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  1. [PVP EU] battle results

    PvP is pvp, whatever wanted, unwanted, etc. Expectations are too high sometimes. There's one rule - red letters is enemy, white letters is friendly. Once you click sail, a lot can happen, whatever OP ships. Good fights everyone. Win today, lose tomorrow.
  2. Poll

    The ones that the opponents use are always OP.
  3. [Suggestion] Economy & Conquest

    I like how you pick up the idea and ramp it up. My initial focus was to determine how "important" a town really is in regards, not only to the naval power, but also to the economical viability. The weaker the economy ( measured by tax ), the easier it is to provoke attacks ( hostility gain per action ). A big booming town like Cartagena, as expected, and credible even from a historical point of view, would be a hard nut to crack and each action would provide less gain per action. ( pvp related hostility gains should always be the same )
  4. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    you tell them, someone wants to kill my privateer corsair snow brig in some other thread just by looking at it
  5. Add sounds when Entering/Leaving Reinforcement zone.

    Actually, from all the extra sounds suggested that would affect OW actions, this is the one that actually can make sense. One thing, the "being in the zone" depends on the tag target position, not the attacker.
  6. [Suggestion] Economy & Conquest

    Sugeestion as follows: Where X is the Hostility points needed for a Port Battle, versus Y being the amount of Tax generated by a town. The more "economy" the higher the bar of hostility has to be raised [ each mission giving less, pvp giving equal ] Meaning that ports that generate nothing would be 50% easier to enable the PB, the normal being 100k tax = what we have now, and above that escalates as per relation between X and Y as devs see fit. ( graph is illustrative only )
  7. Reinforcement zones

    Is there a overlay map of the Zones somewhere ?
  8. Server Merge Proposal

    Thank you for your own personal and individual opinion. Let's keep on hearing others IF mechanics are change to allow a unified server, all good. Don't resist. Embrace change.
  9. Curbing PVP gank fleets

    When in doubt, use the following ( top right corner of every post ) Thank you.
  10. Server Merge Proposal

    The tool we have is a round planet and stubborn RL affiliations that flood five specific nations with single timezones - US, Sweden, Spain and now Prussia and Commonwealth. Interesting enough that the other nations are worldwide populated
  11. Server Merge Proposal

    For a unified serve to work the Conquest must work different. Cannot be as is, all the gamble being decided in one dice throw called "the one PB". And that is the truth, and you know it.
  12. This is actually half a lie , Prussia being a new nation and expected to be PvP-Impossible attracted some attention. Same as Commonwealth, same as Russian Empire. We know exactly whom is where. Some "green peas" are not vocal but they are there, in your nation, don't even doubt it. Global, keep reporting. There are mods there.
  13. Single player Epic Events

    It is nice to go straight to the point without the added negativity. Makes message more clear. Thanks General.