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  1. We both agree on that more players = more targets. But with every patch, focus shift from one grp to an other. 9.x was carebaers, 10.x was solo play, 11.x is rvr + carebears. I am not asking to make it a solo hunter game only. I am asking for to include all kinds of gameplays and not to focus on certain ones. The bigger the game spectrum the more people are willing to play = more people online = more targets. I am asking for 12.x Cearbears + solo player/small grp + RvR I dont want a game for a certain grp of players I want a game for everyone where erveryone has the right and purpose to be.
  2. You are right. But the ocean was full of busy merchants where are they now? I dont mind to run when a player welcome commitee is chasing me. That can be fun too at least for me. But there is no sense in sailing out.Tell me how can a privateer enjoy the current game? I mean its a sandbox isnt it? I can be whatever I want or is that wrong? Do I have to play as navy captain to enjoy the game? You are right you delivered the feeling of a navy captain no doubt. But the rest of the age of sail experience is missing.
  3. At the moment groups can have fun aka RvR like Admin said. But for solo, small grp pvp there is no sense in pushing the start button. Go to the RvR area and get a huge welcome committee or go to the safezone and face the Ai welcome committee? Atm NA offers nothing for the player in between. Which is sad because i would prefer OW over Arena.
  4. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    People vote for ships they know or a nation they are play for. Dutch are underpopulated and who knows a Dutch ship is there any Dutch ship with a meaningful history? I don't know so I think a lot don't know it too.? I voted for a ship I know. @admin remember the ship starter pack announcement. It got screamed down because US pack should be the first. Maybe when you want to bring new ships in make a pack with at least one ship for every nation and ships that help to fill BR gaps in NAL.
  5. Best OW PvP clan in games history

    I vote for Game Labs they sunk so much ships because of bugs

    True <3

    The player that want that kind of event = arena gameplay will play NAL. So why should devs add stuff like that to NA?

    It's not hunting. There is no thrill. It's like going hunting in a forest with a fence around it and someone put a few rabbits and a deer in it.

    Where's the thrill of hunting. If that wouldn't be my major reason why I play the game I would wait for NAL.

    Wow had 40men raids at the beginning But yeah there is no sense in small groups anymore go join an other clan. But like devs pointed out many times they like big escalating battles so manage your expectations. Small group fighting and OW pvp are not on the to do list and I doubt it will ever be.
  11. Port Battle Limit

    this. It makes coordination between clans important and it even keeps the nation together because they just cant be an isolated group in a nation they still have to be part of the nation.
  12. Should NA Legends have friendly fire?

    when chaining is still important in NAL dont remove FF. People will chain through their friends sails.
  13. Should NA Legends have friendly fire?

    Realistic battle with real sailing speeds, sailingprofil and no autoskipper and Arcade with speedboats, autoskipper and motors for more closehauled speed like in NA.
  14. Why did players leave?

    But Cortez is right you spent more time looking+ getting the perma mods for the ship. And by the way @Liquicity the ships I captured on global had copper or figurehead + bovenwind + crooked hull. And staysails + studdingsails..... But ship knowledge got introduced because modules were to hard to find or their costs were higher than the actual ship. but we still have the stupid perma mods? Where is the logic? Is there logic?
  15. Again who cares about a few special resources when everything is accessible with low or no risk? When something is clear then that people prefer less risk. Why bother to haul resources out of the center when gathering resources is taxation free? 3% are doing RvR the other don't care about dots. Ofc the 3% will love the patch but there is still no content for the rest of 97%. So overall it's just about to separate both parties. Make the experience good for newcomers in their first 30h of gameplay. Is everyone using his blind eye or why nobody sees that they are doing the bare minimum to launch that game? Look at admins recent post and tell me that you expect any new patch besides ui for NA. I am not telling the RvR patch is bad in general I try to tell that this will be all. And that the 97% will quit before they show up in the map center. So who you wanna fight besides the 3% that play there?
  16. Look at the upcoming changes and tell me the intention is not to separate pvp/RvR from the newcomers. How long will the RvR patch be fun? Forever? Will it keep players 1000+h in the game? How many players actually do RvR 3%? It's not the real land of honey it's just a picture of it in front of Detroit.
  17. Why did players leave?

    At the moment the reward of running away, which means you keep your ship guns perma mods crew and your ego are much higher then the actual reward you would get out of a 1on1 even you win. That's why I run. That's why I pick fights with the potential profit much higher than costs. That's why I hunt traders. That's why we have the rule: evade man o wars only look for traders. Doing pvp against fighting ships in even fights only drains your money even you win everytime you can't get rich with that. You have to do pve/trading or tradehunting or ganking in oder to make money and to stay competitive if you lose your ship.
  18. why the game is not worth playing it

    At this time we were a small community with just a handful of trolls. After EA we got more trolls than I can count. You can't compare pre EA with After EA.
  19. why the game is not worth playing it

    The reason is because NA should focus on OW activities while legend is the area type of the game.
  20. To me it looks like they gave up developing. They do that announced patch (unity 5 was made for legends that why it was so quickly done) polish up the Ui and there we go. Like you can read between the lines the game is made for 30- maybe 100h of fun which it can deliver. To make it even more fun in the first 30h they have to get rid of vets player that destroy the newcomer experience by pvp and RvR. That's why 3/4 of the map wil l become a safe zone. I guess they hope to make legends appealing for vets. With that in mind I doubt we will get any game history making changes. As I said the game is rdy for delivering 30h of fun and that's all what seems to matter. That's how I would rate NA at the moment. Naval action a Venus trap to suck people's lifetime A pvp MP with the promise to experience Nelson in the age of sail that is actually a single coop vs AI with experience nelson only at Trafalgar. If you looking for a 30 h age of sail fun game NA is maybe definitely a game for you. But if you are looking for adventure that is a big part of the experience in the age of sail too, you maybe definitely shouldn't buy it. But yeah I still want to believe that's just a phase.
  21. OW Travel Speed

    Yep OW is treated like a cheap tool to enter and connect the beautiful detailed with sailing physics loaded instance. We can't move yards, we throw ship sailing profile overboard even other captains burn their flags and dump the cannons when using OW.
  22. why the game is not worth playing it

    Hasn't admin said that the game is made for around 100h playtime after that there is no interest to keep these people in the game because with their RvR and pvp they hurt the newcomers. Because of that it's more than welcome that people leave after 100h. At least that's what I read between the lines. The game is good in that first 100h so why improve it further refund is only possible within the first 2 hours. I doubt we see any improvements for 100+h player.But yeah I still hope admin proves me wrong. I still believe.
  23. Why did players leave?

    When people complain the game is a full time job, it is maybe not because things take to long to do maybe it's because things are not fun to do.
  24. OW Travel Speed

    As a rover I sailed a lot and i was never bitter about the time I have spent sailing. I always sailed with my fighting ship so I was ready for every opperunity the games offered to me. But yeah sailing with a cutter is wasted time. You are no content to anyone.
  25. Why did players leave?

    You mean we should turn our blind eye on exploits and gamebreaking mechanics like nelson did in copenhagen just to life happy ??