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  1. Poll

    Snow ;-) lol
  2. Eliminate small ship griefing

    Not sure if surrender or French Don't know why so many people have the attitude the bigger the better. Yesterday I got tagged by a bunch of 4th rates while sailing a schooner. Should I start a topic about griefing while it was more than predictable that they never gonna catch me? What you call griefing can be done with every ship that's just faster than you. So don't blame a specific rate. Blame the tag mechanic suggest changes to the *you can't leave battle counter* maybe sail dmg alone shouldn't keep people in battle? But all I read so far was mimimi I have such a big disadvantage make me win.
  3. Yep i noticed that depowering makes the turn radius smaller. Especially when you want to turn into the wind direction (180° to 90°). You suffer speed thats right but it improves turnrate a lot. I dont claim my tack as perfect but at least it was done without reverse distance and I hope i can help some fellow captains who struggle to tack because of the new force model.
  4. Eliminate small ship griefing

    In this fight I would have been more than able to leave the battle. And again its a teak white oak build (12kn max) and far away from speed fitted like the snow was (14kn max). I had no issue to keep distance or gain distance. People can have the best modded ships but when they dont know how to sail them (by that i mean how they should behave compared to the ships that they are fighting), the best ship is worth nothing. And that you have to do a 180° turn just shows me that you were chasing him. If your intention would have been to leave the fight you would never have to make a turn more than 90°. - Your sail hp pool is huge compared to snow. So you would win the chaser duel. - Get separation chain his sails with your longs. Maybe let him get closer chain with your carronades and his sail % are gone in no time. When he repairs repeat. - Go to 120° while you extend shoot your chasers at him. 15 min are more than enough time to get out of gun range to leave the battle. That makes me think you either dont know your ship compared to other ships or you wanted to kill him instead of leaving the fight. Back to your comparison: Sometimes the hawk just should leave even he is the natural born killer.
  5. bow- and sterntanking

    In my opinion structure dmg on heavy ship vs heavy ship is to low. At the moment 1 ball rake of an aggi can sink a prince when no repair available, (happened almost to me yesterday) I got a perfect stern rake by the aggi all my structure was gone with all other sides still full HP. So rakes smallship vs heavy ship works perfect but as soon as the rate is equal you almsot achive no effect.
  6. Eliminate small ship griefing

    When he is going upwind why you don't sail downwind by doing so you get a fast separation. But I guess you wanted the kill so badly right? In this case you griefed yourself by hunting a better upwind ship. Shot chain at him. You have so much guns. Sail downwind leave.
  7. The moment of sail movement and the depowering. Maybe you did it right before. But i know many players that just pressed double "E" , "Q" , "C" or "Z"
  8. Can we get at least the option to just raise staysails without putting mainsails up as well?
  9. I guess the drag of the mainsails will counter all forward movement
  10. maybe it solves a part of the question
  11. Promoting more PVP

    no you already get pve and pvp marks while doing pvp. why double reward?
  12. I like it. Feels more like it should be. Now we just missing better sail area control and maybe every mast with independent control
  13. Its a double edged sword. I bet ine the one hand we got more pvp overall but in the otherhand there are the black sheeps. Reducing the power of rewards would make it less interesting = less pvp but although less exploits.
  14. Server Merge Proposal

    That one for example sounds interesting, and it's actually what happened on PvP1 for months after the creation of the W/E alliances. The Eastern Alliance knew it couldn't break the British Empire without any help from another timezone, and thus tried to convince the Pirate Coalition to join a campaign. After their war against the US, the ZombiePirate forces were too exhausted to launch another offensive. The Eastern Alliance had to wait for the push of the LordVicious forces in the Gulf and for the switch of AUSEZ to the pirates to eventually reverse the course of the war. But at that time the populations spread and the diplomatic relationships enabled that opportunity.
  15. Server Merge Proposal

    I think you dont get me. People stay there where they have their ports. So you will focus all players to certain areas. so only parts of the map are valid at a certain time. It would be the same if we make 3 different servers with just a part of the map. You do nothing else as to force people to a certain area on a certain time. Thats wrong and against the concept of the awesome huge map where regarding of time everything can happen.
  16. Server Merge Proposal

    Why force people to stay in a certain area. At the moment all places are valid. With timezone frames only a certain part of the map is valid.
  17. Server Merge Proposal

    nobody is really playing outside the window When i go to gustavia there is nobody after 2am same will happen with timezone maps only that effect will be much stronger
  18. Server Merge Proposal

    yeah but people would stay in their places. At the moment you can be everywhere and always find someone no matter of time. With timezones maps nobody would be in mexican gulf when its not the right time.
  19. Server Merge Proposal

    Why we have this huge awesome map when we break it down to this tiny pieces? Its not an option for me.
  20. Server Merge Proposal

    I would say every clan has to set a pb window in this window the hole clan is allowed attack or defend ports. This way setting timers to off times would exclude the clan form participating in RvR. Clans with overlapping windows can attack each other. You can only change pb window once in a month (4 example). To avoid that one clan sets ridiculous pb times to avoid pb capture only clan alliances between overlapping pb windows are allowed. Hostility can gained 24/7 - pb is placedlike now but regarding the overlapping pb window.
  21. Opinions of a Newcomer

    I like to add its a sandbox. You can make yourslef a ruleset and try to stick to them. It can be very challenging and for me it never gets boring. So far I had a rulechange at every wipe. Its really fun
  22. Eliminate small ship griefing

    Thats the Buc i used vs a fir frame and teak plank snow with gazelle, strong sails and additional pump like we used her for captureing the buc. Furthermoe the last time I used a SOL was during patch 9.x. So i would say about me that I am inexperienced regarding the handling of a SOLs. After i tried it out by myself i have to say my statement is more than valid:
  23. Eliminate small ship griefing

    You cant tag a coni or Wasa or endy while sailing a prince. You need at least an other 50BR ship in the circle.