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  1. Naval Action Legends Beginners Guide

    In the short term I agree with you, most of the pvpers will move over to try out Legends. In the long term it can only be a good thing for the future of NA. New players will be coming in and checking out Legends for free, if they enjoy it but want something more akin to a regular MMO they can check out NA. People seem to think of Legends as competition against regular NA but if you think of it more like an unlimited free demo of the combat system you can begin to see the potential for both flavours to explode in popularity. Bit of a digression but if we have a look at PUBG and the massive following it's gained recently, you have to ask what does it do that the other very similar battle royale style games don't. The main one is accessibility - you don't have to mess around with groups or know everything about a military sim like Arma to enjoy it, you just get in and play. If there was a PUBG/WoT open world style game done well it would probably sell insanely well because they have those huge audiences.
  2. Naval Action Legends Beginners Guide

    I'm still trying to figure what you're disappointed about If people want to play a free to play game where they can have a few 30 minutes battles each week they will play legends. If people want a fully fledged mmo where they can form nations and RvR they'll play vanilla NA. Much better than having bored PvP players who aren't interested in the open world/crafting.
  3. Naval Action Legends Beginners Guide

    The two environments won't affect each other at all, what are you disappointed about?
  4. not to pester but is the plan still to do it over weekends? Any updated eta?
  5. Hopefully that shouldn't be too much of an issue with Unity 5 being so flexible on performance. With any luck most of the development should be finished before it's seen on consoles - would hate to wait a few weeks for patches to appear on PC just because of Sony/MS checking the console versions
  6. Congrats to the art guys yet again, looking really nice. Is it going to be a fully open world (open ended etc) or more of a story driven style? Any news on early access eta?
  7. Matchmaking in Legends

    Interested to see if people prefer the WoT style tier system (SoL vs SoL and frigates vs frigates) or a mixed fleet style. Personally I think it'd be nice to test it out with mixed fleets but the frigate only small battles we used to do were some of the most fun and competitive I've been in.
  8. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    Don't agree with some of OPs points but as stated there seems to have been a strange lack of direction for quite a while. The combat system is frankly hello kittying insanely good fun and has sold the game to everyone I've shown it to. Yet the open world and econ side has evolved to actively block players (old and new) from participating in the best part of the game with a mix of over-complexity and a winner takes all mentality where anyone lower down the tree gets shat on constantly. There are a few quality of life changes that should be fairly quick to implement - getting rid of the 'ship slot' and 'warehouse slot' limits which are just irritating and don't add to the game. Few points for the future: Getting rid of labour hours and implementing a new system based around resources + time - even logistics simulators like EVE don't use an extra labour mechanic and their combat is nowhere near the NA level. LHs also seem to increase the use of alts. Players would need to sail to respawning 'nodes' on the coast to collect resources? Simplify the crafting system for smaller ships. Encourage even and enjoyable combat by aggressively balancing rewards (gold, XP and marks for damage/kills/assists) around BR. Look again at 'lobby battles'. I'd love to see some battles become community events with several instances of the same battle being spawned (balanced by BR/ship size). These wouldn't have to replace port battles but it would make them much more enjoyable for more people if we had 200+ players joining (from port if necessary) rather than the 50 super ships players are forced to bring at the moment. More 'realistic' repairs with much longer times and crew costs so a player needs to disengage from direct combat before repairing - bring back skill based combat Allow viable PvP leveling on PvP servers for more players - stop forcing players to PvE? Increase the usability of the smaller ships. NA is a bit shackled by history compared to EVE but there are a few things that could still be done such as massively increasing shot dispersion on the larger vessels or giving various bonuses to smaller guns/ships to make them more viable. I've love to start playing again but I just don't have the hours to put into it : /
  9. If alts are as large a problem as they seem I think we need to first look at why people are creating alts: Extra labour hours, cheap storage, extra building/resource/ship slots, and long (boring) sailing hours. Personally I don't think the current mechanic of gaining resources really adds anything to the game. A much more interesting way (for some people) would be some sort of active system similar to EvE online etc. e.g. if you wanted some oak you would sail to an oak node/zone/forest and start collecting the resource. This could be done via a simple minigame or just have respawning points along the coast which could be balanced to control the flow of resources much easier than it is at the moment. Don't limit the number of storage or ship slots - it just irritates players and encourages alts. Get rid of labour hours and limit crafting merely by gold and resources alone. Crafting small ships would stay very cheap in gold (and resources) while larger ships would have a much larger gold cost added to the list of resources - creating a much needed gold sink for the veteran players. If people want to actively run two characters at the same time good luck to them - both characters would be in danger rather than having one 'passive' character in the background constantly.
  10. "Current ProblemsNew player experience is uneven and heavily depends on the nation you join." Some really interesting ideas but it's seems like a lot of development time for adding another level of complexity to a fairly flawed port battle system. I'm just a little confused as to how this will help new players to experience decent battles and enjoy themselves in the weaker nations/clans. It looks like War Companies will still be limited to one nation? Personally I can't see the new player issue being sorted until smaller ships have a useful purpose in port battles and future raids/large scale battles/missions. As we seem to be moving away from the shackles of historical accuracy maybe we could test out some different styles of port battles with different slots/BR limits? (with 3rd rates being the most common ship for SoL battles, and 5th rates and smaller the most common for frigate/hvy frigate battles etc). I know a lot of people don't like the idea of 'magical' buffs but smaller ships (if in range) could give things like: increased scouting range/details on the enemy ships increased morale/reload bonuses boarding bonuses repair supplies increased supply of double charge/shot etc Hopefully in the future a newer player taking a slot in a port battle/fleet action (with a small ship) would be greeted with cheers rather than the disgust and insults they might receive today
  11. Grind discussion

    It'd be great if a new player could viable 'grind' through purely PvP. Perhaps bringing back xp (+ gold?) for damage done would help, even if the new player is losing their cutter in most fights? I haven't played for a little but while the grind through PvE battles seemed pretty balanced there needs to be a much wider range of content to allow lvling through the ranks.
  12. Who or what kill rvr?

    Too much risk with too little reward. Previous post here as well. I think we have to say that conquest marks and having port battles open to 25 vs 25 of the same ship (1st rates mostly) isn't working. One potential solution would be to get rid of conquest marks and make larger ships stupidly expensive to make in terms of gold,resources and labour hours. To make this work there would also need to be a cost to use larger ships and (as many ppl have said) limit port battle entry by total BR/ship class. This would also allow port battles to be much easier to balance. Would you rather take 7 super expensive L'Oceans with a couple of escorts or 25 cheap Belle Poules to a port battle? The BPs might get hammered if played badly but the loss is pretty much nothing compared to 1st rates.
  13. Hostility System without PvE

    Would be sad to see if the planned raids have been dropped - surely there are mechanisms to ensure raids aren't empty? Players 'renting' ships from the admiralty at that port (up to a certain BR limit/total) - giving newer players the chance to experience battles around the port without the massive losses etc? Admiralty paying a % of the losses in the form of insurance for the attempted defense of a port etc. Just because it needs to be hardcore doesn't mean it can't be fun for the ppl who just want to fight shit even if they're going to lose most of the time.
  14. Logoff after Battle

    The current open world mechanics can work but we're missing a large chunk of content to help it out. Missions/raids/events etc which will hopefully stop 90% of players staying around their capitals.
  15. Deadman's Chest PvP Event

    If you knew the event didn't work months ago why has it been brought in almost an identical form