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  1. We have to keep in mind the clan changes maybe they will solve the issue. But for me the most important part is not to make patrol a new NA sandbox playground. It's purpose should be to attract former NAL or moba player to NA and therefore the main objective should be to deliver moba fun even that means we OW sandbox players have to accept and step back from turning that patrols in sandbox freedom. It's a game in a game don't be selfish.
  2. Fragen zum Spiel

    Lieber Kekse
  3. Is that how the average battle looks like or just one out of 100?
  4. Sure but then dont complain that not more people aka casuals go there.
  5. There are so much ifs. Guess we all want as many people doing patrols when there are ifs people will choose not to go there. Sure its just about dmg but tbh who is satisfied when he/she can say "That was a good day I did some dmg but why I get spanked by big non random grps all the time" Sure you can gather randoms. Randoms are randoms well attuned grps are well attuned grps. There is a reason why moba restict big grps to join the same battle. Its just no fun in the long run.
  6. How its fight to the death
  7. But yes ideas of it went into NA buts wrong to say "go play NAL" because its now NA.
  8. Should be no issue when some is sailing a bellona in the patrol zone and mission is patrol with cerb/reno or surprise that he cannot pull in the zone (like basic cutter) or when someone else is pulling dont get draged in like in (reinforcement area)
  9. thats why we need ship class restriction or named vessel restriction on top^^ Atm its totally unappealing except you are in a very big clan/or grp or you have big ships. There is no casual factor in it but i believe thats why so many play moba.
  10. if you want more players in patrol area consider to make BR limites regarding ships you can get for free. To fill the 1200 limit you need to much players with frigs but frigs would be the cheap ships people that would want to try out pvp or get into it bring to the fight.
  11. i still hope that to the rotation of playground we although get a rotation of allowed ships. But yeah why not. My guess to make patrol more a choice for everyone is in small grps rather than big fights. Nobody want to spend endless time to gather a full 25 player grp or hope to get maybe reinforced.
  12. 3 player limit. As skilled solo player you can still fight 2 guys on top. As not so good player you can grab 2 friends which should be possible. Both parties still can have fun. As clan activity you can even make bigger grps. But you know what amount of player you will face at worst.
  13. Why do you have started this topic? Because people didnt joined your side even the battle is open all the time. BR limit only scales it down but dont solve it.
  14. people will always join the bigger BR side except they can fill the BR on the weaker side up. Otherwise they will just sail to the next battle with open slots on the higher BR side. Yes I think the only solution are fixed grp sizes. The combination of arena (the battle style) and OW (how to enter the fight) restrict the patrol area in most cases to be a fair and enjoyable event in the long run.