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  1. dagdriver

    Any new players passing the final exam?

    @Sir Hethwill the RedDuke AH, good point, I had forgotten about the other reward, certainly helpfull for a new player. I spoke (too hastly?) as an old player with plenty of items in the warehouse, and plenty of ships in the docks.
  2. dagdriver

    Any new players passing the final exam?

    After 2 failed attempts at the final exam when it was first released (1st, had to leave because of RL event, 2nd just failed), I simply havent bothered trying again. Reward is not worth it - especially concidering that an "infintate reward" can just be bought.
  3. dagdriver

    Caribbean Invasion News

    I used to feel like that. But slowly, disappointment after disappointment withered it away, until mostly despair and sadness are left. But maybe one day... maybe... old love can be revived.
  4. dagdriver

    Caribbean Invasion News

    EDIT [off-topic rant about state of the game & development removed]
  5. dagdriver

    Games similar to Naval Action

    Skull & Bones. Watching this I admit, that I have warmed a bit to it. Althoug great liberties taken with reality, and stupid excessive use of skulls ( and fire braziers on a ship) it might be fun.....
  6. dagdriver

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    ranking that list in order of importance (1-most important 5-least important ) 4-Open world user interface 3-Port user interface 5-Localization 2-Economy and upgrade rebalance 1-Better boarding
  7. dagdriver

    Games similar to Naval Action

    I dont know what to think of this. On 1 hand it there are so many downright stupid things. On the other hand graphically it looks amazing. If only they didnt go for that excessive Pirates of the Caribbean fantasy look.....
  8. dagdriver

    Why not have sailing in the OW?

    Yeah, well there were:.... NA: Legends..... unfortunately (and for various reasons) not enough players to convince Devs to keep it going.
  9. dagdriver

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    @Hethwill yeah, whatever. I was reffering to the case against mission placements. Personally I am mostly a casual, but I have not used the missions for some time.
  10. dagdriver

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    Admin has clearly stated, that the game is only for hardcore players, so those that are just seeking an hour of fun are out of luck.
  11. How about fixing the weak elements before inventing new features?. Or is boarding really implemented to your satisfaction?
  12. Yes, this! And maybe expand on it. Maybe as a requirement to conquer a port, the attacker need to escort a fleet of troop transports to a specific location. Each transport lost underway reducing the chance of invasion success.
  13. So once again for those of Us who are a bit thick-headed: This means that you get 1 note, use it to get 1 ship, and when this is sunk/lost, its gone foever?
  14. dagdriver

    Cheat suspected

    Perhaps it would be valuable to the community, if the video was shared, and proper explanation was given as to why this happened. as if "the target was a x-y built, and as clearly the target timed angleing to perfection" ( or something like that)
  15. This is REALLY disapointing. I admit playing less NA:L than I would have liked, but that was due to real life reasons unrelated to the game. But I guess, we did see that NA:L might not have reached the critical mass of players needed for an Arena multiplayer game. I hope NA will get some way of playing without the need of heavy grind to replace lost assets. (And I do not concider clan support a valid way for this)