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  1. Rattlesnake did a flip

    Under investigation
  2. Wasa vanished in port

    Captain, please check personal message
  3. Alt Farming - Guayaguyare

    Under investigation
  4. Капитаны, проблем на сервере больше наблюдаться не должно. Просьба продолжать отправлять репорты через F11 и форумы технической поддержки, если вы вновь испытываете данные проблемы.
  5. Captains, the problems should be gone now. Please continue to report via F11 and support forums if you experience it again
  6. Капитаны, на данный момент сервера испытывают проблемы с тагом в ОМ и входом в сражения. Проблема исследуется, мы будем держать Вас в курсе. Приносим извинения за неудобства.
  7. Captains, at the moment servers are experiencing problems with OW tag and joining instances. We are investigating the problem and will keep you posted. Sorry for inconviences
  8. Missing Fleet Ships

    The logs will be checked on Monday
  9. Inger flip

    What time did it happen? before or after hotfix?
  10. Technical problems and bugs

    Under investigation
  11. Can't tag on OW

    The problem is under investigation
  12. State of the game.

    Captains please avoid personal attacks. Naval Action: Legends are in Early Access, the main goal at this stage is to test general mechanics. New player experience will be improved once player tutorial is ready to be deployed
  13. notifications in forum

    Captains, could you please make a screenshot with the error?
  14. Naval Action crash windows 10 pro

    Captain, the logs does not contain information about crash. Please check this thread on Steam and try the workaround described there: http://steamcommunity.com/app/311310/discussions/2/1621726179570826237/#c2595630410176988736