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  1. Painting of @The Red Duke's ship cat shortly after looting the spanish Treasurefleet at Key West.
  2. Er redet nur vom pve server only da sie da ja nix erobern können. Zumindestens trifft impossible da zu
  3. Which clan can field 25 players right away? countable on one hand. Why is nobody challenging swedes? Because nobody has the numbers. We are down to a clanbased RvR therefore i like idea to make normal clans (with 10 to 15 people) competitive. Reducing portbattle slots is needed to reanimate RvR in the long run. Big clans can still let their limit at 25vs25 to play out their number advantage but they will recongize (when they love rvr because of doing rvr) smaller portbattles (by numbers) mean more portbattles.
  4. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Has anyone experienced more ow pvp because of tow? I have not. But what i have done. I sailed with a basic cutter to a port made an outpost and towed my ship for the pb.
  5. Hotfix 12.1: Multiple fixes

    That is my current rank after the hotfix. I still believe it should be "Fregattenkapitän"
  6. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    Numbers don't say anything. There can be 600 player on and you can still see/find nobody. It's a damn empty OW since 11.x
  7. On looting system and other MMORPG

    I like the current system. But i tend to agree that time to get to the target is sometimes (even with all the time changes we got so far) to short. Wouldnt it be a compromise when after the time is over a sinking ship can currently be looted x% of the cargo gets destroyed but the rest stays there till everyone leave the battle?
  8. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Its an alternative universe of the wooden warship era.
  9. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    I bet that will happen when the new nations are a success regarding their intention.
  10. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Evil to him who evil thinks.
  11. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    My suggestion was: Every clan sets its portbattle window which can only be changed once in a month. That means EU clans can set their timer like the current EU server one and Global clans to their prefered time. The time span of the windows has to be equal to the current EU server one. By setting a portbattle window the clan agrees that only in his timeframe he can attack or can be attacked. Only matching clans can attack each other this way. Only clans with oeverlapping times can ally. So if nightflips happen it would be your own fault.
  12. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    new players will not find them. and leave or find their own way. So I dont know if its the right/ or good idea. For experiened player it will. But in the end. Nations that dont care about new players will bleed out.
  13. No not this way. We normally hunt in small groups with a variety of ships. Therefore some captains might get discrimnated in a chase or capture because of their ship capability. So we share the loot and prizemoney between all involed captains equal. Furthermore we support each other and new players whenever they cross our path.
  14. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    Even on EU is a lack of ow pvp.