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  1. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    There is going to be an Early Access Launch but we don't have a safe release date yet scheduled. We want to launch in Early Access at the best possible game state, so that the game is playable, stable and enjoyable, not rushed out.
  2. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    It is still a work in progress but it shows the general art direction. Thank you all guys for liking!
  3. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    It is a completely different project entity, not having any similarity to the previous Ultimate General games which were about land combat. It is a bold project that we finally decided to make, after years of interest on this time period and the corresponding naval genre.
  4. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Hello again, It has been quite long before we updated this thread with more information about our upcoming game. We would like to post two pictures showing our work in progress: "An armoured cruiser in shipyard". At this time we want to announce a round description of what this game is about: Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts or short version “Dreadnoughts” is going to be a single player game on ship design and combat covering real and fictional wars from 1890 to 1936. Like all the products from Game Labs it will give a fresh and unique look on that era with great attention to detail and realism of ship fighting. More official information is going to be provided in the coming months in this thread. Thanks for reading!
  5. Nick Thomadis

    Darth Please UPDATE GOG.com with 1.09 Patch

    Happy to know that all is sorted out! We don't recommend trying playing UGCW with Windows XP. Multiple issues can happen, although the game could launch successfully, depending on your system. This was considered but was dropped as an idea because it would over-complex gameplay for the average player and would deteriorate game performance significantly, since we already offer battles vs many units. Too early to announce but we can't deny that this era is considered to be the next game of the series. Formation variety will be richer in next game, surely.
  6. Nick Thomadis

    Darth Please UPDATE GOG.com with 1.09 Patch

    Check in your game library if the above is available. If yes, all is ok. Just download and install both files to be sure.
  7. Nick Thomadis

    Darth Please UPDATE GOG.com with 1.09 Patch

    Hello, it is having the latest patch which is a hotfix over 1.8 (the last version). If you don't use the auto-update feature of GOG. com (Galaxy) then you have to download and install manually the latest patch from the site. Can you check back and inform if all ok?
  8. Nick Thomadis

    Various guides

    Thanks to LAntorcha to for the references found here.
  9. Nick Thomadis

    No Audio

    As far as we know from reports and any other online source, there is no confirmed issue regarding our game and headsets. Maybe something related to "Window mode" option is conflicting? Do you play in Full screen or Window mode (see in game's option menu).
  10. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    These are WIP models, not a final product, so indeed any details how things are going to work are hard to explain at the moment
  11. Nick Thomadis

    No Audio

    Hello, the problem is definitely related to your system and probably the drivers of your card. I suggest to update your audio drivers and check also if your headsets are muted for some reason. Go to Control Panel->Hardware->Sound to find helpful settings (assuming you have Windows).
  12. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Thank you guys for the on going interest to follow this thread. I wish we could share more details at this moment. Before we are able to share more information about the game, we will periodically offer some 3D model images which show the art direction of the game, regarding the war ships. Here are some early torpedo boats of 1890-1900 era.
  13. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Yes, it would be possible to fight at those waters and more! There is going to be a campaign with much freedom to do various actions. Indeed. Cressy and Drake classes It is too early to say exactly what we are making but it is safe to announce that we are not making a World of Warships style of gameplay, in which you only fight vs enemy ships. There is going to be a much more involved gameplay with tactical and strategic factors.
  14. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Wanted to share a WIP image of a 1900 British Armored Cruiser.Hope you like it.
  15. Nick Thomadis

    Typo on the home webpage?

    No problem We fixed. Thank you for the find.