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  1. Refit availability and casual players

    Please don't reopen locked discussions, they're locked for a reason.
  2. Contract In Enemy Port

    Let's get back on topic. In short - Game Labs can not, with any reasonable reliability, detect alts. They can be legitimate accounts owned by roommates, parents/children, etc. Attempts to forcefully label or remove alts would, inevitably, catch innocent players and result in a huge mess. Discussing the effects alts have on features is ok. Alleging that GameLabs has a fiduciary interest in promoting alt usage is not. The line stands at accusing Game Labs of wrongdoing. Discuss alts and their effects on mechanics, avoid accusing GameLabs of fraud or other wrong acts.
  3. Pandora will be granted to players when the game is released.
  4. You need to more clearly state your example please. I"m not sure what you're saying.
  5. Rum Bug

  6. Currently, the code should not make it possible for you to, for example, encounter a Rattlesnake in a first level solo mission. Since ranks are different for each nation, it may be possible that you are choosing a mission of a higher rank than you are expecting. When choosing a mission, know the rate of the ship you are sailing right now (e.g. a cutter is a 7th rate ship). As you are looking at the mission, pay attention to the recommended rate for that mission - if you're in a cutter, you want a mission that says to bring a 7th Rate. If you're absolutely sure that you chose the correct rank of mission, that it was a solo mission and not a fleet mission, and you're still seeing a rattlesnake or multiple, higher ranked ships, please press F11 and provide as much detail as possible. I have personally sailed a large number of Midshipman Missions for 7th rates and have never seen an enemy ship other than a single cutter, or a single privateer.
  7. Mega Patch 10.0

    They shouldn't, nor should they sail a heavy frigate, and they certainly should put in an effort. However, days and days and days in the basic cutter - it's a starter ship. Wouldn't it be ok, to allow them to easily advance into a brig/snow, and then above that make it far harder? There's a psychological factor in being jammed into a "noob" ship and forced to stay there for a long period of time. I know it will get easier/more affordable to not be in a free everything ship as crafting comes online, but you really should hook them early by giving them an easy level or so - make it easy to get into a brig or snow - let them spend their "grinding" time in a ship that will encourage them to learn square riggers, which are most heavily represented in the game. Make earning millions and heavy frigates a long term goal - I encourage that. But allow some very early, easy advancements to set the hook and keep the player.
  8. HELP ME, HELP ME¡¡¡¡ Please...

    Alright, please F11 on the server, filling in as much detail as possible. Then post here with your character name so it can be investigated. Thank you.
  9. Hotfix 2 for patch 10.00

    I think that was just on the testbed for test purposes. I thought I recalled Admin saying that PvE to PvP mark exchange wasn't going to be on the live servers.
  10. Trader Brig Blueprint NOT WORKING! BEWARE

    Glad it was that easily fixed!
  11. Missions not working!!

    Common mistake, and another reason we're held to a higher standard of behavior here. No worries. One hint - if the rank doesn't say "Developers" or "Administrator", it's a player moderator.
  12. HELP ME, HELP ME¡¡¡¡ Please...

    When was the last time you played the game and saw your outposts and redeemables?
  13. Missions not working!!

    Watch the "y'all"s there sir, I had absolutely no authority or input on this any more than y'all did. I'm a player, not an employee or developer at Game Labs.
  14. NEW global

    On the one hand, you would have had existing clans able to reorganize ownership. On the other, you definitely would have had trolls taking existing clan names to be spiteful. Speaking as a player here, I appreciate Christendom's recent posts on this topic. He has a lot of very good points, and I agree with much of what he says. I often disagree with his behavior on the forums, but thank you, sir, for taking the time last night and today to write up some extremely constructive and thoughtful points on why you think things are wrong. I too thought the correct approach was the initially announced one - create a brand new empty server for the EU players, and merge PvP2 and 1 into global. There may have been some issues behind the scenes doing it that way, but that would have been the correct approach given what happened to the community.
  15. Missions not working!!

    You can use it in fleet missions. The idea isn't to have people soloing quietly in their own world on the PvP server. You'll need to fight players or work with others in fleet missions to advance. You can also cruise the high seas looking for enemies to fight.