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  1. No Audio

    As far as we know from reports and any other online source, there is no confirmed issue regarding our game and headsets. Maybe something related to "Window mode" option is conflicting? Do you play in Full screen or Window mode (see in game's option menu).
  2. Work in progress: Working title.

    These are WIP models, not a final product, so indeed any details how things are going to work are hard to explain at the moment
  3. No Audio

    Hello, the problem is definitely related to your system and probably the drivers of your card. I suggest to update your audio drivers and check also if your headsets are muted for some reason. Go to Control Panel->Hardware->Sound to find helpful settings (assuming you have Windows).
  4. Work in progress: Working title.

    Thank you guys for the on going interest to follow this thread. I wish we could share more details at this moment. Before we are able to share more information about the game, we will periodically offer some 3D model images which show the art direction of the game, regarding the war ships. Here are some early torpedo boats of 1890-1900 era.
  5. Work in progress: Working title.

    Yes, it would be possible to fight at those waters and more! There is going to be a campaign with much freedom to do various actions. Indeed. Cressy and Drake classes It is too early to say exactly what we are making but it is safe to announce that we are not making a World of Warships style of gameplay, in which you only fight vs enemy ships. There is going to be a much more involved gameplay with tactical and strategic factors.
  6. Work in progress: Working title.

    Wanted to share a WIP image of a 1900 British Armored Cruiser.Hope you like it.
  7. Typo on the home webpage?

    No problem We fixed. Thank you for the find.
  8. Hello Sir.

    We have issues in game here, Naval Action.

    Can you contact the developers or admins? We need the fix of this problems.

    Thank you.

  9. UGG Server is operational!

    UGG.com is updated with the patch.
  10. UGG Server is operational!

    The server has been repaired with a hotfix patch! http://steamcommunity.com/games/306660/announcements/detail/1653252639167894234
  11. UGG Server is operational!

    Hello Ultimate General community, The multiplayer server of Ultimate General: Gettysburg is going to change provider due to frequent technical problems. While this process continues, the multiplayer service will be down. We are going to inform you from the forums when it is going to be operational again. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and we assure you that we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. The Game-Labs Team
  12. Android game war of colony using UGCW footage

    Thank you for the report. Unfortunately, it happens for several similar scum "games".
  13. [SOLUTION] Game doesn't run or Resolution issues

    New solution added: 7. Resolution issue If the problem is related to your monitor resolution then we advise to try the following: - Change your Graphics Display Resolution on your system. There are plenty of online instructions depending on your system. You can search for example with keyword: "How to change resolution in windows 10". - The resolution should be in "Recommended" setting, but you can try a different common resolution, that is supported by your monitor and attempt to launch the game again. The following method worked for user "whiteadder86": 1. Switched PC graphics display resolution down from the recommended 1920x1080 to 1680x1050. 2. Opened the game successfully through Steam. 3. Used the game's options menu to switch the resolution back up to 1920x1080. 4. Then switched PC graphics display resolution back up to 1920x1080.
  14. Game Still Won't Open, all proposed solutions attempted

    Very happy to know, I will add this solution to the list!
  15. Online Manual

    The included game guide of Ultimate General: Civil War can now be viewed online at this: LINK Note: You can also download the file in pdf format.