oh, I think I have WAAAAY more hours on this game than any other by far. That says something right there.
  10. As long as I get to keep my rank and experience. I can rebuild my empire. I worked too hard and too long to make rank.
  11. racketyjack

    9.9 Feedback Poll

    As a rule, I dont want a lot of micromanaging. I liked the crafting and ship building allright and its nice to have officers now though they need some tweaks I think. Fishing? meh. I think the crew management is the most frustrating for me right now. I like being able to board and that seems to be something you are less likely to do now due to crew losses. It costs way too much to get crews back up to snuff. And it seems weird to have what seems to be one crew allotment following you around from outpost to outpost. I would like to assign an officer to a ship and leave him there. Lets not make the game too complicated. It will loose its appeal. there is enough depth to it now in my opinion.
  12. racketyjack

    glassing in open world

    I like to keep a good lookout when I am sailing in open world. It would be nice to have the glass back so I can spot potential enemies or targets and start manuevering. Just a thought.
  13. racketyjack

    Question about fleets

    Really? Wow, so players only have one ship after that eh?
  14. racketyjack

    Question about fleets

    I understand about durabilities. But what about the upper tier fleets I see sailing around?
  15. racketyjack

    Question about fleets

    I understand that you can have a fleet until you are first Lt. or there abouts. But I see top tier ships and higher commanders all the time in fleets. What gives? Are these ships they built themselves? It would be nice if we could use our fleet escorts when we are on a trading mission to also carry some of our goods. Or maybe take command of any of the fleet under our command if we wish in a battle. Just trying to think of ways to make the fleet more useful, just a thought.