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  1. Ship Knowledge - En Français

    Salut, je peux le mettre sur na-france?
  2. Clan war is the end of nations. If so just remove nation from games and make ability for player to paint their clan flag. EdR is playing French and hosting French Color since start of the game. Our honnor is not to be sold for few ships, doublons or easy-play. It prevent us to become really friends with another nation as we would never be part of them but we make strong pacts with thoses having the same goal as us, enjoying an evening with friends. We make our best to expand our territory and give content to our player to keep them in-game by having fun. We invited as well the CBC (fouchet clan) to join us in biloxi attacks but they din't want to fight against Danish or Spanish. We then look up for new captains to help us in our attack and receive good answer for people's around what allow us on second try to capture the port and destroy the Spanish screening fleet.
  3. [PVP EU] battle results

    Yes a great battle but not real things to do for spain as they were almost 1v2. We capture Biloxi aswell with few players while the big group was pvping outside the port.
  4. PB Terre de Bas

    Gg à tous
  5. Tournament - Groups composition & Definite Rules

    i have until tomorrow to confirmù and will do it tomorroxw after have check with player to b sure they will be in
  6. Caribbean Invasion News

    Remember hydra declare us the war. We didn't. We are working on securising our positions now.
  7. Caribbean Invasion News

    Ty for the report
  8. i failed, it's bwa bwandais
  9. EdR 1 Player 1: dizzwho Player 2: bwa bwandaos Player 3: fofo Reserves: Visca, Kierrip
  10. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    best things in this small patch is : xp if not ennemy sunk
  11. just tell me if we get the slot or not
  12. Edr would give you a team if possible. Have to check rules before giving names. Tell me if it.s ok and then I will look deeper.
  13. les EDR ont pris une décision funeste

    Je pense que pour le bien de tous on peut en rester là.. J'ai quand même quotté pour les archives :-D