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  1. z4ys

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    I wouldn't mind to get at least one fishing schooner with extra hold for fish and drastic increased catch rate (instead of the perk) maybe give it 4*4pds as defense even those ships had no guns.
  2. z4ys

    Rigging type benefits

    Regarding lugger: [...]She is 39 feet long on deck; 12 feet beam, and is 4 feet deep at the point of greates beam which is 12 feet from the bow. Her lugsail contains 755 square feet of canvas and is fitted with five rows of reef points. When a black norther sweeps down across the gulf, it blows, and while these boats are broad and have good bearings to stand up and take their medicine, especially when deeply loaded with cargo of oysters, there are times when it pays to reef, as they carry no ballast whatever. They are centerboard boats but are sweetly modeled and very fast sailers as many yachtman has found out who has had a scrub race with them. They have to steam the swift current of the mississippi and twist and turn up many inlets and bayous. [...] This requires a minimum of draft to pass over shoal places and to operate on the oyster reefs and yet they have to go off into deep water and negotiate all kind of waves. regarding brig an schooner: The famous schooner Enterprise, the pet of the early american navy [...] was a baltimore schooner carrying square topsails and a typical clipper build in 1799. [...] She was rebuild in 1809 and rigged as a brig [...] Under her orginal schooner rig she was a wonderfully fast craft and the seamen who had to use the various vessel regretted the conversion of this boat to abrig rig. Source: American Sailing Ships: Their Plans and History (Dover Maritime)
  3. z4ys

    Rigging type benefits

    An other reason for the lugger. Distance between masts
  4. z4ys

    Rigging type benefits

    [...]France had a lot [...] visted american coast during revolution [...] copied somewhat modifed [...] bodyplan. Penzcace lugger Colleen Bawn one of the fastes luggers of her day build by J.R. Wills, and that most baltimore schooner, shows a strong family resemblance. More likely the french luggers were even more like clipper schooners than english lugger [...] [...] An other feature of the lugger was the absence of useless top hamper and gear that offered so much windage to retard a vessels speed. The lugger had no shrouds at all just 2 naked poles of masts with a single hailliard for hoisting the yard rove through a dumb sheave in the masthead and yet they were very fast sailing craft. During Australia gold rush a lugger sailed from england and beat a regular packet in spite of having to ride out a gale [...] Source: American Sailing Ships: Their Plans and History (Dover Maritime)
  5. z4ys

    A tiny guide on AFK fishing

    I feel so dumb now. Why I even actively play the solution is right there. Robots...
  6. pirates steal from pirates ...
  7. z4ys

    Revised Boarding Mini Game

    Other option is to make last second commands less powerful. So a attack command issued the before 12left does 100% dmg while attack after 4 sec left only does 25%. So ontop that last sec commands cost more prep they will be less powerful as well.
  8. z4ys

    True Economy: An Experiment and Vote

    I would like to see tax on used warehouse slots. Storage room is expesive and has to be guarded otherwise stuff may disappear May reduce hording + good for town owner + money drain
  9. z4ys

    AFK fishing guide

    When sailing I am never AFK. I am always watching the horizon. Please tell me how to be AFK and fish.
  10. z4ys

    Flags Flags Flags

    @devs port Ui looks gorgeous
  11. Funny: Le Requin > Le Broken > Le Nerfed When we will see Le okish?
  12. I read a lot: "people are bad in the boarding game" - I want to counter: " some are bad in long range gunnery duels"
  13. z4ys

    Bring boarding to a new level

    And without scope? Is there any difference?
  14. z4ys

    Bring boarding to a new level

    What is the distance a person standing on a platform in the rigging moves due to 5% heel? At 0:55 - I guess we can't compare aiming at land with aiming at Sea.
  15. z4ys

    What music while playing Naval Action

    My alltime favs
  16. First you need some data. Feelings are most of the time a lie. Data takes time to be meaningful.
  17. the number 8 can be changed in no time. But the idea of allowing boarding this way is great.
  18. admin said that ships cannot become entangled due to fps issues we would otherwise encounter. Therefore allowing boarding while moving is a simplification the game has to do. Otherwise we would just see boarding by ships with no sails and masts. IRL entangled ships would stop because they would both destroy their rigging - again game simplification that we are allowed to board while we have speed Ontop the speed our ships have ingame + the gamey feature to be able to run full sails without penalties or benifits for less sail makes it necessary to allow boarding during highter speeds than irl
  19. Game simplyfication We are used to run full sails/ full speed during fights (gamey)
  20. z4ys

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Me while in boarding with a Santi
  21. z4ys

    Yacht not allowed

    Why are other imported ships allowed to join portbattles but not the yacht? @admin + @Ink
  22. z4ys

    Mortar Brigs Overhaul

    The only thing about the Mbrig that bothers me is the speed. Even totaly speed fit it sails like a SOL but on the other hand they were build to withstand the mortar recoil
  23. A small hint for all forum readers and boarding lovers: Get the captain defender perk (5 prepared for defend) Equip marines and barricades in ship knowledge Don't use DD perk Get boarded destroy the enemy by surprise
  24. the end result is the same. just the way isnt.