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  1. z4ys

    La Requin nerf needed

    My herc doesn't turn well what am I doing wrong ? Can you describe the issues with the xebec pls?
  2. z4ys

    Hugging exploit

    What annoying turnrate? Do i need mods for it? Pls nerf snow!!!
  3. not justify - its to name the real issues not that damn mimimi about i got sunk by xebec What are issues: Spanker sails are bugged on any ship its not possible to dmg them correct. - The thing is on prince only 33% are spanker sails rest is jib and square sails which get dmg correct xebec is 100% spanker therefore 100% bugged sailforce mods are broken not only on the xebec but xebec is the perfect example accelerating is to powerful on the xebec - sail force mods even increase the issue crew dmg seems broken on the ship thickness combined with hull shape that it can be made of heavy woods and sail force mods still make her sail like fir/fir downwind sailing ability due to sail force mods What are no issues: that the ship can go upwind and escape square riggers - 32pds carronades her crew count (currently only an issue because she gets almost no crew dmg)
  4. z4ys

    Naval Action Meme collection

  5. z4ys

    DLC ships

    I cant agree more that we need a nerf. But what I try to point out the whole time is that the ships itself is 20% broken(with it bouncy hull and tickness, somewhat bugged sail and crew dmg) whats flawed are many mechanics and mods. The xebec (herc) are just the visible top of the iceberg but it goes much deeper.
  6. Ofc they can. But they can only join when the battle started between player and AI. If the battle started as a player vs player they cant
  7. z4ys

    Proposal to change sail force mods

    It will fix nothing. It's like reducing everything by 1kn. All stays the same just 1kn slower.
  8. z4ys

    La Requin nerf needed

    I thought herc trunrate is to good. It's to easy to sterncamp and angle? "Turns like a snow"
  9. z4ys

    DLC ships

    Isnt that the real definition of pvp? I mean i cant believe that in any pvp game the other side want me to win^^ The problem is not the spawn every day. Its that those ships have no value. They create yolo playstyle like the basic cutter before ROE change or recently in the patrol. I am not sure yet what breaks the herc. The totaly awesome turnrate of the ship I havent encountered yet. But maybe i am just spoiled by the xebec turnrate. She is not low like niagara but she is short. Which makes her hard to hit in a different way and is a huge advantage vs long ships in a short range combat. But that applies to many more ships. poods make her a beast with fast reload but poods are broken on every ship ofc the 18pd/poods are a huge advantage they can pen other shallow ships at most angle.
  10. z4ys

    Proposal to change sail force mods

    The downside of this mode is fake. Losing speed upwind for a ship that's not designed to go upwind is fake. And by the way it is around 15% speed boost compared to 5 to 8% upwind speed loss. Which again only kicks in below 45° and is not important. To make it more obvious it's like giving a car nitro who cares about the extra weight?
  11. I can do that in a prince as well. It ain't new. What is new is that now majority started to use this ship. Before such low br ships were no real ships. A real ship is 3rd up to 1St rate that was the player mentality. Now xebec is a free ship - click and yolo. Free beer is always good. And WE asked for it.
  12. z4ys

    DLC ships

    That's true. Before it was done with bellonas. But that was fine because it was at least 25 pvp marks. Now it's click and yolo. No regrets. To give a comparison it's like air rb turned into air Arcade. YOLO in and get as many marks as possible. Like basic cutter in patrol... But yes we players wanted that. "I don't want to do eco" now it's possible. Click and YOLO and repeat like in any other moba game.
  13. z4ys

    Proposal to change sail force mods

    Hard but not impossible like with the current design. Players always find the sweet spot. Surprise -> Wasa -> endy -> bellona .... A Spanish rig on a bellona or p frig is as broken as p rig on a xebec and there is no way to fix it other than removal of those mods or changing the system.
  14. z4ys

    La Requin nerf needed

    We can be glad that majority don't understand how to manual sail her and sail her at full sails do I need any mods for the herc to make her turn good mine just turns Okish.