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  1. Captain, as the first step could you please update GPU drivers?
  2. Ink

    Fake name

    Appropriate actions were taken
  3. Спасибо за репорт. Марки будут выданы игрокам завтра сразу после технического обслуживания
  4. Ink

    No Victory Marks today.

    The problem was fixed. Marks will be sent tomorrow after maintenance.
  5. Fleet ships in fact never had extra hold space by the perk. The difference is that previously speed reduction was not that great as it is now.
  6. Ink

    ALOHA Clan Impersonation

    Unfortunately at this stage force renaming of a clan is not possible without clan deletion
  7. The case is closed as based on screenshot it could be indeed a mistaken tag. If you have more evidence or similar cases in future from the same characters, please send me a private message, the thread will be open again.
  8. Исправлено некорректное отображение перка hold optimization - теперь на стороне клиента данный перк увеличивает трюм только у корабля игрока. Ранее, при использовании данного перка, также увеличивался трюм кораблей во флоте, хотя по факту (на стороне сервера) трюм кораблей во флоте оставался прежним.
  9. Fixed the bug with hold optimization perk - now it affects only player ship on client side (as it works on server side). The perk was not supposed to increase hold of fleet ships. Before the hotfix on client side their hold were affected by the perk thus in fact players overloaded fleet ships.
  10. Завтра будет фикс проблемы с перегрузом
  11. Ink

    Loading Loop

    Captain, nice to hear the issue is solved
  12. Ink

    ship sail bug - ship speed 0

    In case you have overloaded cargo with hold optimization perk (that might prevent overloading) and OW speed is still reduced - please hold on, the bug will be fixed tomorrow in a hotfix (the perk works as intended if you haven't fleet ship assigned) Also, please check the recent patch notes, as ship overloading will result in OW speed reduction
  13. Ink

    ship sail bug - ship speed 0

    Have you sent a F11 report?
  14. Ink

    Ship overloaded patch Bug

    The problem will be hotfixed tommorow