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  1. Nick Thomadis

    To battleship specialists

    1. Yes, all of those things and more are going to be simulated. The damage system aims for realism. Critical hits may ruin the strongest battleship, so investing in technology that improves survivability will be absolutely necessary, as it was in real life. 2. Each ship type will have different basic hull variations according to technology with unique statistics, affecting Hull Form, Floatability, Endurance and Stability. Hull becomes dynamically enlarged in displacement according to technologies and shipyard limitations. You will have full freedom to add towers, funnels, turrets, torpedo launchers, rangefinders etc. and design your ship the way you want it, but random placement will just not work, because weight imbalances significantly affect the heel and trim of the hull. 3. We currently make a single player game, with a campaign system and single missions. A multiplayer version may naturally evolve if the game becomes successful.
  2. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    @Norfolk nChance When the game enters a phase of development to make it ready for more interaction with the community, we will organize a special forum and we will share more information at a constant base. Thank you for all the positive energy and interest. @HachiRoku Yes, it's me
  3. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Not yet something important to share. Development continues but is now focused on AI and Ship Designer Techs. The Campaign needs more work to become ready for a full release but it should have all the necessary ingredients to be always different in each play, provide many what-ifs, many different possibilities for every nation. To achieve this, it needs certain mechanics and content that we had not yet found the time to implement, thus be able to answer specifically and with images, what works and what not.
  4. Nick Thomadis

    Available Mods

    Stickied. Feel free to maintain and add any other mods here.
  5. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Aviation is something that could be considered later, to function abstractly.
  6. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Thank you all for the ongoing feedback and positive comments! Regarding this: We are going to have all ship classes. Torpedo boats, destroyers, light cruisers, armoured and heavy cruisers, battlecruisers and follow their evolution from 1890 till 1930+.
  7. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Yes, it will be possible, depending on the situation. If enemies concentrate their whole fleets in a sea area, then battles of such magnitude may happen.
  8. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Hello again all, I would like to mention the progress we have so far with Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. The game is mostly finalized in its innovative ship design mechanics and more features will make it deeper the coming months. The Ship Designer will allow players to construct and customize their own ships and will influence greatly the outcome of battles. During the campaign you will feel the tension of the Naval Arms race in a continuous struggle to construct the most powerful ships against major nations. The combat model is about 60% ready and needs more technology effects to become even more interesting, and this where we will focus in the next 1-2 months. We shall finalize all possible technologies related with ship designer and polish all the tech mechanics in the interface. After all that, we will concentrate our efforts in the campaign map were players must have many interesting choices, blended with numerous historical events and what ifs. To answer the question of @JagEngland, the player so far does not have the option to move his fleet freely on the map, but we plan to implement a wide battle map interface where tactically he will have large freedom to maneuver during a tactical battle. As we add more and more features to the game, 3D modelling progresses steadily. Here are two more art teasers, showing two Pre-Dreadnought Models that are a work in progress.
  9. Nick Thomadis

    Where do I find patches?

    That should not happen, check that your game version matches with latest v1.11 rev.22986.
  10. Nick Thomadis

    Where do I find patches?

    The game is available in Steam and GOG.com and should be automatically installed/updated by these platforms. Our game has not been updated yet in GOG.com but soon it will be, within this week. So if you experience any problems in installation, please clarify for which platform (Steam, GOG.com) so we can help you out.
  11. Nick Thomadis

    UI and AI Customizations Mod V1.4

    GoG version must be updated to latest patch. This is going to be done soon. Until then, the player can use a previous version of the mod.
  12. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    You are right Destraex. It is mostly the game interface and its corresponding mechanics that if made too complex, hard to manage and loaded with unnecessary options, the player does not have intuitive feedback on what is going on and cannot enjoy the game, cannot see the big picture. In battles, you should feel that you are in control intuitively, without having to work it out via a manual. If this happens, then you have time to zoom-in/out, observe the battlefield and your ships, have a clear understanding of the tactical situation and, most of all, have fun with the overall pace of gameplay. So this is a goal of our game, plus the complexity of the strategy aspect will be on a level that you will feel your actions matter but you will not have to micro-manage every little,tiny aspect to get things going. You will focus on designing your ships, choose carefully your allies and enemies and fight naval battles, with goal to grow stronger and not destroyed by the AI. Since I mentioned AI, I will also mention that we aim to make it a very strong opponent, especially in naval battles, that will fight coherently, making naval formations and understanding when to evade battles.
  13. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    The problem with all those games that you are referencing is that they are too complex to play, even for very hard core players. We cannot share something yet more specific but it is safe to say that our main idea is to offer a unique game that will please all naval warfare fans with deep gameplay on strategic and tactical level and without so much micromanagement.
  14. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    It is going to be an RTS game, you will control multiple ships, that you design them and bring them to combat. A naval arms race begins from 1890 and you aim to create the most powerful fleet in the world. It is a game that I will personally enjoy very much to play for ages when it becomes complete Thank you for the wishes and I hope we can deliver the project in early access within this year.
  15. Nick Thomadis

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Yes, the battles focus on realism. The damage model is very much detailed to simulate almost every aspect of naval warfare. For example, in WoW the ships can receive devastating damage and still sail on maximum speed. In our game you will notice a serious impact on ship performance because of damage and many other realism factors. Our internal dev teams from time to time can join forces for helping in parallel projects, but at the moment is not needed.