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  1. Battle queue length ? over two mins ?

    I think this is because they are trying to force bigger battles. Last evening (local time), I was placed in 20 vs 20 pure player battles, but the waiting was something like 10+ mins.
  2. Read Dead vs My Land

    I think they - despite setting - will be very different games. AND, as of yet, its still not announced if RDR2 will come to PC at all.
  3. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Surely there MUST be at least 1 ship from each of the nations present in the game! Vote for danish ships!
  4. What a brilliant idea! And it looks brilliant too. I am interrested although I never had much patience for "stealth" games. I hope going in guns blazing (or rather bows / Tomahawks ) is a viable option !
  5. Kiting Issue

    I would say that one of a screening fleet's tasks could be to Kite the enemy PB fleet, delaying its arrival to the port battle. - A valid tactic.
  6. that would be pretty neat!
  7. Certainly not. I know a lot of that kind, let me tell you, they will find NA far too slow in action, and those who try it out will realise they need a very different mindset from their usual BF, CoD CS:Go or whetever. But if I am wrong and "shooter kids" show up - so what? more opponents for Us!
  8. Reading through all these posts, it seems to me that people want 2 or 3 different games, but we need to accept the fact that this cannot be squeezed into the same game. Question is what kind of game is Naval Action supposed to be? A PvP game with easy access to balanced PvP fights? - That sounds like "NA Legends" to me An RvR OW Game? - then forget about Balanced PvP fights. RvR OW is war, and War is about winning more than you lose - Wars are not won by fighting perfectly balanced gentleman fights. The only way you can mix balanced PvP with RvR mechiancs is to place some kind of pseudo "Clan Wars mechanics" on top of the PvP fight system - it cannot be done in Open World. ( I am thinking WoT clan wars here, but I have no idea how successfull that is/was) Everybody keeps talking about promoting PvP - but IMO the pure RvR OW game the RvR mechanics should be the reason for PvP Get RvR Open world mechanics right, and PvP will come, but rarely in perfectly balanced fights. Mechanics includes proper reward systems, so the Player needs to be rewarded for the win in porportion to the risk he takes, and the punishment for a loss may not be so severe that it becomes an obstacle too great to recover from (and the player leaves). If there is a reason to fight, then people will fight. But do not expect it to be easy to find the perfect balanced fight just by hunting some area, and dont expect that anybody will just "pick up the gauntlet" and engage in a perfectly matched battle. But if there was an incentive - like a mission that needed to be accomplished, and a possibility for that mission to be reinforced, then interresting things could happen. Not an expert on the subject, but: Did the Red Baron patrol the western front randomly just to find single allied Aces? Probably not - I guess he must have been on patrol missions, or other specific missions, were he met - and defeated - those opponents ?
  9. I think it "legends" sounds awesome, probably all I whished for when I bought NA, and it will definately take time off the OW NA for me ( there is only so much playtime available), but I dont think I will completely leave OW NA. As for the battles in Legends , I do hope they will be somewhat balanced, with a place and role - and reward! - for different ships, so they will not be limited to 25 vs 25 1st rates, or 15 vs 15 4th rates ( or what ever).
  10. Open World and game tweak for Wrecks

    Trolling? more like bait!
  11. @Prater I know grenades where a thing. I just have a hard time seeing it as a command issued in the heat of a fierce melee battle where half your crew is allready fighting hand to hand on the enemy deck, but I guess its just my lack of imagination.
  12. erh?? I have trouble imagining a few of these actions: "Fire Grenades" ??? "Fire Deck guns"? - "I know we just boarded them and are fighting a fierce melee battle, but get back to Our own ship while we fire the deck guns, and get ready to jump back again" ???? Meanwhile I miss features such as the possibility to cut away grappling hooks, BEFORE the boarding starts, the instant you get "pulling in" there is no way to prevent it.
  13. Well 1 big difference is that those card games are turn based "I go - U go" (alternating moves), while the current boarding system is simultanous turn based "We Go". The problem is that it is based on what is clicked the last second before the timer reaches 0. And while there can be a lot of strategy involved in tricking/forcing the opponents choice the first 15 seconds ( or so) expending his prep points, only that last click each round matters. I dont hink I would like a card based game as such. But MAYBE, if the mechanics where changed a bit, so the order was carried out (and started having effect ) with some delay after it was given ( and announced to the opponent), instead of only when counter reaches 0 - then we might get a more fluent system, still able to trick your opponent and force him to spend his (inferior) preparation points by switching orders. (yes that also means seeing numbers of deaths each second, ticking away)
  14. PVP EU just crashed.

    same here.... takes forever to log in, then when it finally happens - this ^