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  1. Ink

    TESTBED - Weight of the goods

    the trader loot is going to be updated. The price of trading resources is also updated, so you might get decent profit with a few of trading resources you can take without being overloaded.
  2. Ink

    Ship teleported in battle?

    Thank you for the report, the problem is still under investigation
  3. Ink

    Patrol zone griefing

    Taking into consideration details of the battle, the case is closed.
  4. Ink

    TESTBED - Weight of the goods

    This is intended, not a bug
  5. Ink

    Questions to developers

    Captain, in case you mean real money trade - this is forbidden activity in Naval Action and should be reported
  6. Captain, you currently have 8 slots from expanding and 10 slots from the DLC thus in summary it is 18 slots. You have to further upgrade the dock slots in a port.
  7. Ink

    Frequent Crashing

    Captain, could you please clarify, do you experience crash to desktop or disconnections to the server selection menu? In the first case please try to verify integrity of game files in Steam (right click on Naval Action->properties->Local Files tab). If that does not help and you still experience crashes to desktop, please send a fresh F11 report right away you logged back from crash
  8. Ink

    Server crash

    Captains, unfortunately by that time the server experienced a very short (1-2 min) connection shortage
  9. Ink

    Hercules not redeemable

    Captain, please check forum private message, the problem should be fixed now.
  10. Once the case is investigated, appropriate actions will be taken
  11. Ink

    Server crash

    Captains, once server logs are checked I will reply
  12. Ink

    Ship buy and sell order

    Captain, have you sent a F11 report?
  13. Ink

    Hercules not redeemable

    Under investigation, please check forum private message
  14. Trader loot is going to be overhaul Captains, please keep this topic for UI suggestions and issues, recent posts regarding switching between outposts are moved here:
  15. Ink

    Cannot connect

    Просьба выполнить connection test report через лаунчер игры в Стиме (3 пункт - "Report connection test").