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  1. Questions for the Historians

    We all have little things we would like to know in a instant regarding the timeframe depicted by Naval Action. Given we have an excellent community dedicated to this age with excellent knowledge accumulated by all ranging from guns, economy, ship building, and down to some of the technical details why not have a place where a Q&A takes place. Rule is simple. One question only. No more questions from the same individual until it is answered by someone. Questions must be regarding a specific thing, a part, a item, a place, a person. Generic things are vague. Aswering should be as concise as possible and wherever possible share the source and link for the books ( this helps a lot to increase our own personal libraries ). Always give an answer quoting the Question. If several answers are posted it should quote like a pyramid - with all previous answers also included. Thank you. _______________________ Question: How was wind speed measured during this time frame ?
  2. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Yes, without a second thought. Nothing new for me. Still in EA and I plan to hardwipe again and again and again like I did 8 times already. Good for testing. On release, sure, I'll stick with a character for good. In any case will be acquiring the DLC myself in the hopes we see Portugal as a nation, not because of nation change. We do not share the same concerns over our virtual lives. Let's get back on track with the topic
  3. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    It is FREE to change nation as well. DLC is a comfort item that allows to change without having to recreate the character. You cannot FORBID any player from erasing the character and starting a new one.
  4. Rumor from below

    Games are a hobby, a pass time.
  5. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Please do read carefully everything before posting with such haste. The DLC item grants the player the opportunity to change nation every 30 days. There's no limit of uses, it is a one time buy, use as many times as needed/want. It is a comfort item, not a necessity. Any player that is certain of what their place is in the game sees no need to change nation will not consider it. @sveno comes to mind. Adamant eternal captain of the Swedish Krown. Hope it serves to clear some of your doubts.
  6. Rumor from below

    Thread moved to Tavern.
  7. Good, then you will have to turn and fight. Blast that Endy out of the water.
  8. Rumor from below

    Good family game. It is not NA, not even tries to be. It is a goofy take on quintessential "yarr matey" fun.
  9. Changes to how traders work within PvP

    Texas, uniform world balance. Do we even want trade ? Do we even need trade ? Is it of national importance or is it only vital to the individual ? Let's be honest Anyone wanting to emulate trade wars will go for the prize cargo. As the line goes for any sea rover type in history - no prey, no pay. But by all means, keep the marks and everything. Actually I would remove the economy from the game at this stage. All for Marks. End of problems, everyone keeps rinsing and repeating aimlessly whatever the reason that makes them press sail Then there would be no traders and everyone sails warships. Everyone happy.
  10. Changes to how traders work within PvP

    @Never Surrender I am not ignorant. And everyone gets PvP marks if they fight. IF... they...FIGHT. You going to fight or not ?... - Plus I absolutely disregarded your post as soon as my eyes caught the "homeless" analogy. This is a hobby provided by a comfortable quality of life. Do not rise above your status, please.
  11. Join the circle (and not to end up in tokyo)

    Big circle was, IMO and contested by many, as the best ROE. Further, it cleans away too many "powergaming" tags and counter-tags loopholes.
  12. Changes to how traders work within PvP

    Many play for the MMO competition sandbox arena. Others play for the age of sail experience rp. Traders giving marks is not correct. It should be about the prized goods. If captains wants marks they should prove themselves against warships. Place for all.
  13. For me it is simple but people won't like it. Remove smuggler from warships. Cannot join any nation that isn't yours. Solomon's law at its best.
  14. Lighthouses

    This is a recurrent theme and one can use the Lighthouse suggestions below Please, use the SEARCH function http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/14987-the-biggest-friend-of-the-trader-at-night http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/10757-light-houses-and-stars http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/10242-the-importance-of-lighthouses http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/6639-lighthouses http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/6002-lighthouses closed as duplicate
  15. Green on Green

    Reminder to everyone: You can only reply to tribunal threads if you are: -The reported -The reporter -Someone with additional proof and/or information. Posts that are off topic will be removed without hesitation.
  16. Green on green

    Closed for review. as per http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/12611-tribunal-reform/ You can only reply to tribunal threads if you are: -The reported -The reporter -Someone with additional proof and/or information. It is essential that any claims made are backed up with evidence. Tribunals are a serious matter so try to document the claim with as detailed information as possible. Screenshots, chat logs, or best case video are most welcome. In time, either a moderator or a dev will jump by and address the topic. Keep in mind that it may take some time to generate a (final) ruling. Posts that are off topic will be removed without hesitation.
  17. Ability to create battle group cross faction

    Let's just make a Reds vs Blues game
  18. Unequal battles

    Young naval officers, themselves, hoped to show their aggressiveness and get awarded great honors by the Navy Board. Veteran naval officers were expected, by the Navy Board, to be bold and aggressive. See the difference in a age of sail context ? We have it, somehow, inverted
  19. Green on green

    quoting "evidence is delivered by a F11 report"
  20. Green on green

    Captains, Tribunal cases require comments from Offenders or Offended only or anyone with factual proof ( videos, screenshots, reports, etc ) to add to this specific case.
  21. Join the circle (and not to end up in tokyo)

    @Teutonic No circles no land. ( system requires it for positioning ) Land Ho! was the best thing in OW, leeway was the second. One was "hammered" so much it is barely noticeable, please do not remove the other one. Solution is to return to he BIG circle.