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  1. Color blind question.

    2-3 and 4-5 are close to me. In fact i see 3 tones : 1 2-3 (=) 4-5 (=) Thank you for taking colorblindness in consideration . Btw i would like to draw you attention on the color blind mode in NA. The white cursor for aiming and the white player names are melting with the whiteness of the clouds. At the end, it would be nice to have a color setup as you have in some games (like warthunder), so people can choose the color in accordance with their colorblindness. Ps : I'm not the kind to make advertisement, but those changed my RL color perception (yeah, i cried like a child like in the videos ) http://enchroma.com/
  2. [PVP EU] Server Issues 25-06-17 21:00 server time

    Lucky you. Just lost my bermuda/bermuda redeem with copper and gazelle ....
  3. Liste des clans actifs francophones?

    [ER] L'Escadre Royale : France - PvP Europe Nombre de joueurs actifs : 15 - 25 Contact IG : Jacques Sauveur Joffrey Mihawk Adrien Dusang
  4. Quelques questions

    D'accord à 100% avec toi Pierrick. Le RNG pour les déco et autres choses du même style oui, mais pour le fight les chances doivent être égales pour tous.
  5. Chat problem?

    Same here, battle chat 'all' doesn't seem to work.
  6. Manageble Clan Warehouse or guild bank

    Hi all, anyone knows if it'll we implemented soon, even in a basic way? (deposit for all / withdraw for officer only) With the 9.65 patch this is becoming more than urgent, considering i see more and more players getting bored of the game because they spend most of their playing time waiting inside a port to gather resources from other players... Thx by advance for your answers !
  7. New Alt character, solution to abuse

    Any chance we get à statement from the devs about when this issue Will be solved? Can't wait to see the 100 testers missing until this happened to come back. Many thanks!
  8. RNG Crafting is not fun

    thx for the answers guys
  9. RNG Crafting is not fun

    may you tell me how you proceeded? (exchanging recipe between players)
  10. Hi , Nice work on crafting system ! Just a quick question : Is there a difference (stats?) between ships crafted with fir, oak, live oak or teak? Thx
  11. F11 making game to crash

    yes, reported via the steam launcher. I'll try again this evening to see if it's working now. Thank you for your answer.
  12. F11 making game to crash

    Hello, anytime i hit "F11" button on OW the game freezes and then crashes. Everything else is working fine except for this. Does anyone got the same issue? I reinstalled the game but it still doesn't work. Thx by advance for your help.
  13. must agree that's the solution; just happened to me and it saved my ass. ^^