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  1. Work in progress: Working title.

    I would think it is quite safe to assume that, yes.
  2. Probably my number one complaint about everything post 11.0 is the removal of AI assistance for fleet missions. I understand that there had been abuse of this, but if it is separated from hostility missions why not bring that back? Many times I only have a brief time to play and a fleet combat mission with some AI support was a great and fun thing to do.
  3. Lord Protector?

    Ah well then that is perhaps what I am misunderstanding. I thought it was one per port, but I take it to mean that every person in the port battle taking the port becomes a lord protector?
  4. Lord Protector?

    How exactly does it work? Who becomes the Lord Protector of a port when it is captured now? Is it the clan leader? And where is the maintenance of the port fee deducted from? Is it from said Lord Protector or just a cut of the total tax brought in by the port transactions? The existing information is rather vague. Thank you all.
  5. Maintenance Cost + Tax Income

    It would be nice to have @admin give us an idea of what the tax brackets are. I mean, I find it hard to believe that the Naval Action tax code is more complicated than the US federal government.
  6. Neutral PB's WAD?

    Oh I know how they are normally supposed to work. I asked this because this was my first time taking a neutral port since the very beginning (early '16) when we didn't have all these fancy features.
  7. Neutral PB's WAD?

    Hello, We had a port battle in Misteriosa which was neutral. The opposing force was 6 Constitutions, and there were 8 of us in a mix of Constitutions and Wasas. After sinking all enemy ships, our total points were 228. The tool tip at the beginning of the battle says "Capture all circles OR destroy enemy forces". We did not destroy the forts, but as they were neutral they were not firing on us. However, after sinking all enemy ships the battle did not end. We had to take the circles, which was a much more difficult task because of wind direction, in order to get the points to win the battle. I can understand this being the case in a true enemy port where the forts are hostile, but is this really necessary in a neutral port since the forts don't play a role? Is this WAD, or is it another issue?
  8. Work in progress: Working title.

    Only problem with that is you limit yourself to 1906 onwards. But I like Age of Steel. Reminds me of "Castles of Steel" which was the name of Robert K. Massie's excellent book about WWI naval combat.
  9. Work in progress: Working title.

    Looks promising. There has never been a good combat game for this time period. Maybe Storm Eagle's "JUTLAND" came close, but it was not exactly an easy to play game and they are notoriously bad with any support. Considering the mechanics of Naval Action are one of its best features, I have high hopes for this. Will historical ships also be available, or just design your own? What constraints, besides the obvious, will be involved in construction? What sort of simulation will be involved (if any) for the advancement of technologies?
  10. Not necessarily. In dozens of captured enemies (NPCs at least) I have yet to ever find long guns. They are only armed with mediums.
  11. To battleship specialists

    While that is true about everything post 1906, that does not mean that the pre-dreadnought steel era has no place in the game. It all depends on how the game were to be set up. If it's straight PVP then sure, someone in a pre-dreadnought is at a disadvantage to someone in a WWI or WWII ship. But if it's a more match-making type setup, then what's the problem? I for one think it would be fun to be using some of the ships that historically saw little if any combat, the Russo-Japanese and Spanish-American wars notwithstanding.
  12. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    I would love to see the Boyne-class 2nd rate HMS PRINCE OF WALES (1794).
  13. Disappearing rope on Constitution

    Pretty minor, but it would seem that one of the ropes on the starboard bow of the Constitution ends in mid-air after the recent patch. It's only visible when firing the bow chasers.
  14. Career Tracker

    What about a career tracker of sort, where you can get info on yourself and other players where it says total battles fought, number of enemies sunk per ship, what the most common ship sailed is, and information like that? In the era, captains became famous and such information was available. It would be a nice immersion feature.