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  1. Эта проблема известна, исправление в процессе.
  2. My ship flipped and sank during boarding

    Captain, please check personal message
  3. L'Horizon Balistique

    Captain, please check personal message
  4. Ship flipped

    Captains, please check private messages.
  5. Massive Speed Glich

    The bug is found, fix in process
  6. Massive Speed Glich

    Under investigation. Captains, please report such cases right after you notice similar issues
  7. Hard Cap for upgrades

    Turning Speed - 25% Sail HP - 30% Armor HP - 30% Hull thickness - 30% Gun Reload - 30% Gun dispersion (both horizontal and vertical) - 40% Speed - 15.5 knots
  8. Мы никогда не даем точных дат не зная наверняка, что 100% уложимся в срок. Планы всегда носят ориентировочный характер и ждать от них 100% совпадения не стоит, т.к. в процессе разработки игры возможны обстоятельства, из-за которых сроки могут переноситься. Если мы указываем точную дату - это означает, что данное событие произойдет точно в срок (пример - очистка redeemables) С текущими планами можно ознакомится в данной теме:
  9. Captains, for chat abuse please use report function in game as the first and sufficient step. Appropriate actions will be taken.
  10. sealed bottle weight

    Wreck's name and type is not a bug, sealed bottle may contain different amount of cargo load but at maximum it may only require a single indiaman. The fix for bug that causing sealed bottle to spawn in shallow waters is currently in process and will be deployed as soon as possible.
  11. More Hull Repairs Used in OW

    Captains, this is not a bug. Please remember that instance's repair have long cooldown meanwhile OW's repair is instant
  12. Broken grape

    The perk has no relation to crew resistance
  13. Green on Green

    Investigation complete, Captain Sypher8 is warned.
  14. VisualCooky alt farming

    Investigation complete, appropriate actions were taken