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  1. z4ys

    Bring boarding to a new level

    What is the distance a person standing on a platform in the rigging moves due to 5% heel? At 0:55 - I guess we can't compare aiming at land with aiming at Sea.
  2. z4ys

    What music while playing Naval Action

    My alltime favs
  3. First you need some data. Feelings are most of the time a lie. Data takes time to be meaningful.
  4. the number 8 can be changed in no time. But the idea of allowing boarding this way is great.
  5. admin said that ships cannot become entangled due to fps issues we would otherwise encounter. Therefore allowing boarding while moving is a simplification the game has to do. Otherwise we would just see boarding by ships with no sails and masts. IRL entangled ships would stop because they would both destroy their rigging - again game simplification that we are allowed to board while we have speed Ontop the speed our ships have ingame + the gamey feature to be able to run full sails without penalties or benifits for less sail makes it necessary to allow boarding during highter speeds than irl
  6. Game simplyfication We are used to run full sails/ full speed during fights (gamey)
  7. z4ys

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Me while in boarding with a Santi
  8. z4ys

    Mortar Brigs Overhaul

    The only thing about the Mbrig that bothers me is the speed. Even totaly speed fit it sails like a SOL but on the other hand they were build to withstand the mortar recoil
  9. A small hint for all forum readers and boarding lovers: Get the captain defender perk (5 prepared for defend) Equip marines and barricades in ship knowledge Don't use DD perk Get boarded destroy the enemy by surprise
  10. the end result is the same. just the way isnt.
  11. people asked to add musketry. Musketry would be an passive feature and requires no skill. But giving the player the option to deal with such a ship by boarding it - at least requires some kind of skill even its 1100 vs 200. So in my opinion the better approach was done by game labs. I mean during boarding everyone can select shoot muskets.
  12. Now you know that devs were listening to the community. That this kind of change was asked by us. That they added it to their raodmap because we asked for it. Not exactly like they did but overall same intention to stop hull hugging.
  13. If you havent read the forum for a while people were asking to stop the hugging issue by smaller ships and yet devs delievered.
  14. people are still learning will take time 😉 we are used to habits The ones that adapt faster than other will have huge advantage at least for the moment
  15. Learn it by heart take barricades and boarding axes instead of 3 stacked repair books