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  1. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Unacceptable insults

    Chat insults can be reported by right clicking the person's name on the insult and clicking "Report". Upon receiving enough reports, the person is silenced forever. Report and ignore as a start. I'll refer this thread to see if the insults rise to the level of immediate action. Thank you.
  2. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    War of the lovers revisited

    Cars? Real world nations? Let's keep it to in-game stuff here folks. Thank you.
  3. Henry d'Esterre Darby


    I'm excited for the Flags Flags Flags DLC/loot.
  4. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Bring back Outlaw Battles!

    Err....you're pirates. You're supposed to be forming internal coalitions and fighting each other - might makes right. Leave namby pamby friendly talks and full consensus to the filthy nationals. 😎
  5. Ping is not part of feedback here. Let’s get back on the topic of patch feedback please.
  6. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Battlesail fighting

    Personally, I'd rather greatly increase the chance of losing a mast on sail damage (can add a multiplier to any ball or chain that impacts sails/masts), and have a significant chance of a fire when firing your guns when you're not in battlesails. Full sails during a battle should be a gambit last ditch effort to escape, not a normal state of affairs.
  7. Are your instructions written down or posted anywhere? Would you consider writing them up and posting them as a tutorial, that would be very beneficial for both new and old players alike.
  8. The rule is not to respond to people questioning why you moderated something or criticizing your moderating - 9 out of 10 times it's counterproductive. Complaints may always be made and will always be investigated. Either you'd like me to look into this, or you don't, in which case the matter will be closed. It's up to you.
  9. My box was full, please try again. As to PMs regarding moderation, those are never responded to per instructions from GameLabs. As a moderator that is often called upon for more difficult issues, I don't ignore anyone on the forums. Please stop such speculation, it doesn't help anything.
  10. You want want me to link you to threads with edited post that have no "edited" tag? Explain the logic in that!

  11. All moderator actions are reviewed by Game Labs and by other moderators. You should be thankful you still have posting abilities after the mess you put into a feedback thread. You may message me with one or more particular threads you claim were edited to back up your claims.
  12. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Storm weather in port battles?

    Exactly this. Invasions took days or weeks to plan, then to gather forces, days or months in travel time, and finally, days or more of sailing to get there and land, and there was very little weather predictions other than the barometer. Also reference the Spanish invasion fleet that was destroyed by weather in 1588. If weather moved in while you were attempting the invasion, so be it - you had to deal with it. I'm all for weather to affect PBs. It was an unavoidable fact of life at the time.
  13. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    UI Personalization

    I'd love to be able to drag everything around as well.
  14. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    (DEV REQUIRED) I need help with my dead clan/guild

    I'd recommend a 30 day period after release to allow existing, established clans to recreate them, then remove any that are still inactive after that timeframe to open them up to new management. You shouldn't have to rush to reclaim a Clan you were actively using before the wipe. This is the nature of online gaming. Other people have ideas as well and their gameplay will conflict with yours sometimes. I've had well established groups lose their names to others before on game release or when they're late to the party - it happens.
  15. Henry d'Esterre Darby

    Another game is stealing your game play

    This is extremely common with these little fly-by-night mobile and browser game scams. We'll make sure it's pointed out to Game Labs. Thanks!