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  1. z4ys

    Whats up with NA?

    lol how can something die when not even born.
  2. z4ys

    Whats up with NA?

    complaining about online numbers
  3. z4ys

    Whats up with NA?

    summer? patch?
  4. what is a decent ship in your opinion? guess we will already start to differ at that point
  5. That is just not true but thats the problem people keep saying that over and over till they believe that.
  6. you can place the note in the clan warehouse any everyone in the clan can pick it up or you can put the note into a ship and surrender to the buyer or Or port-trade the carrier ship. thats are the one i know
  7. If herc will ever get a premium dlc ship (with current stats) then we have pay to win in shallow pbs
  8. z4ys

    Rework of Admiralty shop

    trade for pvp items = marks = no rng involved -> means easy access Trade for pve items = item itself = rng involved -> pure luck to get this item no easy access you can not compare both trades. The current system, like you love it, would kind of work if players would actually trade but player stock pile and that is undermining the system.
  9. z4ys

    Rework of Admiralty shop

    But thats the inversion of the argument presented by chug
  10. z4ys

    Rework of Admiralty shop

    So you agree that pvp currency can't be traded. In your words:"work for them" then that's how pvp items get obtained.
  11. Hm I don't have such issues you describe. And no I don't have alts and no I don't have a clan that does the work for me nor do I farm AI. So I don't get why trading always has to be prio no.1. Just focus on the parts you like and start to enjoy the game. And if it's only pvp then do pvp. There are 100 of ways to do that just don't pick the personal painful one.
  12. z4ys

    Rework of Admiralty shop

    So conclusion is make pvp marks soulbound so pve players have something to achieve or what? Do you see the unbalance?
  13. z4ys

    Rework of Admiralty shop

    Its not about to restrict current pve rewards that are mostly useful for pvp to pvp players only. Its about to balance access for all. Like pve players have easy access to any pvp items by just buying a mark. Why not apply that for pve items for pvp players?
  14. z4ys

    Rework of Admiralty shop

    Focus of NA is PvP. And as i wrote Its a choice. Like PVE players have the choice to buy pvp currency and by permits,notes and pvp books. Why PvP players dont have the choice or alternative to buy PvE books other than by the drop luck of some pve players? That doesnt make sense. PvP players sell pvp marks to pve players. The marks dont care what is bought,it can be any pvp item = easy access PvE Players sell books and mods to pvp players. That is a special item depending on RNG = no easy access Why not change it to: Pve Players sell pve currency to pvp players: The marks dont care what is bought, it can be any pve item = easy access For me it looks like balance