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  1. Just an idea. I like the player choice how to garrisson a port. That's customization I would like to see more instead of adding more stupid upgrades and books. Back to topic: what if it would be possible to station ships there at any time (Ofc only before the port is contested). Maybe even scratch the idea of 4 missions for hostility. By a battlgroup permit to found a bg sail to the port. Open an instance similar to the pb one. Give 10mins prepair time. Defender can join and take over their AI ship or take an slot. Defenders can join till 30mins of battle or till their AI ship is sunk. What about port br is defined by ships stationed and tax?
  2. Will we be able to set different rudder angles besides no rudder and 100%? Otherwise it will be a rudder tabbing nightmare.
  3. What are the thoughts behind that step? i am curious
  4. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    Where am I telling that the removal of all carezones will be the holy grail fix?
  5. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    So everyone would activate it because it's easy and I can fight when I would want fight. That is as bad as carezones.
  6. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    They leave the zone regardless of your action. Two ways fight them or bring boredom by doing nothing. Both work perfect. The last one is the easy mode. Carezones make lazy. Why should I when I can stay in my bubble. Same like why should I craft when I could use a cheap all-round Wasa? Why should I interact with other players when I can buy alts... To much comfort is bad. We always pick the lazy way. Now people don't leave because they lose stuff now they leave because they have everything such a great improvement
  7. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    The vast majority of the map is useless because everything focus around reinforcement zones. When you look at the combat news 80% of kills are around such zones. (Except for portbattles)
  8. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    True. But even with 500 online on EU you see almost nobody except when camping carezones. All I want to say is that currently the game is shitty designed. We play a game that is focused on player vs player combat but has mechanics in place which make such encounter rar. So even with 500 player its boring to play because the majority is sitting in the carezone denying content. Regardless how you look at it. Remove carezones player leave because they may get camped to death or by leaving because of boredom while mechanics deny content. We end up the same way. Players leave. There has to be a change in what content is. Its not possible to make such a game and say player are the main / only content besides ships ofc ;-).
  9. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    In the carezone collecting resources and bring them back to capital right? ;-)
  10. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    thats a joke i recently saw a bunch of people doing it
  11. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    I was told the key element of this game NA is PvP. Admin said Player are content. So why is this game restricting me in getting access to content? Why there are so many mechanics in place that deny content? Maybe admin is wrong and they should step away from player = content. Dont know why we have 2 games that both claim player = content. One of them is fake.
  12. Regarding port battles

    You have to stay online all day during the attack window otherwise option one will fail. Is that the way to go? Why soften up crafting, money gain, xp gain and many more things when you go hardcore here? The game is currently a casual game. Pls decide for what kind of player grp you wanna go. Option 1 alone will make people/ the current players mad.
  13. Regarding port battles

    What about carezone? Why should anyone make a clan warehouse in such a port except hardcore nations? Better option would be to get first buy right for port producing goods.