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  1. Fleet commander gameplay

    Would still be so awesome to have for pbs
  2. Go admin go admin we want chasers for all ships Furthermore make that come true as well:
  3. Add Friendly Clan feature needs rework

  4. Add Friendly Clan feature needs rework

    at least a search option would be useful. So +1
  5. No it is not. I did a fight with Hachi (trinc) vs me (Santi). He was able to tag me from any position he wanted. So ofc i head no weather gauge. Ofc The way to succes depends on the captains you are facing but the rule of thumb is: Gain weather gauge at all cost Use Chain (its much more effective especially when no time to mast snipe) get some space between you and the enemy now either outrun and sail away (leave battle) or keep weather gauge and pound his hull from distance. The biggest mistake you do is by getting cocky and try to hunt him down (going close) when the enemy is low on health especially when you give up weather gauge. That really can flip the tide of the battle.
  6. Didn't get victory mark

    press F11 and post your report number here maybe @admin or @Ink can check. (normally the number is in copy paste memory after you reported)
  7. This aint ships of world of warships. At the moment the naval combat is really great. First rates can deal with friagtes camping them. Or do you want to go back in time and to solo sterncamp with a surprise?
  8. Didn't get victory mark

    have you switched nation recently?
  9. Didn't get victory mark

    I believe you have to dock in order to get the mark. So as soon you enter port you might have it in your captains chest. (maybe you have to dock, undock and dock again)
  10. Didn't get victory mark

    Have you docked so far?
  11. - schooners need a closer look- They still feel like pre sailing model change - wind turns to quick and to much. If the reason for it is lee shore. Lee shore should always be dangerous. regarding heel and the demand for more heel of certain shallow ships. I am not sure about that they have a very flat hull shape and videos dont show the US Brig niagara heel much but might be just wind and sea conditions? @maturin
  12. Carronade buff.

    In my opinion ships turn to fast so ships are always angled which makes it impossible to pen with carros. So either nerf ship turning or buff carro pen above 100m.
  13. Battles should not close

    Don't forget tp
  14. Battles should not close

    why not sail in real time. we would have no issues. but slowing down OW speed wil just lead to people that say sailing is boring. So we need OW speed + battle timer. You cant have all.