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  1. I don't have a problem with large groups as long as the matchmaker prioritises putting them against other groups. A game of vets vs the great unwashed should be as rare as possible.
  2. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    Check through the rest of the Early Access titles and see how many regularly have less than 1% of their owners on at peak times, might be surprised. For a game available for two years 1% is near the top A lot of top released games are also well below 1% (Rocket League/GTA5 etc) If the game was released now there would obviously be a surge in players but it's not ready and most of the people playing an alpha know that.
  3. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    Not really: NA and Legends are being developed by two teams. NA was originally going to be a fully hardcore MMO but was redesigned somewhat to be more appealing to a wider (casual) audience. You would rather have microtransactions brought into the open world? GL have released three(ish) games so far: NA has sold well in Early Access and personally the Ultimate General games have been more interesting than the last couple Total War versions. Obviously it's your own personal opinion but I can't see why think they don't have confidence in what they are putting out.
  4. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    A rather strange thing to say when you have no idea of their finances ^^ GL has several games (5+?) in different stages of development so I wouldn't say funding is a massive problem for them at the moment.
  5. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    The number of reviews is tiny compared to the number of sales, especially recently. As usual it's a vocal minority which didn't get their way and is happy to write a negative review despite more than getting their money's worth. It shouldn't be up to the developers to beg for positive reviews - if you feel the game is good go and write a review, ask clan mates to write reviews, ask nation members, ask alliance members. Frankly the review score is out of the hands of the developer at this point, it's up to the community if the score is 50% and lots of players overlook it, or the recent score is 80% and we have 3 overflowing servers on release. It shouldn't be left to the devs to firefight misinformation on steam - they're busy enough as it is
  6. eeeeeiii! *bounces up and down* Is there an eta for the release or is it just going to be asap?
  7. [Poll] Rum

    I'd rather see rum only being used outside of battles.
  8. Naval Action is now -60% OFF! Grab your cheap copy!

    Ultimate General: Civil War is 33% off as well. If people want to support the devs but don't want another alt it's a really great game.
  9. I think it all depends on how smart the balancer will be - 4lbers on a brig vs other 6th rates isn't painful at all, you might need to get a bit closer if you usually fight long range but it's fine. A frigate with 6lbers against 4th rates will be a totally different story. With such short fights the only meta with large battles will be getting several ships alongside another ship and blowing holes in it. A perfect rake might take out a few guns and an emergency repair but it doesn't feel that useful outside of small encounters with 2-6 ships etc. Perhaps when the alpha is opened to all we can test going back to higher rake dmg? That 6lb frigate with fast reloads might actually be a bit more useful vs 4th rates rather than just a pain to lvl up, as well as giving ppl more tactical options in battle. edit - maybe small guns can even get a bonus to crew/gun/module dmg *if* they do penetrate?
  10. those sales of xp boosts are going to be needed to keep the servers running
  11. It's certainly a step in the right direction although obviously the guns available for each ship might need to be balanced. With a fully upgraded Cerb with 32lb nades vs 4lbers it feels a bit like I've unlocked god mode :).
  12. Naval Action is now -60% OFF! Grab your cheap copy!

    and people can also try out Legends if they fancy a quick change from vanilla NA
  13. any chance you can open it up to more ppl? getting a bored of ai battles