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  1. Ink

    unable to login

    Please confirm that you tried to verify integrity of game files or reinstall the game but that problem still exist.
  2. Ink

    Questions to developers

    Lovec1990, more information about upcoming changes will follow as soon as it is possible. Saryk, at the moment all bonuses with the CANNON prefix should be applied to mortar too.
  3. Ink

    can't craft gunnery encyclopedia

    Captain, please check personal message
  4. Captain, you fought in a frigate patrol area on a 3rd rate - this is the reason.
  5. Ink

    PVE chicken-block

    Captains, this is a minor issue that can be easily avoided. in case you joined a wrong server, the workaround to avoid character lock is to wait till character screen appears and then hit "exit" button.
  6. Ink

    Flipped over and sunk after being rammed

    Captain, please check personal message
  7. Ink

    Server crash?

    There is a huge ping spike (up to 1782 ms) on an intermediate hop, must be temporary issues on side ISP. There were no issues in the report, please clarify that you experienced issues by the time report was sent. Is the problem still on?
  8. Ink

    Server crash?

    Captain, as the first step please run connection report via Steam Launcher
  9. Ink

    game not starting...

    To restore default settings you need to clean NA registry. For some reasons there are rare cases that prevent Naval Action to launch after Windows update. The workaround is to change resolution of desktop and clean NA registry by this workaround.
  10. Ink

    game not starting...

    Please try to change resolution and reply back
  11. Ink

    game not starting...

    Please check the workaround with NA registry clearance. Also could you please clarify that screen resolution was not changed after the update?