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  1. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    This. The PVP reward zones that used to exist got people in a certain area. Treasure fleets that briefly appeared got players in a certain area (briefly). There NEEDS to be more content than just sail and fight for the hell of it. There should be CONTINUOUS DAILY events that draw people to certain areas and they should not be some mysterious thing that magically appears at the whim of the developers/programmers/administrators of the game without warning or explanation of any unique mechanics. Here are some suggestions: AI trade Fleet that needs to be escorted from one port to another. IT LEAVES AT A SPECIFIC TIME! No more "it might be in this area sometime during the day". The defending nation gets rewards for the trade ships making it safely to destination. Attacking nation(s) get rewards for capturing the traders - meaning that they need players to both fight the defenders and capture the merchants. Those attackers who only fight off the escorts would need suitable rewards at all for participating so as not to only reward those who capture. AI blockade fleet that surrounds a national port. As long as it is in place, defending nation suffers a malus to various incomes. It must be broken to restore proper income levels. Other nations might receive various prize monies from blockade if they assist in maintaining it against the defenders' attempt to dislodge it. Overall leaderboard of PVP with massive rewards for sinking those who are high on it. This helps alleviate seal clubbing and directs PVP to those who want it the most. Historically accurate too, as famed captains were desirable targets of enemies for both national prestige and to stop their reign of terror against friendly shipping. The ability for players to send out AI trade ships. It would put a lot of possibly BIG rewards out there on the seas if a player in for example South Carolina can "send" his trade ship to the coast of South America with a load of cargo and have it return. The player directs which cargo it is to return with for maximum profit. This allows him to make money trading without devoting 16 hours to sailing there and back. The catch is that this ship is perfectly visible in the OW and under AI control and therefore completely vulnerable. However, allow the player to set (in advance) the course the ship is to take. He will get a message when one of two things happens: the ship returns safely to its original port with lots of cargo and money...or a message that it has been sunk or captured. If it is captured by another player, then the capturing player receives everything that was on the ship (cargo, money, etc = payday!) These are all ways to get players out on the seas exploring and being drawn to certain areas. Finally it's worth noting that there has never been a successful MMO of any kind (which ultimately is what Naval Action really is) that doesn't have continuous content provided in many areas simultaneously to engage and occupy player base.
  2. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Battle Instance Improvements

    I've been asking for variable wind speed since I first started playing the game in January 2016.
  3. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    That is unfortunately too true for many.
  4. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    1st rates + economy/crafting

    One of the things that could possibly be enacted to solve some of these problems is a real bounty system in game, tied to actual player stats. As it stands now, apart from the moral and long term game health implication (which many people through their toxic actions and speech don't care about, but that is another issue) there is no incentive NOT to go seal-clubbing. You get the same economic reward for sinking someone who is new or terrible than you do sinking one of the best players in the game. Yes, I know that you get more reward for damage, etc but the risk is also tremendously greater. Battle someone you have a 90% chance of beating for 70% of the possible reward, or battle someone you have a 30% chance of beating for 100% of the possible reward? It is a no-brainer for most people. However, if the game kept track your victories, there becomes a tangible and quantified way to know who the "good players" are. This is also historically accurate, as a captain who defeated a well known and highly successful enemy was rewarded appropriately. Thus, the PVP rewards for sinking PVP leaders would be far higher than sinking some brand new frigate captain. This MIGHT....just MIGHT....encourage the hard core players to fight the other hard core players more often and not go seal-clubbing, which is one of the things that drives new players away.
  5. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Players Take a Look at Yourselves

    Thank you, I agree completely - and one of the reasons why when I was playing Naval Action for 6 hours a day I still couldn't stand to be in TS. There's too much ridiculousness that goes on with it, and key communications can be relayed with chat. People just don't like to admit it most of the time. I've had this argument to great lengths with folks here on the forum, including Grundgemonkey. They are simply not willing or able to accept that their way is not the most superior, and they have a vested interest in ensuring that things are never "their fault". As @VonVolks said so well: "It is just a game".
  6. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Clan/Warehouse Management

    I support your suggestions. I've been in a leadership position in two clans that had some shady things happen with the warehouse, so it would be very beneficial to set more control over what can happen with it, and I have been offering suggestions since literally Day 1 to make the game more friendly to solo players or small clans. Bravo on your well thought out analysis of this issue.
  7. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    Provide AI ships in fleet combat missions again. If there is a separate hostility mission, then you don't need to worry about one person spamming these to drive up hostility numbers, but the presence of friendly AI ships in a fleet combat mission allows a solo player (of which there are still many) to be able to participate in a fleet battle if their friends aren't online, they have limited time to go looking for a large battle, or just for the sake of pure enjoyment. Of all the things that have been removed during the course of the game, this is one that I probably miss the most (and I have spoken to many who agree with me).
  8. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Fun PVP for everyone!

    I like the premise that Admin has suggested, but @Christendom is right about this at the very least. Look, I get fanboyism for the Prussians (for example) as much as the next military history buff, but the inclusion of countries like them, Poland, and Russia really belies claims to make this "historically accurate". Most of these countries didn't get any further out to sea than the depth that they could wade to. And leave sight of their own coast? Ha! Limiting people to the seafaring nations of the Napoleonic era was always better as it centralized your playerbase in areas that made PVP hot zones more likely anyway, even without other incentives. That said, the addition of such incentives are, I think, probably vital into making this a sustainable game to both bring new people in, and continue to provide content for veterans.
  9. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Patch 17: Finalization of the sailing and combat models

    I don't quite agree here. I have long argued there should be some sort of OW indication of "local wind speed" - not something that affects your OW transit (because that takes long enough as it is) but will have an effect on your battle. Sooooo many battles were determined as much by weather as anything else, and a blowing wind or just a faint breeze can have damning or saving results. I think that, for the sake of PVP realism, this should be modeled. If the wind is barely blowing, a fleet which is organized and together can very much defeat a larger more spread out fleet. And, coupled with the new sail force in the recent patches, would accurately model how different ships were better or worse in some weathers. All in all, I think variable windspeeds in battle (with the appropriate effect on movement) would REALLY spice things up.
  10. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Was Constitution nerfed at some point?

    Precisely. While it was never identified as such, the Constitution was the period equivalent of the British battlecruiser of the early 20th Century: "It can outrun [and outsail, in our situation] what it can't out gun". The Constitution in its current NA build can do neither.
  11. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Was Constitution nerfed at some point?

    It seems it was nerfed well past what you would expect from its historical status. It's so clumsy now that a good 5th rate skipper can do circles around it - and defeat it rather handily. Quite odd for a ship that never lost a battle.
  12. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Favorite Commander Choices

    This will limit you to the Eastern Theater, and only one side of it, but I was extremely impressed with Stephen Sears' "Lincoln's Lieutenants: The High Command of the Army of the Potomac". It basically narrates the entire general officer corps of the AoP.
  13. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Some (more in depth) questions...

    And yet the game is "done".
  14. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Favorite Commander Choices

    I agree with that, and as @Buford Protege pointed out, a Reynolds who stayed alive would have had the ability, strategic sense, and authority to direct the battle and quite possibly get Howard to do a better job with the XI Corps than he historically did. (Remember that even despite Hancock having written orders from Meade to "take command" of the area, Howard protested vehemently that he was senior to Hancock and was very reluctant to agree to being superseded). There is a biography of Reynolds called "Towards Gettysburg". I read it years ago and it might be time for me to dust it off and read it again.
  15. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Favorite Commander Choices

    Reynolds most definitely did have the authority to do so. The Army of the Potomac marched north to Gettysburg in two "wings" - Reynolds was in command not just of his corps, but his wing consisting of half the army. He and Meade always had a fairly close relationship, but it was Hooker who designated Reynolds wing commander before his relief; Meade simply left it in place (of course he had many other pressing matters to attend to in the two days he was in command prior to the battle as well). The I Corps might have been nearly annihilated at Gettysburg, but that is not a poor reflection on Reynolds' choice of ground, quite the opposite in fact. Howard's XI Corps broke first, that is a historical fact. The I Corps held their ground against superior numbers long enough for a good defensive position to be set up on Cemetery Hill. What if they hadn't? What if, instead of being "butchered" as you put it, they had fled? What if the corps that Hooker and Reynolds built had broken like the XI did? I surmise - and I think many others would as well - that the route would have taken them well past Cemetery Hill and the Confederates would have occupied the same position that the Federals did. Then, just as Sam Elliot's Buford predicted in Gettysburg: "Meade will deploy spread out around these hills with messages hot from Washington: 'Attack! Attack!' and once Lee is all nice and entrenched behind fat rocks on the high ground we will charge valiantly. And be butchered valiantly." John Buford, with the keen eye of a seasoned general, selected the best ground for miles to make his stand. When John Reynolds arrived, he had the authority to either ratify or reject Buford's decision. He chose to ratify, and reinforce it, for which our nation owes him an eternal debt of gratitude. He made the right decision, but he paid for that decision with his life - which was given I might add while personally placing regiments from the Iron Brigade, which further demonstrates his commitment to duty and how vital he recognized the ground and the coming fight was to be.