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  1. Based on logs Captain Aria indeed caused friendly damage in the battle. Captain received a warning as 1st offense case. Further violation of green on green rule might result in demoting.
  2. Client Data Corrupted?

    Captain, please try to verify integrity of game cache (right click on NA in steam lib->properties->local files). In case it does not help you, try to delete the whole game and reinstall it.
  3. Mortar Brig bug ?

    This issue is in work yet.
  4. Капитан, как будет установлена причина, я с Вами свяжусь
  5. Также обновилось первое сообщение данной темы.
  6. Forged papers можно использовать как в свободном, так и в нейтральном городах. Необходимо удалить только аутпосты, находящиеся в национальных портах.
  7. Once there is upgrade available we will update forum software
  8. PvP EU crash

  9. Log in Server down?

    Captains, there were some issues which are solved now. We will monitor the situation.
  10. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Please note that nation names are not final and might be changed after new UI is done
  11. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Should be fixed in the upcoming hotfix.
  12. Bani did not change to neutral on the map

    This is a bug related to clan nation change, should be fixed in the upcoming hotfix.
  13. Captain, here is the log: Port Sandy Point set as neutral. Old capturer LEAVE warehouse is null Perhaps you mix up gold on clan leader character with gold in a clan warehouse. The gold should be in clan WH prior to server maintenance.
  14. Why Barahona is still a free port?

    To clarify - [10/18/2017 09:23:13] Port Barahona set as neutral. Old capturer PFK warehouse is null The workaround to avoid such issue is clans in new nations have to set up a temporary outpost in a free town, capture some ports, establish control of it and move clan wh to a desired new home port afterwards.