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  1. King-of-the-Hill Circles Are Dumb

    I find another problem related to circles and BOTs, bots always go the shorter way to face the enemy and don't bother about circles. capturing these zones is too quick in my opinion.
  2. 'Global' Ship Market

    even, many times...
  3. Connection lost after won PB Barahona

    heheeh i bardzo dobrze. : ]
  4. 24 November 2017 patch notes

    atm, server get the crash
  5. Group size balancing

    A lot of trouble with balance will be irrelevant when the product will be life, Small statistics group always gives a wrong experience. And the result doesn't match, as we can see it now.
  6. PvP - opisy walk

    lol grubo, co oni odjebali? wydaje, sie az niemozliwe: ]
  7. Account based XP

    There is a lot of logic behind it. No asset migration, no skillbook migration, but at least you have your rank already grind.

    The font size? yes definitely it's a bug
  9. yes, the balance is at the moment a huge issue. Had a battle IMO against other players, but my side had more ships and firepower 2 v 1 brig. How about speed up a bit lvling process? I like this arena style alot
  10. Is the new sailing mechanics implemented into?
  11. \o/ yeaaaaa, great news Can you attach a short instruction how to launch it? same way as test server?
  12. it's a bit hilarious, hehehe
  13. PvP - opisy walk

    Nice, fajnieze wygraliscie, musze znalesc chwile aby obejzec meczyk. Co do snowa, kiedys mialem walke ja+liq przecie 3 francuzom, indyk+ chyba fregata + snow. Nie docenilem snowa i to byl najwiekszy blad w tej bitwie. koles przez dupe zrobil mi jesien sredniowiecza. Oczywiscie wpierdol, liq poszedl na dno ja zwialem na resztkach wszystkiego: ]
  14. Opinions of a Newcomer

    Yngvarr I catch your point and of course, agree with you. As you mention, at the moment we have got some cars, maybe not so many, but enough to pick any favorite. But there is only one pve track. one stupid and boring to the grave mission. zero variety, no storyline missions, no chain mission with a nice guaranteed reward at the end, instead of stupid grinning the same one shitty mission to get skillboks. pvp is great, because of the damage model and fight itself is a very strong part of the game. but still, as you mention, it needs a lot of effort to get any. ATM I am one of these waitings for NAL and watch the Liq's tournament recordings: ]