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  1. z4ys

    100 Days at Sea Quest [Complete Series]

    its no fun to gank danish, swedish and dutch
  2. z4ys

    Event Zone RoE

    Viewer numbers are dropping...Hype train ... next station post scriptum and then we will se what E3 has to offer 😉 Anyone remember deepgift? Same shit
  3. z4ys

    Ship lost due some wierd lags.

    Anti virus? Anti virus update? Windows defender? Windows update? Windows features? Steam? Provider cable works? Teamspeak? I had the issue for a long time but it was related to a Russian anti virus software that tracked the NA traffic. After I set it to not track NA the problem was gone. I have not encountered such problems recently so better check your side. Maybe a connection report and a pm to ink might help find the problem.
  4. z4ys

    New player experience

    But the smaller ship would surrender. Lets take this example: A trader brig gets intercepted by a 3rd rate. 3rd rate is into fire distance. IRL: The tbrig would surrender in NA: The tbrig runs away NA tried by making crew expensive to simulate the rl result but after all its a game. So we went back to fight it out.
  5. z4ys

    New player experience

    the problem here is that the pvp marks are worth more then the transported goods.
  6. z4ys

    New player experience

    thats why we keep telling him that its a vet problem and not a newcomer problem. Do you agree that a newcomer would use any ship he can get hands on. Except a vet tells him that ship is shit (by that he is referring the ship is no meta)
  7. z4ys

    New player experience

    I like the Kspedia " The KSPedia is an in-game encyclopedia that covers many subjects of Kerbal Space Program in detail. It is intended to be used by new players, and can be found on the Space Center screen. "
  8. z4ys

    New player experience

    A new player does not care about fir fir, his wish is not a teak white oak trinc. Like heth wrote.... Everything you describe are problems vets encounter so dont play the "new player card" thats all what we ask for. We dont say your suggestion is shit we are just telling you to be honest.
  9. z4ys

    New player experience

    what you describe is not new player experience, its returning vet or vet player experience
  10. z4ys

    New player experience

    no accuses because its actually true
  11. z4ys

    New player experience

    Heth isn't trolling him. He just ask him to be honest. Nelson is hiding his real intentions aka to buy cheap player crafted ship behind the word "newcomer". Heth just points out that a real newcomer would just buy any npc store ship. Because a real newcomer just cares about price and the ship size. Nobody blames Nelson for suggesting a feature that would be indeed helpful. But a feature for vets and not newcomers. So Heth asked him to be honest.
  12. z4ys

    New player experience

    There is no endboss. Endgame content a la RvR is even accessible in shallow ships so M&C is more than enough. So why rush?
  13. z4ys

    New player experience

    Why you want to lvl as fast as possible? What's the benefit?
  14. z4ys

    New player experience

    Certain things are not useful in the mind of a meta gamer. Everything is useful for a newcomer. Vets can easily poison newcomers with their mentality of how to look at the game and certain things. Nobody has to trade to actually play the game. But trading generates the most profit =meta mentality Always use the best equipment = meta mentality Only first rates are real ships = meta mentality Because of that new players forget to enjoy the small things and they put themselves under high pressure to succeed and how can someone enjoy a game that applies pressure. But it's not the game itself it's all in the gamers head because he doesn't know otherwise.