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  1. Unequal battles

    I think the big question is if people would rather have unequal fights deterred (drastically reducing the rewards, if any, from a gank) or looking at ways to make the unequal fights more equal. Couple ideas: Decreasing accuracy and effective range of guns across the board, those groups who plan and manage to stick together will still have their advantage. A 'signalling' or 'logistical' cost of having several ships in a battle giving an abstract debuff (to damage, reload time, max speed etc) if the team has a BR advantage. This could be on a sliding scale where 2:1 would hardly be noticeable, up to 5:1 where a decent player would still be able to have a good fight before going down. Making revenge ganks more difficult in bad weather - this could either be from increasing the invisability after a battle (in bad weather) or having players respawn much further from the start location (randomly?).
  2. It would be nice to get custom lobbies and battles but there's just not enough players around to use it atm. I'd rather the devs concentrate on getting the basics completed for release, any extras can be looked at once we have a few hundred other people to sink. Although I would love a conquest mode with ports having different ship limitations, opening times and battle types etc
  3. Couple of reports sent re marines not swapping ships (if they're meant to) and a slightly unclear 'kill' but other than that it seems to work well. Any clues to give on timeframe for release/open beta? 3-6 months?
  4. State of the game.

    The current test is just to see if each iteration works at the moment - we don't need hundreds of players to check if an event leaderboard or a capture circle is working. If we were testing changes to the matchmaking I'd probably agree with you though. As I posted earlier, if the game is released before its ready it'll just get hammered by half the people for not being completed (see NA reviews) which I'm sure you'll agree would not be good for its long term health. I'm dying for the day when we have 50 cutters sailing at each other as well and hopefully it won't be too long
  5. Carronades vs Cannon (my take)

    I haven't really used carronades on anything larger than a 5th rate recently but it still feels like they're a bit too accurate at times. At release all fights will be 25v25 (I'm guessing) so everything with be turning into melees pretty quickly - most carro ships won't be running out of targets for quite a large portion of fights. Might be worth trying a slight nerf to accuracy or penn at longer ranges again?
  6. State of the game.

    No doubt if the game was released tomorrow we would have hundreds of players but how many would stick around without a tutorial? I'd rather have the tutorial, UI and events worked on for a couple of months and maybe a quick family and friend style beta, than have it rushed out and sit on a 50% review score (mainly because ppl give up when they dont know how to play it)
  7. Rework of the Repair System

    I'm not a fan of current repair system but I'm not sure if complicating it with even more consumables and mechanics would be the way to go (although I would prefer the much slower repairs via crew). Would 'hard' dmg be done to a certain percentage or would shots cause differing amounts of hard and soft dmg? Surely the players with consumables would still win most of the time. After playing Legends for a bit I really like the lack of armour repairs - you still have cooldown repairs for sails/pump/rudder etc but mistakes really matter now rather than running away for a few mins to repair and reset. Perhaps armour repairs should only be useable on the OW and ports?
  8. Looking good any rough ETA of when it might have a more open beta or release? Any plans to include the leeway changes etc in Legends? ta
  9. How long do we have to wait until Wasa is balanced?

    Can have as much balanced 4th rate combat as you want in Legends, there's no wasa there yet
  10. Alternative to Cannon Grind

    The cannon grind feels fine up until you hit the upper 5th rates when new ships really dont feel like upgrades such as having to go from 18lbers back down to 9lbers etc Few mix and match ideas to fix: rebalance the larger ships so their stock guns are more similar to historic guns used (12s+18s rather than 9s+6s) although there would be a lot less to unlock massively increase the damage done to crew/guns/structure by stern rakes if unlocks are kept as they are. unlock guns separately from the ship xp (unlocked guns could then be used on any ship within reason) - by the time you get to navy brig you can unlock 6lbers etc. Players could then choose which guns they want to unlock depending on how they play etc. XP earned on smaller ships can then still be useful as well.
  11. Searching hours for PVP

    If it's the battles you enjoy have a go at Legends for a couple of days and head back when more ppl are around
  12. Open beta?

    Just wondering if there are any plans for a more open/friends and family style beta? (code giveaways on sites etc) With so few players the matchmaker is fairly terrible at creating fair fights especially as loadouts and the number of human players on each side massively skew results (group of two players with a 3rd rate against 4th and 5th rate AIs etc). It'd be useful to fully test the matchmaker in battles with no AI before ppl can write reviews . While it's been good to test the event half of the players in larger ships simply group up at the weekend for one player to farm smaller AI ships, hence a lot of testers don't fancy playing half the time.
  13. King-of-the-Hill Circles Are Dumb

    I think the circles are a decent mechanic but they're only really being used to end battles at the moment and not as a 'win'. Winning via points should give an XP amount to each player on the winning side (scaling on the number of enemy ships still alive?/total BR alive?) This would add more tactical options as well and make the circle a centre of combat rather than just a place most people ignore. A speed trim Reno might become an actually useful ship to gain xp rather than just something people have to grind through to use the chunkier frigates. Also the matchmaker could open up the tiers a bit more as capping would be as useful objective rather than just pen-ing and killing ships.
  14. What Quality of Life Features do Merchants Want?

    I like the idea, maybe a simple 'dump (all?) cargo' button that creates a lootable object similar to a wreck - although a lot of the time the attacker will want the ships as well.
  15. Legends Skill Challenge

    I think 10 is a decent number of battles, any more than that and we'll risk ppl needing several hours each day just to be able to compete (and it leaves chance for a decent amount of variation on the leaderboard each time).