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  1. Who or what kill rvr?

    Too much risk with too little reward. Previous post here as well. I think we have to say that conquest marks and having port battles open to 25 vs 25 of the same ship (1st rates mostly) isn't working. One potential solution would be to get rid of conquest marks and make larger ships stupidly expensive to make in terms of gold,resources and labour hours. To make this work there would also need to be a cost to use larger ships and (as many ppl have said) limit port battle entry by total BR/ship class. This would also allow port battles to be much easier to balance. Would you rather take 7 super expensive L'Oceans with a couple of escorts or 25 cheap Belle Poules to a port battle? The BPs might get hammered if played badly but the loss is pretty much nothing compared to 1st rates.
  2. Hostility System without PvE

    Would be sad to see if the planned raids have been dropped - surely there are mechanisms to ensure raids aren't empty? Players 'renting' ships from the admiralty at that port (up to a certain BR limit/total) - giving newer players the chance to experience battles around the port without the massive losses etc? Admiralty paying a % of the losses in the form of insurance for the attempted defense of a port etc. Just because it needs to be hardcore doesn't mean it can't be fun for the ppl who just want to fight shit even if they're going to lose most of the time.
  3. Logoff after Battle

    The current open world mechanics can work but we're missing a large chunk of content to help it out. Missions/raids/events etc which will hopefully stop 90% of players staying around their capitals.
  4. Deadman's Chest PvP Event

    If you knew the event didn't work months ago why has it been brought in almost an identical form
  5. Completely agree, could even have an increased 'cost' in BR if too many ships of one kind are taken to the battle?. This also opens up the possibilities for different types of raids and port attacks depending on the importance of ports - 3k for smaller ports, 9k for region capitals etc. Balance BR around port battles rather than 1v1 combat. Although I like the general idea of having different types of battles (with landings etc) I think the original kind could certainly be improved first.
  6. I like that pre-requisites have been removed from the knowledge slots but I'm even more concerned about where Admin sees pvp fitting in to the wider open world. The last couple of patches have made it easier for players to grind AI missions (solo or groups) outside the capital with little risk. While I can sneak in and kill a player in a 5th rate mission and probably escape the revenge fleet after an hour of tag+run spam - should this be the main form of pvp? Perhaps pve missions need to be sent further afield to even up some of the risk/reward? Either way I'd rather not fight against ships kitted out for pve where the captain is mainly interested in escaping. At the moment why would an average player want to go out and search for decent pvp?
  7. What's the purpose of RvR?

    Interested to see what resource wars might look like when raids etc get implemented but it's much too easy to get resources and bring them to the capital at the moment. If the British could have found all the resources they needed within an hours drive of London I think it would have been a little easier
  8. What's the purpose of RvR?

    The main problem seems to be that fair, even and, more importantly, entertaining battles in PvP and RvR are actively discouraged at the moment. Admin can see there is actually quite a bit of PvP going on via the data they have but in how many battles did either side have fun? I can go out in a surprise and gank a 5th rate mission fairly easily. This wipes out a few hours/days of pve grind progress for that player but what does that add to the game? The other player had very little chance of victory or escape - if they did play brilliantly and held me and the AI off for an hour or managed to escape they gain nothing at all. Factors that are reducing pvp/rvr: High risk low reward compared to pve/trade Pensions seem to reduce the chance of port battles - why risk a fleet when your nation/clan will have another 120 conquest marks in a few days? Smaller nations are simply being left behind with no viable way of catching up in the short/medium term. No actual rewards for gaining a port beyond marks - why would Spain want a 15th port for hemp? why would a small nation need that 2nd oak port? No downside/cost to using a larger ship - why would a player/clan bother putting resources into smaller ships? Lack of goals in pvp/wars Large amounts of downtime between battles causes players to stay around the capitals. I don't see how forcing nations to be allied or enemies would sort the problem, there needs to be more of a reward to outweigh the risks of losing a ship. How about a mission from the 'crown' for British/American players to attack Spanish/Pirate etc players and ports - over a 4(?) day period 80% of costs of lost ships are covered by the crown in the form of insurance? Smaller nations having much larger and more rewarding missions etc.
  9. "Home Defense Fleets"

    I think the main reason this is still an issue is just that there is no pvp focused 'content' at the moment in the form of missions, pvp zones of control spawns etc. Yes PvEers on a PvP server should be hunted again and again but there needs to be incentives to get players fighting in actual battles on the OW. We already have the stick (defense fleets) we just need to wait for the carrot and drop some decent suggestions for pvp content. Personally I think if a player is hunting away from their own nations waters they should have the odds stacked against them, no magic tricks to allows easy escapes please
  10. Ship Durability suggestion

    Personally I much prefer the one dura system but there certainly needs to be a few tweeks so that it's not so hard for new players to make money and progress, as well as trying to keep downtime to a minimum At the moment it can take just as many battles for a basic cutter to move up to a 6th rate as it takes for a captain in a 5th rate to afford a 4th rate. If we take a look at (gets ready to duck) World of Tanks/Warships and the progression system over there. You know you can progress fairly quickly through the smaller tanks/ships but it can take much longer to move up a tier when you start getting to the more expensive vehicles. One idea could be move a portion of the "cost" of the ships into a maintenance or 'use' cost such as paying for shot (gunpowder etc). Smaller calliber shot would be stupidly cheap, 12lbs and up would start to be expensive, while shot for SoL cannons would be prohibitively expensive to be used on a daily basis on the OW.
  11. The lower mast buff was certainly needed as demasting was the only viable tactic a lot of the time. The thing that worries me is that PvP is still seen as a reward after players/clans have eaten the things they might not like (PvE, trading etc). Are there any plans to make full time PvP viable (in smaller ships) for the average player? I know PvP is already a nice stream of income and marks for experienced players (I haven't lost anything larger than a cutter yet :p) but why shouldn't a player be able to have decent battles without having to farm the same PvE battle for hours if their brig is sunk? Perhaps you can look at making 6th/7th rates cheaper (and easier) to build, maybe not needing shipyards etc?
  12. Pool about Conquest Marks remove

    Said it a few times but get rid of pvp/conquest marks altogether and just give pvp points so you can give small amounts to players who fight well - actually incentivise exciting pvp action rather than "winning" being the only thing that matters all the time The control/capture of a port should be enough without forcing players to farm them, just give regular pvp points/marks and massively increase the cost of buying SoLS with them.
  13. Demasting too easy?

    One idea could be to turn battle sails into a toggle similar to the brace command, with a cooldown. This could be an abstract way of getting the ship ready for combat and making the rigging less vulnerable. Thickness and hp of the 'mast' (not including topsails?) would be increased but speed, turning and control would be greatly decreased. Any demasting would need to be a concerted effort rather than the one of two broadsides we're seeing at the moment. It could create some interesting tactical choices and again increase the importance of the wind and positioning.
  14. MARKS

    The PvP/Conquest mark system is pretty terrible is we're trying to encourage good/interesting play. Get rid of the marks and just implement a pvp points system - so large (but unsuccessful) pvp/port battles still give (smaller) rewards depending on how you did. Won a boring port battle where only 1 enemy turned up? 500 pts + small pension Won an interesting port battle where you wiped out the whole fleet? 1500 pts + small pension Lost a very close port battle but personally sank 3 and assisted 10? 200 pts Lost a port battle without sinking a ship? 0pts
  15. Patch thoughts.

    I think the best way of helping new players get used to the combat would be to avoid the 1v1 vs ai they have for their 1st battles at the moment. Spawn all new characters in an area of the map only navigable by the basic cutter, such as the pacific coast or a couple of special free ports etc, and let the newbies jump into fully open 25v25 battles (with very limited rewards). When they level up or feel comfortable with the combat they can travel (teleport) to their respective capitals and start to learn the OW side of the game. Beyond level 2 or 3 there would be no further rewards in the area but they could still train there before moving out. Sometimes we forget how different the control system is compared to most other games out there and how long it can take some ppl to get used to it.