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  1. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Looks more like a gang-rape than battle...😉
  2. Mutiny.

    Another thing that could have been added would be experience for crew. Now all XP is linked/locked to the captain(player), but certain things such as sail handling, gun reload and aim, could be linked to crew instead, a buff that could increase with fighting, and deplete with loss of crew - making heavy losses hurt quite a bit as it would be replaced with "green" crew
  3. NA-L: Is some boarding an exploit…?

    Boarding as it is currently implemented is the element I hate the most in the game. It often keeps me from even starting the game, reminding me that I might get into a boarding-menu-button-clicking again. (said it before, and will keep doing it until its changed - or I completely abandon the game) Boarding though is an important element of the age of sail. Boarding any ship to save yourself while your own ship is sinking beneath you, is a viable tactic. Nothing wrong with that. AI's boarding AI's is probably OK, but might need some adjustments, as often it seems a weaker AI is all too keen getting into boarding action with a stronger one.
  4. Make shallows dangerous again

    well, lots of things that we could have. Like, why do we not have proper boarding mechanincs instead of the lame timed simultanous turnbased menu clicking? Why do we not have flags and pendants in OW? Why does the wind always turn the same stable 360degress circle? Why can we magically teleport crew to a ship far at sea? Why is Rum a magical reviving potion? why.... (no do not bother to answer any of it... )
  5. Happy New Year

    Not sure peace is a good thing in NA But happy new year to everybody!
  6. Remove Ship Notes for PvP Marks.

    Yea, well fine. game is 90% geared towards PvE, dont cry over PvP rewards, bla.bla.bla. etc. But from THIS casual players point of view, once again content has been locked behind hours of grinding. Grinding I do not have time to do. Getting decent ships from Combat marks was a neat way to quickly replace losses. Now I will have to make do with store bought junk. Yes friendly clan mates will help, but there is a limit to how many casuals the few dedicated players can carry. I have both a family and a full time job. I do not need NA to become the 2nd job. Sure You are the cool ELITE players, and everything is too easy. *clap* *clap* Have fun.
  7. Essential Core things: Fix the stupid boarding mechanincs. Why take time building these beautifull ship models, then add a mechaninc where you look at a menu and click buttons for 5 mins.
  8. A few suggestions

    Well, dividing the map into timezones, at least you know what you get into when you expand
  9. I like the idea of a few ships that you can easily get with "marks". But when balancing the ships it should also be considered how easy you can get it - ie. ships gotten with marks is less powerfull/ manouverable than build ships of the same class.
  10. The problem with Kill XP

    IMO the circle system works fairly well, even if its not exactly immersive. It forces some tactical choise, other than "gain advantage of the wind and strike". (I am still only playing unrated, so it might differ on SOL play)
  11. Teambalancing

    There was never any doubt about the outcome of THIS:
  12. Battle queue length ? over two mins ?

    I think this is because they are trying to force bigger battles. Last evening (local time), I was placed in 20 vs 20 pure player battles, but the waiting was something like 10+ mins.
  13. Read Dead vs My Land

    I think they - despite setting - will be very different games. AND, as of yet, its still not announced if RDR2 will come to PC at all.
  14. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Surely there MUST be at least 1 ship from each of the nations present in the game! Vote for danish ships!