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  1. Contoy swapped to neutral

    The most profitable ports won't be lost since income check is always before the maintenance fee check. The workaround to prevent lost of low income ports - keep enough gold (based on ports number under control) in the clan warehouse.
  2. Contoy swapped to neutral

    the check queue should work exactly in order of the captured queue - if ports were captured in that order - C, B, A, the check queue will be the same C, B, A
  3. Contoy swapped to neutral

    It works like described first money is credited for income - 7794 gold were added from Conttoy's incomethen money is subtracted for maintenance - 96519 gold were in the WH before the maintenance fee check (including 7794 gold that were earned) At the moment it works like: income port A-> maintenance fee port A; income port B-> maintenance fee port B; etc., not like income ports A,B,C-> maintenance fee ports A,B,C
  4. Contoy swapped to neutral

    Captain, according to the logs there were 96519 gold before the maintenance fee for Conttoy thus control of the port was lost
  5. обычный французский модуль не требует книги, улучшенный - требует. На данный момент есть баг с отображением информации у игроков, но по факту все правильно - сержант должен требовать книгу. Будет скоро исправлено.
  6. Contoy swapped to neutral

    Once checked I will reply.
  7. Legends login issue

    Naval Action legends servers are turned off at the moment, but you have to check the firewall settings for the game once they will be live.
  8. help! cant do shit in serverscreen

    Captain, have you tried as a test to switch off keyboard and then launch the game? Or try different mouse / keyboard?
  9. Server Issues tonight?

    Captain, according to our server logs and player graphs there were not problems, most likely temporary connection issues on 3rd side ISPs that caused your problem.
  10. Ingermanland capsized my Wasa

    Captain, this is a known bug, fix in process
  11. deadman chest bug???

    We are checking it
  12. Fort suddenly becomes huge

    Please confirm if it happens after today's patch?
  13. Last evening two of us outside Christiansted where engaged in battle, when his Ingermanland hit an enemy ship it shot up in the air and landed on its end eventually righting itself. I don't have an image capture but I thought you may want to know. 

    1. Ink


      Captain, please check personal message on the forum.