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  1. Players Take a Look at Yourselves

    When I started playing this game I used to ponder why people were screaming at me in port battles and questioning what I was doing. But I could see through the strong language to see that these guys were trying to help me learn. I'm no wallflower and can take being called every name under the sun if I think I'm going to learn something. I am lucky to have sailed with some of the good players that GB nation has lost recently. I learned from them. Not enough yet because I am still a 'noob' in terms of knowing every skill available to me (a bit like using 10% of my brain capacity). It's a shame I won't get chance to sail with those guys now because people sometimes get passion to win mixed up with frustration with newer players. I've seen Hachi giving stuff to newer players on Nation chat and a couple of my clan can attest to getting PVP marks off the back of advice from Mr Pellew and members of Exile clan. Our clan SALTP was called trash once or twice but we just took it as a challenge to improve. I am sorry to see all the players go that have gone recently as it's a bit like throwing away our best chance to improve. Not to say that I agreed with everything that came out of their mouths or how it was delivered but hey I would rather have someone who recognises my failings and tell me than turn up and lose every time. If you sail with me, you have permission to rip in to me on TS (yes I'm always on TS) because the chance you might help make me a winner is more important to me. I know I will now meet these guys on opposite sides but if they choose to provide advice anyway I will listen because I'm not afraid to hear the truth.
  2. Reinforcements update

    Freudian slip?
  3. Reinforcements update

    At the moment most of the experienced players have left the green zone areas and the few that remain are already overstretched trying to protect the newer players who are increasingly being ganked by fleets of experienced PVP players. The changes are likely to cause those few veteran players to abandon the green zones completely as people with limited playing time will find it more and more frustrating spending that time trying to help players who are jumped by well organised fleets hitting the newer players. In turn those new players are going to rage quit because they have no area to safely learn the game. The only winners in this are the organised fleets that are already destroying the game for newer players by ganking missions just outside the zone or jumping into ai battles within it. They will now be able to attack more indiscriminately. I try hard to love this game but sometimes I have to question why the majority of players aren't being listened to.
  4. Server

    Yes same here. Left port underwater, followed by a series of jumps and then disconnected. To be fair I have spent a lot of time underwater previously but the disconnect thing is new
  5. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Well done guys a lesson in staying together. Learning the hard way.....but learning
  6. Sealed Bottle Mechanic

    I'm struggling to find one
  7. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Good summary of the battle. Thanks for the fight guys. Experience certainly played a huge part and we look forward to trying to get the port back
  8. SALTP is Recruiting

    It does not matter about about your rank. We will welcome you and help you rank up. Send me an email in game or if you see any other clan members let them know and they can chat to you about joining. Good luck and hope you are enjoying the game
  9. SALTP is looking for new players to join it's ranks in GB We encourage players to enjoy the game and play in their own style. But with the sole object of having fun. Whether experienced or new to the game we promise that we will support you to play and this includes PVP, RVR, Trading, Shipbuilding and AI Open World Fleets and Missions. We consider ourselves learners and will use our clan warehouse to help you replace the ships to play in the style you enjoy. We regularly have players screening and participating in Port Battles whilst accepting that we are constantly learning. One guarantee we can give is you will laugh - we are the least Saltiest Bunch you will meet. If you have been reluctant to join a clan or if you want to join a clan where everybody accepts that they need to improve then come and join us. Or if you have experience and think you can help us develop but want to move away from a more intense style of play then give us a try. You might be able to help us develop. We are on Team Speak and have 8 or 9 players on in the evening regularly. Our aim is simply to make your game more fun. All comers are welcome.
  10. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    To be fair mate I've never given a shit for what people think of me. I don't think they do either. I respect that. This a game so I just learn and get on with it.
  11. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    At Ambergrease all of the remaining screeners (including many good PVP players) jumped into a battle outside where the Russians had managed to tag our Mortar Brig from inside our battlegroup (we are scratching our heads as to how that is possible). The idea of screening is to keep those guys in battle but our entire PB fleet was left sat outside with no support and 5 Russian ships that equated to our BR sailed out and tagged us. Tactically I salute what the Russians did. We managed to get enough people out to get 3 or 4 into PB and then got others to join after but we had no PB leader so we put together a plan to try and secure the first circle and fake for the middle circle whilst heading to join 2 players we had trying to take third circle. We had no mortar brig so skated the fort guns. We eventually fought when one of our guys was in danger of getting cut off and we would have lost on numbers anyway. The truth is we lost because PVP players looked for marks against the Russians outside of port (nobody remained to screen) and the PB fleet that entered battle was not the planned one. I have learned more about tactics and strategy in one night from having my ass kicked than I would have in normal PVP. I'd also sail with any one of the guys who entered into that PB knowing they were up against the odds. No carebears there...
  12. steam is not responding again

    Appreciate that and understand. As trying to get info out of Steam is like getting blood out of a stone is there any chance you can provide an update from them on estimated time of repair
  13. Lost All Money. Negative gold

    I can testify this is true, it's usually you outbidding me!
  14. Lost All Money. Negative gold

    If it is an exploit my silence can be bought