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  1. That's why I spilled the coffee when I saw the drift spam up there.
  2. Same. Funny how much games push us to learn and research. Love history games. Was always a airplane man, but... wings are sails and rudders are rudders.
  3. Not disagreeing. Asking. And I care I really do. I like physix in games.
  4. Radius ? Time ? What is the keel length ratio relation of both sips ? How much wind can each ship carry ratio to weight ? I know how you feel but some questions must be asked.
  5. Leeway. ... mmmhmmmm Can the hull be coded to be affected by wind also ?
  6. Real Diplomacy

    Don't the three new nations, pvp oriented, would be a escape to the clans that wish to really mess up with the old nations ? Ain't a perfect solution but seems nice somehow. Kind of the place to be for rebel causes.
  7. [PVP EU] battle results

    >1000m <1250m with all ( or some ) pen upgrades cuts, at least, the top halves of many many ships with a couple broadsides, if not right on the first one
  8. Naval Academy along with Tutorial maybe ? It is a nice idea. Keep it in mind and make a nice suggestion about it o7
  9. Not easy but very possible to find "realistic" economic models that simulate, as per historical records, shortage and abundance of resources based on how intensive the exploration of resources was. Examples being silver mines getting exhausted ( down in panama ), and entire forests being cut down leaving islands completely cut down ( bermuda ). Obviously being a game a regeneration could be worked but migration could be a factor to induce war and sinking ships due to shortage of resources due to over-exploration.
  10. Global Chat on Global Server

    Speak to others the way you expect to be spoken to IRL. Game is simply a RL leisure activity. How you are not really getting at ? C'mon...
  11. *...gasp...* ...omg... I...must breathe... Many many many thanks for this. Extend it to all the team...
  12. Global Chat on Global Server

    Odd question. Guess best answer is - depends on your personal standards. Common sense. Do not insult. Do not insult family. Do not insult dog and cat. Do not threat IRL, etc etc etc. Same everywhere. Easy to play the game ithout going overboard with remarks. Hence my "duelling banjos" analogy.
  13. Mousewheel Issues

    Might be worth to pull it apart just to see the inner core ( after all it is a old companion ). Clean the wheel thoroughly and try to see if there's any "loose" movement on the connected small wheel. If you are handy with that stuff, try to tighten it up, the black wheel supports, with some pliers so it gets a smooth but steady movement. If the same issue persists is simply the potentiometer with fault , they can last forever or bust in 2 years. Totally random. Given the odds, I'd risk the cirurgical intervention on the "old man".
  14. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    *shhhh*... funny how ESO graph is posted up there and I bought the game I played at most 3 hours, never to touch it again * giggles* Says a lot about... not every game is for every player. I'd say more than half the "miscommunication" some of keep nagging about is more of... - lack of proper interpretation and try hard to read in between where there is nothing. That's what...erm... desperate housewives do, they misinterpret on purpose and read things where they don't exist. Message are clear and to the point. Trying to read too much due to expectations is... not so good.
  15. While it is great to have drops and loot and all of the kinky rewards for doing something...anything... it is no secret that the overwhelming stacking leads to odd problems and odd solutions, such as creating abstract envelope limitations like in the speed. So my suggestion comes in the face of all types of stacking. Speed is one but there's more and to absurd results. It feels like the old colour equipment cards twice worsened... While we all don't like to have our "toys" messed up with we might try to understand that the game "isn't us" but "all of us". So - permanent refits > keep 3 slots but have them type specific - 1 for sails or masts , 1 for guns or crew, 1 for hull or structure - knowledge - 5 slots max by type - 1 for sails or masts , 1 for guns or crew, 1 for hull or structure and 2 non-specific ( control, prepared, etc ) - max %% bonus in any characteristic for any unique "epic gear" piece = 0.02 or 2%
  16. [suggestion] Ship refitting, modules and knowledge

    Interesting points of view, but one notice, it is not a one on one game nor a one on one comparison. It is not only about OW conflict nor about PvE combat or PB specific. It is ALL. I'd say the effects are way more visible, exponentially, when flag squadron versus flag squadron. A one on one is indeed just the exception that proves the rule.
  17. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    I recommend it to anyone enjoying the age of sail era. In addition would recommend it to anyone that likes a non-study non-arcadey half-half master&commander simulator. Also if the previous ones are check as positive then anyone that wants a big huge open arena. If all three are check yes then they will enjoy NA. So so simple.
  18. Reinforcement zones

    Plotted by sailing between port spawn point and geographic reference points.. Some variation may slightly apply. Thanks to @z4ysfor plotting the map. ( shroud cay is marked only because that's where the player is )
  19. This is the "afk" mode since forever if not sitting in port.
  20. Global Chat on Global Server

    I agree. If retaliation( oh yes! ego fencing...) is done with less resort to mum jokes it could certainly help. Funny how duelling banjos sound great when played nice
  21. Oh... possible to have the Hull being affected by wind... ?