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  1. And rework breaking up ships. It's still the old system with 5 dura.
  2. Give a chance that an equipped mod in pvp can be salvaged from a sunken ship. make it even a perk. So in order to loot mods in pvp someone has to bring them. How you wanna abuse that?
  3. That should trigger you to start testing. Or is admin running the Royal Speed Trials Society?
  4. Dont tell me you never noticed that your HP drops faster and you get more pen shots when you/enemy are/is low on health Oo
  5. Or french captains start to sail backwards aka retreat ;D
  6. GUI Problem

    We need , or . between zeros depending on the localization^^
  7. Wind

    That is acutally true. I was chasing a Indef with a friend. I bet the Indef was able to sail 15kn and therefore 2kn faster than us. Because of the Wind changes and the tagging system we were able to run him down after 80min. The battle started between MT and LT. First the wind blew him to LT then we got a wind change. He didnt adjust heading so we got closer. He changed course for best wind heading to Saint Nic. Wind kept changing and blew him to MT. I swear at the end of the battle we were roughly at the same location where we started. With a steady wind there would have been no way that we caught him. But the Indef wasnt paying attention to the wind and only adjusted heading when we got close again. Not sure if i like that.
  8. Wind

    http://www.weather.gov.sg/climate-climate-of-singapore/ Our Ingame wind seems wrong But maybe someone can find this for the west indies.
  9. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    So just one guy buys the dlc and supplies the hole server? I believe that the dlc enables you to get/use a forged paper once every (week/month). And I guess it will be soul bound.
  10. I heard Spain is giving away free ports. Maybe I should come for a visit.
  11. I gave a suggestion for even and enjoyable fights all what you want is ganking and false hope?
  12. You just want to call the 14x Santi + 6* Victory + 5* Bellona fleet right?
  13. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    yeah got a new desktop wallpaper
  14. Then expand reinforcements. In the carezone you get super 1st rates while out of the zone you can always call for AI reinforcements when the battle is closed for joining your side to even out BR. ;-) But still when i pvp i dont want to pv(p)e
  15. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    "I thought pirate ladies are the prettiest women on earth. Thanks to this master forger I found the most beautiful women in russia"
  16. When i want to pvp then i dont want to pv(p)e. imagine liq would solo fight 3+ pirates and suddenly Ai joins his side to even out BR. All pirates would run away
  17. Fleet commander gameplay

    Would still be so awesome to have for pbs
  18. Go admin go admin we want chasers for all ships Furthermore make that come true as well:
  19. Add Friendly Clan feature needs rework

  20. Add Friendly Clan feature needs rework

    at least a search option would be useful. So +1
  21. No it is not. I did a fight with Hachi (trinc) vs me (Santi). He was able to tag me from any position he wanted. So ofc i head no weather gauge. Ofc The way to succes depends on the captains you are facing but the rule of thumb is: Gain weather gauge at all cost Use Chain (its much more effective especially when no time to mast snipe) get some space between you and the enemy now either outrun and sail away (leave battle) or keep weather gauge and pound his hull from distance. The biggest mistake you do is by getting cocky and try to hunt him down (going close) when the enemy is low on health especially when you give up weather gauge. That really can flip the tide of the battle.
  22. Didn't get victory mark

    press F11 and post your report number here maybe @admin or @Ink can check. (normally the number is in copy paste memory after you reported)