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  1. Sometimes its just the double standard which is showen here very often.
  2. Please make it its own steam entry

    Servers are currently off till next weekend
  3. Please make it its own steam entry

    But But this way you have to give a review for NA when you want to review Legends ;-)
  4. At the moment the game is dictating me not to play the game because there is nothing to do beside missions and rvr (and I dont care about both). The game always forced you to do certain things. I just want that all ways become valid.
  5. Safezone is fine to a certain point after that a player should have to leave the zone to go forward into his / her progession. But yeah i am just a lion and tired of sitting in the tree.
  6. Reviews

    The Problem is the game changes its group of customers with every major patch. 10.x was focused on OW and solo play. 11.x is focused on RvR. So everytime devs deliver a new update they make a group of customers unhappy which was very happy before. That's a rapid change of a strong feeling and that leads to redo former good reviews to bad ones and turn lovers into haters. Everyone remembers bad feelings better than good ones (just look at current game reviews) But yeah like jodgi said, we should rate the game with everything in mind. And my played hours remind me everytime of the fun I had and maybe I will have in the future again. That's why my review will stay positive even the game turns into one I would never play(like the current state).
  7. We both agree on that more players = more targets. But with every patch, focus shift from one grp to an other. 9.x was carebaers, 10.x was solo play, 11.x is rvr + carebears. I am not asking to make it a solo hunter game only. I am asking for to include all kinds of gameplays and not to focus on certain ones. The bigger the game spectrum the more people are willing to play = more people online = more targets. I am asking for 12.x Cearbears + solo player/small grp + RvR I dont want a game for a certain grp of players I want a game for everyone where erveryone has the right and purpose to be.
  8. You are right. But the ocean was full of busy merchants where are they now? I dont mind to run when a player welcome commitee is chasing me. That can be fun too at least for me. But there is no sense in sailing out.Tell me how can a privateer enjoy the current game? I mean its a sandbox isnt it? I can be whatever I want or is that wrong? Do I have to play as navy captain to enjoy the game? You are right you delivered the feeling of a navy captain no doubt. But the rest of the age of sail experience is missing.
  9. At the moment groups can have fun aka RvR like Admin said. But for solo, small grp pvp there is no sense in pushing the start button. Go to the RvR area and get a huge welcome committee or go to the safezone and face the Ai welcome committee? Atm NA offers nothing for the player in between. Which is sad because i would prefer OW over Arena.
  10. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    People vote for ships they know or a nation they are play for. Dutch are underpopulated and who knows a Dutch ship is there any Dutch ship with a meaningful history? I don't know so I think a lot don't know it too.? I voted for a ship I know. @admin remember the ship starter pack announcement. It got screamed down because US pack should be the first. Maybe when you want to bring new ships in make a pack with at least one ship for every nation and ships that help to fill BR gaps in NAL.
  11. Best OW PvP clan in games history

    I vote for Game Labs they sunk so much ships because of bugs

    True <3

    The player that want that kind of event = arena gameplay will play NAL. So why should devs add stuff like that to NA?

    It's not hunting. There is no thrill. It's like going hunting in a forest with a fence around it and someone put a few rabbits and a deer in it.