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  1. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    Just now, I couldn't get into Naval Action Legends because of this message: 'We couldn't authenticate you via Steam for some reason.'
  2. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    Yes... ? Can you say more about it?
  3. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    Thank-you Jodgi. I keep getting the message that the server is off.
  4. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    Is it possible to get an invite and a key to try this game out, please?
  5. TAXATION I am the only player in my Clan. About a dozen players have left the Clan. No one has been playing for months. I have only just returned a week or so ago. The Creator of the Clan hasn't been seen since June and hasn't played for a year. So, where do the taxes go? Taxes seem a silly development and do nothing for the playability of the game. PROGRESS A little progress has been made. I noticed my FPS has gone up from 30-40, to 50-70+. Also, AI ships on the high seas give some rewards for sinking. Excellent. Unfortunately, missions have become worse and there are no rewards for fighting a battle. Very strange. The restriction to ships of the same rate is unecessary, in my view. And, ships still have only one durability. No one except a very good player would risk a pvp under that condition. So, more work to do to get those 2,000 naval wargamers back. I live in hope.
  6. When was the game really good?

    I think the truth is there is only ONE Developer and he's got his hands full. That's why nothing is happening.
  7. Grind discussion

    Witty but also sh*tty. Your addiction does not give you leave to support a game that's become boring to most former players. Nevertheless, I like your ditty.
  8. When was the game really good?

    3 June 2016. It was still a SUPERB game. I wrote: Balance the game. Do not make it too complicated and onerous. Sailing on the OW can be fun for very short periods, but boring when it is imposed upon us for lengths of time because of the crew or other mechanics of the game, e.g. when one cannot find an inaccurately placed crossed swords. This must continue to be a game which one can play alone, PvE, or with mates, PvP. There have been many objections to these proposed changes. It is worth testing quickly and deciding just as quickly to keep or dump the changes. I like the idea of a core crew (is that what 'persistent' means in Naval Action?) which increases in quality from raw to trained to veteran and to elite. I like the idea of officers which increase the morale, handling and gunnery in a ship.
  9. When was the game really good?

    The intended audience for Naval Action at the moment is the 50 players who like NA as it is. What a joke!
  10. When was the game really good?

    I know, some of you--all fifty of you--love the current game and the rest of us can go stuff ourselves--all 2,000 of us. Well DEVS, what about it? Are you going to give this game mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Will it be like the phoenix and rise from its ashes? I hope very much so. One positive: still superb OW with huge map.
  11. On the 26 April 2016 I wrote the following: 'At the level of Capitaine de Corvette on a Cerberus the game is wonderful at the moment both as a team game (using ts3) and as a me vs the AI game.' At this time, the number of players was in excess of 1,500. This is about where--give or take a month or two--the game was a playable plaeasure. This is the game for which I paid €36.99 and so many others did, too. Are we to be abandoned? For what reasons? Is it ethical? Could we go back to the past and forget everything that has destroyed the game and made it 'fun' for only about fifty players? Continuing with a path that is wrong won't get you any prizes. Please, consider.
  12. Grind discussion

    I agree. I am reluctant to mention another game because it is ill-mannered, so I apologize in advance. World of Warships makes money hand over fist and has up to 19,000+ players on line. You never lose a ship. It's always back in port after a battle. I have eight ships waiting to play with. There are constant contests and missions and what-not. It's like being at the Mad Hatter's tea party. Pvp is continuous. You could play it for free from beginning to end, but I, like many others, got drawn into buying ships and accelerating progress through the ship tiers (from I to X) by buying doubloons. It's not perfect, and I would love for Naval Action to be interesting again so that I could alternate and play it too. Alas, I may have to wait a long time for this to happen--or maybe never?