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  1. huliotkd

    1st person view

    but you can go over top of the mast, i suggest to limiting view under the top of the mast
  2. huliotkd

    1st person view

    as the title, introduce the 1st person view maybe from deck in battel istance and from top mast in OW
  3. huliotkd

    bring back storm battle or storm istance

  4. huliotkd

    bring back storm battle or storm istance

    yes but the sea is calm...look at 2nd video...we need waves, big ones
  5. something similar... or bring back YOUR storm battle...
  6. huliotkd

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    remove all skill books (top ones first) and remove PVP marks rewards for player killed inside capital and reinforcement area. if you want PVP marks, you must go to other areas
  7. huliotkd

    Gun Packages

    best trolling post i hope. i'm a solo player also and i build both ships and guns on my own...just build a workshop and you have all you want. or put a contract, or buy med guns or ask in nation chat...or cap enemy already fitted ships or go back playing world of warship
  8. huliotkd

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    lol...so players with 2-3 ALT can redeem 1+3 herc for each account... game broken again
  9. huliotkd

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    1st rates have to be deadly, no one in any ship less a 3rd rate can pen a 1st they are already slow in everything, if they become penetrable also by 5th rates they are totally useless...why use a 1st if i can use a 5th and easily kill everything using my superior manouverability, speed and penetration? no, 1st cannot be penetrated by a 5th even if 5th use 42 long...5th can only fire at sails and stern rake preparing the target for bigger ship that finish the job boarding or sinking
  10. was already proposed by me long time ago during the discussion about 1 or 3 or 5 durability of ships, page 8 and here, page 2 we were also talking about something else but i proposed this mechanic that would have solved even the abuse of ALT acc slots
  11. huliotkd

    Chain shot feedback

    1: i like it, but it doesn't help in combat. you must consider chains within a system made from chain-reps-skill books. atm, skillbooks are too OP: in a fight between a normal ship ( i mean with all 5 slots unlocked but without books like arte of ship handling and similar ''top books'') vs a ''top skillbooks'' ship is already unbalanced cause even the ''top'' ship gets slowed or chained to 60% , with 1 skill and 1 speed module will be always faster than the normal ship...undamaged. without talking about a thickness and hp, cause with top skill books you can have a tank ship but fast more or like a fir/fir ship also. chains are therefore the worst thing because they make the strong even stronger and the weak even weaker. solution: remove all top-skillbooks...a fir/fir ship must be the fastest one despite the mods of the other ships (a berm/berm ship have to be slower than a fir/fir...maybe with 10 slots all fitted for speed, a berm/berm can be fast as a fir/fir basic (without a single slot fitted for speed...if you want the speed, you must fir/fir, tanky teak/teak and so on...this will balance the game on player skill and not on magic-mods...as Potbs). 2: nope...if you still use the old reps. atm, 4 shots (F-O-U-R) from and indef on a surpr at close range, bring the surpr at 70%....4 shots...imagine if the indef has 1 or 2 top-skillbooks on also (and it did)...what chance do you give to the player without the time to farm them? (i'm speaking of me for example...since the last wipe, i managed to build only 2 1st rates and still i don't have 1 single top-skill book...and like me, many others that ragequitted allready. BALANCE THA GAME PLS!!!!) ...no chance. ''top-skilledbooks players'' must figth each others, not going around bullying other simple players...introduce some kind of automatic ''level-restriction'' when a player mount a top-skillbook on his ship...so he cannot ruin the game of other players in a god-mode ship. anyway, reps are too slow and too low compared to the speed at which damage to the sails is receive. solution : double the repaired hp and halve the repair time (not cooldown of reps), and limit them to twice for each type of reps. now you want to change the weight of reps...without solving the chains change first i follow you and this game from sea trials and i cannot help but notice how you lost the BALANCE that was at the base of this game at the beginning.
  12. huliotkd

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    just reduce DD from 30% to 10%...it's enought
  13. @admin stop please, try one thing at a time. money sink is losing ship not the use of reps, but to lose ship you need to sink. more weight for hull reps or less speed while repairing is a boring and ugly feature for a player. starts limiting reps to 2 for each type...with limited chain, limited reps is a good starts to test. don't change anything else for now... many battles finished with player escaped due to 3rd or 4th rig reps...just limit them to 2 and see what happens. no leaks buff, no speed debuff ecc ecc...2 reps only
  14. use actual AI to transfer gold of player. ex: pvp at La Tortue and want to transfer my gold to KPR, i can choose between doing it by myself or by ''AI button''...maybe i can decide if send my gold in a single ship in only 1 trip or maybe 3 trips. so an AI trader leave from La T and travel with my gold to KPR but no one can understand if it is a simple trader or a trader with my gold inside, so other players have a new gameplay as hitting AI traders and not only AI battle fleet. every nation will have player PVE oriented that can become finally a threat for PVP player who wants to send their gold by AI traders cause they havn't time or enought ship hold to transfer everything by themselves. this can be also a good mechanic to buy in other ports some res and transfer them back to homeland. i can travel with my LGV with gold inside to buy cartaghena, buy cartaghena and travel back with carta in the hold or....i can travel with my cutter in a port selling cartaghena, put a contract and an AI trader automatically leave my gold-deposit-OP with the correct amount of gold of the contract, travelling until the port with contract, fulfill the contract and sail back with amount of resource. again PVE players can intercept other players trade routes, more patrol then, more PVP, more interaction.
  15. can't say if it's a bug or not: yesterday in 2 of my 6 battle i was tagged and managed to put out of circle my attaker...timer ended also, but enemy reduced distance from me (after cirlce disappeared and timer ended) and battle starded anyway. enemy stayed out of my circle for about 10 seconds so can't say was lag, never had problem with lag. anyway, remove chains 😀...or go back to previous damages cause in my 6 battle i lost 4 ships killing only 3 cause is impossible to escape. battle starts, chain once, enemy rep, chain again, enemy stopped...start balls, win. impossible to escape even with an fast endy, no tactic no gameplay only rinse and repeat for each battle. 4 battle ended with me killed cause battle started 1 VS 1 then a second one joined and no way for my sails and reps