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  1. +60 KNOTS! invisibility super power

    I Like how revenge fleets are almost gone with the speed boost, it's great. Speed boost needs to have a long no attack timer or dual invisibility. Or possibly both. On revenge fleets, I've been on the wrong end many times but I recently got to take part in one a few weeks back for the first time in years. It felt so stupid, dumb and just straight up a shitty way of getting revenge. It was so easy, all I needed to do was sit right where the battle was and then as soon as enemy popped out we tagged em' and capped their ships. It was like being given a free ship without any effort. I thought it was bad being on the receiving end, but when you are the one doing it it really opens your eyes and shows you how stupid it is. Glad they are a thing of the past. Revenge fleets are just a lazy, lazy way of playing the game. Here's to hoping they never return!
  2. 1) Revenge Ganks 2) No RNG for ship mods
  3. Trying to solve revenge fleet problem

    Can I add? 4: Green zone campers 5: PVE/Traders who have an issue with not being able to get a instant victory and get the ship they just lost back immediately 6: People who are too lazy to go raid enemy waters to get revenge like how it should be
  4. Trying to solve revenge fleet problem

    Revenge fleets are taking ships from open world because PvP players are quitting.
  5. Trying to solve revenge fleet problem

    If a revenge fleet knows what they are doing, they can catch anything. Surround you from every side, spawn right beside you and chain you down or knock a mast over. The problem is revenge fleets right. Revenge fleets didn't exist in the age of sail. Revenge fleets don't take skill and you can abuse the OW mechanics to death so any speed ship cannot escape. If you are suggesting people go to arena because they don't want easily abused mechanics and unrealistic revenge fleets than I guess I can't really help you there.
  6. Time to hit the Reset Button

    Considering you can TP to any national port and open world speeds are compressed they will spawn anywhere you look for PvP in enemy waters. You can go a hell of a long ways in 90 minutes (if the battle lasts that long). So yeah, your best option of not dying is green zone camping. ^^
  7. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    Game mechanics right now in a nutshell. I'm going to capture a ship in enemy water and while I'm doing that enemy is setting up outside and surrounding my battle. When I get out I'm going to lose the ships I captured + the ship that I own. They will tag me over and over and I will have no way of escaping. So waaaaaaaaaait a minute, please tell me how everything is not in defenders favor? Why look for PvP again? This is supposed to encourage PvP? lol ;p very realistic too.
  8. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    Judging by what liquicty did do you it should be fun. I Am also looking forward to arena!
  9. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    I find this funny, you have no idea who I am. I've never seen you before. 90% of my kills? lol, I can guarantee you they aren't. I bet 90% of my battles I was outnumbered, that is what I enjoy and It's more challenging. You know people with brains like to be challenged, not just have a victory handed to them where enemy has no way of escaping. My solution is the 150% speed boost so you cannot sit on the exact position of an enemy and tag them when they get out. Revenge fleets didn't exist in the age of sail. I find it so comical people get triggered when there might be a solution to stop people with no lives from tagging over and over so people with lives can't log off.
  10. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    Actually I haven't played NA in 2 weeks. I am In a clan that has a strict rule for NO ganking. We only ever do even BR fights but we would rather fight the odds. And we do not kill anyone under captain rank. PvP is a joke right now, we know what it is believe me. We have done so much PvP that ganking is boring to us, if it's not a challenge it's not worth the time.
  11. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    My favorite suggestion is 150% speed boost at all angles for a certain amount of time and a 1 minute invisibility. So it makes up for enemy camping on your exact position but they can still catch you. Legitimately..
  12. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    See real OW PvP players don't want to do boring ass revenge fleets. They want real fights that are a challenge, not some stupid revenge gank where you can abuse the shit out of mechanics to gain an advantage. I've done 3.6k hours of OW pvp ONLY, I have no desire for garbage unrealistic fights. NA Is supposed to be a realistic game, revenge fleets are not and are stupid as you can possibly get.
  13. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    Let me explain this so you understand ok? Right now you do not need to leave your waters to get a 100% guaranteed PvP victory on EU. Just stay there, wait for enemy to show up and gank them or revenge fleet them. You know it's impossible for them to escape, you know your slow ships will be faster than their speed fitted ships when you surround them on open world. This is the smart thing to do, you will win 100%. Tag them over and over until you get them, this is carebare style gameplay. It's the best way and a 100% win.
  14. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    Read this. Now explain to me right here how revenge fleets are realistic. Explain to me how what you just suggested is realistic. All revenge fleets do is support green zone camping.
  15. Hotfix 1 for patch 10.3

    It's fine, when I seen you use AI fleets you lost all credibility.